Hikaru was lying on the gound, into the sky watching the clouds go by. He sighed and drank some water. He had long since abandoned his drinking of sake. He sat up and opened a book next to him. It was his Bible he had been reading for some time. He was reading through the Book of Job, seeing how Job's friends comforted him after everything Job had was taken by God in order to test him. He remembered back in the war against the Time and Wood villages, and how Hikaru lost his position as Kagekage in Kagegakure 2 when it was overrun. He closed the book, then felt a familiar prescence near him. He turned around to see his old friend, Byakko Kurohitsugi, sitting on the ground behind him.

"Well well well, if it isnt Hikaru, its be a few years, give or take 30 years" said Byakko as he sat on the rock formation.

Hikaru laughed, "Good to see you too, Byakko. Anything interesting happen in these last few years?"

"Nothin much, i heard that you fought against my student, Seireitou, right?" said Byakko. "And you lost" he whispered while snikering.

"So, he just needed a boost for his ego," said Hikaru. "I may be one of the most powerful people on the planet, but it doesn't mean I have to act like a stuck up, blowhard like Seirietou."

"hahahhaa, i hear ya" said Byakko getting up. "Hey, hikaru, i had a crazy idea, back when we were fellowe students, we were equal in ability, so, wanna find out how different wwe are now?" he asked.

"Well," said Hikaru. "I've always wanted to fight against you again old friend." He got up and drew his swords. "Lets start with the basics, swordfighting."

"Bring it Hikaru" he smiled as he drew Hakurei.

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