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Rindoa had recieved am assignment from Gensho to kill Jako since he was of no further use to his ambitions. If he suceeded Gensho would help him develop an even more powerful jutsu then he had ever learned or seen before, so he was eager to complete the mission...not just for the power but so he could please his teacher.

Mission Start

He had found Jako at his house outside the Sound village and approached him normally because Jako was naturally unaware of his mission. Rindoa walked up close to him, "How are you Jako?" He asked as calmly as possible. Jako looked at Rindoa and saw the Malice in his eyes and asked, "Why are you here really?" they looked at each other and jumped apart from each other shouting in unison, "FIRE STYLE: FIRE TIGER EXPLOSION!!" the problem with Jako's attack is that he used a scroll on his back as Rindoa used his own Chakra. Even so the attacks cancled each other out.

Talk talk, thats why you die

Jako looked again, "So thats it huh? He wants me dead?" Rindoa pulled out his bone blde from his shoulder getting ready for the camellia dance, "Yes, you have become worthless and have no further use to me or my teachers cause and his ambitions." He charged at Jako his blade ready when Jako prepared hand signs and used Wind Style Devastation attempting to keep Rindoa back. Rindoa appeared behind him, the one in front of him had been an earth clone. "You see? This is why you die."

Ending the mission..Reward time

Rindoa came to Gensho and told him he had done his job as instructed. "Good work my servant, as usual." Gensho had said "And as promised here is the scroll that births your new jutsu." He handed Rindoa the scroll and he read it carfully and within two weeks he had mastered his new jutsu Bone Plasma jutsu, and became a little stronger so he could carry out his next assignment for lord Gensho.

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