The Rogue Ninja Federation is a group of rogue ninja who have traveled far and have been brought together for a sole purpose.


Rivalry with Akatsuki

The RNF is rivals with Akatsuki because they both wish the same thing, total control of the world. However, their views are totally different, Kakarak wants to wage war and rule, whereas Akatsuki wants to make one village pit against another and take over when they are weakened.

Rogue Ninja Mercenaries

Rogue Ninjas tend to flock toward this organization because it offers jobs and money, as well as food, water, protection from hunter-nin, and shelter. However, every mercenary is required to wear a gray vest with an official RNF headband.

RNF Headband

The headband that is used for ninja who work for the RNF


The RNF's goal is to combine and rule all 5 great nations as one nation under the RNF's control. Kakarak put it into a simple 3-step plan.

Step 1

Capture Indo Huiyo, (aka The Slabia of Darkness) and transplant chakra into Orochimaru's new body.

Step 2

Combine forces with Otogakure's army.

Step 3

The last step is to wage war against all 5 at once and take over with Aleos as Dictator.

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