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Return to Hebikyokoku

Ryun had endured around a month of training with Echo, and had now returned to Hebikyokoku. His training had been extremely useful however Ryun had only a few weeks left and he had some unfinished buisness to do. Ryun took out Tentouken and unleashed his Shikai. Thanks to the training he had done with both Mizu and Echo, his Shikai was now as powerful as his Shukai had once been. Ryun sealed Tentouken again and then walked to a small river running through the snake canyon.

"Now I'll master that technique." Ryun said to himself. There was a Hebijutsu that was deemed unmasterable by even the snakes themselves. Ryun opened the scroll and found the jutsu; Snake Sage Art: Sever Chakra...


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