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The beginning of this story comes just after the future Team Ryuu left the Akatsuki and was on their way to the Leaf Village

The Hokizorro Encounter

After the future Team Ryuu left the Akatsuki the stopped in a small ninja village called Kitsunegure where as soon as the saw Ryuu Uchiha's Sharingan they attacked with strange fox jutsus even though the small team was clearly outnumbered.But what the Fox ninja the didn't know was they were clearly outmatched Ryuu activated Tatsu Sharingan and used Ninja Art Chakara Injection Jutsu and easily defeated the fox ninja.The team later found out that those fox ninja were members of The Hokizorro Clan of Kitsunegure. What Ryuu didn't know was he made a lifelong enemy.

Team Ryuu officaly formed

When the team arrives at the village they are recognized because they are still wearing Akatsuki clothes and are immideatly arrested and taken to the Hokages mansion. Where Ryuu persuades Tsunade to dismiss her guards where they make a proposition Ryuu:Lady Tsunade we have had a change of heart if you eliminate our status as rouge ninja we will spy and report on the Akatsuki

Tsunade:Fine.I'll allow it as long as when you three are in the village you at least look a little bit like leaf ninja.Ryuu Uchiha I herby eliminate your status as a rouge ninja forever.

Ryuu:Thank you we won't let you down

Return to the Akatsuki as spies

On their way back to the Akatsuki the newely formed Team Ryuu had to stop in Kitsunegure again and the fox ninja began to attack the small team and

To Be Continued

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