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Redinn Presch

Redinn Presch

Redinn Presch
Status Deceased
Highest Rank Kage
Classification S-Rank
Birthdate January 17
Gender Male
Blood type B+
Affiliation Ryugakure
Previous Affiliation Jonin- leader of team 2
Previous Team Team 2
Occupation: First Kaidakage
Previous Occupation: Jonin
  • Unnamed grandchild (deceased)

Redinn Presch was the founder of Ryugakure and the first Kaidakage.


Not much is known about Presch's history except for an old legend. It goes that he, at one point in time, wielding a katana, had a ferocious battle with the bijuu Sanbi.


In legend, it is said that around 100 years ago, Redinn Presch encountered the Sanbi.

During the climax of their battle, Presch brought his blade down so hard on the beast's skull that it shattered the blade, along with a piece of the Sanbi's armor.

Knowing he could no longer pursue the bijuu, Presch fled.

It is then said that, shortly after the formation of Ryugakure, he crafted the Dragon's Arc from the pieces of the Sanbi's skull.

Butiroshi War

While it was thought that Redinn had died long before the start of the deadly war between dragons and light, he appeared during the final days of the battle with Toshi Kyoto, not long before Konoha back-up had arrived.

Still in shock that the legendary Kaidakage once again roamed, Mitsu ninja lost concentration in the war. They were defeated once again by Ryugakure, but this time, the two countries became allies with one another.

Redinn later died after the war, helping Kaiyo Tuniosha revive Keiko Namarake. He gave his life force to the Ten Tailed Tori, and brought Keiko back to life.

He was incarnated for his funeral, his ashes scattered throughout Ryu, his spirit forever living on in the Ryugakure Shinobi.


  • Kyoto's Return: [[1]]
  • End of the War/Redinn's Death - Celebration: [[2]]

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