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Sacred Armor
Kanji 尊いの鎧 (Tattoi no Yoroi)
Rank A-Rank
Range Short
Hand Seals Ram, Dragon, Bird, Tiger
Inventor Kazeyo Fuyutama
Derived Jutsu



Kazeyo Fuyutama

Similar to the Lightning Release Armor used by a past Raikage and the Chidori Armor developed by Sasuke Uchiha, this technique uses chakra no both stimulate the nerves of the practitioner as well as shield them from harm.  Kazeyo developed this technique to increase his defensive abilities that are otherwise lacking as well as increase his reaction time incredibly.  While the Raikage's version of the technique also increases his destructive abilities, Kazeyo's is reserved entirely to defensive, increased reaction ability, and speed.  Combined with his technique Vacuum Step he is able to move at speeds which his eyes cannot follow completely and is forced to combine his Air Pressure Sensory abilities to avoid collision while traveling complex paths.  At the extreme cost of his own stamina, and by damaging himself quite greatly, Kazeyo can use this technique on his entire body.  Doing this can nearly kill the user, and it should only be used to completely remove foreign chakra from the entire body, which costs Kazeyo (a shinobi with a large chakra pool) nearly half of his chakra.

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