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The Sōkyoku is a large halberd, which Taisinkoha uses at Sōkyoku Hill to execute other ninja who have proven to have caused a large crime in the ninja world, such as a murder of a feudal lord or kage. When released, it takes the form of a Phoenix-like entity. As noted by Toshiru, it is a punishment usually reserved for Captain-level Ninjas that have severely broken the law. The Sōkyoku is said to be as strong as 1 million zanpakutōs, and it evaporates the soul of the one being executed by it. Before the Sōkyoku could kill Haizo as his punishment, Seireitou appeared and blocked the strike with KyuubiTaishou (something the observing Captains found astonishing, since Seireiotu was blocking something as powerful as the Sōkyoku with only one zanpakutō).

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