Ronin of the Hidden Destiny


Ronin of the Hidden Destiny隠れ由来の浪人Kakureyurai no Rounin


Presumed deceased





Previous partner(s)

Sage of the Six Paths

Previous occupation(s)



Ronin, Samurai


Soul Combination Technique



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The Ronin of the Hidden Destiny (real name unknown) was a powerful warrior, wandering samurai, who lived at the same time with the Sage of the Six Paths and was most likely his friend or at least a battle partner, as they fought Kugaya side by side. The fight ended with the Ronin having the Yang-chakra of Kugaua permanently fused with his soul by the Soul Combination Technique. This technique, you could say, destroyed both the soul of the Ronin and the Yang half and created a new one from the remains of those two. In that sense, using that jutsu was the greatest sacrifice. After the battle the Ronin disappeared and the world forgot him. But there was an ancinent legend that the Ronin of the Hidden Destiny would return one day and fulfill his destiny, as saving the world from Kugaya was only the first part of it.

The abilities of the Ronin of the Hidden destiny are almost compeletely unknown, although he probably is a great warrior, as he was able to stand against Kugaya.

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