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He is a decendant of the Lord of the Underworld and leader of the Lost Ones.



He is a calm and devious individual, he is always level-headed, never freaks out, and always has a planned out, yet complicated plan.

He is cold, calculating, destructive, calm, planning, and villainous.

He likes to play chess, with anyone he can reach. He likes to eat cookies and milk, but hates to eat vegetables.

He is always looking for a new member of the Lost Ones. He also looks for a new mate, due to his demon hormones.

He is also looking for a way to recharge his demon blood, to increase it to give him the full power of the Demon King. One of his attempts is trying to fuse himself with a Tailed Beast.


His ancestory comes from the Lord of the Underworld, a name not yet given. Due to many years of mixing human DNA with the demon DNA, the true powers of a demon are out of reach.

His father, STAN, and his grandfather, LUCE, attempted to rule the world, starting with the Village Hidden in the Leaves. They created a well called The Well of Darkness, which whoever dips in the pool will have their power drained, and the next one that dips in it will be drained of all power. This all happened during SAM's childhood.

When SAM was twelve, the Hidden Leaf Ninjas, lead by Minato, attempted to stop STAN and LUCE. During the fight, LUCE was pushed into the well, killing him.

STAN was fatally wounded by Minato, and decided to enter the pool. After battling Minato with more power, he was pushed into the pool, almost killing Minato in the process.

When the ninjas left, SAM entered the pool, gaining his father's and his grandfather's stolen power, he then decided to gain more power, by creating the Lost Ones.


Demonic Strength: His strength is great, able to lift a boulder.

Demonic Speed: He is able to move a the speed of a big cat.

Demonic Endurance: He is able to endure a hailstorm of knifes in one standing, as his muscles allow some blockage, but cannot block against powerful piercings, like a spear.



  • His tastes are based on a child's natural likes and hates.
  • His name is a reference to Samael, an Fallen Angel. His father, STAN, is based on Satan, the Devil. His grandfather, LUCE, is based on Lucifer, another name for the devil.

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