Reptile-Style: Slimey Skin
Name: Reptile-Style: Slimey Skin
Rank: C
Type: Defensive, Supplementary
Hand Seals: none
Range: Short
Inventor: the Romaji Clan
User(s): the Romaji summoners
Parent Jutsu:
Derived Jutsu:

In order to use this jutsu, the user MUST be the Romaji summoner AND to able to summon lizards and salmanders. This jutsu work in similar fashion as the 6 arms Oto ninja's 'golden web armor' against Neji Hyuuga by sweating his webs out of his skin. Well, the Romaji summoners would draw their chakra mixed along with their sweats out of their skin, making their whole body slimey and slippery, which make them difficult for an enemies to captures them physically such grabbing.

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