Rutiwani is one of the larger, more powerful summons of the crocodiles. He is a large, heavily armored and many-toothed alligator, and one of the largest of the alligators. It is stated by Utakata that Rutiwani is one of the three most powerful and respected crocodiles, the other two being unnamed, one presumably the boss of the alligator summons. Rutiwani has not been seen in battle so far, only summoned by Utakata to explain why he could not teach Odayaka to summon them.

Six-Tails Arc

When Utakata tells Odayaka he cannot teach him to summon crocodiles, Odayaka demands to know why. Utakata summons Rutiwani, who tells Odayaka that they only allow Utakata to summon them because he is the Jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Slug, who the crocodiles revere. However, although he is unwilling to let Odayaka be taught, he allows him to be given a partial contract, so that he can only summon small, messenger crocodiles, to be expanded if he proves himself.