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Episode data
Arc Reintroduction arc
English 3/13/10
None in this Episode
None in this Episode
None in this Episode

Reunions is the third episode of Part VI and the Reintroduction arc.



The ties of revenge has brought him this far...Can anyone save him from the Darkness...?

Riyan Scene

<Riyan after his fight with Takeshi, has arrived in the interior plains of the Land of Fire, hunting Seireitou Kawahiru for Tsukiakari.>

Riyan (thinking): All this pain and suffering will end soon...

Konoha Scene

Naruto: It's time..The Anbu have reported that they have spotted Riyan fighting in a valley to the north of here.

Kyūka: What about Seireitou? Shouldn't he be here for this?

Naruto: He'll show up when it's time. I've gathered the remnants of Team Aoitori. This is between his comrades and him. I'll also go.

<door opens to the Hokage's office>

<Tsunade walks in>

Tsunade: For what reason should the Hokage accompany us? <she smiles>

Naruto: He reminds me of Sasuke...

Kyūka (thinking): Riyan-kun...what must I do...?

Tsunade: Kyūka! Keep your chin up. He will return this day.

Kyūka: Yes...Tsunade-sensei...

Naruto: <forms hand seals> Lets go.

Riyan Scene

<Riyan is walking towards a cliff that overlooks the village>

<Suddenly, smoke poofs everywhere: Naruto's group appears>

Riyan: What do you guys want?

Naruto: We're here to take you home!

The stage is set..! Where is Seireitou...?!

Next Episode: #4 - Peace Talk

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