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Offensive, Supplementary


Shori Koshaku

Shori's main puppet in combat. Regla is a relatively tall and slim built puppet and its facial features consist of long, white hair, that is tied to form a ponytail, and two large purple transparent extensions that occur below its similarly colored eyes. The clothes that it wears are of the highest quality; featuring a sleeveless kimono top, which has prominent dark purple lining emerging from its edges, and a white hakama, that is tied using a golden yellow sash. A large piece of black fabric hangs from the center of the sash, with golden metal accents at each corner, embellished with the image of a single golden japanese dragon encircling itself. Outwardly, two large and angular silver mechanical gloves rest on its hands, another mechnical structure is also present on his waist towards his back used for releasing different objects. These gloves can be used to pummel an opponent with immense force as well.


Stretching Limbs: Regla possesses the ability to stretch its limbs to unnatural lengths using strands of razor sharp black cables. Shori tends to use this ability to wrap one Regla's limbs around an opponent to trap and cut them down.

Senbon Launcher: A senbon launcher, embedded into the arm of the puppet. Several holes will appear and launch the senbon at the enemy

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