Reptile-Style: Crocodilian Hard Skin
Name: Reptile-Style: Crocodilian Hard Skin
Rank: C
Type: Defensive
Hand Seals: Snake, rat, snake, and end with a special handsign for lizard
Inventor: the Romaji clan
User(s): the Romaji summoners
Parent Jutsu:
Derived Jutsu:

Despite its name, the Romaji summoners, who have undergoes and survived the Blood-Doku Implantation from Blood Spiked Iguanas , would perform the sequence for this jutsu and end with special handsign for lizard, not crocodilian, to increase density of their skin (doesn't include bones) and gain medicore scale appearance (not too dramatic). This defensive is called Crocodilian, because their skin seem to look like crocodilians, rather than lizards. NOTE(S): This jutsu is strictly used by the one who survived the 'bite' from Blood Spiked Iguanas. While the one who survived the 'bite' from Blood Tyrant Pythons won't able to use this jutsu. The density of the Romaji summoner's skin depend on their chakra reserve and stamnia. The Romaji clan (not human) name this jutsu Crocodilian Hard Skin, not Lizard Hard Skin, is to avoid confusion between lizards (and salmanders) and crocodilians. (Yes, it was the Romaji clan named most of Reptile-Style jutsu.)

The downsides is that the user would be slightly slower and doesn't protect (or least lower the impact of) them from ninjutsu and gentjutsu. And as well as their neck not well-protected as rest of their body.

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