Name: Pressurized Chakra Smash

Rank: Unknown Users: Pain and Akari (only one seen using), probably other high level with large amounts of chakra like Kisame

Type: Unknown

Element: Unknown

Description: Using the high ammounts of chakra stored up in the body a ninja can release them and pressurize the air arround them making it difficult to move. This technique was seen in a different way during the Third Hokage vs. Orochimaru fight when the ANBU captains stated the high ammount of chakra in the air and the roof cracking around them. Pain was also seen using this move in one of Konan's flashbacks when she defied one of his orders. Later it was seen when Pain challenged Madara Uchiha when Madara stated that he was planning to betray Zukia Tojiro in an effort to obtain the bijuu. However the move seemed to have little effect on Madara either due to his Sharingan power or his own chakra forming a shield around him.