Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
English Vincent Tong Icon - Search
Japanese Koki Uchiyama
Birthdate Astrological Sign Scorpio October 24
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 12-13
  • Part II: 15-17
  • Part I: 118.2 cm
    1.182 m
    3.878 ft
    46.535 in
  • Part II: 169.1 cm
    1.691 m
    5.548 ft
    66.575 in
  • Part I: 30.9 kg
    68.123 lb
  • Part II: 45.1 kg
    99.428 lb
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Close Combat
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Team Team Muse
Clan N/A
Ninja Rank
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chunin Prom. Age 14
Nature Type

Rein Mari (マリレイン, Mari Rein) is a Chunin level shinobi from Konohagakure and part of Team Muse.


Rein was put on a team with Kaiya Mari and Tai Nemakisukei. Not much is known about his early life besides the fact that his father's name is Raisai and his mother's name is Renna.


Rein is goofy and sometimes aggressive. He is really close with Kaiya and has a secret crush on her but he is not so open with Morimo. He doesn't like to fight and is sometimes sarcastic.


Rein has black hair and grey-brown eyes. In part I Rein wears a grey jacket, netted shirt, black pants and black ninja shoes. In part II Rein wears a grey-white zip up jacket with rolled up sleeves and a collar, black pants and black ninja shoes. In both parts he has a hair style similar to Sai's. During the war he wore his Chunin vest. Rein is average height and average weight too.


In part I he used earth style jutsu but in part II he learned to slice through things using his hands and he was able to use way more powerful earth style and even wind style. He is a master in swordsminship and uses his sword as an extension of himself.


Rein is extremely skilled in kenjutsu. He carries 1 large samurai sword but just uses it for straight up combat. Rein is self-taught and has similar techniques to the seven swordsmen of the Mist, after fighting several and analyzing their moves.


Kaiya Mari:

Kaiya is one of Rein's friends and is part of his team. Rein is casual around Kaiya and has had a secret crush on her ever since he met her. He never told her and instead teases her about Neji, her crush. They always train together and have mini combats.

Tai Nemakisukei:

Tai was never really close with anyone execpt his brother who died of a lung disease and his sister who died of suicide. Tai wasn't close with Rein. Tai wanted to be friends with him because Rein reminded him of his brother and Kaiya his sister, but he was to nervous to make the first move. Rein and Tai became closer and closer. During the chunin exams, he was tried to retreat his attack because he knew it might kill Rein, but he couldn't make it in time.

Muse Kobori

Muse is Rein's sensei. Muse is always kind and inviting and is never mad when her team fails missions. Muse risked her life to save her team and was always more careful after that.

Part I

Chunin exams

Rein is seen walking in with his team. Tai points out the commotion with Sasuke and Lee but they don't intervene. During the first exam, Kaiya used her powers to move her team's hands. They stayed in for the tenth question and all passed. During the second part while Kaiya and Tai were sleeping, Rein used a sword to attack another team (also to impress Kaiya) and got an earth scroll. He woke up his team and rushed them to the tower, getting past the second exam. During the preliminaries Rein was matched against Tai. He knew he wouldn't win but still gave it his all. When Tai used a paralisys jutsu on him Rein was scared. He suddenly heard felt a sharp pain in his leg but couldn't do anything about it. Soon, the medical nins came and assessed the damage. Rein still couldn't move because the jutsu has to wear off. He was releived to hear no serious damage until they spoke about his leg being broken is several places. Meaning he needs surgery and can't do intense exercise for at least 6 months. He felt a hand on his when he was being carried to the medic room. While he was in the bed waiting for the jutsu to wear off he sensed someone elses presence. Then he heard them run out of the room, leaving him alone.

Invasion of Konoha

Rein felt bad needing to be in a bed while his team was risking their lives just being there. He also felt bad for needing to miss his leader's funeral. He somehow escaped and ended up attending.

Sasuke Retrieval

Rein is seen walking on his crutches accompanied by Kaiya. They see Shikamaru, Naruto, Choji and Kiba walk by but never find out what they were doing. Soon they all came back wounded and so did Neji. Rein was a bit jealous that Kaiya stayed with Neji almost 24/7 but he never let that get to him. Rein taught himself hand seals but held off taijutsu.

Time Skip

Rein was called in for his surgery. He wanted to say bye to Naruto but couldn't. After he was finished he heard his team, Team Kanie and Team Guy were called for a B-rank mission to find criminals who had been poisoning drinks who belonged to wealthy clans.


In Naruto's Footsteps: A freind's path

A few years after Naruto left the village, Konoha decided to have an early chunin exams. Rein and Tai were split (Kaiya already made chunin.) into different rooms. Tai in room 3 and Rein in room 2. A Sunagakure-nin explained how to do it and Tai followed. Tai used chakra strings to move Rein's hand to write on the 40 point question as Tai did it. Then when the tenth question was revealed to have to be answed at the same time, they were anxious to know what it was. When they found out what it was, they didn't write. They both passed. During the second exam, needing to get to Sunagakure, Rein and Tai ran as fast as they can but then Rein decided to use an earth style jutsu to move quicker. That jutsu makes the ground move rather than them move and got them there within 3 minutes. Rein began to fight but then the other team retreated for no reason. They were both clueless but then the chunin exams were cancelled. They were escorted back to Konoha but were both promoted to Chunin. But Rein's glory wouldn't last long because soon Kaiya was promoted to Jounin at the age of 16. Everyone knew she was only promoted because of her kekkei genkai but no one really cared. Rein was happy on the inside but also a little envious.

Part II

Pain Attack

After Pain destroyed Konoha, Sora Mikai, Kaiya's best friend was encouraging Kaiya to attempt to fix it and Rein soon joined in. He watched Kaiya try again and again but always failed. She began to sway oddley but still tried again. Then she just collapsed and was breathing heavily. Sakura began trying to heal her but she then said someone needs to donate some chakra or she will die. Rein and Neji both volenteered but Sakura said Neji had more chakra so it would be best for him to so he did. Rein was envious, losing to Neji again. After what seemed like hours of giving chakra it was over. Rein carried Kaiya to his house and put a blanket on her. He saw her wake up and he informed her that Naruto defeated Pain.

Sora and Rein Rescue

One night, Rein had just fallen asleep when he heard some weird noises. He got up and was 2 Akatsuki members in his room. One was carrying Sora and she seemed to be unconsious. Rein began to fight but he was put under some kind of genjutsu. He couln't make any noise or move and everything seemed blurry. He was taken to a cave and tied to a post. After what seemed like days in this paralysis state he watched 2 people barge in and fight. He could not identify them because they were blurry but he assumed they were going to save him and Sora so he didn't care. After both Akatsuki memebrs were dead, the 2 people released the genjutsu and they were identified as Kaiya and Neji. When they were out of the cave a few ANBU came and asked them why they were there. They explained the whole story and the ANBU said how they were looking for those Akatsuki memebr after hearing rumour that they wanted to make an even more powerful organization and rule the world. The ANBU took them back to Konoha and everything was back to normal.

Fourth Shinobi Worl War: Confrontation

After Rein was put on a division with Sora, they both prayed for Kaiya to be on thier division. Once they found out she wasn't they pouted like 3 year olds. But soon Kaiya was switched after 1 member fell ill. They walked for a long time and found Neji's division but split after an ambush attack.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax


Rein and Kaiya

Kaiya found out Neji died and she began to cry. For some reason, Rein thought it would be a good time to ask her out right then and there but Sora got extremely mad and even said he is worse at reading emotions than Sai. Rein took that somewhat harshly and decided to wait a week. After 1 week, he asked Kaiya out and she accepted.

Tenten's Dream World

In Tenten's dream world, Rein acts similar to a vampire. He keeps his hair slicked back and wears red contacts everywhere. He also hates everyone and hates the sun and claims the moon is his soulmate. However he still has a crush on Kaiya because she is a goth emo person and he loves her 'deep dark inner soul.'

Final Bit

Rein was knocked unconsious minutes before Madara cast his genjutsu. He woke up in his genjutsu and it showed him meeting his mother and father. They welcomed him in with open arms and the moment they all hugged, he was back to reality. He was also caught in other peoples genjutsus Kaiya, Muse, Tai. He was seen at Neji's funeral.

Blank Period

Rein reminded Kaiya about thier date and she agreed. When he returned back to Konoha the first thing he did was cook himself a meal. He decided to take a walk through the whole village, to get a feel for everthing again.


Rein's life was normal again. He and Kaiya were invited to Sora's wedding and they invited them to Rein and Kaiya's wedding. Rein had a son named Maiku Mari and a daughter named Chikara Mari.

In other Media


Naruto: The Last Rein is seen at a resturant with Kaiya when Sakura comes and asks to join them. They say no because they are on a date at the moment. He is also seen in the hotspring cooling off. Also he is seen at the ending credits.

Appearance: When he is working he wears a white shirt, black pants, a large belt, black gloves and ninja boots and black pants. When he is relaxing he is wearing a grey-white shirt, the same belt, black pants, black ninja boots and a black finger less glove.

Naruto: Road to Ninja In this movie Rein is a bodybuilder obessed with becoming the strongest man in the world but hates vegetables. He hates anything to do with vegetables or anything that has nothing to do with exercise. He hates many people including Muse and Kaiya.

Boruto Movie Rein is seen at the chunin exams. His son, Maiku was against a shinobi named Akumi but Akumi was disqualified after finding out he was cheating. Rein's daughter, Chikara was against a shinobi named Yumi and won. When Boruto was exposed to be cheating Kaiya was going to walk down but was stopped by Rein. Rein was later seen using earth style to protect people while they evacuate.

Appearance: Rein wears the same thing as in The Last.

Naruto SD Rein acts the same as in part II and when he saw Kaiya punch Neji he did a small smirk which Sora noticed and punched him. But everything else he was the same.