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"You seem to have taken more after your mother than me, I would have let him die."
— Raikov commenting on Terra saving Drake

Naruto fanon character
Birth Date Feb. 17
Ages Genin: 10, Chunin: 14, Jonin: 18, Clan Leader: 24
Currant Age 35 (deceased)
Gender Male
Village of Origin NA
Rank Jonin
Chakra Nature Lightning
Team Team Wolf
Affiliation Sons of the Shadows
Teammates Jothon Ruki (deceased), Mary Dail (deceased)
Family Ruki Clan, Terra Ruki (Son)
Kekkei Genkai Sougan, Mokuhyo Sougan

Raikov Ruki


Raikov was the previous Leader of the Ruki Clan, and public leader of the Sons of the Shadows. He was the father of the current leader of the Ruki Terra.


Raikov wore all black armor over simple clothing. His face wascold and slightly sinister. He had spiky light brown hair. He has a tattoo on his stomach in the kanji for darkness, which is the SotS's equivilent of village headbands.


Raikov was able to present multiple personalities depending on who he was talking to. As a father Raikov was an abusive alcoholic. As a fighter Raikov was cold and merciless, killing anybody who got in his was shinobi or not. As a Clan Leader he was surprisingly responsable, taking charge when he needed to lead his clan back to the "right path".


Early Life

When Raikov was young he was placed in an unique cell. His cell was composed of two Ruki and one Dail. Raikov's Cell included Terra's future instructer, Jothon Ruki, and Mary Dail. His Jonin instructer was Ze'ev Mar. Raikov was fully aware why he was placed in a cell with two Ruki members. He knew he was placed in a cell with Jothon to make up for his poor eye sight. He would often give Jothon grief about his superior eye sight. He often was at odds with Jothon due to their conflicting views on principle, Jothon felt that innocent bystanders should be left out of battle while Raikov beleived in unconditional slaughter (a view his son picked up on in certain situations). Even in his younger years Raikov still drank, often hiding sake in his pouch.


Sougan: His kekkei genkai allowed him to see long distances. Had a Sougan with a white pupil.


Raikov's Sougan

Mokuhyo Sougan : These eyes gave Raikov access to the Ventus Cannon, making him an even greater threat at a distance.
Raikov Mangekyo

Raikov's Mokuhyo Sougan

Massive Amount of Chakra: Raikov had a massive amount of chakra, rivaling that of a Jinchuriki, letting him perform numerous high class jutsu without tiring out. He was one of the few Ruki who was able to fire the Ventus Cannon more than once at a time.

Lightning Release: Raikov had mastered a number of dangerous Lightning jutsus.

Drunken Fist: Raikov was able to turn his alcoholic nature to his advantage by studying the form of Drunken Fist, greatly increasing the danger of his taijutsu.

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