Basic Info

  • Name: Ryuu Kinji
Ryuu Kinji


  • Age: 22
  • Village: Mist (Former)
  • Rank: Rouge Ninja
  • Freinds/Family:Kamen (Brother), Chou Kajin(Leader), Zoriku Kenji (Friend)


Ryuu Kinji was born in the Hidden Mist Village at the end of the Fourth Ninja War along with his brother Kamen Kinji. Ryuu was naturally a good ninja, and by the time he was 10 made Jounin rank. He was stronger than his older brother, but always respected his brother's rules. When Kamen was rejected by the Seven Swordsmen Of The Mist, Ryuu and Kamen leave the village. On their way journey they meet Chou Kajin, and Zoriku Kenji, Chou Kajin tells them to join him and they agree after Kamen defeats Zoriku in a quick battle. Upon their attack on the Hidden Mist Village, they are stopped by May Mardrid, and members of the ANBU Black Ops. Ryuu and Kamen kill all of the ANBU members, and Kamen challenges Eve Momochi to a battle. When Ryuu sees his brother's death, he charges at Eve, but May stops him, and she starts fighting him and Chou at the same time. When Ryuu tries to hit May with a jutsu, someone counters it, and it's revealed to be Rei, they start to battle, and Ryuu loses, but Rei doesn't kill him she takes him with her. It is not revealed where she has taken him yet, but i t might be with her new team.


  • Water Dragon Jutsu
  • Hidden Mist Jutsu
  • Water Prison Jutsu
  • Forbidden Jutsu: Ice Dragon Jutsu
  • Water Style: Water Bullet


  • Younger, but stronger than Kamen
  • Close to his brother
  • Killed over 300 people
  • Wants to kill Eve Momochi
  • Secretly likes Rei Nanda.


  • (To Himself About Rei) "Woah she's hot!!"
  • (To Eve) "I'll shread you into a million pieces!"
  • (To Chou) "If you betray us, I promise you I'll erase you from exsitance."
  • "I will surpass the 2nd Hokage... and destroy the Hidden Mist Village!"

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