Name: Rokudou Kage Bunshin (Six Paths Shadow Clone)

Rank: S

Users: Pain,Akari, and Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

Type: Kinjutsu

Element: All (or only the ones the user chooses to use)

Description: Pain uses this jutsu to split himself into six shadow clones each with their own elemental affinity. It is very useful because each clone posses a seperate elemental effinity which allows them to use that elemen't power to its full potential. However because you are creating six shadow clones and the fact that the original ninja is dividing the elements from his original body it leaves them very vulnerable. While it is speculated that other ninja could use this jutsu its full capabilities can only be used by Pain since he posses all six chakra types and has an abundant ammount of chakra.

Emanyeru's version includes himself using 6 clones as well instead of using the 6 known chakra that pein uses he uses his own chakra types including: Fire, Earth, Darkness, Diamond, Magma, and Hellfire. By using this technique it allows Emanyeru to live after using the Shiki Fuuin (Reaper Death Seal).

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