Royal Guard style

The Royal Guard Style focused on defense and countering. The main purpose of the style was to absorb the energy from an opponent's strike and use it against them. It worked like this. Whenever someone hits something, the main force behind the strike is the kinetic energy it carries. The Royal Guard style took that energy and stored it in the user's own muscles, which the user could release at any time. This also stole the force behind the blow, leaving the strike useless. The user of the style could use the built up energy to utterly destroy an opponent. But the style had many major flaws. One: is an opponent was faster than you, the style would be rendered almost useless. Two: it relied solely on defense, and offensive attacks were only effective with released energy. Three: it also relied on the opponent attacking first. Four: if someone used many chakra enforced blows, the amount of energy stolen would eventually become too great and it would excape violently from the user(i.e. exploding within them).

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