Reptile-Style: Swamp-Pit of Hungry Crocodiles/Allegators/Snakes
Name: Reptile-Style: Swamp-Pit of Hungry Crocodiles/Allegators/Snakes
Rank: A
Hand Seals: first perform summon technique with special handsign, then boar seal and place both hands on the ground
Range: Medium
Inventor: the Romaji clan
User(s): the Romaji summoners
Parent Jutsu:
Derived Jutsu:

This jutsu is similar to Kisame's Hungry Sharks Attack and Jiraiya's Underworld Swamp as it involved summoning both swamp (smaller than Jiraiya's Underworld Swamp) and chosed reptile, which is either snakes or crocdilians. There's used to be a 'man-eating' turtles, but the turtles, no matter how 'iron' their stomach, kept complaining about human corpses, so the past Romaji summoners add note on this jutsu, not to used turtles. This jutsu cost almost more than Underworld Swamp (wide mass range) due to summoning nature and blood required. This jutsu is more suitable against multiple enemies rather than a single oppenent. The Romaji summoners can lower the chakra cost, if they're in swamp environment, meaning they could just summon horde of snakes or crocodilians (still cost half of Swamp-Pit of Hungry Crocodiles/Allegators/Snakes chakra cost and blood still require)

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