The Raichō�( thunder bird ) are members of a noble clan situated in the Village Of The Raichō. The most notable feature of this clan is its Kekkei Genkai


the Denkime ( 電気眼 ) or the electric eye. It is one of the most noble doujutsu, capable not only to read one's mind and to tell ones chakra amount and affinity, it can also be use to search the surroundings to a wide radius and put someone under an indefinitely long trance. It also, unlike the Mankgekō Sharingan, improves ones eyesight on appliance of chakra.

Fourth War of the River Chisui arc

The history of the clan is only known since the Fourth War of the River Chisui ( bloodwater ) with the river being named after its bloodthirsty surrounding clans and its history in four big wars.

There is knowledge of four participating unknown clans in text excluding the Raichō, who were apparently the winners, thanks to their ocular powers.

Uchiha Invasion Arc

There is few but evident proof of an invasion by the Uchiha, who were wanting more ocular power and land. The attack, led be Uchiha Akuma, was repelled with few damage and casualties.

Fifth War of the River Chisui Ar

After the invasion of the Uchiha, the attackers were furious of their defeat and led a full-on-full battle alone against the Raichō, which was not a good choice since they had made new allies since the Fourth War. The terrain was also on their side. The Uchiha, but, were this time led by Uchiha Madara who was able to lead his men far, but still the Uchiha faced failure.

After many battles with the Raichō, the Uchiha declared a truce. The Raichō proposed an alliance, which was neglected by Madara, but his ministry, not wanting further defaming and losses, made him accept it.

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