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editRinne Kusaregedo

Rinne Kusaregedo6

Rinne Shokuyoku2

(腐れ外道 輪音, Kusaregedo Rinne)

  • Red Goddess (赤の女神, Aka no Megami)[1]
  • World-Devouring Goddess (世界食欲女神, Sekai Shokuyoku Megami)[2]
  • Rinne the Destroyer (壊帝輪音, Kaite Rinne)[3]
  • Black Bone Demon (黒骨鬼, Kurohoneoni)[4]
  • Amatsumugi (境界の観測者, Observer of the Boundary)[5]
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie
Voice Actors
Birthdate Astrological Sign Cancer July 8
Gender Gender Female Female
  • Part I: 65
  • Part II: 75
  • Part I: 157
    15,700 cm
    157 m
    515.092 ft
    6,181.102 in
  • Part II: 158
    15,800 cm
    158 m
    518.373 ft
    6,220.472 in
  • Part I: 52.616
    52.616 kg
    115.998 lb
  • Part II: 52.783
    52.783 kg
    116.367 lb
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Mōra
Clan Kusaregedo Symbol Kusaregedo Clan
Ninja Rank Head Ninja
Ninja Registration 100255
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Nature Type
Unique Traits

Rinne Quote Arm3Rinne Quote Arm4

"Our clan has experienced the perpetual presence of eternal suffering. What we change. For too long, our clan has been deemed insensible to the nature of escaping the torture of Gakidō. No longer do we have to be ashamed of what we are, who we are...No longer shall we be oppressed and disheartened by a subvert, all-pervading desolation...Let us embrace our heritage and bring forth those whom suffer eternally for finite sins. Let the Kusaregedo name ping fear in the hearts of the Shinobi Union for generations to come."
— Rinne Kusaregedo

Rinne Emblem Hand Black Bone Demon Rinne Emblem Hand2

~Theme of Rinne

Rinne Kusaregedo (腐れ外道 輪音, Kusaregedo Rinne) is a preeminent kunoichi hailing from the Kusaregedo Clan (腐れ外道一族, Kusaregedo Ichizoku, Literally meaning: Rotting Heresey Clan)[6] whom makes her home within the Land of Demons. She is the current clan head as well as the wife of the powerful oni Shuten Dōji, founder of Gōzanze Myō-ōgakure and mother of Akuhyō, wielder of the Bukkaigan. Born into a clan of ceaseless adversity who at the time resided within were put into strenuous training regimens crafted by the higher ranked shinobi within the clan. You see, the Kusaregedo clan consisted of extremely violent and apathetic individuals whose sole purpose was to become the most feared a reputable clan on The Isle of the Blooming Flowers[7]. Even though she was understanding of the clan's ideals, a tang of irritation could be seen in her eyes but by her own admission, it was due to a lack of understanding and pride. Under Hanako Yagami's tutelage, Rinne became a fierce kunoichi within the Kusaregedo Clan and within the Isle of the Blooming Flowers itself and her name was accompanied by accents of envy, menace and wrath.

It was at this point in her life, she would gain the infamous title Rinne the Destroyer (壊帝輪音, Kaite Rinne). Upon attaining the rank of chūnin, Rinne would become the very definition of a powerhouse by making a near perfected use of he clan's kekkei mōra, the Shokuyoku. The Shokuyoku of the Kusaregedo clan grants Rinne an unparalleled physical prowess and resilience which allows her to generate massive amounts of bone, blood and even using the aspects of hunger to dispatch an opponent. It was during a training session with her sensei, Hanako to which she realized a marginal potential of this ability. In the next few years, Rinne would travel across the vast system of the shinobi world to gather abilities to improve her clan's chance of utter domination. It was within the first year of her travels, she would eventually encounter the Rinha Clan and their coveted kekkei genkai. Without much of a fight, Rinne consumed a wielder of the Spirit Reflection Technique[8] thus enhancing her already potent combat skills. With her having the ability to create perfect replicas of an individual just by absorbing their chakra, Rinne was entirely sure that she would be able to fulfill her clan's dream.

From here, the kunoichi would travel to the Land of Water in search of conflicting clans and would eventually encounter members of the Kaguya Clan decades before they intentionally destroyed themselves. Upon witnessing their appalling behavior and nonsensical battle tactics, Rinne quickly dismissed the idea of using them to strengthen her clan, but that was until she witnessed the Shikotsumyaku in action. The ability truly fascinated her and as such, the pervasive usefulness of the Shikotsumyaku became a focal point. Black Bone Demon (黒骨鬼, Kurohoneoni)) is what would she would become known as after assimilating the blood of a practitioner of the Shikotsumyaku. The fear the danced across the eyes of those she encountered changed her being which was molded by the austere hand of adversity into one of pure arrogance and indifference. Those that lacked the ability to stop her appear mawkishly fickle and disappointing. In recent years, Rinne wishes to complete the Scroll of the Hungry Ghosts (Gaki Zōshi, 餓鬼草紙) which would grant her a truly unrivaled sentiment of power.


For what can be said about the leader of the Kusaregedo clan, Rinne defines herself as a lady who's rather cool brand of beauty imbues her with a higher social value than that of other members in her clan. Her followers are unconsciously driven by an enamored impulse that is more calculating than simple infatuation. For starters, her eyebrows posses a non-verbal semblance signifying nobility. The raven, thin eyebrows were designed with an acute sense of self-image and were slightly raised to enhance her bejeweled amethyst eyes. The amethyst in her eyes often change into lilac when in the cool reflective light of the moon. Her face is often covered by her shimmering inky black locks and is almost indescribably melancholic when attempting to view it at night. She also maintains face-framing bangs separated into smaller subsets of three.

Nothing further.

Speaking of hair, Rinne's hair texture is truly uncommon amongst the Kusaregedo clan in which all women sport a slightly wavy hairstyle. Rinne sports a wonderful display of voluminous curls with the circumference of a permanent marker. The end of these curls dance off into a diminutive s-shape. When you are unable to see her face in the dark, you only have the memory, the idea of it's captivating beauty. Her face could not simply be gazed at, it would have to be recreated through a sculpture or painting; yet even the aforementioned would no do it enough justice. Her nose and even lips are envy inducing. The symmetry of Rinne’s nose, the angle between her lip and the tip of her nose and the minimal amount of nostril on show, are all near-perfect. These same traits also passed down to her son. Her nose is narrow and petite narrow and petite, with a subtle upturn that naturally garners unneeded attention from onlookers. She maintains a truly athletic physique defined even after bearing a child.
Rinne Shadows

Even with a light to outshine others, Rinne still prefers the embrace of the encroaching darkness.

The muscle tone can be defined as simply anaerobic, deific and above all, exuberate. Her temple, exemplifies the feeling of sacredness that is so intense, that is was a complete phenomenon. Her legs are naturally, impeccably defined in such a manner that even the least astute can clearly see her muscle groups. This is aptly shown in her backside which displays a kind of unscrupulous contempt for gravity. Her core is just as maintained due to strenuous exercises focusing on stability and fundamental body movements. Her physique is often overshadowed by her infinitely soft skin. It can be described as absolutely breathtaking that accustomed to being withdrawn from sunlight due to her clan's locations yet it maintains a gorgeous milky-brown shade. Admirably pleasant to the touch. Rinne, doesn't smile all too often but when she does, it is a delirious wonder and radiates within those around her. Luminous with intertangled visages of excessive flattery but it hides a deeper emotion. She personifies an aura of dominance and independence throughout all the intermediacies of life. Therefore, a true smile from Rinne is as rare an event as being struck by lightning multiple times. Her otherworldly attractiveness leads the imagination to an endless vista of possibilities and ascends absurdity into pathos. By merely hearing her voice causes the hardiest of warriors to be lulled into dreamy musings that are perhaps figments of an underlying illusion.

When she speaks, the saccharine adulations of her voice carries on travels to those she wishes to listen and not any further. Her attire consists of a painstakingly hand sewn silk and cotton kimono that extends a few inches below her knees. It is purely distinctive and resplendent. The seams along each of the arms are layered into a cross-stitching with and underlying purple velvet fabric that extends along the length of the arm. At the fringes of her sleeves, crinkled, ruffled fuchsia fabric extends the length to he length of her wrist. The sheer width of it allows her to conceal the manipulation of her skeletal structure. It also allows for occasion flashes of her forearm. This regal style is the primary choice of attire for the entirety of the Kusaregedo clan. Behind the kimono lies an elaborate purple bow which is reminiscent of the Otogakure nin style of wear. (More to come)


Rinne Quote Arm3Rinne Quote Arm4

"When speaking about emotions, one refers to human conditions such as fear, love, anger, happiness and so on. However, the piddling utterance of the dogma of emotions could be described as a desultory impression or rather a everlasting mood. Are they merely attributes or states of perception?"
— Rinne Kusaregedo

Rinne, at her core is a woman who is bereft of what most would deem as emotions. Her stoic disposition comes off to most as woman whom boasts an empathy deficiency for others well aside from her immediate family. A callous and conscienceless being. Literal in every sense of the word, Rinne denounces the ideas of optimists and pessimists alike. Rinne does not hunt for faults within the world or a prototypical conviction, she sees the world as what it is. An imperfect construct fraught with desolation and infinite disillusionment. Even though she portrays herself to the world as realist full of perplexity, secretly, she has her own incredulous ideals. One that would grant her clan salvation from the Hungry Ghost Realm and one that would allow the Kusaregedo name to breach the surface of the shinobi world. Some would believe it's merely a dream but for Rinne, its solemn utterance of destiny spoken by a awe-inspiring, grandiose voice. Because of this, she has a jaded view of the shinobi world and its inhabitants. This has also led to a level of self-reliance as she also heavily believes that humans lack the intelligence or ability to self-govern. She also displays the negative traits of a cynic but to a greater extent, Rinne is also a figure brimming with extraordinary confidence and profound, everlastingly sagaciousness.

Rinne Pessimist

Her paucity of emotion derives itself from the single source of despairing wretchedness. The indifference or more rather the apathy that Rinne harbors does not interfere with her rather evanescent encounters with other shinobi. Even though Rinne has full understanding of objects that can trigger said emotions but to her, those objects and situations lack simplistic value and are therefore inapposite. The insignificance of the feelings of others are spared when regarding her husband and her son. With Shuten Dōji, she fully expressed herself emotionally in ways that initially stunned her. This was because the oni shared identical views of humanity and the world itself. His own selfish mannerisms, though extraneous provided Rinne with a sweet bewilderment of tremulous affection. An emotion which she originally though she lacked. Eventually, their spiritual and physical union led to the conception of her son, Akuhyō. Though, she was initially intrigued with having a family, Rinne decided to put the oni and her son on a derisory path.

Rinne denounced that motherly role simply because it did not fit within her ideals. To lead a clan of monsters require an unerring perception of evil intent and an unfailing sense of power. The traits of compassion, expressing love, humor and empathy were shoved aside during Akuhyō's childhood. Shuten Dōji clearly understood her ideals and left with the child to the Land of Demons. She does not consider herself as a villain and believes that her decisions a morally just. An antagonist worth her steel. Impervious to conformity and the overburdening sense of right and wrong. The banishing level of absurdity within the shinobi world is her birthright and brining forth the wrath of the hungry ghost shall be her legacy. When embellished with the power that comes with the Shokuyoku, Rinne becomes completely sadistic, ruthless and relishes in absurdity. Her mindset leans more towards torturing her victims while balancing on the fine line of sanity. When utilizing her Bukkaigan, Rinne becomes highfaluting, grandiloquent and bloated with confidence and arrogance. Even her speech patterns, diction and fluctuations changes to magniloquent tone. Arguably, the pompous ego is warranted due to the unmatched visual prowess her (inferior) Bukkaigan provides.


Birth of the Red Goddess

The intense groans from stomach suffering from eternal hunger, the screeches that pierced that the elaborate veil of darkness within the subterranean pathways, the drips of a steady flow of blood dripping onto damp granite is all that could be perceived during Rinne’s birth. When walking along this path way, across the ground, fragments of skeletal human remains were strewn all about. You could not make a single step without the eerie sounds of a bone crunching beneath your sole. A realm of utter dismay. This was common for those whom wandered aimlessly into their territory, another body missing the eaves of the night. The Kusaregedo clan, was clan whom embodied the sins and traits of gluttony and greed. They were as hopeless as one could imagine. They received these traits from centuries of arrogance. This because of the Shokuyoku. The Shokuyoku allowed them to feed upon creation as if it was their only source of sustenance. Upon making a contract and merging their clan with that of the Hungry Ghost Realm, the Kusaregedo scoured the earth in the name of hunger and for the purpose of strengthening their own.

These events happened during the existence of the Tokisada Clan where the Kusaregedo clan fought and won against. The manipulation of chi and life-force was evidently not enough to keep the Kusaregedo from consuming members of the clan. Over the decades, the Kusaregedo would eventually consume the more prominent abilities that were synchronistic with one another and seemingly purged the rest from their bodily systems. They were above reproach. There was no force that could physically stop them alone but eventually, a think-tank of early shinobi formed a union akin to the current one. Their inconsideration for the lives of other clans attracted the attention from more powerful groups which would eventually lead to their “Defeat”. Then with an adequate force against them, the Kusaregedo clan had to flee into obscurity, a nexus between this world and the next, a bridge to the realm of suffering located a few miles below the earth’s surface. This underworld was truly inhospitable., Fusty, damp and dreary could accurately describe their living conditions. Over the years, the remnants of shinobi would be molded into the thick, coarse walls of the cavern. Formations of bones made into furniture, flesh made into a form of carpet, and even skulls and teeth fostered into doorways were common place amongst them.

The Kusaregedo wanted their home to mimic the realm of the Hungry Ghosts in its entirety. Since their lair was so far below the surface, the vulgar odors the comes with rotting flesh couldn’t been smelled. The birth of the Red Goddess happened in a ritualistic setting with a raw, pungent air embossed heavy and festering scent; in short, it smelled like a slaughterhouse. The sounds of agony stirred away any form of life that would dare to step near such a scene. Rinne was born into this world with the will of the Kusaregedo clan harboring over her infantile visage. The [pressure she felt a such a young age was completely incomprehensible. There was never a moment of serenity and amity along with constant sounds of the tortured provided her quite the personality at such a young age. Such an environment gave way to the sociopathic tendencies of the Kusaregedo clan. Her parents were active in the development of the clan and were even members of their disdained council. Their duties were to protect the well-kept origin of the clan from the rest of the shinobi world and to promote their interest in merging the Hungry Ghost Realm with that of the living. They knew that without a doubt, their clan was under a vast amount of persecution due to their cannibalistic ways before and after the initial war.

However, they kept the morale of the clan at its peak by utilizing the Shokuyoku to strengthen one another, whether generally or selectively. They were Rinne’s role models and throughout her childhood, Rinne would maintain the ideals of her father along with the semblance of her mother. Around the age of five, Rinne would travel with small group of the clan to the The Isle of the Blooming Flowers in order to escape unjust punishment but only until the they sullen members acquired enough strength to take on the shinobi union on their own. This feat was in truth, far from being a mere pipe dream. It was fully attainable if given enough time. During her childhood on the island, Rinne would be introduced into their academy system which taught not only the basic components of combat, chakra comprehension and world history, the academy also taught Rinne the realization of the spiritual realms, a subject that is not taught in any other shinobi academy. However, at such an age, Rinne absolutely comprehended the spiritual realms due to her parents and shockingly, her clan’s origin. In the next following years, as far as making acquaintances or friends, Rinne was far too reserved and melancholic to experience the joys of companionship. Though it was not considered a loss by any means. It only further bolstered her resolve.

Her dejected personality often wrought upon flairs of bullying and name calling but her emotions remained stoic and apathetic. Indifferent to the bickering and name calling, Rinne was not above confrontation. She often displayed a unintentional use of the Spiral of Blood to unreservedly halt the children’s body movement without a gentle hint of chakra usage. Truly a maverick within the island. Rinne would advance her basic combat skills while displaying a minimal usage of her Shokuyoku. This was done to mask her origins along with her younger brother. The graduation exam consisted of a king of the hill type battle in which all of her students attempted to best one another in a cheerful free-for-all which was common at the time. At a base level, Rinne’s natural instincts often kept her wary of the potentially uncontrollable situations but she was mentally prepared to defeat her classmates to attain the position of top graduate. On the morning of the exam, Rinne along with the rest of her classmates in a circular fashion, performed the seal of confrontation in unison and leapt off into the distant forest in order to conceal themselves. For the first time during her attendance, Rinne spoke. Her voice was rich, resonant and without flaw. She was increasingly convinced that she would win without moving a single muscle and that it was a battle that she was destined to win.

This statement of arrogance riled up the children and even left the proctors speechless, and gesticulated with a slight scowl upon their countenance. The kids suddenly leaped from the hiding places and charged at Rinne with the intent of retaliation. Their energetic response to Rinne’s callous words prompted to the proctors to immediately focus on the upcoming clash. Without a single sound, a multitude of bony protrusions appeared from Rinne’s body abating the children and forcing them withdraw their attack. She did not grow disillusioned; she did not encounter her conscience, she simply allowed her skeletal structure to overwhelm her, inspire her and assault on them on a will of its own. The display of bone manipulation was compelling as the proctors thought that this “kekkei genkai” was solely attributed to the Kaguya clan and immediately questioned her origins mentally with a grimace. The attack crippled with the incoming students to a point that they were unable to continue on with the exam and thus Rinne eliminated that group of opposition. However, the ensuing battle was yet to be over as Rinne suddenly found herself effectively surrounded and an abrupt target to their aggression. Suddenly, the blockish granularity of Rinne’s bones formed into a fine dust akin to sand; swirled around her silently, foreboding and above all ephemeral.

The sunlight shined down upon the lush blades of grass whose vibrant colors displayed unrivaled care; the sunlight shined of the gigantic bone structure created by Rinne and over each of the students whom had approximately less than ten minutes left on their exam. As they attempted to flank her, the bone dust would secretly enter the circulatory and chakra pathway system of the students which slowly calcified their internal organs. The proctors spoke in a direct tone towards the young student asking her to halt that ensuing attack to withdraw the effects of calcification. They gave her an ultimatum, “If you do not cooperate, then this is going to have to be…difficult.” Rinne gazed at her surroundings, the ever shimmering, iridescent sunlight and her peers gasping for what little life they would have left. The cries and panicked words impelled Rinne to comply with their words and to cease her attack. This event single handedly struck fear not only in her students but within the proctors as well. Even though her origins where still unclear, Rinne had made the statement that death comes to every man, that could not be changed.

The Island of the Blooming Flowers: Arrival

Manifestation of Evil Intent!

Emergence of the Black Bone Demon

The Dream Within Grasp



Main article: Shokuyoku Shokuyoku (食欲, Literally meaning: The Hunger) is the Kekkei Mōra (血継網羅, Literally meaning: Bloodline Encompassing) of the Kusaregedo clan. It is deemed as such to the Shokuyoku having no natural predecessor in the world of shinobi and the clan members can attest this fact. This kekkei mōra gifts the wielder the ability to not only symbolize and personify the aspect of insatiable hunger but to also allow them near perfect control of their body. This can be appropriately defined as a clan member manipulating their entire physiology to include, skeletal structure, internal and external organs and their own blood. The users are able to eject their unnatural chakra into the environment to give rise to a abhorrent, grotesque scenery that is capable of consuming all within its range and devouring creation itself. The ability that this clan utilizes is often incontestably described as a putrid curse. Their continuous downfall is a result of unrestrained and unparalleled cannibalism.

Kusaregedo Clan's Kekkei Genkai

First off and foremost, members that wield this kekkei mōra often display sociopathic tendencies such as being divinely alluring, charismatic and indifferent to one’s emotional permanency. This allows them to mask their Killing Intent to get close to their victims as they let their guard down and consume them. They appear just as normal as anyone else until they consume either flesh or blood. From here, they resemble something out of an incongruous horror novel. Their personality becomes much beyond sadistic and enters the realm of pure unforgiving desire to consume humans. As mentioned before, this kekkei mōra grants the user a plethora of abilities which revolve around the manipulation of their own body and other abilities that they attain. This is done by simply consuming the flesh or blood of the opponent. After doing so, the Kusaregedo member is granted their abilities for a vacillating amount of time. In the past, their ability was to merely consume all that encountered them bolstering their abilities and that of their clan. Eventually, they would encounter the ancestors of the Kaguya Clan and the Chinoike Clan which granted them the ability to manipulate their bones to virtually any extent and even their blood that flows through their immoral veins. A single member of the clan can grant abilities to each individual in his clan by allowing them to excruciatingly gorge upon their flesh. The members of the clan are also able to gain profound abilities by consuming corpses and integrating their DNA into them.

The Hunger

The Hunger (食欲, Shokuyoku) is the original ability of the Kusaregedo clan. As previously mentioned, it grants the user to consume all of creation but not in a literal sense. However, it does allow them to consume and digest virtually any substance unharmed regardless of it's mass or energy level. When the object is consumed, members of the Kusaregedo clan or able to implement individual aspects of the consumed object such as it's molecular structure and genetic make-up. For example, when a kekkei mōra user is consumed, the genetic structure is merged with the constantly changing make-up of the Kusaregedo member allowing them to perfectly merge without one overpowering the other. As seen with the Kaguya clan, members of the Kusaregedo clan are able to pass on their genetic enhancements to their children via reproduction or to their clan members via cannibalistic ceremony. A unique facet of this ability is that the genes do no dilute over time and remain as potent as an original user of the kekkei mōra.

Kusaregedo Hunger Transformation

Deep within the musty, decrepit, catacombs of the Land of Claws, this Kusaregedo member makes his move.

They can also materialize components of the consumed substance such as appearance, mannerisms and even their voice with flawless yet eerily precision. Their hunger goes beyond the flesh and blood, the members of the Kusaregedo clan have also been known to consume Natural Energy and chakra just the same. For most shinobi, there is a natural limit to what you are able to eat at in one sitting which is call satiety. Though for the Kusaregedo, that is not the case as they possess an indefinite digestive system. What ever is devoured is forbidden to escape and it is a truth that's been held true since the clan's inception though its not to say that escape is impossible. Once inside the stomach of a Kusaregedo member, it will appear strikingly similar to Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's acid dimension. The entire stomach of the Kusaregedo clan member is filled with a corrosive acid that is capable of corroding nearly any substance at an alarming rate. This acid exceeds the corrosive capabilities of even Boil Release and as such, it can be described as a Hydrogen sulfide but lacks the innate flammability. This same acid is also immersed in the blood of the Kusaregedo clan member yet those within the clan are unaffected by the hydro sulfuric acid within the stomach. The ability grants a member of the Kusaregedo clan an unmatched healing prowess that is to such an extent, that completely eradicated limbs and organs will grow back at an extremely fast rate. The concept of fatal injuries does not apply to a Kusaregedo member and can be accurately described as a curse rather than an ability. No matter how much they harm themselves or are harmed, the Kusaregedo member will be unable to exhaust their life force and physical vitality. When combined with their secret techniques, clan members such as Rinne are able to constantly improve their defenses and resiliency through prolonged battles and gaining an immunity against abilities that they have went up against before.

As it is Rinne's primary ability, it is also the most powerful by far. The Hunger enables Rinne to consume/eat/digest any form of matter regardless of size or shape without causing harm to their body that makes mental, physical or spiritual contact with her. This style is alternatively called The Way of the Hunger Path (食欲道の流, Shokuyokudō no Ryū). This ability allows Rinne to physically manifest the Realm of the Hungry Ghost and the concept of hunger on a profound scale. The senses of smell and taste are enhanced to such a level that they are considered to match that of the Inuzuka Clan and as such, they are considered completely inhuman. She is able to identify any individual physical affliction, status, location merely by the sense of smell at considerably vast distances . Her sense of taste is enhanced to point to where she can spiritually taste the essence of an opponent's life-force and chakra signature from the same integral distance as her olfactory senses. This allows Rinne to fight while in areas in which there is little to no light and to even distinguish the duplicate from a Fission Technique. The Rinne's physical constitution has been perfectly adapted for corporeal/incorporeal consumption, and as such the gastrointestinal tract boasts an exceptionally corrosive stomach acid. This ability does not have subterfuge as it's modus operandi. Rinne while using this ability as a primary offense maintains an unsympathetic tactics to efficiently absorb and consume anything that crosses her dreaded path. Rinne is known to be essentially matchless when using such an ability and in truth, she may harbor more than what may appear.

The Way of the Hunger Path: Cursed Life Replication: is by far, one of Rinne's most dangerous techniques and it's unerring nature denotes it to be infallible. The techniques not only works as an immediate defense, but the end result serves astute offensive capabilities. On it's on, this technique provides a true advantage by having the opponent combat themselves along with fighting Rinne herself leaving little to no hope of surviving the onslaught. In the Kusaregedo clan, only Rinne has been seen using this technique to such an extent, even though related techniques such as the Fission Technique and the Spirit Reflection can be used separately. Initially considered as a variation of the Fission Technique, it is a technique that allows Rinne or any other Kusaregedo clan member to detach portions of their physical form when needed such as burned flesh or even entire limbs. The detached portion initially appears a mound of flesh but then slowly goes through a metamorphosis. The mound of flesh will quickly gain a nervous system, cardiovascular system, muscular, skeletal and every other function beside reproduction. It is essentially a homunculus for all intent and purposes. The entity will act on the behalf of Rinne and will use basic abilities concerning her own techniques but this is only the beginning stages of this creation. Rinne will then use the Spirit Reflection technique to absorb the opponent's chakra remotely and infuse it into her detachment. This will cause the detachment to transform in flawless copy of the opponent.

This copy is granted with any weapons, techniques that the opponent knows and even bloodline techniques. Since it is apart of Rinne's will, she can control it from long distance and even while she is unconscious. Aside from being a copy of the opponent, the doppelganger will not only have their abilities but those granted from the Shokuyoku as well such as regeneration, bone and blood manipulation though not as powerful as a true heir to the Kusaregedo clan. With this, doppelgangers are able to mimic not only the same thought patterns as the opponent but also the same voice and mannerisms as well however, their personality is slightly misconstrued. If the doppelganger would become sealed through unconventional methods, Rinne can reabsorb the copy into her own body granting her the same set of abilities as the opponent and even additional chakra reserves. This is unique because the technique can be used continuously as long as Rinne maintains the chakra to do so.

The Way of the Hunger Path: Man-Eating Fiend Road: It is a truly unique technique that transforms the entire battlefield in what appears to be a gastrointestinal field complete with multiple faces bearing teeth, nostrils, sulfuric fumes and other intestinal fluids. What makes this technique remarkable is the sheer size of it. From what the opponent sees, this "path" has no defined end. Danger awaits behind every footstep, behind every and behind every impure thought. To make even the slightest of movements, careful planning and self-consideration would be a priority. Piles of human waste, a constant storm of bodily fluids are just a couple of the highlights this technique has to offer. This makeshift realm emits a powerful ninjutsu that appears to envelop the entire area in a in eerie brimstone clouds that smell of vomit and rotted flesh. By hindering the eyesight of the opponent, this technique adds an elaborate element of sustaining fear that inspires sorrow. Once the opponent’s is thoroughly embedded within the ghastly trail, a furrow of apparitions will seem to appear and disappear just before the opponent catches view of them. Then to add to the element of fear, the ground itself begins to speak to the opponent through a sound based genjutsu. This genjutsu seemingly forces the opponent to sacrifice themselves through self-cannibalism, truly a torturous method. The sound is produced by lost souls whom were consumed by the technique. The sound is known to grant hellish nightmares for those unfortunate enough to perceive it's sound.

Man eating realm

An unpleasant and heavy sensation of despair sits within those whom are trapped in this technique.

with the realm of hunger surrounding the opponent for seemingly no end, Rinne often maintains a firm grasp of victory once the technique is initiated. As witnessed during The Eternal Spirit of the Long Leaf, multiple shinobi whom utilized a method of Space-Time Ninjutsu were unable to use such a feat while trapped in the intestinal realm. Those whom maintain a firm resistance to genjutsu are met with physical materializations that move in a manner to Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation technique such as enormous gorger worms and various otherworldly creatures. As mentioned before, the chakra absorption prowess that the entire region has matches that of the Preta Path, therefore attempting to burn, freeze or harm the living environment through unnatural methods (chakra) proves extremely difficult. Taijutsu seems to be the only method that is capable of withstanding the gnawing mouths and fleshy environment for some small duration of time but, even then, death is still imminent. Other methods witnessed to come only to an abrupt end was attempting to fly and even outrun the materializations that the realm creates. No matter the creed, gender, religion or dogma, the Man-Eating Fiend Road consumes all whom are unfortunate enough to tread it's path.

The Way of the Hunger Path: World Devouring Oni: The technique's true potential does not lie within the realm of simple consummation instead the potential lies within a cursed transformation that user's of this technique possess. This transformation is called True Hunger: Three Branches (真飢餓: 三道 , Shin Kiga: Sanmichi). It involves the manifestation of the true embodiment of hunger, an entity only known as Kentan (健啖) who is worshipped by the Kusaregedo Clan. While Rinne is in this state, his size almost matches that of the Ten-Tails. A unique feature that this technique contains is that Rinne gains three gargantuan mouth-like appendages that are attached to mammoth, vascular necks. Her body appears to have become a ghastly, phantasmal, highly deformed face that has two arms attached to where there would normally be ears.
True Hunger Three Branches

Even the souls of the deceased are defiled in this sinfully, morbid consumption.

In this "sinfully enlightened" state, Rinne consumption abilities become matchless as even charka based constructs are simply consumed disregarding their nature or characteristics. Unlike the previous method, the chakra and mass that is consumed by the oni becomes usable and highly volatile and takes on the appearances as gastric rain which is even capable of corroding through stone. The large cumulonimbus cloud which always hove above the transformation produces intense thunderclaps which are powerful enough to be felt from miles around and it's stench possesses similar qualities. The stomach of this technique acts as a gateway for the world beyond the one we exist in, the realm of the afterlife and each of it's damned facets.

The Exposed Bone

Main article: Shikotsumyaku The Exposed Bone (剥き出しの骨, Mukidashi no Hone) was crafted when a Kusaregedo clan member consumed a member of the Kaguya clan. This trait allows the Kusaregedo clan member to manipulate their skeletal structure akin to the original Shikotsumyaku with a miniscule difference between power, though the Kusaregedo lack a natural inclination to such a thing. Regardless of the purpose, the Exposed Bone is still a deadly trait to go up against. Much like the Shikotsumyaku, the Kusaregedo clan members are able to manipulate their own skeletal structure (their osteoblasts and osteoclasts). Their skeletal structure is absolutely alien in nature as it is constantly in a state of metamorphosis. Within moments, the Kusaregedo clan member can sprout a high volume of bone from any point in their body and can retract them just as fast. As a minimum, each member of the clan maintains a thick layer of bone armor whose density is comparable to fundamental Steel Release techniques.

Kusaregedo Exposed Bone

A skeletal construct composed of an metaphysical essence is the corner stone of The Exposed Bone.

In short, their bodies are virtually indestructible in every sense of the word. Therefore attempting to utilizing physical force against them is considered foolish yet admirable. They can access the known spectrum of the original consumed Kaguya clan member to include Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets, Dance of the Camellia, Dance of the Clematis: Flower, Dance of the Clematis: Vine, Dance of the Larch, Dance of the Seedling Fern, Dance of the Willow. However, one of the Kusaregedo clan members developed an extension to the Exposed Bone by creating a metaphysical avatar. This was done by combining there inherent use of Yin Release and combining with the Shikotsumyaku to create spectral skeletons for various purposes whom has the same innate abilities as it's parent ability. The Kusaregedo members can create the colossal constructs from the regurgitated remains of their opponent's and even by the will of their own clan members. The colossal skeletal entities are powerful enough to physically overpower the Gyūki and are able to withstand the impact from a powerful Tengai Shinsei. Normally, in most cases the bones are summoned in a manner similar to the normal Shikotsumyaku, but more advanced users can make them materialize from thin air adding to the element of surprise. This ability allows Rinne to become the ultimate taijutsu machine as her style encompasses both long and short range, aggressiveness and grace. Any physical attack directed towards Rinne can feasibly be shrugged off with the slightest amount of effort.

When Rinne first utilized the Exposed Bone, the reaction happened due an obscene amount of stress. The elaborate skeletal design awoken itself from Rinne's sub consciousness as a first line of defense against would be attackers. Over the years, Rinne would develop her skills to become on a completely different plateau than those of the original Kaguya Clan and as such, her abilities are even able to protect her without her knowing. During her training with Hanako Yagami, Rinne was able to produce osteokinetic forest nearly rivaling that of Hanako's own forest while only a chūnin. Of course, this skill would develop to a point to where Rinne can generate osteokinetic constructs from any solid surface to include, walls, the ground, the ceiling and even from ice without consciously moving herself. She is able to keep the opponent at bay with the Exposed Bone by constantly protruding extremely dense and sharp bones that would keep most samurai wary. The speed at which these bones emerge a simply mind-blowing. Those that utilize the Sharingan can attest to such a feat. The appear to protrude from Rinne's body almost instantly. This gives any close range combatant a difficult time dealing with the speed at which Rinne's bones distend. The osteokinetic constructs that Rinne creates are not only able to defend against virtually any physical attack, the defensive arrangements are also able to reflect them back from the attacking source. Rinne's mastery of the Exposed Bone comes as no surprise when considering the length of time it was accessible to her. She can literally alter the environment, filled with a plethora of osteokinetic constructs to ensnare any opposition. She can freely manipulate the shape, form, malleability and density of her osteokinetic constructs granting her a matchless prowess in the arts of the Shikotsumyaku.

The Exposed Bone: Evanescent Oracle Bone: Is a profound technique that incorporates two disciplines of the Shokuyoku along with traits of Blood Release and the Shikotsumyaku. This technique is characterized by creating two to four levitating bones that surround Rinne. The bones are controlled by mental energy and appear to be the radius and the ulna which are covered in a blackened blood. Once they protrude from Rinne's skin, their tips are noticeably sharp, comparable to that of a blade imbued with Lightning Release. This level of sharpness combined with their speed allows the to pierce through the most malleable and resilient of substances with a minor loss in momentum. The bones contain an inversion of yin and yang which upon contact disrupt the etheric bond of the two and separates them. Upon separation, the opponent will not notice anything immediately during the initial contact however, the delayed effect is intended.

Once the bone(s) pierces the opponent, Rinne's inversion of yang chakra floods the opponent's skeletal system causing a network of necrosis within the osteoblasts. This signal spreads through the opponent's entire body resulting in a fleeting and soon to destroyed skeletal system. Without this frame, the opponent's body will collapse into a mound of flesh and organs while being unable to perform remedial functions such walking or speaking. The second function of this technique causes as chain of apoptosis within the blood cells of the opponent. The blackened blood symbolizes the curse of the Kusaregedo. Each blood cell would systematically self-destruct in a matter of moment's leaving the opponent's body as a withered husk, collapsing under the weight of it's own organs. The bones will continue to attack opponent's by leaving small shards if bone within them. Therefore, creating only two provides enough firepower to take on a moderately sized platoon of shinobi. Though powerful, this technique requires an immense amount of control and could possibly be slowed by a high level medic-nin. Yet even then, the brooding sense of a complete death still lingers over the opponent like a ceaseless spiritual haunting.

The Exposed Bone: Authors of the Demon Scriptures: is in every sense of the word, magnificent, elegant and simply powerful in design. This technique grafted from the Exposed Bone takes the form of three pairs of large black, semi translucent hands, varnished with a series red dots which hover around Rinne once the technique is activated. Each pair of hands boast as size that is exponentially larger the previous set. With the influx or retraction of yin chakra, the hands can either become ethereal or corporeal in form and appears to exist on it's own without the additional chakra from Rinne to create them. These hands are produced in a similar vein to the aforementioned kekkei mōra. Upon contact, any organic construct is merely calcified upon contact. This does not instantly kill the opponent, but it does inherent their lateral movement. The hands infuses chakra into their blood stream which eventually fuses with the opponent's osteoclasts and osteoblasts which increases the density of their skeletal system. It expands it to the point to where the opponent is extremely disfigured and are unable to properly counter such a thing as it is constant. Attempting to absorb the chakra within the skeletal system will only cause the chakra produced from the hands to create an additional amount that was absorbed. This ability only works in their corporeal state. The hands are noted to be highly resilient against physical attacks yet they are still able to be broken by a sufficient amount of pinpoint force. Their defensive prowess grants them the durability to withstand concentrated barrages from Tailed Beast Balls but a technique such as Night Guy could potentially break them. However, if they are managed to be entirely crushed or even turned into dust, the hands can simply reform themselves. The hands are also used to absorb staggering amounts of negative energy from the three lower plains via her Bukkaigan. Once cracked, the hands will trigger a massive explosion capable of utterly obliterating the opponent if within range. The hands also boast an etheric state that when they hands pass through an organic or inorganic object, they will passively remove their essence and a portion of their chakra without necessarily absorbing it, this also works with natural energy constructs. In this state, Rinne can be inflicted with physical assaults but attacks incorporating chakra are merely separated and dispersed around the hand. Regardless of the nature transformation, the hands will disperse the chakra without fail. Even though they are unable to block physical attacks, the hands are able to attack the spiritual essence of the opponent with a frightening ferocity.

The Inversion of the Spirit

Main article: Spirit Reflection Technique (SahaTo) Inversion of the Spirit (精逆しま, Seisakashima) was unwillingly granted to the Kusaregedo clan from a member of the Rinha Clan. This ability grants the Kusaregedo clan members the ability to not only passively absorb chakra from an individual but to also used the absorbed chakra to create a perfect replica of the opponent. When imbued with their own bodies or detachments, the entities are granted any weapons, techniques, and bloodline techniques they may have (such as Ōnoki's Dust Release or any other ability). Not only does the replica contain any ability of the opponent, the creation also retains some of the original Kusaregedo clan member techniques such as The Exposed Bone along with other passive techniques. It can be surmised that this technique is not without limits, but according to the Rinha clan members and that of the Kusaregedo clan, the only difficulty or drawback this ability may have is physical limitations. With the original wielders, this technique was used on puppets which were to be controlled without the use of chakra threads.

Hungry Ghost Realm Rinne

A realm of utter despair, desire with no paths of redemption in sight.

Now with the Kusaregedo clan, due to their physiology constantly in a state of metamorphosis, the purge their own flesh to use with this technique. Granting them a will based spiritual control rather than a mental one which can be disrupted eventually. However, a drawback that both clan's possess is the inability to use it on other creatures. This can be described non-human entities. Even though it is not impossible to do so, the Kusaregedo can not use this technique on entities with a physiology akin to more of a beast than man. As of now, only Rinne has been able to adapt her physiology closer to that of a Tailed Beast in order to replicate them with this technique. The entities created by this technique do not age in the slightest, they are immune to poisons and illnesses due to the Kusaregedo physiology. By copying the mental energy of the opponent, they are able to fight in the exact same manner as the opponent along with the use of The Exposed Bone and the Spiral of Blood, the doppelgangers are in fact, superior to the original in terms of ability and dexterity. Rinne can also utilize her Bukkaigan and Shokuyoku to replicate the opponent's spirit and to also project it into the realms of suffering.

Aside from spiritual replication, the Inversion of the Spirit allows Rinne to overlap herself with the spiritual planes of suffering within other entities (i.e. Hungry Ghost Realm) but it also allows her to take possession of tortured bodies within the physical world and that of the Hungry Ghost Realm. The spiritual possession wrought upon by this technique exceed that of the Spirit Transformation Technique but requires far more chakra to utilize properly along with mastering this aspect of the Shokuyoku. Amongst the aforementioned abilities, Rinne can mentally cast a projection of herself via yin chakra and the Shokuyoku to establish a link to the Hungry Ghost Realm. This link works similar to the Limbo: Border Jail technique but this realms functions with a tad bit more diversity. The inhabitants of the Hungry Ghost Realm are depicted as creatures with scrawny necks, small mouths, emaciated limbs and large, bloated, empty bellies. This is the domain of addiction, where we constantly seek something outside ourselves to curb an insatiable yearning for relief or fulfillment. The necessity of desire is what haunts all whom inhabit the world. Rinne is able to mold the spirit the same way a shinobi would manipulate a common element. Not only is she able to control the state of her own spirit, she is also able to manipulate others just as long as he chakra is near them. Her own spirit and souls is incapable of being removed from her body due to functionality of the Inversion of the Spirit. There fore, techniques that forcibly remove the soul from the body is absolutely ineffective against Rinne.

The Spiral Blood

Main article: Blood Release Spiral of Blood (血の螺旋, Chi no Rasen) was granted to Kusaregedo clan after one of their members devoured a Chinoike clan member. Those within the Kusaregedo clan are able to manipulate to an entirely new domain of power. The manipulation of blood in the shinobi world has been at most times, limited to the manipulation of human blood. However, the Kusaregedo are able to manipulate the blood of all creates whom contain the crimson sustenance. Therefore, the blood manipulation of organisms or the physical equivalent becomes susceptible to manipulation of the Kusaregedo clan. For themselves, the Kusaregedo clan is able to control their blood even in its most miniscule state. No matter the amount of blood left within their body, the Kusaregedo clan constantly produces an ample amount by converting the surrounding natural energy into chakra which in turn is used to stimulate the process of haemopoiesis which is the procedure to create blood. In humans, the hematopoietic component of bone marrow produces approximately 500 billion blood cells per day. The Kusaregedo clan amount of blood cell production varies due to the fact that they control their entire skeletal structure thus they can produce several times the amount of a normal human. The clan is able to manipulate the blood of those within their vicinity via an exertion of will or even mere contact that involves the senses of touch, sight and olfactory. The Kusaregedo clan is able to perceive virtually any active or dormant blood type and can even discern the origins of the sanguine substance. Rinne has shown a remarkable talent for the Spiral of Blood to a point to where she can grant her blood or the blood of other sentience through spiritual contact.

Impure blood aggression

One of the many components that the Spiral of Blood grants its users. An utter display of blood sentience.

By granting the blood sentience, Rinne can influence and manipulate it in ways unattainable by the original Chinoike clan and their coveted Ketsuryūgan. It will act independent of the opponent preexisting control is removed and is arduous to reestablish control. If Rinne wills it, she can passively adjust the blood flow of anyone around her to where it can speed up to exponential amounts, reverse in a similar fashion or completely halt altogether. Shinobi whom are capable of manipulating their blood are able to slightly resist Rinne’s control over their blood which is based upon their own skill with Blood Release. However, granting their own blood sentience removes such obstacles as it becomes a tug-of-war with the opponent’s blood. With the insertion of her own life-force, Rinne can rewrite the genetic structure and make-up of her opponent’s and that of her own blood. This allows her immediate access to their blood type and also hinders their ability to manipulate their own. Rinne’s usage of blood is considered more passive than others and even unnoticeable to the human eye. Rinne’s blood is matchless in itself due to the excessive amount of life force within it. Not only does it include her own, but it includes the spiritual essence of several thousand shinobi that have been slain by the Kusaregedo clan over the decades. Their secret blood ritual allows them a form of imperishability as their blood is unable to leave their body through wounds or other methods than their own.

The Wicked Nightmare

The Wicked Nightmare (極道夢魔, Gokudōmuma) was granted to the Kusarego clan after consuming the blood of a Kurama member whose blood contained the Kurama's Clan Kekkei Genkai. According to the clan, some members posses a prowess in the field of genjutsu that is so absolute, their genjutsu can simply be described as entirely overwhelming. Their genjutsu causes the brain to believe that everything is real and as a result, they are able to kill the opponent's with genjutsu alone. No longer is the genjutsu affecting the opponent merely on the mental level, users such as Rinne can manifest them into the physical world and even alter their own state of existence by masterfully crafting the primary yin force of genjutsu along with life giving force of yang to bring forth their imagination into existence. This allows Kusaregedo clan members of more specifically Rinne to produce seemingly euphoric techniques that teeter along the thin line of illusion and reality.

Reality as we know it is attached to the five senses and since we used to it, we accept it without question. When we catch the scent of fresh flowers, it's involving our sense of smell, when we bump into a table, we feel pain. No matter the sensation felt physically, we accept these impressions as real. Without these senses, we find it nigh impossible to experience consciousness in the world. The world exists for us only when the five senses and mind are directed towards it, and ceases to exist for us when we silence the senses and the mind. With this ability, the illusion becomes tree, not only does the opponent feel physical pain from the genjutsu but observers can also see it as well. As such, it could be considered close in idea and principle to the Creation of All Things Technique. Unlike other techniques of similar function, the abilities granted by the Wicked Nightmare can be felt by those within the immediate area of the user and can also be specified to a single individual and even inanimate objects. The techniques produced from the Wicked Nightmare does not only affect the brain in a mental sense, but affects the state of existence around either the user or the opponent. For example, Rinne could project genjutsu of her opponent's drowning in water by forcing her yin chakra into the neural systems at incomprehensible speeds and at the same time, utilize the prospect brining life to your imagination to create an ocean within a relative understanding of the opponent. Therefore, if the opponent would drown in either the genjutsu of in the inverse of it, then death of undoubtedly ensue. Due to the high degree of yin manipulation, Rinne is able to easily recognize and dispel genjutsu of any caliber such as, Izanami by passively breaking down the genjutsu reality which happens faster than Rinne can absorb chakra. Any genjutsu casted by this ability does not require any specific physical medium such as sound, touch, sight, smell or hearing but instead utilizes metaphysical contact through etheric projections. Due to it monumental prowess, this ability is likened to reality altering and even reality intervention as the dividing lines between illusion and reality are infinitely merged together.

Rinne TFTD

Rinne can project the essence of the Shokuyoku along with the seemingly pinnacle of yin chakra to manifest a prodigious area to where she can constantly cast genjutsu which overlap the spiritual world and affect the physical one. This area is simultaneously casted within overlapping genjutsu that are capable of fooling the Three Great Doujutsu in other words, the genjutsu casted by Rinne are a sheer testament of impeccability. Her irreproachable illusions or rather reality augmentations are one of a kind. Her immaculate illusions affect the unaffected and strikes fear within those whose eyes even catch the slightest glimpse of her countenance. Along with the spiritual medium, Rinne can project her illusions off of any surface to include solids, liquids and gases. Within the Land of Claws, Rinne casted an illusion via the Wicked Nightmare off the surface lingering clouds to entrap an entire village between the bridge of falsehood and truth.



Main article: Bukkaigan The Bukkaigan (仏界眼, Literally meaning: Pure Land Eye) also known as the Hōgen (法眼) is reputed to a symbol of a wisdom beyond words and true suchness. Among the residents within the Land of Demons[9], it is considered a rather deified eye and one that signifies that an individual has transcended from Six Spiritual Realms, The Three Realms of Evil and the Three Good Roads and has entered a state pure wisdom. In history, this symbolic third eye has manifested itself in one other entity whose name has been buried by the sands of time though not forgotten in spirit. It is said that an individual who attains the transcendent Bukkaigan have an innate understanding of form, formlessness and the ability to peer beyond the true complexity of consciousness. This eye is characterized by a constant flowing, seamless, gradient of soft pink, purple and blue that covers the entire eyeball. The single eye of the Bukkaigan the oneness before duality known as Oneness of Heaven and Humanity (天人合一, Tenjingōichi).

Nature Icon Bukkaigan

In all it's majestic splendor.

The Bukkaigan is defined as a metaphysical third eye that is located on the user’s forehead whose serene pearlescent color’s covers span the entire eyeball. With the previous owner, the Bukkaigan appeared on their chest. Due to the method of attaining it, it reveals itself as a final tool to complete the purpose of their existence. Ascending through samsara, the wheel of life, death and the realms of good and evil, grants the user an unparalleled amount of pure wisdom. However, when coupled with the eye of Eternally Tranquil Light, the user is essentially complete. The nature of a land is determined by the minds of its inhabitants and the Bukkaigan grants the perception of the Saha World. In short, this grants Akuhyō the ability to observe all which lies under the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light. This grants him a clarity that could be considered matchless. The wielder is capable of perceiving the flow of physical, spiritual, mental and natural energy from within natural bodies or within otherworldly constructs. The Bukkaigan cannot only peer beyond the Saha World but as a result, it can observe each of the realms that reside within it such as the Formless Sphere, the Form Sphere and the Sensual Sphere with astonishing visual discernment disregarding his location. Therefore, the wielder of the Bukkaigan can view the existence of creation that is scattered throughout the realms but they cannot interact with them. A wielder of the eye will understand oneness and universal creation.

Normally, to acquire the Bukkaigan, one must undergo the entire process of enduring the Sahā World (娑婆世界, Literally meaning: The Endurance World) which encompasses the Six Spiritual Realms. These realms include, Samsara, Life and Death, the Wheel of Good and Evil, The Threefold Realms of Desire, Form and Formlessness and the 25 States of Existence. This world encompasses all realms of suffering however, along with a truly transcendent consciousness, the user will reside in the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light. The Saha World is considered the thus and if we were to seek a pure land apart from this Saha world, then we would be seeking an ephemeral land outside of the true land which would be for naught. Her son Akuhyō is the only living being to achieve such a feat, however the capabilities of Shokuyoku allowed her to grasp that what is unable to be comprehended by shinobi. The Shokuyoku allows Rinne to consume the blood of other entities and selectively gain the abilities and or traits if she desires. These abilities can be passed down to their children by choice unlike any other Kekkei ability. In it's secrecy, the blood or matter ingested by the Shokuyoku evolves over time or retrogrades to a more powerful state.

The ingested material also spiritually evolves as the "donor" does in life. For example, if Rinne ingested the blood of a Sharingan user, she would also gain the exact same kekkei genkai but with altered properties centered towards her own physiology due to the Shokuyoku. Over time, her own Sharingan would grow in potency due to her strenuous experiences and if the original wielder's sharingan ascends to the next stage, so would hers but not vice versa. This relationship is called a life-blood link that is of the utmost importance within the Kusaregedo clan. During Akuhyō's birth, Rinne decided not to pass down her Shokuyoku to her son due to her being inclined that such a trait would tarnish and blemish his existence. However, she did consume a small portion of his blood in hopes that he would achieve something that has not been attained in ages, the Bukkaigan. She and her husband, Shuten Dōji conspired a plot that would eventually renounce any actions of the shinobi for their son and instead turn towards enlightenment, a feat that neither could attain in their natural lifespans due to their negative karma. Once Akuhyō, gained the Bukkaigan, Rinne over the course of a few days would experience the same physiological evolution as her son once did and thus her illustrious, eminent Bukkaigan appeared. As a result, she is unable to deactivate the single eye.

Rinne's Bukkaigan is spiritually inferior to that of her son's Bukkaigan and even with the Shokuyoku assisting it in attaining genetic perfection, the Bukkaigan would still take decades to be on a comparable level. Though, as inferior as it may be, her Bukkaigan is still considered utterly otherworldly in comparison to other "doujutsu" that has been attained in the shinobi world. Passively, her Bukkaigan allows her to perceive the flows of all forms of energy, whether they're physical, metaphysical and pataphysical. The eye also allows her to simultaneously view the countless realms within the Saha World to include, Jigokudō 地獄道, Gakidō 餓鬼道, Chikushōdō 畜生道 so on and so forth but she is unable to intervene in each of the worlds except for the Hungry Ghost Real, which is the origin of her illustrious clan. While her son is able to peer and intervene within Desire, Form and Formlessness, Rinne is only able to peer in Desire and Form while intervening only in the aforementioned realm. Her Bukkaigan also grants her a unique Chakra Pathway System idiosyncratic to her own unique Bukkaigan. Normally, the chakra pathway system is enmeshed into the body and like blood vessels it touches and interacts with every single living cell and passes through every organ. Her chakra pathway system does not appear in her physical vessel, it is instead stored within a subspace of the Hungry Ghost Realm. Within this realm, a putrid Tree of Life manifested itself due to Rinne's intervention which covers the entirety of the realm.

The only way to even perceive the depths of this location is with the Bukkaigan. Consequently, her chakra network is absent for all without her unique eye aside from Akuhyō. Therefore, attacks attempting to disrupt the chakra network such as genjutsu or even the Gentle Fist are absolutely ineffectual. Even though her chakra network exists in the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, she is still able to casts techniques as normal and her network depletes as normal but her chakra pool regenerates slightly faster than what most would deem conceivable. Her Bukkaigan can be used to cast The Wicked Nightmare on scale that encompass an entire dimension though only briefly. However, she prefers to use it within a short range for almost an indefinite amount of time. She is also able to cast replications of the opponent's spirit within the Realm of the Hungry Ghost allowing them to experience an eternity of thirst and hunger which reflects upon the spirit and physical vessel back in the current world often resulting in a mystifying death for the victim. She is able to bring forth portions of the Hungry Ghost realm and merge it with the battle field in a similar manner to the The Way of the Hunger Path: Man-Eating Fiend Road technique.

Rinne along with her son Akuhyō are able to utilize a form of visual telepathy by creating an anchor of mental energy within the mind of all those around them. By utilizing this method, Rinne as well as her son are able to communicate telepathically with multiple people at once without the receiver being able to intercept the transmissions. The user can transmit, thoughts, images, visions of their own past and possible future events. Unlike the Mind Body Transmission Technique, using said ability does not force any physical strain upon the user however, a slight mental strain has been noted as a side effect. When considering the purity of the Bukkaigan, Akuhyō can projects his thought ad the thoughts of other to a seemingly unlimited number of individuals. Even though Rinne's Bukkaigan is imperfect, her telepathic abilities are truly astounding. On various occasions, Rinne was able to projects her thoughts imbued with a subtle genjutsu across region encompassing the Land of Claws and the Land of Fangs while still holding a meeting with her upper clan members. The mental projections are powerful enough to supersede the yin prowess of genjutsu. With it, Rinne can create mentally disturbing images subconsciously and project them an undefined distance which can cause mental damage and even heart failure due to the sheer terror that she is able to create.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

As a member of the Kusaregedo clan, as with each of its members, Rinne’s chakra is on level that can be described as mawkishly overbearing. Those whom are able understand it to this degree will notice an ominous and relentlessly forbidding truth. The immersive truth of where her immense charka lies. While it is unable to sense with modern methods, those whom are able to peer within the philistine core of the Hungry Ghost Realm will see the imposing convergence of souls. Each soul, submerged in agony and utter despair flow towards a massive construct with the elegance and grace of the wind itself. Each soul spirals down to what can be only defined as a fleshy tree in order to merge themselves with it. This is merely the process of the inhabitants within the Hungry Ghost Realm. Each denizen is subjected their acceptance and variance of sustenance deprivation. After their “life” ends within this realm their essence is transferred into a tree that extends into the lower three realms. This fact is only known to those who wield the Bukkaigan and to the current Kongōhō Jizō (金剛宝地蔵). The spiritual emergence of the tree is where Rinne’s chakra lies. It’s nigh-indescribable nature gives it no comparisons to the world of living. To say that it is merely gargantuan, immense or even incredible does sufficiently describe it. This has been the same for Rinne since her childhood.

As the predetermined heir for the Kusaregedo clan, each candidate was indoctrinated to the inner ways of the clan. These inner ways consisted of bearing the suffrage of not only the clan but of the Hungry Ghost Realm in its entirety. The prestige of bearing such atrocities always resulted in a loss of emotion even if just for a few moments of having the immeasurable felling of repentance and anguish within your very being. Rinne succeeded in harboring the pain which in turn guaranteed her ascertaining her leadership position within the clan. Since this moment, plaudit message the Rinne gives off has been noted to be oddly breathtaking and underwhelming. The ephemeris sense of loss is what replaces the standard notion of chakra sensing. When utilizing the branches of the Shokuyoku, Rinne must manifest her chakra from the roots of the Hungry Ghost Realm which in turn is seamless do the two entities being merged. The control granted matches that of any shinobi who specializes in the art of masterful, adroit chakra control. However, according to Shuten Dōji, her level of chakra control exceeds those whom came before her and only a few can hold semblance of comparison in this manner. This is her bread and butter. The staggering amount of chakra that Rinne possibly has is nothing compared to her precision and control over the energy. Even in her years as chūnin, Rinne was ab1le to utilize multiple techniques in unison without an interval of time within them. This trait is also showcased when using more chakra draining techniques such as her All-Killing Ash Bones along with the Spirit Transformation Technique and The Way of the Hunger Path: World Devouring Oni simultaneously. This succession of techniques was displayed without the slightest hint of fatigue. By releasing a small amount of chakra via transference, Rinne can create small pulses that are capable of knocking the opponent back a great distance away and even entities as large as Tailed Beasts off of their equilibrium.

Rinne lacks mastery over Nature Transformation, however with her Bukkaigan, she has a universal understanding of the process but she is only focused on Chakra Flow and Shape Transformation. Her level of chakra flow allows her to utilize her respective techniques without the use of normal hand gestures done by shinobi instead, she completes the process mentally and executes them one after another. This also applies to synchronizing her chakra as a channel to merge her own source with that of her opponents. With her predominately immeasurable chakra, her amount is further augmented with her Bukkaigan who grants a level of chakra that is said to have no equal in a spiritual sense. This along with her Shokuyoku grants her a level that exceeds Shuten Dōji and even the entire Sargon High Council including Asu Rashoujin. During her takeover of the Land of Claws and the Land of Fangs, without using physical energy, Rinne was able to conquer both countries in a single day with the presence of her chakra alone.

Life Force





"Death comes to every man, woman and child-this will not be changed. For those whom witness the sacred act, assist it; help it along. It is a necessary work and you must undertake it with unrivaled devotion."
— Rinne speaking to her exam proctors.

"With your death, your blood will be used to fill the eternally thirsty gullet of the Kusaregedo clan. Consider it a pleasure that your blood and flesh will soon fill my mouth."
— Rinne before killing a jōnin from Kirigakure.


  • Rinne is appearance is based off the character Oichi from the Sengoku BASARA series.
  • The clan name Kusaregedo 腐れ外道, kanji can be roughly translated into rotting heresy.
  • Coincidentally, Rinne was born within the same chain of islands as some of the author's other characters such as Ukyo Hara, Hanako Yagami and Garyo Kanakura.
  • Just like other members of the Kusaregedo clan, those that harbor the Shokuyoku suffer from extreme cases of cannibalism.
  • The concept of Rinne was essentially drafted in 2012. She was originally meant to be a main antagonist or evil-doer for the author's debut short novel but the idea was snappishly scrapped. However, a new inspiration came into view and accordingly the author recreated her.
  • The death of Rinne's younger brother skewed her original selfless view of ascending the Kusaregedo name into a hopeful realm of utter domination.
  • According to Rinne's databook:
    • Rinne's main hobby is traversing throughout the Hungry Ghost Realm periodically conversing with those whom inhabit the decrepit realm in attempts to merge them with her clan. Her other hobbies include writing, reading and poetry.
    • Rinne wishes to fight her own son Akuhyō to see if her presumption was correct. She also wishes subjugate the Shinobi Union under her imperious will.
    • Rinne's favorite dish is human flesh (人肉, jinniku) served medium rare with a side of Habushu (ハブ酒?) is an awamori-based liqueur. Her least favorite dish is anything sweet or entirely bitter.
    • Rinne's favorite quote is "Since the day of my birth, my death began its walk. It is walking toward me, without hurrying."


  1. Due to the endless bloodshed she created during her childhood
  2. Attained mastery over The Way of the Hunger Path: World Devouring Oni
  3. Epithet gained after awakening the Bukkaigan
  4. Epithet gained from her unique osteokinetic constructs
  5. Stems from her first usage of the Bukkaigan to peer into the Pure Land and the Six Realms of Existence
  6. Currently the 13th Head of the clan
  7. Nomadic members of the Kusaregedo clan were discovered there 200 years before Rinne's Birth
  8. During the short novel "Emergence of the Black Bone Demon"
  9. This is due to the eye striking fear in their daimyō Shuten Dōji
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