This article, Rinkaku, is a jutsu only to be used by User:Ten Tailed Fox.

Name: Rinkaku
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Hand Seals: None
Range: Short
Inventor: Ryun Mazuka
User(s): Ryun Mazuka
Parent Jutsu: None
Derived Jutsu: Unknown

Rinkaku (回転している立方体, Rotating Cube) is Ryun's own invention. The jutsu is created by both of Ryun's hands. Ryun first forms a sphere of chakra, then encases it in a transparent cube of chakra. Shirokaze Fuyutama comments that the technique has the capability to surpass others of it's variety.[1] Upon contact with another object, Rinkaku will crush and pulverize it's target. A drawback to the technique is that it cannot be completed in Ryun's base form.


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