[nil edit]Rashomon: Swallow 15px
Appears in Manga
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive, Defensive
Hand seals Snake → Dragon
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

Josho uses a summoning jutsu to summon the Rashomon flat on the ground. The demonic gate then opens and swallows the opponent into another dimension.

Josho has adapted this jutsu for further use, making it a staple technique of his. His Rashomon can be summoned standing up as well, and has several other abilities. They are activated by further commands, with the first being Swallow, and performing the standard attack. The second is "Breathe", in which the Rashomon opens its mouth and expels the forces of the separate dimension, annihilating everything in front of it and carrying it to the other dimension. The third of its commands is "Roar", whereby a massive roar echoes around the area from the Rashomon, and shakes the dimensions together, causing great destruction, and the last is "Howl", causing the gate to be covered in the energy which resembles a canine demon, and consume itself in a massive blast.

After Josho develops techniques utilizing the energy itself as a base, he explains more about the nature of it, revealing that it is a sort of intermediary between all substances and chakra natures, making it ideal for conversions between these.