Return of a Student

"They just never give up do they?" asked Senna as she, Hikaru and Kouhei were being pursued by some officers of the Shadow Police Force.

It get's really annoying after a while, mused Hikaru.

"They'll try to arrest you anyway," responded Kouhei. "Your identity as the Rurouni will keep Aizen's cronies busy."

Hikaru smirked and said, "You've been practicing Kouhei. Nice job on your mind reading." He turned around and said, "Do you guys mind? We didn't do anything wrong."

"You've violated the sword banning act of 2995," responded one of the officers. "On top of that, you've attacked police officers for no reason on multiple occasions."

Hikaru sternly looked at the officers, "I only defended myself against this corrupt system of justice. As for the swords, they cannot be taken from me."

The officer pulled out a handgun and aimed it at Hikaru, "Come quietly sir, or..." He aimed the gun at Senna, "the girl dies."

"How pathetic," grumbled Hikaru as he stood behind the officer. He swiftly knocked him out, and dispatched the other officers with ease. He then sighed and said, "Even after living here for 3 years with Senna, I still can't get used to these annoying police officers." He then noticed that the officers were near death, and Hikaru reluctantly healed their wounds, mostly.

Senna smirked, "Getting soft in your old age?"

Hikaru smirked back and said, "I'll be too old by the time I'm dead. Until then, I'm at a youthful 1138."

Senna and Kouhei rolled their eyes. Kouhei then said, "Yeah, why not declare it for the whole Shadow Empire to hear?"

Hikaru smiled impishly and said, "Calm down kiddo, I wasn't that loud."

Senna crossed her arms and said, "You're just like an older brother."

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