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The Paper Bomb Annoyance

"Heh heahh!" Otonami says as he they circle around the landscape of Ahatake's. "Well, can't stand around any longer!" Otonami shouts out and pulls out his two Sonic Blades

"I couldn't agree more." Kyashi said, as she appeared behind Otonami in an idle stance. Her sword blade rested comfortably on her shoulder.

"All right, come on!" Otonami stops dead at his track, puts his foot out, and Kyashi trips over his foot. "Boy, that works every time to anyone who verses me." Otonami says.

A sudden twist of her foot, and Kyashi swept through Otonami's legs, tripping him instead. "Not to me." She calmly stated.

A crackle was heard behind Kyashi. "Don't worry..." Otonami says as he gets up from the trip and looks the paper bomb behind Kyashi, "I let you do that for a reason."

"And what exactly would that be?" The blonde muttered sarcastically, as she non-chalantly jumped away, avoiding the immediate explosion that soon followed.

Kyashi looks behind her and sees another paper bomb stuck to another tree. "Eh, I accidentally booby trapped this place. Also, I put them in the ground and pretty much a Barrier Encampment Method, one step to a landmine and BOOM! There's go the rest of your body. And, I pretty much memorized the area." Otonami says and he runs, without setting off any traps.

Kyashi frowned, as she looked up at the trees that weren't booby-trapped. "Then I guess I'll just have to keep off the ground." She muttered, jumping up on a tree branch that wasn't booby-trapped.

Suddenly, a Kunai Knife came out of nowhere, it hit a tree where Kyashi was ready to land. It had a Paper Bomb and it immediately exploded in contact. The Kunai Knife that hit the tree had a paper bomb in it and it immediately exploded, making a chain reaction to other grounds and trees that had paper bombs, the whole area was engulfed of explosions and smoke.

As the smoke cleared, Kyashi, covered in dust and dirt, looked around. "Wow....I almost felt that." She said, slinging the blade of Akahayate on her shoulder.

Another Kunai Knife came out of nowhere and hit the ground that was a little close to Kyashi. Another explosion occur but wasn't in range to hit Kyashi.

Kyashi's gaze fell sideways, and she disappeared. Then, she re-appeared, this time in front of Otonami, kneeing him in the gut and uppercuting him with a swift punch. "Is throwin' kunai at me all you can do?" She taunted.

To her surprise, it was a shadow clone. She then looks back and sees that the explosion that has occur, was suddenly following her.

Kyashi quickly turned around, using Flash Step to get out of the area in time, as the explosion aftermath swept through the area. Once it was cleared, Kyashi re-appeared again, looking around.

"I know you're here...."

The explosion re-routed and it still followed Kyashi. An echo was heard throughout the forest, "Remember the landmines..." Otonami said. Then, the same phrase was repeated 5 times.

Kyashi stared in disbelief. "Damn!" She thought, disappearing again, as it once again swept over where she once had stood.

The explosion followed her to the area where she was. But, it blew a landmine while it was traveling.

Kyashi was starting to become more annoyed, as she opened her mouth. A blast of energy erupted from her lips, piercing straight through the "explosion and neutralizing it. She landed on her feet, looking around. "Get out here." She said in a monotone voice.

Just when Kyashi said it, another explosion that was out of sight occured and the air blew right through Kyashi. The explosions were following Kyashi again.

"How many paper bombs did he set?!" She thought, using her free hand to shield her face, as the dirt and debris collided with her. Instantly, she had disappeared from sight, as it continued to permeate the entire area.

Two BOOMS! occur. From both directions, there were two explosions that were following Kyashi now.

From the smoke, Kyashi burst out, avoiding the aftermath once again. She landed on her feet, settling into a comfortable stance. "I could do this all day...." She said in an indifferent and monotone voice, starting to relax.

5 Otonamis suddenly announced out somewhere, "Self-Destruction of forest in T-Minus 10 seconds." A huge crackle was heard in four directions. "10, 9..."

The blonde's eyes widened comically. "Oh....shit..."

"8, 7, 6..."

Kyashi quickly twirled her sword into the ground, stabbing the blade into the ground. She focused, channeling her spiritual energy through her blade and into the ground. She felt multiple twitches throughout her person, as the set paper bombs defused, effectively stopping their detonation.

She pulled Akahayate out and let out a mushroom sigh of relief. "Phew...that was close."

"5, 4..." It was still heard.

Kyashi's eyes narrowed slightly. "Screw this!" She muttered, stepping foward and once again disappearing, this time off to a distant and safer spot.

"3, 2, 1..." BOOOOOOOM! The explosion was just 1m away from Kyashi and she was blown off from the impact by 40m.

Kyashi quickly flipped away, landing back on her feet and staring, an anime vein popping on her head. "Not gonna ask." She mused.

FWUUMP! Kyashi immediately trips after that sound. She gets up and looks at the ground and sees a carved X at the ground in where she hit. "Well, that was fun..." Otonami's voice was heard. Kyashi immediately whirls to see Otonami and she saw him picking up a material. "Well, if you want to know why the explosions were following you, here's the answer." Otonami shows a chakra rope that held the Kanji "跟随" (follow) in a paper seal and it was tied to the chakra rope. "So, when you tripped me, I immediately tied that on to your leg and the explosion then follows." Otonami then breaks the chakra ropes with his wind chakra from his Sonic Blade. "Also, yeah, I knew that there would be trouble at my campsite, so, I set a lot of paper bombs and use it for later use. Well, I thought that now would be a good time." Otonami then chuckles, "You have to admit, that had to be funny!"

Kyashi's eye was twitching uncontrollably, as she stood back up. "...That was so not funny." She grumbled, shifting her head slightly from side-to-side.

"Well, it took a lot of your energy, and all I had to do is to make 7 shadow clones, blow-off paper bombs with teensy chakra. You...I don't know what you did but I'm pretty sure that being stuck in the forest took a lot of energy from you." Otonami says as he pulls out his Sonic Blade and it was immediately electrocuted with 5000 volts of electricity.

"Actually...." Kyashi grinned. "It did wake me up a little." Her sword was still comfortably on her shoulder, as she put her free hand on her hip.

Elemental Manipulation Battle

"Hmph..." Was all Otonami could say and he rushed at Kyashi and suddenly did a 50 hit combo with his Sonic Blades that was with electricity. He suddenly kicks her up, and brings a sudden lightning from his Sonic Blade and stroke it down on Kyashi. "Sonic Blade Combo: Blazing Lightning!" Otonami says as he lands.

CHING! The Sonic Blade's were intercepted by Akahayate's blade. Kyashi frowned, disappearing and re-appearing behind Otonami. "Is that it?" She asked exasperatedly.

"Feh, nope." Otonami says, and before Kyashi could take a swipe at Otonami, she suddenly feels an immediate shock and falls to the ground without taking a swipe. Otonami then lands on his feet of where the lightning hit. "Well, like the shock?"

Kyashi landed on her feet, wincing at the pressure that came across her back where the lightning had struck. "Lightning abilities, right?" She asked, sheathing her sword.

"Well, the shock came from the combos, I'll tell you that." Otonami says, and performs another move and sees that wind chakra was sticking out to 5 ft. on the Sonic Blade. "Well? Let's move on..."

Kyashi folded her arms across her chest. "I don't think you're ready for my sword, yet." She said calmly. "And just to be nice, I'll let you have the first move."

"Hmph." Otonami says and he suddenly twirls around with his Sonic Blades and 5 F-3 Tornadoes suddenly appeared from Otonami's twirl, and they all charged at Kyashi.

Kyashi closed her eyes, pressing her palms together. A familiar feeling raced through her body. She raised one hand, and immediately a geyser of water burst from under the tornadoes. She moved her hands in a rhythmic pattern, as the water slammed straight through the tornadoes, heading straight for Otonami.

Otonami then slashes the water burst with his wind chakra, and it reversed right back to Kyashi in a form of a water spout.

With another hand motion, the water froze into ice, stopping in its tracks. Kyashi lifted her finger, and another geyser of water erupted underneath Otonami, forcing him into the air.

IF this keeps up, this battle won't do any good... Otonami thought. Otonami then manages to jump out of the geyser with precision and timing, and lands on the ground. All right, I have a plan. Otonami thought and waits for Kyashi to do a move.

The rushing water from the created geyser rushed at Kyashi, forming a protective circle around her. It was slightly expanding, slowly gaining even more water. Kyashi raised her palm out, and parts of the circle extended with quickened speed at Otonami, aiming to impale him.

Well, she just enforced my plan even better. Otonami backs up a whole lot, and then suddenly, it was electrocuted with 20000 volts of electricity. Otonami then charges at the water, stabs it at the water and it was suddenly electrocuted. Otonami let's go of it and the electricity conducts through the shield and shocks Kyashi. Forcing her to let go of the attack. Otonami then retrieves the Sonic Blade and throws the other one to the shield, immediately electrocutes the water and shocks Kyashi into a electrocution for 10 seconds of 10000 volts of electricity. "Learn a lesson! WATER CONDUCTS ELECTRICITY!" Otonami shouts.

"Correction." The burst of water slammed into Otonami with great force, smashing him into the ground. "Natural lightning conducts electricity." Kyashi folded her arms across her chest. "Lightning chakra doesn't even match."

"Exactly..." Otonami says, Kyashi feels another shock and she falls to the ground. "That's why I used Sonic Blade Combo: Blazing Lightning in the first place. My Sonic Blade is already enforced with natural lightning." Otonami says as he gets up. "Oh, and, my move should hit you" A huge lightning suddenly shot out of nowhere from a dark cloud and hit Kyashi, and electrocuted her all over with soaks of water. "Well, plan worked."

A hand was placed on Otonami's shoulder, and he spun around to face a recovering Kyashi. Her breathing was slightly heavier, as she looked into his eyes. "You missed that last one." She said calmly, as she disappeared once more.

Bare Strength of Chakra

"Well, hasn't Ryuka ever talked about me?" Otonami asks as he runs around, circling, seeing Kyashi at random spots.

At one point, Kyashi's arm thrust out and caught Otonami's wrist. "He did mention your name when he spoke to Sei-ani..." She said. "Why so?"

"'Cause we're friends!" Otonami shouts and he pulls his wrist towards him and uses his right hand to punch Kyashi at the face, forcing her to let go and tumble to the ground. Otonami then puts his two hands together. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" And 5 clones appeared.

Kyashi flipped backwards. She gripped her sword, stepped forward, and used Flash Step to disappear. One-by-one, the clones quickly dissipated, dispatched in only five seconds. Kyashi re-appeared into view once more, sheathing her sword again and turning to Otonami. "Nice try."

Kyashi was suddenly tied up, and five shadow clones came into view from trees and they all slashed right through Kyashi using Sonic Blades. "Pentagon Trap: Sonic Blade!" They all shouted.

"I'm almost tempted to say 'Hn'..." Kyashi thought, as she felt the blades scrape her skin. The spiritual energy that was in her body acted like an armor against the bladed weapons. She expelled a burst of spiritual energy from her body, bursting from the ropes with ease.

Taking a step forward, she zigzagged through the five clones remaining, dispelling and vanishing them with a direct and solid blow. At the last one, she stopped and turned to face Otonami once more.

Otonami did it again, this time, it was severed with wind chakra. She was this time trapped and Otonami used complex hand movements to trap in her in a tree and let her sustain there. "Well, if you ever tried to get out, it's going to be a good, handy price you'll have to pay dearly." Otonami says and leaves her there.

SWISH! Kyashi had disappeared once more, leaving only the ropes to linger on the trees. Then, the blonde re-appeared in front of Otonami, spin-kicking him in the face. "Can't be worse than those annoying paper bombs...." She muttered, a vein popping in her head.

"Yes..." Otonami said. The star crystals were attached to Kyashi from the tree, red and blue suddenly shone, and the caused a reaction, putting Kyashi in unsustainable pain as she is shocked in all directions. "Well, putting a magnetic seal into your leg was all right." Otonami said as he saw the reaction. "Use, Flash Step, and the pain will get worse." Otonami muttered to himself.

Kyashi's eyes shut, her expression in pain. "Damn..." She thought, unsheathing Akahayate once more. "I guess I'll have to use my sword...." She poised it horizontally, and swung. It sliced through her leg, where the magnetic seal had been. The Star Crystals fell to the ground, and she jumped away to pull herself out of the reaction.

"Hmph..." Otonami said as he picked up the two star crystals. And immediately drops them after touching the burning (red) and freezing (blue) star crystals. Otonami then kicks them to the side. Otonami then pulls out the green star crystal, and forms five hand seals. The star object immediately was gone and Otonami was covered in green chakra. "Let's go!" Otonami shouts and pulls out his Sonic Blade, and it extended to 10 ft of wind chakra.

Kyashi stared at Otonami. "Already you're using those things...." She mused, pointing her sword at her glowing opponent. "And I haven't even went into Bankai yet."

"No, I only used one." Otonami said. "And, I'm barely trying." Otonami says behind Kyashi. Otonami then takes a swipe at Kyashi, and it immediately forms a tornado around them, aiming for Kyashi.

"I don't believe you." Kyashi's free hand instinctively caught Otonami's wrist, as the tornado came closer. "In fact...." She turned towards him, a smile on her face. "I think you're just blowing smoke!"

Before her opponent could react, Akahayate's blade slashed straight down his shoulder, spilling blood. Kyashi flipped away, avoiding the tornado as it swept between them.

SHIT! Otonami thought. As he put his right arm at his shoulder. Before doing so, he threw his 15ft extended wind chakra Sonic Blade at Kyashi. There goes of using Rasenshuriken. Otonami thought.

Kyashi shifted her head to the right, the spear of wind chakra whizzing past her head. Some of her hair, however, was severed on a minuscule scale. Then, she channeled her chakra into Akahayate, and with an upward diagonal swing, sliced through and dispelled the tornado.

Kyashi then realized that the Sonic Blade suddenly produced a vortex that was coming straight at her all of a sudden. Well, if she's annoyed of this element type, then I might as well use it. Otonami thought as he pulls out the yellow star crystal from his back pocket.

SWISH! Another use of Flash Step, and Kyashi was behind Otonami, grabbing him by the back of the collar with one hand. With a thrust, she tossed him up in the air, right in the path of the incoming vortex as she sidejumped to avoid it herself.

"Guh, damn it..." Otonami thought. "Gah!" Otonami hit the tree of a branch. Suddenly, he suddenly disappeared and the air moved around. Intense High-pitched sound waves immediately went to Kyashi and they ringed at her ear, agonized in pain.

"Shit." Kyashi thought, pressing one side of her ear in pain. She sent a small amount of chakra into the affected areas, reducing the pain to a dull throb. "Too careless that time...."

A figure was watching from a prostrate position on a tree branch, observing the battle between the two.

Kyashi's Judgement

Otonami came out of nowhere from the prostrate on the tree branch, swiftly passed the figure without knowing, and went to Kyashi without a cutted shoulder. "You know..." Otonami says as the wind chakra fell into his hands but suddenly moved away from him and went into the ground, "Using a Sonic Clone was a great idea. But, inserting chakra to it takes a whole lot of energy." Otonami says. Did I pass someone? Otonami thought as he looked at the tree branch, but couldn't see it anymore. Maybe not...

Kyashi balanced the blade of Akahayate on her shoulder, and looked up to see the figure. "You know...." She muttered sarcastically. "You could at least say 'excuse me', before eavesdropping."

"What?" The stranger replied, as she looked down at Kyashi. "All I wanted was to see my little sis' in action." Her voice held a joking and humored tone to it.

"...sheesh..." Otonami said as he looked above at another tree branch where Sachi is. "You woke up too from Ahatake's house? So, how'd you know we were here?" Otonami asks as he double-flips backwards from Kyashi and pulls out another star crystal from his back pocket.

"Oh....I donno....maybe by the large explosion that blew up nearly all of the forest?" Sachi asked, rolling her eyes. "It wasn't hard to miss."

Kyashi was still in her comfortable stance, as she stared over at Otonami. "Three." She said softly.

"..." Otonami was uncertain of why she said "three", but he knew it was trouble. Pulling out his Sonic Blade in his left hand, he did three hand seals and puts out his right hand and puts both hands together. "Sonic Blade: Lightning Blade!" Otonami shouts and a ball of condensed chakra that's twice as big, came out from Otonami's Sonic Blade/hand.

Kyashi stared to walk a few steps sideways. "Zero." She muttered again, wagging her finger at Otonami.

A slow smile came across Sachi's face, as she knew what was going to happen next.

"Hmph." Otonami uses his Lightning Blade to hit the floor and it made a huge crater. Then, below the floor, the ground below was suddenly making a little slope and it was going at Kyashi. The slope stops and Otonami immediately comes out from the ground and advances at Kyashi.

Kyashi lifted her finger again, this time to point at Otonami. "Bakudō 30....Shitotsu Sansen."

Immediately, three beams of light appeared and slammed into Otonami's body, pinning him in place on the slope. Kyashi lowered her sword. "Tell me, Otonami. Do you know about the art of kidō?"

"What are you talking about?" Otonami asked, trying to find a way out.

"It's similar to jutsu....only it uses spiritual energy instead of chakra." Kyashi explained, disappearing and re-appearing in front of him. "It has several forms of itself, as well. I just used one of those forms of kidō on you, a binding technique, as you can see." She motioned to the three rods of light pinning him to the slope.

"So, what are you going to do next?" Otonami asks as he sees the Sonic Blade diminished of lightning chakra.

"Hmmm...." Kyashi looked slightly thoughtful. "Either you can surrender this fight, or...." She pointed her sword downwards, placing her free hand on her sword wrist. "I can activate my Bankai ability, crushing every bone and internal organ in your body."

Her eyes flashed, as she gave a small smirk. "Or, there's Option 3." She twirled her sword around.

"Grr..." Otonami says. "What's option 3?" Otonami asks.

"I can use my sword to....change....your clothing, and leave you here pinned to the ground." Kyashi balanced the blade of Akahayate on her shoulder again, smiling. "I heard them fan girls can be quite perverted..." She gave a small chuckle.

"Heh, I don't care what you do to me, I'll avoid option 3 though." Otonami says, and chuckles.

"What?" Kyashi looked skeptically, as her body faced away from Otonami, while her eyes still faced him. "It's a decision between accepting defeat, or a painful death." She rolled her eyes. "Quit actin' so tough and choose your fate."

Otonami still chuckles. "You'll find out of what happens next." Otonami says.


In an instant, Otonami's shirt had been shredded to pieces, leaving most of his bare chest exposed. Kyashi retracted her sword, sheathing it into her holster and turning away. "I'm going to assume you're using Substitution Jutsu, or another method to suddenly poof your way out of this....but it won't matter."

"Lightning Blade: Single Slash!" Otonami was suddenly in front of Kyashi, his right hand was crackles of intense lightning chakra and a line went right through and a huge big crack started from the crater to where Otonami is. A huge hole was in Kyashi's stomach. "Well, like it?" Otonami asks as the shadow clone poofed from the kido needles.

Kyashi coughed up blood, eyes widening in pain. Before Otonami could pull his hand out, Kyashi grabbed it, tightening her grip so he wouldn't get away. "I...donno...." She gasped, dropping her sword and balling her other hand into a fist. "You tell me!"

Lightning Deadlock

With extreme force, her arm rocketed through Otonami's stomach. On the other side, the arm was completely covered in red. A trickle of blood went down from Kyashi's mouth, as she cringed slightly at the pain delivered to her.

"Ack!" Otonami was flung to a tree branch and impacted it. "Oof!" Otonami then tries to get up but couldn't. "Heh, your regeneration may work, but, it's not going to heal you completely." Otonami says. And draws out the yellow star crystal and does five hand seals. It disappeared and Otonami was surrounded by electrocuting sparks of chakra. A lightning came out of nowhere and it hit Otonami. He was unaffected, and it then dissipated. "Well, natural lightning is now mine."

Kyashi winced, as her chakra healed once again, reducing the hole in her stomach, but only slightly. She stabbed her sword into the ground, facing Otonami. "Natural lightning? Let's test that out." She said calmly, awaiting his next move.

"Fine!" Otonami releases another Sonic Blade: Lightning Blade, this time, it quadruple its size. "Let's go!" Without warning, Otonami was already in front of Kyashi. "EEAAATT THIS!"

To his surprise, Kyashi hadn't moved a muscle from where she had started. She still stared, as the Lightning Blade connected with her body once more.

What the hell is she doing? Otonami thought and went through Kyashi again, but was a little close behind Kyashi.

Kyashi stared blankly, as it once again went through her stomach. But her face remained the same, as she stared into Otonami's eyes. "I was right....this wasn't natural lightning." With a low fist, she struck Otonami's stomach, the force enough to make him double over.

She staggered back, holding her bleeding stomach and once again trying to seal up the wound.

"Guh!" As Otonami slides on the ground. "Yes, I only used lightning chakra that time, to unleash this!" Otonami then suddenly holds up his Sonic Blade, and a huge lightning immediately went into contact from the sky. It then formed a huge ball of condensation of electricity. "Natural Lightning: Lightning Blade!" Otonami shouted as the size was 10x huge.

Kyashi smiled. "I guess I got no other choice...." She said softly, as she lifted her hand, as if she was holding something. A reddish-white ball of chakra slowly formed in her hand, until it was the size of a basketball. Then, it compressed itself with sudden force, forming into a perfect sphere.

"Bring it on."

Otonami did a battle cry as he charges at Kyashi and they both come immediately in contact. A deadlock happened and the air around started to explode, "guh!" Otonami says and his free hand punched Kyashi in the gut.

One of Kyashi's eyes shut in a wince, and with her own free hand, reached out and grabbed Otonami's shoulder to keep herself from doubling over. For a second, Otonami could've sworn her eyes had turned int a crimson color...

Kyashi's changin now? Grr.. I've already seen one person changed... Otonam thought. Otonami pushes even farther and is managing to overpower Kyashi. Ready to do a deadly slash.

But Kyashi held her ground, pushing back with equal force. Other than the crimson in her eyes, nothing else had changed, as she pushed her weight, forcing Otonami back.

"Grr! HAAA!" Otonami shouts and suddenly, the lightning star crystal went into limits and Otonami started to push Kyashi back and was going to do a single slash immediately.

Kyashi smirked, as she pulled her arm back abruptly, making Otonami stumble foward. With a quicker motion, she grabbed the hilt of her unsheathed sword, swung it upwards, and sliced through Otonami's shoulder, purposely and barely missing the heart.

Otonami seemed like he was hit, but, all of a sudden, he disappeared and was few inches away from where he use to be. He was still holding on to the Natural Lightning: Lightning Blade. "Can't get me?"

Kyashi looked over at him. "Too afraid to take it like a man?" She replied non-chalantly, turning her body to face him.

"Nope..." Otonami says and the lightning blade made a huge thunderclap and he rushed at her again, this time, the lightning blade's electricity it had released out suddenly turned to a static at Kyashi.

Kyashi's eyes still had the crimson slit appearance to them, as she Flash Stepped behind Otonami again. With her free hand, she struck him in the back of the head, making him fall onto his stomach.

"Gah!" Otonami shouts out as he falls. Before knowing, the statics and the crackles of the Lightning Blade immediately followed Kyashi and it struck her and immense pain came out of from the shocks. "Ah..." The yellow star crystal shone out of nowhere and fell to where Otonami is, in a dim light. While Kyashi is shocked by the number of statics that were out of the lightning blade.

Kyashi skidded back, eyes widening in pain as the bolts of electricity ran through her. She shut her eyes and staggered slightly, breathing slightly more harder than before. "D-damn..."

Otonami tries to stand up, Crap, she hit my pressure points, it's really hard to stand up now. Otonami thought.

Kyashi, despite the intense pain she was feeling, twirled her sword around, drying off the blood from its blade. "Isn't it obvious yet?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, sure." Otonami says, suddenly, another Otonami comes behind Kyashi and hits her in the back of the head of where Otonami was hit as well. POOF! The shadow clone of Otonami immediately disappears and both Otonami and Kyashi both fall to the ground with a thump. "Backup shadow clone very since on the beginning of the battle." Otonami says.

Final Move

"Nnnnh...." Kyashi groaned, lying in a prostrate position on the ground. She attempted to force herself back up, but ended up in failure as she plopped back down. "This is....getting us both know that, right?"

"Yes, I know that." Otonami says.

"If we keep this up....we're both gonna end up dropping dead...." She continued, forcing herself up. "What do ya say....we finish this....while we still have the energy to?"

"Depends..." Otonami says. "I only have enough energy to do this!" Five stars appear out of nowhere and surrounded Otonami, circling, and were getting closer. "And you, have only enough energy to do Bankai." Otonami says and he close his eyes as the star crystals were about to be in touching distance.

Kyashi frowned, standing back up. She also closed her eyes, as a burst of immense spiritual pressure came from her body, exiting it at a rapid rate. Her eyes glowed a brilliant red, as the image of a wolf appeared behind her to Otonami. It let out a loud and intense roar, signifying the killing intent. "Wanna bet that?"

"Whatever traitor." Otonami says and suddenly he stands up and let's out a release of energy. "HA!" Otonami shouts, entering into Star Maneuver.

Kyashi's glare slightly intensified at the 'traitor' comment, as she settled herself into a defensive stance. Her hair whipped around in the intensity of the spiritual pressure. expelled.

Otonami puts out his other hand, and hits the spiritual pressure out the way, unaffected. He then pulls out his Sonic Blade and lightens it with star chakra. "Let's go!"

Kyashi quickly rushed at Otonami at ninja speed, her blade positioned in an upward swing. As she got nearer, however, she jumped into the air, flipping elegantly and diving towards Otonami. She swung her sword downward, colliding with Otonami's Sonic Blade with a fierce burst of energy.

"Grr!" Otonami mutters and struggles with the deadlock. Otonami pulls out his other Sonic Blade and lights it with star chakra. "HA!" Otonami shouts and collides both Sonic Blades with the sword, and Otonami starts to overpower Kyashi.

But Kyashi simply closed her eyes, as the spiritual energy focused itself, forcing its way through the Sonic Blade defense, straight towards Otonami.

Otonami then unleashes energy all of a sudden, and blows away Kyashi. Otonami then crosses his arms together, then wrathis it out, making the star energy blast at Kyashi.

Kyashi simply raised her sword overhead. "Pathetic..." She muttered, swinging it down. Immediately, a massive blast of power erupted form her sword, blasting straight through the said energy. Within seconds, it had reached Otonami, overwhelming him in a display of power and light. Kyashi landed expertly on her feet, panting heavily as she looked at the attack taking place.

To Kyashi's surprise, Otonami immediately negated in less than 2 seconds, "You call my attacks pathetic?" Otonami asks. Then, he puts his two hands into the air, and massive energy from the trees, from himself, and from Kyashi's spiritual energy.

Kyashi narrowed her eyes, as she stood straight up. "Yes...." She said in a low voice, even over the roar of the intense energy. "It is pathetic....sad even....I'm starting to wonder if you're worth my time at all..."

Kyashi suddenly limped. All her energy was draining into Otonami's move. "Come on, your energy is way too easy to drain." Otonami says.

"Is that so?" Was all she said, walking slowly towards Otonami with a swaggering walk. "Tell me, what do you think you're absorbing into that attack?" Her vision was blurring slightly.

"With this..." Otonami says. Suddenly, the move turned to a condensed ball of really intense chakra. "This move has a power of a meteor. You actually think of beating it?" Otonami asks. "Even Ryuka has trouble to block this." Otonami adds. The air around suddenly felt suffocating as the power of it starts to unleash.

Kyashi took one look....and sheathed her sword. "I asked you a question." She muttered, ignoring the condensed chakra around her. "Which power are you sure you're attempting to control? Mine....or his?"

"None...I'm not controlling, I'm absorbing...also, don't think of that plan. I can target you since I already took a sample of your blood." Otonami says. "And added to mine!" Otonami shouts! And he shoots out the ball of condensed laser and it turned to a 50ft radius laser. "STAR STYLE: SHOOTING STAR!!!" Otonami shouts and the laser swerves from the clone Kyashi and goes to where she's hiding.

Kyashi practically smirked, as she was still standing in the same place. "You really are a hopeless case." She folded her arms across her chest, and watched.


Otonami's heartbeat suddenly intensified, and his body filled with intense pain. The once-powerful laser that was heading at Kyashi dissipated instantly, and the glaze of power disappeared. "You absorbed it? That's even worse...." She mused, looking on. "And you have absolutely no idea what you just did....did you?"

"Heh, don't underestimate me." Otonami says. POOF! It was a Star Clone.

Kyashi's smirk turned into a frown. "You just absorbed demonic chakra. Kyosuke's demonic chakra." She calmly explained, as the real Otonami still found his heart was racing painfully. "Using replacement jutsu is just going to make the pain worse." She didn't bother to turn to face him.

"Heh, you don't know of how my Star Maneuver works?" Otonami asks. "My Star Maneuver cannot do anything, but, it can do many multiple things" Otonami says simply. "First off, I don't have the power to absorb demonic power, I only absorbed your spiritual energy, hollow energy, Bankai, and types of chakra. Second, my star clones work at a different way, pretty much, these clones can decieve your mind of what you think is going to happen. Third, don't underestimate your enemies or you can die." Otonami says and glowing chakra was around him all of a sudden. "Star Style: Light Speed Charge..." Otonami quietly says.

"You are so full of yourself..." Kyashi said. "I don't even have a Hollow, but rather the Bijuu inside of my body. "I mixed the majority of my chakra with its own, and you just absorbed it into your own self." She turned on her heel. "Quit blowin' smoke and admit've lost this fight."

"I think I have though...absorbing your energy is a little too much. But, I have my last-ditch effort." Otonami says and he cancels the Star Style: Light Speed Charge. "If you want me to continue doing this! THEN FINE!" Otonami shouts. "I'M NOT THE ***** WHO HAD TO LEAVE KONOHA! I'M NOT THE PERSON WHO NEEDS MORE POWER JUST TO KILL HIS SISTER FOR REVENGE! AND I'M NOT THE PERSON WHO HAS TO BE SO ADORING AND SO MUCH OF A COOL SHOW-OFF! I JUST HATE YOUR TASTE!" Otonami shouts out as the Star Style: Raikiri was set and it had the white glow to it. The statics were 50m extended out and the ball was 5x bigger. "JUST ANSWER THIS! WILL YOUR ATTITUDE EVER CHANGE ANYTHING!?" The Lightning Blade then starts to touch the ground and react to both the sky and the ground as huge lightnings scatter around Otonami.

It was all it took.

Those words alone sliced through her heart. She shook a bit, but didn't let her grief show, as she turned to face Otonami once more. "That was something that happened a long time ago." She said, her voice slightly full of venom. "Don't think you know a thing about me, you bastard." Her calm eyes turned into a fierce glare, staring into Otonami's own.

Sachi frowned. "This could get ugly....I'd better do something...." She thought.

"Heh, and you think you have grief?" Otonami asks. "Do you know anything about me? I'm pretty sure Ryuka told you this now..." Otonami asks, as he holds off the Raikiri.

Her glare turned into a darkened look. "Shut up...." She whispered hoarsely, all of her composure lost. Her hands, slowly sharpening into claws, balled themselves into fists. She shut her eyes.

Otonami pushed back his Raikiri even further, and a glint of tears was falling from Otonami. It wasn't quite clear since of the Raikiri.

Tears also fell down Kyashi's own face, as she grabbed her left wrist with her right hand and pointed it downwards. Another orb of condensed chakra was forming, to the size smaller than a basketball, but larger than a Rasengan. She opened her eyes to reveal crimson slits as pupils, glaring at Otonami with fury.

"My father...was a traitor as well..." Otonami says as he tries to hold back the tears. "My mother, who knew such a long time ago, tries to hide it from other people. My father made his own land, and ever since I was born from my dad was so cruel to me. Our past is really different, but has the same level of pain. Ryuka told me all about you...and yet, I never knew that our pasts were so much pain." Otonami says, canceling the Raikiri.

Kyashi's Rasengan had cancelled as well, as she dropped her arms to her side. "Betrayal....disappointment.....fear.....I've had to endure it all...." She said, her hands once again balling into fists. "Even now....I had to betray my friends to save the one I loved....even now....i-it still hurts..."

She couldn't bear the thoughts anymore, and she fell to her knees, back shaking with sobs. She no longer resembled the strong shinobi she was, but now she seemed like a lost and fearful child. She couldn't even bring herself to say any more words. She didn't even bother to notice the presence that appeared beside of her.

It was Ryuka.

He sighed, noticing the emotional tension between the two. "Hi..." He said simply, both to Otonami and Sachi, who was gazing sympathetically at the two.

"Well, why are you here?" Otonami asks. "Anyways, Ryuka knows about my past right. I had to endure pain, sadness, grief, sorrow, madness, and hurtfulness." Otonami said. "I was a person who was always trapped, always beaten up, and used..." Otonami says and continues to stand and looks up. "Then, when I escaped the land of his. I managed to find Konoha...a place in which it could take all newcomers. So...happy. I've never felt that for such a long time, for 8 years. I was in a bad mood, because of you...I just don't like you and everything. No...I actually liked it when I ran 1000m for 100MPH. I get to meet new cool people." Otonami then sighs. "After realizing that my mother, the only one who cared for me, was a spy for Konoha. She sacrificed her life and saved me from one of my Dad's jutsu. After that, I used Star Maneuver and I endlessly did multiple hits and with rage, I overkilled my own father." Otonami then looks at the dark night. "The's like it's responding to me of something. Ever since I looked up and...I felt happier. Looking at my own mother, talking to me." Otonami then looks at Kyashi. "There are many ways to comfort yourself, just like I do..." Otonami says. "Right, Ryuka?" Otonami picks up a flower from the grass and gives it to Ryuka and nods for him to pass it to Kyashi for friendship.

Ryuka was holding the flower that Otonami had given, outwards to Kyashi. "How many times do I have to tell you, ya damn fool?" He muttered, looking at Kyashi. "You did the right thing by saving me that day. Even if you aren't forgiven by're still forgiven in my book." He gave a warm smile.

He was initially shocked when Kyashi embraced him in a tight embrace, making the both of them fall to their knees. But his eyes lowered in content, and he returned the embrace, allowing her to cry into his shoulder.

"Don't worry....." He mused, stroking her hair and back gently. "It's all right...."

"We won't end this fight?" Otonami asks. His own Raikiri returns and it does the same crackle and shocks as before. Lightnings still came down as it was. "LET'S GO!"

Kyashi's tearful eyes widened, before she slightly pushed herself away. Otonami's action made Ryuka's eye twitch. "Damn you...." He thought, as she stood back up.

Kyashi shifted her head and blinked, the tears splashing away from her face, as if they never appeared. "I guess so..." She replied, as the condensed orb of chakra returned once again, this time to the size of a basketball.

"Kohuko." She whispered, staring at Otonami.

"Ok..." Otonami said. Kyashi, our pasts are the same pain. But, our lives are areas in which we can comfort ourselves. Otonami thought

"You can do it, Kyashi-chan..." Ryuka whispered, getting up to his feet and standing back. Kyashi nodded, before she turned towards Otonami.

"Here I come....Otonami Sokudo." She called, pulling her Kohuko arm back.

"HAAA! Star Style: Raikiri!" Otonami shouts. With light speed, an unexpected deadlock occurred before Kyashi and Ryuka could react. Because of being unexpected, Kyashi was already overpowered.

Kyashi smirked, thrusting her hand out and hitting Otonami's chest before he could push any further. "Nice try." She replied, and with a yell, she forced back Otonami instead, slamming into his chest with her Kohuko with immense force.

Ha...nice battle... Otonami thought. He was blasted to where Otonami self-destructed in the forest. Star Style: Regeneration! Otonami thought. The Star Crystals immediately blasted away, and the area that Otonami was hit throughout the whole battle was healed. "Gah!" Otonami shouts out as his head hits a tree.

Kyashi panted heavily, as she tipped over like a tree, about to fall over on her back. But she felt a pair of arms catch her in mid-fall, almost near the ground. She looked up to see Ryuka's cheerful face. "You did it, Kyashi-chan!" He cheered.

Kyashi merely smiled back. "Heh...." She looked over to Otonami was, currently lying in Ryuka's arms.

"Look, I can walk." Otonami says. "You a fluke. Just like I won when I was against Ryuka. Let's see, first off, my Lightning Blade was too slow to react so I couldn't see your fist." Otonami says. And he stands to face the two. "Next time, I will be stronger." And he gives off a smile. "Well, has Ahatake finished his battle yet? 'Cause I want to see if he felt that pain yet."

Kyashi slowly pulled herself up. "He might be gettin' there...." She replied, as she and Ryuka stood up. She looked over at Otonami. "Too slow? That's a first for you." She commented.

"You wanna bet?" Otonami asks. "Race you to Ahatake's landscape, if you can." Otonami says and he runs off 10,000MPH. "LET'S GO!"

Kyashi smirked, as she disappeared once again to catch up with Otonami. Ryuka could only shake his head and mutter,


He walked, although glancing at Sachi, who wasn't there anymore. He sighed, following the dust trail that Kyashi and Otonami had left behind them.

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