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editReitō Yuki


(雪冷凍, Yuki Reitō)

  • Hero of the Hidden Galaxy (銀河の英雄, Ginga no Eiyū)


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Anime and Manga



Astrological Sign Taurus May 15


Gender Male Male

  • Part I: 19
  • Part II: 34 (Deceased)
Blood type


Kekkei Genkai

100px-Nature Icon Ice.svg Ice Release


Leader of the Gingagakure ANBU




Yuki Symbol Yuki Clan


Ninja Rank
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Nature Type



Reitō Yuki (雪冷凍, Yuki Reitō) was a ninja of Kirigakure. He was also the son a Yuki clan couple that went into hiding during his clan's slaughter. Later on he joined Akuryō, the personal team of his close friend Yoshitsune Uchiha. He also helped form and joined Gingagakure and was the leader of the Gingagakure ANBU.


Born to a Yuki couple who's ancestors fled Kirigakure due to the execution of Kekkai Genkai bearing clans and people. He and his family joined Kiri when they learned of how the once bloodline hating village had a Mizukage who had two Kekkei Genkai, the kage being Mei Terumī. He trained under Mugetsu Yoroi, so like his master he quickly rose through ranks and learned how to become a swordsman and use of Water Release. The two shared a father and son-like relationship. During his chūnin exams he met and befriended Yoshitsune Uchiha quickly due to their similar pasts. He rose to the rank of chūnin alongside his new friend and returned to his home in Kiri.

After becoming a jōnin and serving as an ANBU member, Reitō stood as one of Kiri's strongest shinobi. Despite his strength, many in the village were still annoyed by his childish antics, namely Mugetsu who was embarrased his student still acted in such a childish manner. Like Mugetsu, Reitō took on a student of his own. He began to teach the young Zangetsu Hōzuki, who he chose due to a combination of interest in his clan's abilities and his name being similar to that of his sensei. The two became very close, much like the father and son relationship between Reitō and Mugetsu. One night while patrolling the city, Yoshitsune appeared and asked the Yuki to join his newfound team Akuryō. Reitō, though he loved his village, decided to join his friend as a way to explore the world and meet new challenges. Further reasoning behind this was later revealed that tension grew between Reitō and the village after Reitō led a mission doomed to failure resulting in a group of genin being killed by mercenaries. Along with the rest of the team, he joined Yoshitsune's new village Gingagakure and became the leader of the local ANBU. When Zangetsu joined Ginga, Reitō took to being his legal gaurdian, which Zangetsu was pleased with and became mor elike father and son again. At some point he discovered a powerful ice technique that was thought to be long lost by his clan hidden away in old Yuki clan grounds. Reitō often serves as a Genkage filler when Yoshitsune is away due to the high trust he has among the village, despite his still child-like ways. During the battle with Tenkyū, in a heroic event to protect Yoshitsune, Reitō sacrificed his life to save Yoshitsune from a large explosion coming from explosive tags flooding from Kamui. Reitō was buried with full honors and given the title of "Hero of the Hidden Galaxy" (銀河の英雄, Ginga no Eiyū). Many note Reitō was truly far less powerful than he could have been, and was not at the peak of his potential yet.


Reitō typically be found wearing a purple cloak like cloth with a black shirt, black pants, and simple ninja sandals. He has long dark green hair and cold grey eyes. He has a X-shaped tatoo on his face, claiming this is a mark bestowed on to Yuki clan members who master the Yuki's sacred jutsu. Unlike Yoshitsune, who does have muscular definition, Reitō is far more physically built than the Uchiha, ranging from hard abs to thick arms.


Reitō is usually quite relaxed and happy, but once he gets into battle he becomes very serious, though he will crack jokes and boast at times. He would do anything for his friends, namely Yoshitsune Uchiha, who is his best and closest friend. He also loves to fight. He seems to believe he is a womanizer, though his attempts at love usually end in failure. When he was younger, he hung around his sensei Mugetsu Yoroi, and drove Mugetsu crazy to no end. Reitō was shown to be very depressed at the fact Mugetsu had joined the criminal organisation Tenkyū, not knowing it was actually the request of Kirigakure for him to join it and slay Reitō and Zangetsu Hōzuki. Reitō still cared for his teacher enough to spare him during Tenkyū's clash with Ginga, which was able to make Mugetsu repay him by creating an alliance between Kirigakure and Gingagakure.


Reitō has a variety of skills in which he uses. Namely he is known for the use of his Ice Release. He has admirable strength and agility, being able to keep up with some of the fastest shinobi known to man. He is able to fight with Kage level shinobi with little trouble, mostly due to his many teachers. His chakra reserves, like Sakin, are comparable to the average jinchūriki. Some people refer to Reitō as the strongest shinobi that the Yuki has ever produced, and one of the finest ninja to hail from Kirigakure. He is also able to shape his chakra well, forming the great Rasengan with a single hand.

Nature Transformations

He is highly skilled and proficient user of both Water Release and Wind Release techniques due to his Ice Release. Due to his natural use of wind, after he learned the Rasengan from Ninigi Senju, he bagan create the Wind Release: Rasengan by merging his wind chakra into the sphere. This technique is far more destructive than its normal variant. He mastered both techniques in around a month, a feat even Kazesō is impressed with, who considered Reitō a complete idiot prior to this. His two favorite wind techniques were taught to him by his friend Sakin, being the Beast Tearing Palm, creating a slash of wind used in rapid succession that can be controled by thought seemingly, and the Beast Tearing Gale Palm, a powerful variation that creates a demon-like hand of wind to grab foes, block projectiles, and stab with its claws. Another technique Reitō does is create a giant bullet of wind.

With water he is able to use such techniques that produce sharks. He can forms a single destructive water shark or a larger variation that abosrbs chakra from the foes as it moves, five sharks that use speed to take a foes movement away and take turns biting, or a thousand sharks that rain down on the foe. He may form a field of water that makes opponents stick to the ground, and even reflect his opponent's attacks back at them. He can also form a waterfall with his skill that creates a wave and leaves a disastrous scene after it ends. Reitō mimics the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique of his friend to use the Water Release: Gunshot that have high power and get strong when they take advantage of gravity.

His primary fighting style revolves around his Ice Release, which he has shown his great skill with many times. He uses his clan's famed Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals, and is able to dispatch several jōnin by using it with geat ease. He also uses non-kekkei genkai ice technique used by Yukigakure, such as the Ice Release: Twin Dragon Blizzard and the Ice Release: One Horned White Whale technique, though he makes his with his natural ice chakra causing them to be far more powerful. He is the only known user of a technique long lost by the Yuki, the Ice Release Secret Technique: Ancient Dragon of the Frosted Plains. It is easily his strongest technique, though he refrains from using it often to avoid harming himself and innocent bystanders.


Reitō trained under the Seven Swordsman of the Mist but never intended on becoming a member. He works mainly with his katana that Yoshitsune forged for him. With it he can flow his Wind Release chakra into the blade making it sharper, and has been know to freeze his blade with his Ice Release as well. His blade is said to be sharp enough to slice through stones without the use of chakra, though this is not known to be true or not.


  • Reitō is Japanese for "frozen" (冷凍).


  • "I will protect my friends at all costs."
  • "Hey don't be insulting my Ice Release now."
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