"Sometimes we have to look beyond our so-called 'Nature' and stare our inner selves right in the face."

This article, Riku Haruto, is under the protection of Yaban. So unless you're Keshin, if you dare touch my stuff, I'll blast you with my Dark Ice... So don't you dare touch!"
editRiku Haruto
(一温和晴, Haruto Riku)
Appears in Anime
Birthdate Febuary 16
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Black Matter
Age 15
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Wood Wood Release
Classification Sensor-Type
Occupation Guardian of the Tree
Affiliation God Tree of the Patriarchs (Home)
Nature Type

Riku Haruto (一温和晴, Haruto Riku) is a sentient creature created by the God Tree of the Patriarchs like every living residing within the island. This being current guards the tree in order to survive.