Raitō Kamihana (神花 雷刀 Kamihana Raitō) was a missing-nin from Kumogakure and a rogue ninja of incredible power. He was killed by Ankō Shachihoko during an assault on an outpost near the border between Kumogakure and Iwagakure. His arms were modified with wind tunnels loaded with smoke bombs, allowing him to shoot smoke balls from his palms to confuse and distort enemies, and he used various lightning-based jutsu to increase the cutting power of his deadly chakrams.

Raitō had three subordinates that served him as part of the "Kamihana Family." Kirisame (霧雨 Kirisame) was a mentally-unstable taijutsu master that wielded a set of nunchaku. Harusame (春雨 Harusame), a bulky, silent man, used a Meteor hammer in battle. Murasame (村雨 Murasame) was a solemn, thin figure that attacked with a katana. All three were killed in short order during the assault that eventually claimed their leader's life as well.

Naruto fanon character
Raitō Kamihana
Age 34
Gender Male
Rank Jonin
Affiliation Formerly Kumogakure
Team The Kamihana Family

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