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Return of the Rinnegan!!!
The Rinnegan
(帰り輪廻眼!!!, Kaeri no Rinnegan!!!)
Episode data
Episode Naruto #10
Arc Tsukiakari arc
English February 23, 2010
None in this Episode
None in this Episode
None in this Episode

Return of the Rinnegan!!! (帰り輪廻眼!!!, Kaeri no Rinnegan!!!) is the tenth episode of Riyan's part of Part IV. It is a special, meaning it is longer than a normal episode.


At last in the Land of Mountains, Tatsu stops at the Kagerō Village to rest. There, a young boy named Neito sees them, recognizing Riyan from his past. Another new face is soon introduced; Natori, Neito's friend inquires as to who the newcomers are. Neito explains everything, telling his friend that he had seen Riyan once about six years prior. Natori, eager to leave the village behind decides that he and Neito join up with Riyan and Tatsu.

Several hours later, the two boys approach Riyan with this offer. Riyan remembers Neito, but not his name and tells them to get lost, as he has no time for children. Neito notices the change in Riyan's chakra, noting how cold it is, and becomes saddened. Later on, a large force of Konoha ANBU arrive on the scene, claiming to be sent by Naruto to take Riyan prisoner. Neito hears this, causing he and Natori to get closer to keep an eye on the situation.

Riyan admits that he is still tired from his bout with Danzo, but would have no choice but to kill the Black Ops. Riyan becomes pinned by their sheer number, stating that if he was at full strength he would've won, but his tired state prevents him from doing it. Ibitsu keeps Tatsu back from helping him, causing Riyan to think Ibitsu was betraying him.

Neito appears in a fit of rage and reveals his Rinnegan, to which Riyan is shocked. The ANBU attack, only to have their attacks repelled by Neito's Shinra Tensei. They are then pulled in by his Bansho Tenin. Seeing an opening, Riyan uses Amaterasu to kill them. Neito's eyes deactivate, and he explains that he wants to travel with Riyan, that there was something about him that was drawing him to the Uchiha.

Riyan starts to dismiss this, but sees the sincerity in they boy's eyes and accepts begrudgingly, shocking the rest of Tatsu and even Ibitsu. He tells Neito that Natori could come if he didn't cause trouble. Ibitsu seems angered by this as the episode ends.

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