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"If you wish to learn the ways of the Sun... You must learn from the Masters, Ran and Shao"


Ran and Shao are two ancient dragons, revered by the Sun Warriors as the original masters of Firebending. One of them is red and the other is blue, although it is not clear which is which.

Unlike the dragons of Dorakuzan, these two exist in a hidden area in the Old Empire lands. Only these 2 still possess the power to Firebend, because they were the only two to continue the old ways of fire manipulation.

History and Abilities

Ran and Shao practice a form of Firebending that emphasizes the life-giving qualities of fire, unlike the aggression and hatred-fueled methods employed by most of the Modern day firebenders. They are able to communicate the meaning of Firebending, apparently through their breath, which appears as multi-colored flame. Seireitou described the experience as feeling as though there was a Sun inside him, a feeling which is shared by the Sun Warriors themselves. Ran and Shao reveal this secret knowledge to Firebenders that prove themselves worthy - it is known that Irou and Seireitou have all witnessed this.


Ran (燃, rán) means "burn" or "combustion" in Chinese. Shao (燒, shāo) means "to burn" or "to cook" as well as to "barbecue," as well as "fever". The characters can also be used together to mean "combustion", "flaming", or "kindle".

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