Kanji 霊気
Rōmaji Reiki
Viz manga Secret Healing Art: Reiki Technique of Masters
English TV Reiki Superior Healthing
Classification Medical Ninjutsu
Range Short-range
Hand seals Tiger → Gasshō
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

After preforming the hand signs the user will create a light green oval shape domeover the intended target's body, once thats done the user will press their hands down on the target's abdominables causing the oval dome to infuse itself within the target. When the oval dome is completely within the target the healing chakra it is made out of will enter the target's blood stream and tenketsu causing several pulsation's that heal the targete everytime due to the fact that the healing chakra itself is within the target's whole entire body allowing it to heal quicker and heal energy that aren't noticeable by allowing it to circulate through the whole body system.

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