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Ryakketsu Clan
(略决一族, Ryakketsu Ichizoku, Literally meaning: Judgements of Divination Clan)
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Kekkei Genkai

The Ryakketsu Clan (略决一族, Literally meaning "Judgements of Divination Clan") is a ancient clan that originated in Konohagakure's infamous Uchiha clan in which they branched off of and created a new clan because they felt like the clan would lead into a dark path. The Tsukiyoha clan is generally peaceful, reserved, and silent people, who despite their peacefulness they love to practice combat,fight for those who are close to them and pursue their goals and ideals. While the clan was unheard of when it was first created during the time of the First Hokage, they started becoming heard of during the time of the Second Hokage and were called his special corps due to often helping the Second Hokage but because they only came out at night and were kept secret because of their kekkei genkai(which was a mutation of the Sharingan) by the Second Hokage. Once the Second died they became part of Konohagakure's legal population and quickly became famous (while still hiding their kekkei genkai until the reign of the Seventh Hokage) for producing powerful ninja and politicians.

They are well known for their kekkei genkai, their combat prowess and their ability to forge weapons with special abilities, in which their ability was so great they were thought to be the creators of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen's blades until their leader revealed the forger of the blades.


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