"I am but a phantom. One who lives only in the shadows.'"
– The Reaper

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Raiden Narukami
Older Raiden
Name Raiden Narukami
Kanji 雷電
Romanji Narukami Raiden
Personal Status
Birthdate March 2nd
Age 24
Gender Male
Hometown Shio Village
Home Country Land of Water
Clan Narukami Clan
Family Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Unnamed Father (Presumed Deceased)
Partner Mizuko
Occupation Shinobi
Previous Occupation ANBU~Assassin
Affiliation Kirigakure
Gōzen Ridge
Previous Team Team Five
Rank Jōnin
Classification Jinchūriki
Ninja Registration 35323
Academy Prom. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Jōnin Prom. Age 22
Tailed Beast Shinzoku
Unique Trait Electromagnetism
Accelerated Perception
Nature Type Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Explosion Explosion Release (Shinzoku)

Body Flicker Technique
Body Replacement Technique
Clone Technique
Rope Escape Technique
Tree Climbing Practice
Unsealing Technique
Water Surface Walking Practice

Black Lightning
Atmospheric Discharge
Electromagnetic Murder
Lightning Absorption
Lightning Alignment
Lightning Body Extension
Lightning Body Flicker
Lightning Clone
Lightning Concussion Wave
Lightning Field
Lightning Flare
Lightning Great Destruction
Lightning Rasenshuriken
Lightning Spider Web
Lightning Stream
Lightning Tornado
Lightning Transfer Shock
Lightning Wolves
Magnetic Wave
Phoenix Sage Thunder
Short Circuit
Thundercloud State
Thunder Fist
Voltage Blade
Wind Body Flicker
Wind Chakra Mode
Wind Gale Platform
Wind Redirection
Wind Slash
Wind Spiralling Impulse
Wind Vacuum Blade
Wind Vacuum Great Sphere
Wind Vacuum Sphere
Chakra Shockwave Slash
Dancing Blade Risk
Iai Beheading
Samurai Sabre Technique
Tailed Beast Ball
Tailed Beast Chakra Arms
Tailed Beast Shockwave
Tailed Beast Telepathy
Sage Mode
Shadow Clone Technique
Silent Killing
Space-Time Transition

Weapons Bow & Arrow

Explosive Tag
Sleeping Gas Bomb
Smoke Bomb
Wire Strings

"Those who pray on the weak are nothing but scum"
— Raiden

Raiden Narukami is a Jonin level Shinobi loyal to Kirigakure and is a Second Generation Jinchuriki, with Shinzoku sealed inside him. In his youth he was trained by the famed Kizuko Kaminari, often referred to as the Red Wolf. As he got older, he began to make a name for himself due to his high success rate on assassination missiona. Raiden was then placed into the ANBU and began to rise through the ranks. Later into his career as an ANBU Black op, Raiden became the commander of the ruthless ANBU division known only as FOG.

Raiden specializes in infiltration and assassination, in his time he has been praised as the worlds best spy and assassin. He has been involved with undercover work within each of the great nations gathering intel on them for his village and has been responsible for the deaths of high value political figures such as Weng Tzu and many more.

Gifted with an affinity for Lightning Release and well versed with Wind, he is one of the few to master to elements. A testament to that, is his evolution of Lightning Release into Electromagnetism. Thanks to the demon sealed within him, he is a practitioner of the Explosion Release. He is a master swordsman capable of taking down members of the seven ninja swordsmam of the mist. With the help of his espionage skills while under cover he has learned many jutsu from different villages scrolls such as; Black Lightning, Rasengan and many more. Through shear hard work and dedication he has acheived the S-Rank classification, one given to those who rival the power of the five Kage. He is known worldwide as The Lightning Spectre for his mastery over his affinity and his espionage/assassin skills.


Early Life

Raiden was born to a poor single women in a small village on the land of water near Kirigakure. The two were the sole survivors of the Narukami Clan, a well known clan within the Land of Water who were wiped out a few years after the fourth shinobi war. His mother was unemployed and had little money which gradually began to deplete. Once her money ran out, her and a baby Raiden moved into a small abandoned hut on the outskirts of the village. A local mafia that operated in that part of the village approached her and offered to lend her money providing she paid it back after a specific time. His mother knew that they were taking advantage of the fact that she was caring for an infant Raiden, however she saw no way she could refuse as she had to keep him clothed and fed. Five years of continuous lending and his mother had paid little back as the interest rate were becoming increasingly expensive. Soon after Raidens fifth birthday, the mafia killed his mother, leaving Raiden with noone to care for him. The five year old Raiden took all that his mother had in her small satchel and moved out into a forest just outside the village. In the satchel were scrolls and a limited supply of food and water. The scrolls were secret Narukami Clan scrolls which showed guides to training regimes to boost his physical attributes. He began training instantly to avenge his mothers death. After a few weeks of training, he began to run out of food. He went to the southern entrance to the village and request for food however he was denied all the times he tried. Raidens hunger got to a point were he would try and sneak in however each time he would also fail and get caught; but each time his stealth skill grew. For months he lived off wild berries and different herbs, while still relentlessly training. After a few weeks of planning his infiltration he successfully found a route into the village that was undetectable and from then on he would waltz in as he pleased. Once he was in the village he would be forced to steal food as none of the shop owners would allow him free food.

After living this grueling lifestyle for four years, the sixth mizukage assigned a team of FOG ANBU to track him down and bring him in. Without little effort the team succeeded in capturing him, surprising Raiden that people could get so skilled. The capture inspired him to become stronger. Once he was brought before the Mizukage, he was asked to explain himself. The sympathetic Mizukage came to terms with the difficult lifestyle the he was forced to endure and decided to make him a resident of the village. Raiden was put into a foster home and lived along side many children of all ages, sizes and backgrounds, one of which was Fūtari. A skilled, chunin level kunoichi seven years older than him; whom he quickly befriended. Two weeks after moving into the foster home, the Mizukage came across Raiden strolling into a training field. The Mizukage decided to stay hidden and observe to see what Raiden was doing. Much to his surprise, he witnessed Raiden undergo a series of physically demanding training exercises that most shinobi would find hard. To say the least, he was impressed. However, what impressed him more was his determination.

The following morning, the Mizukage appeared at the door of Raidens room and explained what he had saw the previous night. With that, he offered Raiden a place in Kirigakure's ninja academy. Raiden accepted the offer, with the sole intention of getting stronger to avenge the death of his mother. However, joining the Academy four years late proved a challenge like no other as all of the students had established there friendship groups. Also, he was also bullied and discriminated for being an orphan. Some of the children were excessively rude to him and even saying things about his late mother. Which would cause him to lash out and attack the boys who disrespect his dead mother, this would land him into a lot of trouble. Soon after the children began to fear him and left him alone. Although that was good it brought a new problem, everyone was scared of him and wouldnt go near him. This wasnt all to bad to Raiden as he thought friends would only steer him clear from his real goal. His former bullies began to pick on other weaker children, during his time being bullied he developed a sense of justice and felt compelled to protect those other. When he did so it would only land him in more trouble.

Three years later, Raiden graduated from the academy with the top marks on his final examination. Graduating from the academy made him a full fledged shinobi, ranking as an E-Rank Genin. His worst nightmare came to play, he had to team up with others. He was put into Team Five along with Aoi Hozuki and Mizuko Tatsumi. Since young, Raiden was forced to fend for himself and was essentially alone so working and relying on other people was a problem. However, after a few weeks and a couple successful missions he began to entrust them and eventually befriend them. Aoi and Tatsumi soon became like family to him.

After a while, Raiden began to notice that his comrades were becoming increasingly skilled in elemental techniques so he pursued his sensei to help him awaken it. When he touched the Chakra Paper, it shrivelled up; indicating he had lightning release. Raiden was distraught as he hadn't them same affinity his two comrades and most of the village had. Reminding him of how much of an outsider he was. This setback only made him train stronger and harder honing his Taijutsu skills.

New Apprentice

A year later, he had just turned twelve years of age and had honed his Taijutsu to high levels and he has still yet to learn about his affinity. One day during his solo training, a man by the name of Kizuko Kaminari, who claimed to be the squadmate of Fūtari, offering him the role as his apprentice. Raiden rejected him thinking he was a pushover, but little did he know that the man was one of the most skilled in the village. Kizuko chose him because like himself he possessed an affinity for lightning and saw potential that could grow. Two days later, Fūtari took Raiden to spy on Kizuko training. He saw things he had never seen before, Kizuko's use of lightning release was unlike anything he had ever seen. Also, he saw Kizuko wielding a sword with such skill that Raiden wished he could perform such feats. He then remembered the offer and ran to Kizuko straight away. From that day he became the apprentice of the legendary Kizuko.

As well as his physical training sessions, he underwent nature transformation lessons, shape transformation lessons and other lessons that revolved around chakra control. Also, he sought to become a master swordsman like his mentor thus taking Kenjutsu lessons. His skills as a shinobi began to rapidly grow making him stronger than he had ever been. After learning of the nature of the majority of his mentors missions, he also wanted to become and assassin. Kizuko knew that turning Raiden into an assassin wouldn't be difficult as he was now talented with a sword and had stealth capabilities he picked up as a child. To test his abilities, Kizuko left him on an abandoned island near the Land of Water as a test to see whether he was a capable shinobi. He was left to fend for himself, having to rely on his hunting skills and survival skills, much like his time as a child. Two months later, Kizuko returned and found Raiden passed out next to a burnt out fire with plent of animal bones in the area. He had passed his mentors test. Together the two formed a strong bond, considering each other family. Raiden saw Kizuko as the father figure he never had. Kizuko believed Raiden to be ready to sign a blood contract with the Wolves of Gōzen Ridge. The great wolf sage also approved and granted him the private summon, Raijūmaru the son of Rex, Kizuko's private summon. Raiden and Raijūmaru then forged strong bond. Thanks to Raijū, Raiden became an even greater shinobi and finally he had become noticed by his village for his might.

Chunin Exams

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Brave, Determined and Stubborn.

These three characteristics easily define the intriguing persona of Raiden. He is a head first, bold man who speaks more with his fists than his mouth. Raiden is known for his selflessness and bravery throughout the village. He takes on impossible odds in order to ensure his villages survival. As well as protecting people, his bravery comes from his over competitive side. He views every challenge and obstacle in his way as a mere game. This unique mindset is what is said to be what led to his ice cold composure. Under the most intense situations, he remains dead calm and nearly never panics.

Raiden inherited the trait that defined his mother, her stubbornness. Much like his mother, Raiden will do nearly anything to get what he wants whether it be being assigned to a particular mission or something more subtle like convincing his partner to go to his favourite food shop. This trait acquired from his mother also ties in with the traits passed down to him by his father. His indomitable will and iron determination. Raidens stubbornness fuels his determination and because of this he will simply never give up. Once his mind is set to something, it is set and will not to be changed by anything. A prime example of this is when his mentor, Kizuko, defected. Raiden set his highest priority as finding his mentor. Throughout the whole time it took to find Kizuko, eight years, not once did he ever consider giving up. This determination also factors into his development as a shinobi and as a person as a whole. As if he wishes to stop a bad habit or perfect a certain jutsu he will not stop until it his done.

Another important characteristic, is his unwavering loyalty which he inherited from his father. His loyalty lies with his home village Kirigakure, on many occasions he has proved this. One of which was when he was captured by Iwagakure and tourchered for half a year because he refused to compromise their battle tactics in a recent war. As well as his loyalty to his home village, Raiden is loyal to his friends and comrades and would rather die than betray any of them.

Due to his time as an outsider as a youth he became victim to discrimination and both physical and verbal abuse. From this rather tormented upbringing stemmed a strong hate for injustice and those who pray on the weak. Ever since a child, Raiden has vowed to rid the world of all the people abuse their power. His mothers death fueled this vow immensely. Raiden demonstrated this belief when he single handedly slaughtered the mafia that was responsible for his mothers untimely death.

Raiden displays himself to the world as a serious man who is very 'no nonsense'. However, he is not as 'nonsense' as he makes out and some have come to realise when they see him messing around and occasionally slacking off with his students. Despite this, he is a still a strict and firm sensei as he only wants the best for his students which they dont always understand. Although he is strict the last thing he would want to be is uptight. He enjoys to relax and take leisurely time with his students. Overall he is a fun, outgoing person. He also tries to make himself seem like a 'by the book' shinobi but as many no he is far from that. Raiden breaks rules all the time and he has been like that since his academy days. This has led to him being called disobedient and slated as rebel and thug, however Raiden only breaks the rules for logical reasons such as helping others. Raiden has problem respecting authority and takes orders from very few people, some of which included the Mizukage and Kizuko.

The Reaper

"Once You Have Seen My Face I Cant Let You Live"
— The Reaper

Despite being a generally joyful person, Raiden has a side to him which he admits to not being proud of. However, at the same time he needs it. This side is a rather cold hearted, evil side to him. This is the side that slaughters anyone who endangers his homeland or comrade. It is the result of built up anger and insecurity over his years. Raiden has noted that the legendary sword Shinzoku amplifies this rage and hatred. This side generally comes out in battle, however Raiden tries to fight it when he feels it taking over. He refers to this side only as The Reaper. When he is in grave danger or hasnt the power or will to protect what is dearest to him he succumbs to the reaper and allows it to vanquish all that threaten him. Raiden and The Reaper are said to be two different people, with separate ideals and personalities but with the same goals and mindsets. The reaper is pure evil and ha s no heart, he slaughters without remorse. On many occasions, has he said that the bloodshed fuels him and relieves him. Raiden and The Reaper have a love-hate relationship, but overall The Reaper wants only to protect him and will do all he can to do so because if Raiden dies as will he. When the reaper takes over he emits a unique presence that makes the biggest of men cower in fear.


Eyes as deep blue as the Kaizoku Sea.

A powerful simile that describes Raidens royal blue eyes, which glisten under the rising sun. The midnight black hair, that spikes from his head, only heightens the magnificence of his eyes. His face is as white as a cotton and as smooth as a babies bottom, with the exception of a vertical scar on his left cheek picked up from a war long forgotten. On the chin of his oval face is a bush of hair which is maintained in a shaved, stylish fashion. Being a child of war, his body is as bulky and muscular as humanly possible. Each muscle on his war torn body is toned to perfection.

Raiden hasn't many outfits and was never really a slave to fashion, however he will still clothe himself in premium wear. Being an assassin and one who prefers to go unnoticed, the majority of his rather limited wardrobe is coloured in the darkest shade of black. The clothing and gear he sports is of top tier quality and is very durable and resilient. Despite not being one that buys clothes to showoff or buy large quantities of clothing, he still has a style and dress sense that is unique to him. This dress style revolves around the climate he lives in.

At all times, and with all outfits, Raiden will wear a tight plain black T-Shirt that shows off his toned body. Depending on the mission type, his over layer will vary. During assassination missions, infiltration missions and all stealth related missions, he dons his famed black trench coat. Inside the trench coat are a multitude of pockets which are needed for tools required for the given mission. Under this trenchcoat and over his T-Shirt, is a black tactical vest which provides protection against most bladed object and projectiles. On each side of his waist is a scabbard, both of them contain his swords. On all other mission types he generally chooses to wear a tailor made black jacket. It is almost identical to the one he wore as a child, and even has the same fur brimmed hood. Over this he wears his black tactical vest, which provides protection against most bladed object and projectiles. Unlike his stealth mission vest, it also offers some storage space for common ninja tools. As opposed to keeping his swords on his waist, the two scabbards are on his back placed in an 'X' position.

Like his choice of over layers, his choice of leg wear also depends on his mission type. While running stealth missions, Raiden wears black slim pocketless trousers which way next to nothing to aid his speed and so that his footsteps become much lighter. However, having no pockets or way of attaching a pouch means he may not have as much equipment as needed. During almost any other mission type, he wears the common combat trousers in black which are equipped with quite a few pockets. On his right leg and his rear end are weapon pouches needed for the storage of his ninja tools. His choice of footwear is always the same, black traditional shinobi sandals.

In terms of accessories, Raiden does not have much. He wears a pare of fingerless gloves which hold a significant amount of sentimental value to him since has had it during his days as ANBU Black Op. Another item he possesses which also holds sentimental value, is his mothers wedding ring which he now carries on a chain upon his neck. He believes that the ring carries the essence of his mother undying will. Ever since his genin days, Raiden has disliked wearing his forehead protect for an unknown reason and to this very day he still does not wear it which tends to get him in a lot of trouble. Nowadays, he does not usually get into as much trouble since he has the Mists symbol tattooed on his neck, a testament to his unwavering loyalty to his village.

During his spare time Raiden often wears sleeveless shirts or just plain shirts. Depending on the weather he will either wear a hoodie over it or a jumper. Due to the maneuverability, he wears jogging bottoms usually black in colour.


Raiden is a very powerful individual, so powerful in fact he is classed as an S-Rank. A rank given to the most powerful of shinobi, generally given to Kage. His combat methods are very versatile and rely on a multitude of different skills. Raidens main attacking force rests in his amazing Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu (lightning mastery). He has become one of the few to truly master his affinity and take it to heights rarely ever seen before. He has evolved his affinity into Electromagnetism and even uses it to manipulate parts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Although he does not like to admit it, Raiden is also the jinchuriki of Shinzoku. Thanks to this his chakra as reached levels beyond all normal life and it has made him far more powerful than most. Also, due to Shinzoku's chakra flowing through him he shares his usage in the Explosion Release.

This splendid shinobi is also renowned for his extraordinarily large chakra reserves and also is inhumane strength and speed. To add to this, he is more than skilled in the field of Sensing. He is able to visually perceive things in the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Like most sensory shinobi, he is able to sense chakra signatures. However is five senses are the most potent, they were honed while he trained with the wolves.

His power and might have been comparable to that of a kage and noted by a few seasoned veteran shinobi his power is at such heights he may even be able to overpower a kage. Many have even believed him worthy enough to become the next kage. As well as just strength, Raiden is a genius in his own right. His intellect is said to surpass legendary tacticians such as Shikamaru Nara of the Leaf. Due to his skill set he is a man feared across the shinobi world and a true force to be reckoned with.

Chakra Prowess

Chakra is a vital component in even the most simplistic techniques. Via hand seals, chakra can be manipulated to create an effect that would not be possible otherwise, such as controlling an element or casting illusions. Usually, Chakra is invisible to the human eye unless it is considerably powerful or gazed upon by a Dōjutsu. Chakra is comprised of two independent energies, collectively known as 'stamina', that dwell inside the human body. The first of which is; Physical energy (身体エネルギー, shintai enerugī). It is appears in each of the body's cells and can be increased through physical training and regular exercise. Spiritual energy (精神エネルギー, seishin enerugī) is the second energy, it is derived from the mind's consciousness and can be increased by meditating and studying. By enhancing both energies the chakra will become more powerful. As a member of the Narukami Clan, a clan distantly related to the Uzumaki Clan, Raiden was born with naturally large chakra reserves. The amount of chakra he possesses is incredible and shocking even to members of the actual Uzumaki Clan. Through years of constant, resilient training his natural chakra reserves have not stopped expanding, massively towering the ordinary shinobi. Even the most skilled sensory-nins have been overwhelmed by the shear amount of chakra he possesses. Rookie sensors have even reported to have picked up blistering migraines after trying to lock on to her chakra. In all of his years of combat, he has only ever once run out of chakra and that was in a battle he only just about escaped from against the former eight tails jinchuriki. Despite not being one of the rare jinchuriki, his chakra reserves have been compared to those that possess chakra of the nine demons. This comparison has been taken so serious that, like Kisame Hoshigaki, he has been labelled the Tailed Tailless Beast.

Chakra Potency (チャクラ勢力, chakura seiryoku) is a term that refers to the strength of an individual's chakra. The strength of chakra is important as it generally decides the strength of a technique. From a child, the potency of his chakra was never above ordinary however it was still relatively powerful. During his time training he generally focused on strengthen his chakra as that was the key to further empowering his affinity and other two elements. As he grew older his chakra became increasingly stronger at alarming rates. When he finally became a Jonin, his chakra was at terrifying levels. Raidens chakra was at such strengths that even his D-Rank techniques would become beyond deadly. A demonstration of this was when his Lightning Release Stream decimated nearly a dozen buildings as mere collateral damage. When exerting his chakra small craters form beneath his feet and near by pebbles and other things rise in response to the terrifying chakra. His chakra has such power weaker shinobi even struggle to move when he exerts it all. The power of his chakra is at such levels that even non sensors can feel his chakra if he wants them to. The sensors have described his chakra be a purple colour. The feel of his chakra, however, sends mixed emotions to all who get the chance to perceive it. It has been described to feel quite plain and emotionless on the surface but the deeper one looks into a cold, dark eery feeling arises. The rage within the chakra has been said to freeze people in fear much like killing intent.

Chakra Control is a vital skill needed by all shinobi. It is required in all chakra-related acts such as ninjutsu. The basics of Chakra Control revolve around the manipulation of ones chakra. Having good chakra control allows one to use chakra related acts to maximum efficiency. As a child in the Academy, Raidens hadn't much control over his chakra and was greatly outmatched by the likes of his classmates. Due to this, when using simple techniques (such as the Transformation Technique) he would find them to be rather exhausting and generally depleted a large sum of his large chakra reserves. It wasn't until he did his own research that he found out why this occurred. Raiden knew that he couldn't allow himself to continue on so poorly in this field, so he done plenty of studying in the Kirigakure Library and his academy library. A few hours of research resulted in the discovery of training methods that helps one gain more control over their chakra. One of which being the Tree Climbing Practice. This practice involves climbing a tree without hands by flowing and concentrating a fixed amount of chakra to the bottom of his feet. It is a good practice for beginners because, if the stream of chakra isn't strong enough they will lose their footing meaning they will fall, and if the chakra stream is to strong the area around the users foot will break causing them to fall, so they have to get the stream just right. Due to having no natural gift in the area of chakra control he had to work twice as hard to control his chakra. It took him nearly three months to perfect this and was training so hard to do so this practice became like second nature. Another more advanced training method he used to hone his chakra control was the Water Surface Walking Method. In this method, he would have to emit a constant stream of chakra to his feet and use the repelling force to keep him afloat. The reason this is substantially harder is because the amount of chakra that needs to be emitted changes constantly. Once he mastered this, which was a bit over four months, he was on par with the rest of his fellow academy students. Now, Raiden has near perfect control over his chakra. This is thanks to his relentless training and dedication to its mastery. During his time infiltrating Konohagakure's Medical Corps, his control over his chakra was boosted substantially. Being a Medical-Nin in training at the time, he underwent various exercise's meant purely to hone his chakra control. Nearly every waking hour was dedicated to perfecting his chakra control. Once his infiltration was complete, he returned to his nation as a master of chakra control. Having complete control over his chakra was a major perk for Raiden has he could now mould only the amount of chakra needed meaning he wouldn't waste any excess chakra, thus saving more allowing him to conserve it more. Additionally, the process of moulding his chakra took half of the time it took a regular shinobi to meaning he could pull of techniques much faster than your average joe. Another perk that essentially boost the speed it takes to execute his techniques is the fact that he requires no hand signs perform techniques. This is possible has his chakra control is good that he can mould chakra without hand signs. In his times he has also become a skilled practitioner in a more advanced form of chakra control. It is known to all as Shape Transformation (形態変化, Keitai Henka). This is a difficult skill that his hard to fully master. It involves changing the form and movement of chakra, determining the size, range, and purpose of a technique. His first ever practices in Shape Transformation was while he was in Konohagakure when he stole the scroll containing the method to the legendary technique made by the fourth hokage named the Rasengan. This technique is regarded as the pinnacle of Shape Transformation as it includes rotating, compressing and obviously shaping all at once. Shape Transformation can be used in unison with Nature Transformation (For example; Wind Release: Rasengan and Lightning Release: Rasengan) to add to its already catastrophic effects.

Chakra Flow (チャクラ流し, Chakura Nagashi) is self explanatory, it is the act of flowing chakra (usually elemental chakra) through an object to give it added effects. For example, if wind chakra was flowed through a bladed weapon its cutting power would be increased by a tenfold. It is a an application of chakra used by the majority of shinobi. When used by novices it tends to be tedious and requires large sums of concentration to do. Also Chakra flow refers to the flow of chakra in one's body, which would be known as "internal flow" and the flow of chakra outside the body of the individual, which would be known as "external flow" the flow of chakra is essential for all shinobi. Raiden is able to flow lightning chakra internally to empower his body neurologically, enhancing some of his physical prowess. Also he can externally flow earth chakra to older the strength of his skin, making it as hard as steel. After countless months in Gozen Ridge meditating, he began to master Chakra Flow like no other. He is able to flow chakra into specific areas in his body. Utilizing the Yang Chakra provided by Shinzoku, he can flow it in to an injured area of his body to aid the healing process allowing with rapid regeneration. His control over his chakra flow has reached such levels that he can flow his chakra into specific cells to target and cure each individual cell.

Physical Prowess

Being a member of the Narukami clan, Raiden was blessed with incredible physical attributes from a young age. As he grew older his speed and strength developed by themselves with little training. It wasn't until the tragic death of his mother that motivated him into training, as he sought out vengeance. On his mothers corpse he found several scrolls that all included training regimes for him to undertake. He was around six when he started training. The scrolls instructed him to do a variety of different training, each honed his strength, stamina, durability, speed and agility. After three years of relentless training, he was as fit and strong as the majority of high level Genin. Once he was found my the Sixth Mizukage and enrolled in the Ninja Academy, his physical prowess began to grow even more. None of his class mates could rival his strength or speed.

As a Jonin, Raiden has now unimaginable physical prowess. He has now became so strong that he can shatter the biggest of boulders with no more than a punch without suffering damage to his fists, a testament to his durability. His running speed is comparable to the body flicker. Raiden can further empower his speed and strength using a simple technique. This allows him to changes his chakra into a electric field capable of transmitting all electrical impulses from his brain in a straight line directly to the part of the body they want to use, completely bypassing their nervous system. It removes the human body's natural limiter and give the him more adrenaline. If more strength and speed is required he will resort to the Lightning Release Chakra Mode. In this mode his speed is comparable to Might Guy as he uses the Eight Gates.

  • Strength: Despite not being stronger than the likes of Tsunade or Might Guy, Raidens strength is not to be underestimated. The first sign of his tremendous raw strength is his bulky biceps and triceps which were enlarged due to extensive workouts such as push ups and sit ups. With his fist, he is able to smash through a variety of different solid objects with little effort and break bones with single strikes Like all members of his clan, he is gifted with natural strength. Without training, his strength would have grown naturally to surpass normal shinobi. However the training he underwent allowed him to reach whole new heights without chakra expenditure. Raidens strength extends to all areas of his body not just his fists. His kicks and also elbows can also cause catastrophic effects. One time while The Reaper was in control he destroyed a building with one kick and caused a crater with his elbow.
  • Durability: Through countless battles and training, his durability has been raised to the peak of human potential. This means his muscles and body will be able to endure far more than the average shinobi. He can receive countless punishing blows and still fight on. Over his years as a shinobi this durability has evolved into a high pain threshold which means he can tolerate high amounts of pain. Almost all pain up until a certain amount is ignorable to Raiden. Even when he begins to feel pain he dosen't show any signs of weakness on his face and even sometimes forces a smile to mock his opponent. Once when he shatter two ribs, both arms and his whole left leg he managed to grin.
  • Stamina: This plays a significant role in Raidens lightning strategies. His stamina has been raised to high levels due to his training. From a child he has ran lap(s) of Kirigakure with leg weights on to increase this. He views stamina as such an important thing as tiring out an opponent can grant an edge in battle. Many who have done battle with him, whether it be a spar or a serious battle, have noted his stamina and capacity for fighting to be annoying as he can go on for hours on end without weakening. Another factor that contributes to his awesome stamina is his breathing, he inhales and exhales more breath than usual to optimise his lung usage, enabling him to go on for longer.
  • Agility: Raiden possesses inhumane agility, this physical aspect is said to be his most potent. During his time living in the forest as a child, he was forced to adapt and learn how to maneuver through it like an animal. To do so he imitated the animal that could do so the best, the monkey. Through continuous trial and error he learned to jump from tree to tree and also swing on vines. After a while developed a skill in acrobatics, being able to perform acrobatic feats such as somersaults and backflips at tree height with near perfection. Once enrolling into the academy he learned how much agility would be needed in combat. He knew he has the foundations of the art on lock so he decided to pursue it further by training his legs and ankle specifically. After a while he could put into effect the most potent direction changes enabling him to dodge a multitude of attacks and thanks to his equilibrium stay on balance.
  • Speed: Ever since a child, Raiden has been known for being a speedster. There is nothing more Raiden loves then speed. His speed has been compared to no shinobi in the shinobi world, indicating none of reached his speed. Many of said he has transcended human speed and continues to do so. Despite this being a serious case of hyperbole, the speeds Raiden is able to achieve without the use of chakra is nothing short of spectacular. As well as doing what every speedster does, which is overwhelm there opponent with blinding speed, Raiden has been slightly innovative with his skill. He has been able to move at such speeds that he creates countless afterimages surrounding his target which ultimately confuses them, only Dojutsu wielders can spot the real Raiden. Also, using momentum, he amplifies his strength by a tenfold once at his max speed.

Sensory Prowess

Despite not being a sensory type, so to speak, he has sensory capabilities that rival many of the worlds greatest sensors. Having potent senses is extremely useful for an assassin like Raiden, this on of the reasons he chose to hone his five senses and take up a few basic sensory techniques. In many battles has his senses saved his life and given him the upper hand needs to overwhelm his opponents. His senses and sensory techniques allow him to locate and pinpoint the whereabouts of a target or a very well hidden target.

Electromagnetic Vision

Upon his discovery of using electric and lightning to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum, Raiden used it in an innovative way to enhance his vision. By sending the chakra up to the eyes and the radiating the given radiation Raiden has the ability to visually perceive things in that radiation type. This gives Raiden an edge in multiple different situations. He is able to use each of these visions in unison with one and another.

  • Infrared Vision: By turning his vision infrared Raiden is able to visually perceive everything in the infrared spectrum. This means he is able to physically see radiant energy. Since every living being produces heat, he is able to see everyone. Even if they are within smoke or invisible. This especially comes in handy when used with the Hiding in the Mist Technique, because he can physically see his target instead having to rely on his enhanced senses which can be fooled. Raiden will switch to this vision during low light conditions.
  • X-Ray Vision: With the help of X-Ray radiation, he can see directly through physical objects much like the Byakugan. To Raiden it seems as if the object is staring at as become translucent. This vision is particularly good at seeing and locating enemies hidden by solid objects. Raiden can use this in conjunction with his decent use of medical ninjutsu to preform surgery and healing, as it can see into the body to see any damaged bones and so on.
  • Zoomed Vision: Raiden is able to bend the visible light in front of his eyes. This acts like a telescope, increasing how far he can see. The range of his vision even surpasses Byakugan users such as Hinata. It can be used in unison with his other EMS visions. In unison with his X-Ray vision, it is nearly impossible to hide from Raidens sight no matter the range. Also it can be couple with his Space-Time Transition technique, so that he can switch places with small things like a dust particle.


During his time training at Gozen Ridge, Raiden was taught to hone all of his five senses as well as sensing for chakra. Each of his sense have reached and long surpassed the pinnacle of normal human senses. Despite not having senses akin to that of the wolves that taught him they are still certainly not ones to be taken lightly. These senses are one of the reason he is the worlds greatest assassin.

  • Vision: Amongst all of his senses, his keen eyesight is perhaps the most useful. It enables him to make things out from a substantial distance crystal clear. When scoping for an assassination this is extraordinarily handy as he is able to gather intelligence, all while remaining at a relatively safe distance to avoid detection. Also, Raidens's eyes pick up the most subtle details. For example, he is able to pick up the slightest bodily movements which hints the opponents next move and enables Raiden to use decisive strategies to counter attack. Additionally, Raiden is in full control over his pupil dilation. Thanks to this he can increase the size of his pupils when it is dark in order to let in more light, thus granting him limited amounts of Night Vision.
  • Touch: Zeus has mastered his enhanced sense of touch, to the point where on his fingertips he can feel the faint impressions of ink on a printed page thus allowing him to read by touch, however he does not personally like doing this. Also, by mere a touch alone he is capable of identifying the material and how strong it is, for example when he needs to smash through something he can do this so he can know how much strength to exert. It is not just his fingertips that are this sensitive, it is all over his body. His skins senses are so acute that, if all of his other senses were disrupted he would be able to sense a persons presence (within 6-7 feet) because of the person's body heat and disturbance of air. With this enhanced sense he has the ability to numb himself to pain.
  • Hearing: His hearing is perhaps the most useful one of his sensory arsenal. The first reason is that his hearing is so acute he can hear miniscule sounds such as a persons heartbeat from up to 20 - 30 feet away. By using the latter technique, he can tell whether a person is lying by heartbeats. It is extremely useful for eavesdropping and intelligence gathering, he has displayed it in this field when he heard a Marine higher ups plotting through a sound proofed wall. Raiden can also block specific frequencies and through training he can block specific things as well such as background sounds in order to help him focus in combat.
  • Smell: Raiden's sense of smell is so acute that he can distinguish people by the bodily odors they give off and can even remember them in order to identify them in the future. Due to this, it is very hard to fool him with a mere disguise. Using his smell, he can pick out different ingredients within a dish or different components in a bomb. He has also displayed the ability to identify different metals as to him they each give off a unique smell. Zeus can lock onto a single person's smell and follow it through a crowd of people at a distance of 70 feet. His sense of smell has helped him track down many people and generally helps him to distinguish his target from others. Seeing as the body releases hormones depending on mood, he is capable of telling how someone is feeling just by the smell of the hormones. Amongst other emotions, Zeus can literally smell fear and sense anger and/or rage.
  • Equilibrium: Despite not being one of the five senses, his sense of balance was also honed by his time at Gozen Ridge. No matter how narrow or small a surface Raiden can balance himself on it. His balance allows his transition between stances to be flawless and quicker than most people. Raiden can land and dish out more ferocious blows with out loosing his foot in because of this. This balance enhances his speed and agility.
  • Accelerated Perception: This sensory ability did not come from training. Instead, it is a perk that comes with all of the senses training. This ability enables his senses to process what they have sensed at such speeds that his perception of time has completely slowed down, allowing him time to counter.


Ever since a child, Raiden has excelled in hand to hand combat. As he has grown up he has made a reputation for himself in its usage. Coupled with his strength, speed, agility and equilibrium he is not to be taken likely. Although he relies more on Ninjutsu and Bukijutsu his fists have become a deadly weapon themselves. He is one of the last people anyone would want to take on alone in one on one combat for many reasons. One being his stamina, he can fight for hours on end not weakening. Another being his durability, he can sustain large amounts of physical damage and still continue to fight. The last being not a physical but a mental ability, his intellect; with it he can formulate strategies and plans of attack quickly and effectively. Over his time practicing unarmed combat he learned a variety of different styles and techniques to make a versatile arsenal. His late mentor, Kizuko, taught him how to implement chakra flow into taijutsu; creating Nintaijutsu. He learnt many techniques, the one he uses most is the Density Technique. This allows him to alter the density of his fist or any other part of his body making it rock solid with no additional weight.

One of the many styles of Taijutsu he learnt was the strong fist. This style is meant to inflict external damage such as bruises and to break bones. It involves smashing your opponent and is generally used only by extremely physically powerful and dominating shinobi. This style is ideal for him due to his a high amounts of strength and his ferocity. With this he is capable of feats unimaginable, with a single punch he cracked four rib cages. To add to this strength he can release a strong gust of wind before contact to produce effects similar to Chakra Enhanced Strength. Raiden implements his speed and agility to make his application of the strong fist more potent. The speed of which the punches are being thrown overwhelm the opponent and being to wear them out until the simply cant take anymore.

He also learned Muay Thai, a martial art that uses every part of the body in combat. This is perhaps one of the most versatile martial arts there is. It includes the use of; fists, palms, elbows, knees and feet. Coupled with his speed this can be extremely deadly as it can catch the opponents off guard. The stance he uses is of a right hand fighter which is his left hand and right up to protect his face, with his left more forward and his legs a shoulder width apart with his left in front of the right. This is commonly known as the Southpaw Stance. The reason legs are positioned is mainly because of a movement called a twerk where he can add more power and a little more range to his punch. A twerk is a simple twist of the body, hips and foot so when throwing the punch with his power hand the twerk movement is all concentrated into that one point, the users' fist. The effects of this simple but deadly technique can be very destructive to the least. Raiden utilizes his agility and acrobatic skill to perform unpredictable, irregular attacks like Drunken Fist and Monkey Style that even confuse the likes of Kuro Isei's sharingan.

This a Taijutsu style created by Raiden at chunin level. The whole style revolves around a technique taught to him by Kizuko, it is a Nintaijutsu called the Thunder Fist technique; a technique where the users arms are shrouded in lightning chakra in order to induce numbness and sometimes increase destructive power. The fighting style is one that focus's on internal damage rather than external damage. It works in two ways, one of which is similar to the Body Pathway Derangement, where he sends electricity into the enemies nervous system, severing the signals and deranging their body control. The second way is targeting pressure points and emitting electricity into them, which can cause paralysis and/or render them unconscious. The electrical currents would also confuse the brain waves disabling the body from moulding chakra. The stance of the Thunder Fist was strongly inspired by the Gentle Fist, as he took a liking to Gentle Fist when he was beat in the Chunin exams by Izuki Hyūga. This feat was achieved using his Visual Comprehension, also using this he mimics the movements of the Gentle Fist. He is currently trying to gain knowledge of the Tenketsu to aid this style.


Ever since his early childhood, Raiden has been exceptional in the art of Bukijutsu. Bukijutsu is techniques that involve the use of weaponry. During his time living in the forest, he was forced to teach himself the art in order to defend himself. Once he joined the Academy he would always receive top marks and do far better than his classmates in Bukijutsu classes. As he got older his skills rapidly increase and he became well-versed with all weapons. Once he had learned his wind release he would use it to increase the sharpness and overall lethality of the weapons. Although not his speciality, he excelled in Archery and received private lessons from a master archer, Fūtari. Archery was ideal for him as with his strength he could fire arrows faster and harder than the average shinobi. In almost all weapons fighting he relies on his speed and cunning to overwhelm and outsmart his opponent.


Being the former student of two of the Mists greatest swordsman, Raiden is an master swordsman in his own right. From young it was evident of his vast potential in the art. His natural speed, agility and perfect sense of balance are key contributing factors to his mastery of Kenjutsu. As he has adopted this as his primary offense he has made sure that his has array of equally potent skills. As well as persistent relentless training, his first-hand experience of life and death sword duels honed his talent and made him grow as a swordsman.

While using a swords, one of his most notable skills is his remarkable precision and finesse. He is able to slice wherever he pleases with pinpoint perfection. He has been known to slice extremely small things in half. An example of this is when he was doing battle with an unknown Aburame and he sliced his whole swarm up in a matter of seconds. Kizuko noted that if Raiden wanted to, he could slice off the antenna of a flea. Due to this precision, once coupled with his reflexes he can deflect projectiles easily.

His style of sword fighting generally relied on unleashing lightning fast barrages of slashes to tire out the opponent. Coupling his finesse and precision with a blade and his tactical mind he is a fierce foe to any and all shinobi. As he grew older his ferocity grew a large, able to release devastating while fast slashes capable of ripping through most defenses. While slashing away at opponents he focuses on attacking their legs to limit movement and their arms to stop their jutsu and disable them from wielding swords. If he is unnoticed he will aim for a vital spot such as the neck or heart.

Another fighting style he employed only against truly powerful foes was one that involved his Space-Time Ninjutsu the Space-Time Transition. By switching places with objects placed all around the opponent, he can attack them from multiple different angles and sides. The speed of his place switches are generally to much for the human brain to compute, leaving them open and defenseless to dozens of painful slashes.

Becoming more and more experienced and familiar with handling a sword he became ambidextrous in its usage, able to fight with two swords in unison or switch one between either hand. Dual wielding soon became the norm for Raidens new style as it allowed him to attack with more destructive power and at two times the rate. Defending the might of his two sworded barrages where more than difficult to almost all swordsman. His persistence in the barrages tended to knock even the best of swordsman out of their natural rhythm.

As he progressed as a swordsman, he began to implement his natural affinity. By using flowing lightning chakra through the sword he can induces numbness by simply slashing the opponent. Also due to the vibrations on the sword, the piercing power is dramatically increased. After mastering wind he used that as an enhancer of his skills. Once wind is imbued on the sword, it creates an invisible aura of razor sharp wind that increases the sharpness and range. The blade becomes so sharp that he can slice through any earthen material and most chakra barriers. If earth chakra is flown into the sword, it increases the defensive capabilities by making the blade stronger and denser.

During his time infiltrating Kumogakure, he learned many cloud-style techniques and even learned how to use the partially use the Acrobat fighting style, however using eight swords proved to hard for Raide so he stuck with three. One in his mouth and one in each hand. Also he infiltrated the Land of Iron and learned some Samurai techniques. While he was the he mastered the style known as Iaidō. This art is concerned with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard. The linear motion and force applied to draw the sword from the scabbard results in slashes that are faster and stronger than ones executed with the sword already drawn. Coupled with, chakra flow this becomes truly lethal. Only the most skilled of swordsman can defend against this.


Raiden is also more than proficient in the usage of Shuriken and Kunai, displaying near perfect accuracy while only academy. With his current expertise in Shurikenjutsu, he is able to throw a shuriken and hide a second one in the firsts shadow in order to catch the opponent off guard. Raiden can draw for his shurikens and unleash them at his opponent with incredible speeds. He can achieve greater speeds by summoning shurikens straight to his hand via an inscription on an wristband located on his forearm.


Ninjutsu is perhaps Raidens strongest form of combat, from young he has excelled in its usage and always strived to better himself with it. He focuses on nature transformation and shape transformation along with his near perfect chakra control to deliver power precise attacks at his opponents. He has an affinity for lightning and has full mastery over wind release. Courtesy to his mastery over his lightning nature he has unlocked manipulation over Electromagnetism. He later evolved this into Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation; which enables him to manipulate some of the spectrums radiations such as Gamma Rays and Visible Light. Raiden is also proficient in the use of Explosive Release, thanks to Shinzoku

Although complex ninjutsus are powerful, Raiden finds himself often relying on the fundamentals in combat as he see's these techniques as efficient as it gets. Such techniques include water walking, substitution, transformation and intangible clones. In fact he has liked some of these techniques so much that he has even taken them further by learning advanced versions. A prime example of this is the Clone Technique, he was so fond of the concept of clones that he then went off to study and later perfect the Shadow Clone Technique.

Raiden is also known for other less popular techniques such as the Summoning Technique and a few other techniques. Unlike most shinobi he has learned and mastered Space-Time Ninjutsu, one of the most difficult variations of ninjutsu and one of the most useful. Using his advanced chakra control he also sought out the use of medical ninjutsu as he saw it has an invaluable skill to have on the battlefield.

Summoning Technique

Raiden is a skilled summoner, who utilizes this ability in a variety of different ways in order to aid him and his comrades in battle. He carries quite a few scrolls on his person. Each with different tools in them. In some he stores ninja tools and other sorts of weaponry and in others he stores supplies such as food and water. Raiden has found himself not having enough space to store all of his much needed scrolls so he developed a simple, efficient way of carrying each of them. He seals multiple scrolls into single scrolls to save space. Raiden can summon animals as well as inanimate objects via blood contracts with the give species. He currently has two blood contracts, one with wolves and the other with Jellyfishes.

While only a genin, Raiden signed a blood contract with the wolves of Gozen Ridge. Wolves are animals that seek perfection in all they do. They have incredibly potent senses, far beyond any human and most other animals. This makes them useful for sensing and tracking. Their senses are in fact so acute that are far stronger than most ninken. Raiden can summon these animals to help in the sensory area if his already impressive sensory skills aren't enough. All wolves have access to one of the five basic nature types, and none are more common than the other. They are able to fully manipulate their element. Wolves also created their own style called the Wolf Arts which employs their nature type. Additionally, wolves have become at one with nature like all animals, allowing them to harness Natural Energy. However they only use it in a supplementary way. Raiden has always credited wolves for their ability to heal wounds and restore chakra reserves using it, an ability not all animals can use. As well as jutsus and chakra related abilities, Wolves are physically superior to humans. Their speed, agility, balance and power are far beyond most animals. One or two times Raiden has been seen to summon a pack of wolves to chase down his target. Raiden is able able to summon a variety of different wolves for different uses, whether it be for combat or not. Despite this he rarely summoned any wolves aside from his personal summon, Raijumaru. The two were more than friends and considered each other brothers. Raiju aided him in battle almost all of the time until he was later paralyzed.

He has now signed another contract with the jellyfish of the Kaizoku Sea. These jellyfish are perhaps one of the most lethal creatures in the whole of the oceans. They are well versed in a multitude of different techniques including the Shadow Clone Technique. Jellyfishes are trained in the arts of poison combat and can produce toxins that can kill an adult elephant in a matter of seconds. Their poisons can come in a variety of states, depending on their surrounding and how they will deliver the strike. Raiden generally uses them in underwater combat because Jellyfishes are skilled practitioners in the use of lightning release and water release. They use the two in unison to create devastating effects. In underwater battles, these creatures are more than impressive. The reason being is that they can send out volts of electricity across the water; either to kill or paralyze their target. As well as underwater they can survive for 2-3 hours on land because their chakra keeps them alive. Being creatures of the sea, Raiden uses them for quick effective travel across the oceans. They can reach speeds of 30 or 40 mph and can be enhanced in ways similar to the Lightning Release Armour. Another key reason Raiden uses them is because of their amorphous physiology, which allows for versatile combat as they can generate constructs and appendages from anywhere. Also they are very durable and are immune to most forms of genjutsu since they have no brain. He has yet to acquire a jellyfish personal summon because of the tragic events with his last wolf personal summon.

Space-Time Mastery

One of the abilities Raiden is well known for is his skill in Space-Time Ninjutsu. The particular technique is called Space-Time Transition. He learned it directly from its creator, Kuro Isei, becoming its second user. This technique enables him to switch places with any physical object that he can see, whether it be a large object like a building or something small like an insect. Raiden displayed his knack for Space-Time Ninjutsu when he mastered the technique in little over a month. To add to this testament of skill, it was further displayed when he took it to all new heights, achieving capabilities that were even out of reach for Kuro. Raiden can switch for organic objects as well as inanimate objects. Additionally, he has the ability switch an item he is making contact with as well and switch just that object.

To make this technique more prominent, at the beginning of a battle Raiden scatters things such as Kunai around the battlefield so that he can switch with any of them at any time instantaneously. The switching can be used both defensively and offensively. As defense, Raiden would use it to switch places with another object in order to evade an incoming attack. Offensively, it can be used to get behind a target quickly and quietly to strike while they are unaware and ensure their elimination. Also, Raiden uses it to deliver attacks and the switch places in repeated sequence to keep the enemy guessing and to repeatedly strike in their blind spots.

Wind Mastery

  • Current:
  • Pressure:'
  • Speed:
  • Sharpness:
  • Resistance:
  • Rotation:
  • Shape:
  • Density:
  • Quantity:

Lightning Mastery

Raiden has an affinity for the Lightning Release. He discovered this at the age of twelve. This discovery brought about great strife, as the majority of his village and his two best friends had an affinity for water release. Due to have lightning release, he always felt like an outcast thus never really using it at that age. However, this all changed when he had an epiphany, triggered by Kizuko, the true power and limitless potential it possess. From that moment on, he aspired to master lightning release like Mei Terumi mastered the water release. There were very few masters of his element in Kirigakure. Fortunately for him, he was approached by one of Kirigakures best lightning users. Like most practitioners of a combat style, he started off with basic techniques such as Lightning Release Stream and then slowly but surely began learning the high level ones. Ever since he became proficient in the usage of lightning release, his primary combat style has depended on it. Although it is true he is a bukijutsu master, the majority of his weapons are enhanced by his lightning.

As he gradually came to master his affinity, he became more and more at one with lightning. Manipulation and sensing of any lightning became like a second nature to him. Upon mastering lightning release, he found that because of his vast knowledge of it he could cut down on the chakra usage. For example, the average lightning release technique will cost him a 1/100 of chakra than the average user.

Being so skilled in it usage, Raiden has learned to alter each individual aspect of his lightning to give him more specific uses. Raiden can generate lightning from anywhere on his body in the blink of an eye. His lightning comes in multiple forms such as the famed black lightning and others created by him. He can even control natural lightning, in order to one-hit the strongest of shinobi before the battle truly begins. Raiden has been praised has one of the worlds greatest masters of lightning release and definitely the strongest lightning release user in the Land of Water.

  • Form: The alteration of form refers to the state he can have his electric take. Most believe that lightning release is always generated as lightning bolts and so forth, however, at mastery level this is far from the case. Raiden is able to generate his lightning and electric as shockwaves and Lightning Flare Technique|laser beams. The waves can be triggered by physical contact with the ground (such as punching or stomping on the ground) and the beams can be emitted from anywhere on the body (such as hands or eyes). As well as travelling through the earth, Raidens shockwaves can travel through the air. During his time using the three states (Bolt, Shockwave & Beams), Raiden has mastered each and everyone. Another, more unique form, is pure energy. This state is seen when he enters his Lightning Chakra Mode.
  • Shape: Not moving far from form alteration, Raiden has learned to shape his lightnings. While being a mere novice, shaping was extraordinarily hard for him, being able to craft lightning in only two dimensions. Despite being a commendable feat, he sought to advance this achievement. Before long, he gained access to three-dimensional shaping. Coupled with his mastery over chakra flow and chakra control, he can construct nearly anything regardless of power and size with no excess chakra wasted. He has been seen to create swords, spears, balls and many other things. Off times, he tends to create more intricate constructs such as animals and what not. While in his Lightning Chakra Mode, he has been seen to create extensions of the electric energy like form.
  • Flow: Seeing as all electricity flows in a current, striving to gain control of it was a no brainer to Raiden. Flow of an electric current is the most essential aspects of lightning release one can master as without a flowing current there is no electric or lightning. With mastery of the flow of currents, Raiden is able to direct and guide is lightning with pinpoint accuracy. Over his years using lightning release and studying the flow of electrical currents, he has come to understand it like the back of his. Thanks to this understanding and his chakra flow prowess, he is able to freely alter the current of his lightning with no restrictions. As he grew more skilled at this, he used the flow of the currents to rapidly increase the speed of his attacks. Despite not being as fast as natural lightning it is able to keep up with the fastest of shinobi, including users of the Lightning Chakra Mode and even Eight Inner Gates. Using the laser beam state, and the versatility of his flow, he is able to emulate the movements of the renowned storm release.
    • Cutting and Piercing Power: Upon mastering the flow of electrical currents, Raiden was innately granted the ability to control two major aspects of lightning release. The first was the ability to increase cutting power. This is achieving by increasing the frequency of vibrations in an electrical currents. By increasing cutting power his lightning can slice threw a multitude of different solids. Utilizing chakra flow, he can flow the lightning through any medium such as blade to enhance the cutting power of the medium. Raiden has used this to slice of an arm of Kuro's susanoo. The second aspect is the piercing power. Unlike the cutting power, this focuses on penetration. It can be drastically increased by concentrating the current to the tip of the bolt. At its pinnacle it can pierce a gargantuan whole in almighty defenses such as Gaara's sand and the Rashomon Gates.
  • Discharge: A less important but still useful aspect is discharge. Having control over discharge enables Raiden to generate and fire his bolts and beams of lightning faster. This was achieved through his mastery over currents. After gaining mastery over this aspect to Raiden was able to alter the speeds of the currents after the way generated. Due to this he could speed and slow currents to confuse his opponents. Also, Raiden can alter the speeds of different currents simultaneously.
  • Charge: This aspect of lightning release is perhaps the most complicated but very effective for a true master. During his extensive time researching the electricity and lightning, he soon came to the electrical charge topic. In no time he understood the principals of electrical charges. Thanks to this he was able to understand how natural lightning was generated. When to oppositely charged atoms (electron and proton) are separated, an electrical charge between the two is generated. Once the two reunite, they neutralize each other and cause lightning bolts. Thanks to Shinzoku, Raiden gained the ability to manipulate charges by individually manipulating electrons and protons. Raiden is able to move, destroy and create electrons and protons. The manipulation of the two can come in handy in many different situations. With his control over them Raiden can create a negative charge by reducing the amount of protons or create a positive charge by increasing the amount of protons. Raiden is able to generate lightning that can freely travel through insulators (such as wind) by forcing the electrons to move from atom to atom with Shinzoku's chakra. Another feat achieved by the manipulation of atom's is generating lightning considerably stronger than normal lightning release users lightning. This achieved by separating the electrons and protons and then rapidly reunite them. Raiden created this method to emulate natural lightning, however it was not as fast or powerful as natural lightning. On the plus side, it was way faster and powerful than his previous lightning. Seeing as he is not using his chakra to create the lightning, it requires far less chakra as before. Raidens calculations estimate his uses around 0.00001/100 than he would usually use.
  • Static Electricity: Mastering charge of electricity has enable him usage of static electricity, it is merely the imbalance of charge. He generates static electricity by imbalancing the electrical charge (protons and electrons).
  • Cling: This is an ability granted by static electricity. Its also known as Adhesion or Static Cling. By generating electric fields, Raiden can stick onto any surface. This is an extremely useful ability. Raiden has been seen using this to climb high objects easier and to stay firmly attached to surfaces. This has been compared to the wall crawling spiders do. Also, this can be handy in hand to hand combat as he can cling on to opponents.
  • Intensity: Another important aspect of the lightning release if the intensity of his electric currents. The intensity of an electrical current determines the strength and destructive power it holds. Intensity of the electric current is determined by the resonation of the prepared lightning chakra. This means, the more it vibrates the stronger it will end up being. Decreasing and increasing the strength of his lightning becomes useful in a variety of situations. Raiden mainly uses to different levels of intensities. The first of which, is low intensity. As the name suggests, it is of low intensity thus requires less vibration. The result of being hit with this lightning is generally paralysis or numbing with low level burns. Attacks from Raidens low intensity lightning usually inflict short term damage. Generally, Raiden employs this kind of attack to disable the movement of his foe, either to capture them alive or because he simply doesn't want to kill them. The other intensity is the counterpart to the latter, it is high intensity. Lightning of this intensity is utilised by Raiden to either kill or seriously injure his target. If struck by this lightning ones heart can be stopped in an instant. Electric shocks and third degree burns can be inflicted by this lightning. Raidens high intensity lightning is capable of ripping through the earths surface and completely obliterating buildings. As well as being used offensively, alteration of lightning intensity can be used supplementary. By using lower intensity lightning he can jump start a heart. Raiden can alter the intensity to levels in between the aforementioned levels for more flexible usage.

  • Manipulation: Being the Jinchuriki host of the lightning wolf, Shinzoku, Raiden has gained a degree of manipulation far above the reach of standard lightning release users. All forms of electrical currents under the influence of his chakra is under his obsolete control. Using his other aspects (Such as Current and Charge control) he is able to further enhance his manipulation. His charge control allows him to manipulate even lightning that hasn't got his chakra in it. By moving, stopping and all together altering the path of electrons and protons he has full control over all lightning. Raidens usage of lightning manipulation is generally employed as defensive measures against other talented users of lightning release. During his infiltration of Kumogakure, he saw there were hundreds of talented lightning release users out there and that he was not wholly protected from there attacks. However, thanks to the extended control over lightning granted by Shinzoku, he was able to become nearly invincible against other lightning masters by creating various methods to combat lightning.
  • Absorption: This is a passive skill granted by Shinzoku. It allows Raiden to absorb all forms of lightning and electrical energy he comes into contact with. Once the lightning has been absorbed into his body it is then converted into chakra and thus replenishes him. This is skill enables Raiden to become invisible against lightning techniques and even the power of natural lightning. After the intake of electrical energy, Raiden has described as feeling like a meal. It seems to satisfy his hunger as well, this is believed to be because Shinzoku, while being a physical entity, consumed lightning. Despite this being a very useful skill, it has one fatal drawback. If Raiden absorbs to much electrical energy at once it will strain his body to hard converting it to chakra thus causing him to go unconscious. However, over the years he has raised the amount he can intake at once through rigorous training. Now he is able to absorb several consecutive lightning strikes without stressing his body at all. Through conscious effort, Raiden is able to turn this skill on and off so it is not always passive absorption.
  • Nullification: After learning to activate and deactivate his lightning absorption, thanks to Shinzoku chakra, his body developed another defense against lightning. This is skill effectively nullifies it upon contact with Raiden. Raiden has effectively discovered another way to nullify lightning. However, this method nullifies the lightning while it is travelling through the air. With his manipulation over electrons and protons, he is able to complete rid the electrical current of all electrons thus causing it to disperse.
  • Redirection: A feat acquired by his absolute control over lightning and charges. Using this skill he can redirect any approaching lightning to any direction. This is possible as he can manipulate the electrons and protons with in the electrical current to make it flow how he wants. When he redirects a lightning technique, the lightning and the chakra become completely separated. Raiden has been seen to send the lightning back to where it came from with even more power and faster than before.

With Raidens advanced knowledge of the possibilities of electrical currents, he developed a theory. This theory pertained the possibilities of him creating electrical currents with magnetic qualities. For weeks Raiden tried with no prevail. However, after more training in the lightning release, he was able to concentrate his lightning chakra to such levels this magnetic quality was discovered. As he practiced more and more in its usage, he became more and more skill. Once he mastered this, generating this lightning became as easy as breathing.

After mastering the electromagnetic lightning, Raiden started to raise his ambitions. Seeing the powers of the former ability, he sought out control over electromagnetism. Raiden tried various methods to achieve it but no matter how much he tried he couldn't seem to grasp it. While searching through his late mentors research diary he stumbled across notes regarding the same theory. Upon reading it, it sparked (pun intended) an idea with in his brain. As coiled electricity produces electromagnetic qualities (far greater than concentrated electricity), he attempted to coil the lightning chakra within his body. With his mastery over chakra control, he succeeded relatively quickly. He was then able to generate and freely manipulate electromagnetism, granting him control over magnetism and lightning at its pinnacle. His control over magnetism far surpasses that of the standard Magnet Release.

His complete control over electromagnetism brings about a plethora over skills rarely seen or utilized by shinobi. He is able to manipulate metals, generate force-fields, fly (via attraction & repulsion) and even emit electromagnetic pulses which can nullify all electrical currents (this includes Lightning and Storm Release). This is one of his many lines of defense against lightning users, his EMPs can cancel out all techniques that require the use of electric currents. Also, he is able to manipulate magnetic fields.

  • Magnetic Fields: The generation of magnetic fields is one of the most essentials tools that came with the discovery of electromagnetism for Raiden. As well as just generating them, over time he has learned to manipulate them. As of now he is able to move them and alter their size and shape. A counter-part to their generation, Raiden can disband these fields at will. After achieving this feats with magnetic fields he then learned how to generate magnetic fields with different charges. A common use of his magnetic fields is a defense against other lightning techniques, where he uses his fields to effectively cancel out the fields of the opposing techniques therefore nullifying it. Before most of his battles, Raiden sets up a large magnetic field. This initial field has various purposes. First and foremost, he uses it to disrupt electrical neural signals and brainwaves of his foe. While not completely disrupting it, he is able to slow down his opponents reflex and reaction time which gives him a slight chance. Additionally, he is able to let of electrical discharges from anywhere within the field. Due to his extensive training in this area, he is able to create magnetic fields within other magnetic fields. However this requires large amounts of concentration and strains him the longer it is kept up, therefore limiting him to a maximum of ten minutes.
  • Attraction&Repulsion: This is a fundamental skill granted by the use of Magnetism. He is able to utilize this by his ability to generate magnetic fields with different charges. In order to attract an object he would have to generate a magnetic field with an opposite charge to what he wanted to attract. For this attraction to work, Raidens magnetic field would have to be stronger than that of what he wants to attract. Raiden has many uses for attraction in battles an day-to-day life. During battle, he has been seen using the power of attraction to disarm opponents. Also, if he makes a a strong enough charge he is able to attract other people, providing they have a metallic object on there person. The smaller the object, the stronger the field has to be. He commonly attracts other shinobi via their ninja tools. Raiden is well versed with Attractions counterpart as well. The science behind his Repulsion is essentially the same as attraction however, in order to repel an object he must create a magnetic field with the same charge as what he wants to repel. Like attraction, a stronger charge must be generated in order to repel an object. Repulsion is used far more often than its counterpart by Raiden. His use of repulsion is used in an offensive and defensive manner. Due to ninja tools being magnetic, when they are launched at him he is able to simply repel them. In some circumstances he has also redirected them back at his attacker. Raiden is able to boost his starting speed by repelling himself, this comes in handy when he needs to take immediate evasive action. Also, while running he can repel himself to slightly boost his overall speed. Additionally, thanks to his mastery over attraction and repulsion, Raiden is capable of flight.
  • Black Steel Dust Manipulation: Due to his ability of magnetic control, Raiden is able to magnetize Black Steel Dust particles in order to use them in a similar manner to the likes of Shukaku and his sand, as well as the Kazekage and his Iron Sand. Raidens skill in the manipulation of Black Steel Dust was honed during his time infiltration of Sunagakure. His magnetic prowess allows him to replicate most maneuvers effortlessly. The metal particles he manipulates are obviously Steel. ~To Be Continued~
Electromagnetic Radiation

With his mastery of Lightning Release, Raiden had accomplished a feat few had ever even dreamed of. As well as full manipulation of Electromagnetism Raiden can freely manipulate the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The Electromagnetic Spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic radiation is the radiant energy released by certain electromagnetic processes. This includes Radio Waves, Microwaves, Infared Radiation, Visible Light, X-Rays and Gamma Rays. While its true that isn't yet capable of wielding all six radiations, the ones he can use he has mastered and uses them with unparalleled might.

Thermal Radiation

One of the radiatons Raiden is known to utilize is Thermal Radiation. This is an electromagnetic radiation generated by the thermal motion of charged particles in matter. All matter with a temperature greater than absolute zero emits thermal radiation. Control of this radiation essentially grants Raiden manipulation of heat itself. He can create, shape and manipulate heat. Raiden is capable of raising the heat to up to sixty-five degrees celsius within a ten meter raidus of his body in all directions. Battling intensely in such temperature is near suicidal, if a shinobi was physcially exerting your body under sixty-five degrees s/he would be sure to pass out due to heatstroke eventually. Also, due to high temperature your skin would have a constant burning feeling. This technique is employed as a counter-measure against close-range shinobi and close-range attacks in general. Raiden can raise the temperature of any part of his body, providing its on the surface, to a maximum of a hundred and ten degrees celsius. If this heat is applied to his hand, he could essentially boil the water out of someones body on contact. Since heat is a radiant energy, the temperature radiates from his body. Due to his prowess within this field, he morealess renders Water Release users powerless against him. For example, if he were to raise the temperature of his whole body to over a hundred degrees celsius then the water would essentially melt on contact. This is also applies for users of Ice Release. Raiden is capable of firing rays/beams of pure concentrated heat. It is so concentrated it becomes visible to the human eye as an orangey red colour. At first he could only get the beams up to ninety-five degrees celsius. If a beam of this temperature were to make contact with a human it would inflict burns od around fourth degree which would burn through, the skin, tissue, muscle and maybe parts of the bone. This would in turn burn the nerves in said body part rendering it useless. Most fourth degree burns result in ambutation, however an extremely talented user of medical ninjutsu or one with extremem renegeration could heal such wound. As his skill grew, he became capable of raising the temperature of these rays/beams. At its pinnacle, they were an astounding three thousand five hundred degrees celsius. Which made them capable of burning through all metals, even tungsten. Before long Raiden became capable of conjuring orbs of varying sizes made of pure heat. Like the beams/rays the heat is so concentrated it is visible to the human eye. These orbs disperse upon contact, the heat will radiate ten meters of where it original dispersed from. The heat will linger in the air for a maximum of fifteen seconds. Five hundred degrees celsius was the highest temperature he could manage to get the orbs too, such heat would instantly ignite most woods. One orb could potentially burn down a whole forest. Raiden can toss these orbs or he could use it in a similar fashion as the Rasengan. His heat related abilities have been compared to the likes of the Scorch Release, however many have noted that they are far more capable than the aforementioned Kekkei Genkai. While these prowess are impressive, they do have one weakness. Users of the Freezing Release, such as Mizuko, are able to counter Raidens heat with an equal amount of cold in order to balance out the temperature.

Explosion Proficiency

As a result of having Shinzoku's chakra sealed within him, he has been gifted with the destructive Explosion Release. While not being a master of this chakra type, he is definitely skilled in its use, comparable to Iwagakure's very own Explosion Corps. In fact, he truly learned how to use this element while deep undercover within the Explosion Corps' ranks. Despite not yet perfecting its usage, Raiden is capable of untold destruction with Explosive Release. Raiden is able to cause a deadly explosion from any part of his body upon impact, he commonly uses his limbs. He commonly couples this with his Taijutsu for lethal effects. Also, he is able to use this for destroying barriers, buildings and other solid objects. As he became more familiar with this jutsu he took it a step further, by simply palming the air in front of him he is able to release a deadly explosive wave that literally demolishes everything in its path. These waves can be release in horizontal or vertical waves and travel straight. The speed of the wave is relatively fast and travels roughly two times the speed of a thrown kunai. By applying shape transformation, Raiden eventually became able to turn the wave into a giant spherical ball. Raiden is able to fling multiple of these explosive balls at his oppenent to barrage them with deadly explosions. Recently, he has learned to control the heat of his explosions. He is able to generate them at such heat that it vaporizes anything and everything that it touches.


Thanks to his immensely large chakra reserves, he was able to learn and master the arts of senjutsu. During his time at Gozen Ridge, he was trained in the arts of Senjutsu, the art of gathering natural energy to enhance one's techniques. It took Raiden a while to grasp the basics of this method due to being only 15, after a few months he mastered the art. From then on he was able to perfectly balance natural energy with his physical and spiritual energies to make senjutsu chakra and enter the Sage Mode. While in this mode, his skin becomes slightly furry and his nails, canines and hair grow slightly longer.

Sage Mode is an empowered state granted to those who complete senjutsu training. In this state, Raidens; physical strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, perception, and durability are all increased a tenfold. His ninjutsu and taijutsu are also drastically increased. Another ability sage mode grants, is the ability to passively sense chakra and all senses are enhanced. The pinnacle of this state is the ability to manipulate the natural energy that surrounds them, turning it into an extension of their body to increase the reach of their attacks.

Despite being a powerful state, it has two notebale drawbacks. The first which is in order to gather enough natural energy to initiate the transformation into Sage Mode, Raiden, like other users, must remain perfectly still, leaving him vulnerable. Over his years, Raiden has disliked Sage Mode becasue of this, but thanks to Shimetsu, he has overcome this. Reason being is becasue Shimetsu passively absorbs natural energy, it can just be transferred to Raiden, meaning he dosen't have to absorb it himself.

The second drawback is Because the user needs to move during combat, the senjutsu chakra cannot be replenished, which means the user can't stay within this state for extended periods of time. Despite being able to elongate his time in Sage Mode, the time still dissatisfies Raiden. Also thanks to Shimetsu's ability to absorb natural energy, Raiden has overcome this drawback. By constantly transferring natural energy when Raiden is running out he can stay in Sage Mode as long as Shimetsu is on his person.

Jinchūriki Abilities

Seeing as Raiden is a Jinchūriki, he possesses a set of abilities, achievable only by those who have a beast sealed within them. Within Raiden is sealed a wolf beast named Shinzoku. Like all Jinchūriki, Raiden has been granted an enlarged chakra reserve. Along with his already huge chakra reserves, he has around about 80 to 90 times the chakra than the average shinobi. After being the Jinchūriki for just under ten years, his chakra has mixed with the wolfs, the main perk of this is that he has now able to perform very chakra demanding techniques in rapid succession without tiring. Another perk of this is that he is now able to utilize Shinzoku's chakra at will.

When utilizing the chakra of Shinzoku, Raiden is capable of achieving extraordinary feats and pull off techniques of mass destruction. One of which is a technique where he uses the wolfs massive chakra reserve to turn anything from a roar or a wave into a powerful force of pressure that can quite literally destroy mountains. The most powerful of the lot is named the Tailed Beast Ball. Raiden gathers both black and white chakra (to a ratio of 8:2), then apply c:naruto:Shape Transformation to make it spherical. This attack can be launched in three ways; the first of which is in sphere form, which can be detonated on impact to create a wave explosion, the second is launched in a dome-shaped blast which disintegrates everything that comes into contact with, and the last a concentrated beam of energy with immense explosive penetrative power.

The most renowned ability of those with Tailed Beast within them is the famed Jinchūriki Transformation. Like most Jinchūriki, at first he could only access the transformations when he was enraged or his life was in danger. However, all of this change when he went to train his Jinchūriki abilities with __________. During this training, he learnt how to request help (chakra) from Shinzoku. When he first taps into the chakra of Shinzoku, who enters the initial Jinchūriki form. While in this form he is surrounded by a layer of Shinzoku's chakra, his chakra is purple as opposed to the normal red tailed beast chakra. The chakra enhances Raidens strength, speed and healing. His initial transformation slightly alters his appearance. As the wolfs chakra is being exposed to his body he begins to adopt features of a wolf. Each of his teeth, especially his canines, grow longer and sharper and his nails become more claw like. As well as his physical attributes being enhanced this form furthers his five senses even more than they currently are.

The next step up from the initial transformation is the Version 1 transformation. The chakra around his body becomes denser than before and turns a translucent purple colour with bubbles, like a boiling liquid. His wolf-like appearance becomes more pronounced in this form. As well as enhancing his regenerative and physical prowess, the dense chakra shroud acts as a defense as it repels most basic elemental techniques. Anyone who makes physical contact with the chakra shroud will suffer burns. Also, in version 1 the tails begin to form. Seeing as Shinzoku has seven tails, the cloak can have from one to seven tails, however, one will always be longer than the others. To take his transformations a notch higher, he achieved the Version 2 state. The chakra shroud is converted into a humanoid shape, making him look like a humanoid wolf. Raiden becomes a purplish black colour due to Shinzoku's chakra. When in enters Version 2 the immense power of the chakra creates small craters beneath his feat and cause little pebbles and what not to levitate in the air. His strength, speed and regenerative prowess in this state are terrifying. So far, only a fellow Version 2 Jinchūriki has opposed him.


One of Raidens most defining skills is his intelligence. He is without a doubt the smartest of his generation. He is capable of understanding and deciphering the most complex things with relative ease. During his schooling in the academy he would get through heaps of work and learn at a faster rate than the average human. It is because of this, as well as his own thirst for learning, that his knowledge and wisdom is so large. At the age of eight, he was as smart as the average sixteen year old. While his knowledge is incredible vast, he is always seeking to expand it. As his intelligence grew, other skills also grew. Such as his problem solving and deductive skills. His deductive skills are impressive to say the least, he is capable of deducing any given situation and generating multiple possible outcomes of said situation along with the chances of them actually occurring simply by making predictions utilizing any and all information/facts available to him at the current time. Along with this he can formulate the appropriate counter measures. Also, he possess analytical skills that are said to rival those of the legendary leaf shinobi Shikamaru Nara. He analyzes and assesses the situation and figures out the best way for him and his comrades to proceed. Another key factor about his analytical skills is that while he fights an opponent he analyzes their combat style and begins to find patterns in order to counter. The prominent ability of these analytical skills of his is ability to anticipate enemy moves by analyzing his enemies attack patterns. Whether it be an attack in a one on one fight or a strategic maneuver on the warfront he can anticipate it. This skill set as earned him one of his many monickers, 'Raiden the Scanner'. To add to his analytical skills his observation is top notch. He is able to spot the slightest movement of any being or object. Utilizing this he is able to pick up on subtle details, enabling him to read lip movements or mimic something like pencil movements and a variety. Over years of training this skill he has taken it to a further level, it has been referred to as the 'Keen Eye' (慧眼, Keigan). With this upgrade, he has some amount of predictive capabilities, allowing him to see the image of an attacker's next move from the slightest muscle tension in their body and counter-attack or dodge without any wasted movement. Another ability granted by his advanced observational skills is called Visual Comprehension. Essentially, this technique is just copying. He only has to see a technique once to completely mimic it and make it his own. His ability doesn't stop there: he copies the technique, but uses it with more power and speed than the original. This mean that when his opponent makes a move, he can transcend them easily. However, he can not copy Ninjutsu or Genjutsu as he has yet to train his eyes to see chakra which restricts him to copying Taijutsu, Bukijutsu, Senbonjutsu and so on. Due to his intellect he is a talented strategist. Raiden is capable of formulating the most daring of tactics in order to defeat his opponents. Generally, he is always a few steps a head of his opponent. It is actually thanks to Raiden's superior intellect that he is able to prevail in his battles.



Shimetsu (死滅; Annihilation) is a powerful sword rumored to be created out of raw Natural Energy. It was a memento from his late sensei, Kizuko. Shimetsu is durable sword, so durable that it has been around since the days of the c:naruto:Sage of the Six Paths without receiving a scratch. Also it is known for being one of the sharpest blades in history, capable of slashing through certain rocks without the aid of chakra. To add to the amazing features of this legendary sword, it is also extraordinarily light.This sword is constantly drawing in natural energy. It is helpful as Raiden can turn from sage mode and back at will, by the natural energy being transferred into him. Also, Shimetsu is capable of absorbing natural energy and chakra alike upon impact. Due to this it can slash through barrier ninjutsu and senjutsu barriers relatively quickly. The absorbed chakra goes to the reserves of Shinzoku, while the absorbed Natural Energy goes to the blades reserves.