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Saizō Hattori
Name Saizō Hattori
Kanji 服部才蔵
Rōmaji Hattori Saizō
Titles Red Lion (赤獅, Akashi)
Saizō of the Dust Release (塵遁の才蔵, Jinton no Saizō)
Birthdate Astrological Sign Sagittarius December 21
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 27
Status Alive
Height 190 cm
Weight 89 kg
Blood Type AB
Classification Sensor Type
Affiliation Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure
Rank Jōnin
Ninja Registration IW-11296
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chūnin Prom. Age 9
Jōnin Prom. Age 11
Kekkei Tōta Nature Icon Dust Dust Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Dust Dust Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Jutsu Body Flicker Technique
Dust Release Chakra Mode
Dust Release: Cup of Wrath Technique
Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique
Dust Release: Fang of the Ancient World Technique
Dust Release: Primordial Flames Technique
Dust Release: Steam of the Yellow Springs Technique
Dust Release: Voice of the God Realm Technique
Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique
Earth Release: Golem Technique
Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Sandwich Technique
Fire Release: Demon Lantern
Fire Release: Thousand Blooming Embers Technique
Flying Swallow
Hiding with Camouflage Technique
Sensing Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
Third Eye
Wind Release: Pressure Damage
Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere
Tools Chakra Blade

Saizō Hattori (服部才蔵, Hattori Saizō) is a famed shinobi from Iwagakure. Descended from a fairly young family line, Saizō was blessed with strong skill and became someone of focus in Iwagakure's academy. Saizō raw skill, talent, and heavy potential caught the eye of the final student of Ōnoki, who passed down to Saizō the secrets of the infamous skill more advanced than kekkei genkai, the infamous kekkei tōta of the great and powerful Dust Release. With this power being possible within his blood and in his hand, Saizō became known as the best of the current generation of Iwagakure shinobi and one of the best shinobi in the village's history in general due to his advanced usage of his Dust Release. This further makes it so Saizō is considered to be a prime candidate for being the successor of the Tsuchikage position, though Saizō himself is unsure about taking the office and the responsibility.

Aside from his own feared name bearing great fame in the shinobi world, Saizō is known by a large set of monikers as well to add more to his infamy. As a powerful warrior with great ferocity on the battlefield, he became known as the "Red Lion" (赤獅, Akashi), for his red cloak and for the king of beasts. As such, when his name is heard to be on mission, many retreat in fear of battling the red beast due to his well known destructive power. Saizō is also known for creating multiple Dust Release techniques and taking it away from the common Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique the combined nature transformation in really known for and recreating it into a far more dynamic skill than it ever was before with its previous masters of Ōnoki and , earning him the honorable name "Saizō of the Dust Release" (塵遁の才蔵, Jinton no Saizō).


Many years after the Fourth Shinobi World War and a new generation of Kage took the offices to lead their respective villages into a new era for all shinobi and civilians, and simply all people, the village of Iwagakure gave a home to a new son. A man and his wife, a ninja and kunoichi pair, married into one flesh, and from their union, a child was born. This child would be named Saizō, and inherited his father's surname, Hattori. The young child was raised with love and care, as best as a shinobi couple could for their young, healthy boy.

Saizō would grow into being a happy toddler and later child. Around the house and with their neighbors, Saizō was known to be a good, helpful boy with adults and a good sport in games with children, being fair and not cheating, or taking it easy for those younger than him. Like any average child though, Saizō looked up to and loved his parents. He held a strong desire to be like them as he grew up more and more, and strive to be a ninja, a shinobi, much like his father and mother. Unwavered by his parents telling him the hardships and struggles related to becoming a shinobi, Saizō would be enrolled into Iwagakure's ninja academy.

While in the academy, Saizō talent, skill, and overall brilliance was uncovered. The boy skyrocketed and became one of the best students in class, showing good skill in every area of being a shinobi as he was raised up. This quickly got Saizō heralded as a prodigy among his peers, which pushed some away from him as they grew jealous of the boy, but Saizō remained popular among his peers as a student and worked towards his goal. Quickly, Saizō graduated the academy at the age of 8 years old to become a genin, and was registered as the Iwagakure shinobi with the number IW-11296. His proficiency soon caused the eyes of important shinobi within Iwagakure to look upon him that would one day lead to him gaining his ultimate power.As a graduate of the shinobi academy if Iwagakure, Saizō would be placed on a team to go on various missions to continue to grow as a shinobi with actual fieldwork. Here Saizō's quick thinking and talents came into fruition. Often, Saizō talent could save the team before their jōnin-level sensei would have to interrupt on their behalf to make it complete.

As his talent grew, Saizō and his team would finally be allowed to go on a higher ranking mission. During this mission, similarly ranked shinobi from a minor village would obscure the path for Saizō's team to attain success, and as such, battle began against the rival groups. During the battle, the minor village shinobi were pushed back, but one kunoichi continued to fight bravely to attain success for her home. Using one of his techniques, Saizō struck the kunoichi in the head with the attack, and she dropped quickly to the ground. Saizō, with tears of what he thought to have happened, ran to check the body as her team stopped in shock but were continued to be attacked by Saizō team. As he checked, Saizō discovered the kunoichi was dead, killed by his attack on her. The saddened shinobi quickly shook off his sadness, however, as to finish the mission objective. With him and his team winning, he returned home and performed minor missions for a while.

The disheartened Saizō, one night, sat outside his home on a bench, thinking over the death of the kunoichi. Words from his parents warning him of the hardships of being a shinobi flooded over him, and Saizō wanted to end his career as a ninja and quit being a shinobi. Walking home from her office, the Fourth Tsuchikage, Kurotsuchi, was returning home. The Lady Tsuchikage heard the crying of the young shinobi and walked over to him and sat beside Saizō. Listening to his words and feelings, Kurotsuchi scolded him as a coward, which shocked Saizō, before trying to calm him down. The woman told Saizō that killing is never pleasant for any shinobi save the truly insane ones, and that being a shinobi was to endure such pain and hardships for one's goals, love, and home. While she told Saizō to, in the end, do what he wants, but to quit would be cowardly and the loss of his talent would one day harm the village itself. This encounter changed Saizō, who decided to continue to be a shinobi and bear the pain to defend what he holds dear.

A year later, after graduating and becoming a genin, Saizō rank was raised as he was promoted. He became a chūnin at the age of 9 years old. The boy would continue to train and work hard, becoming stronger and stronger, but alas, more distant emotionally due to the killings he had to perform from time to time, working up a large body count despite his young age. Again, two years after becoming a chūnin, Saizō was again promoted to the rank of being a jōnin, being one of the youngest jōnin in Iwagakure's history. Saizō large amount of missions, successful ones ate that, and his great skill as a shinobi, many eyes were upon him. One in particular was a student of the Third Tsuchikage, Ōnoki, at some point in his life who was growing elderly like his former master. The man was taught many things by Ōnoki, but above all was the great, revered power and the most infamous kekkei tōta, an ability more advanced than kekkei genkai, the Dust Release. Not wanting the secrets and power of the great bloodline selection to fade from this world should he pass, he chose to pass it down to Saizō. Saizō was asked if he desired to learn it and advance his power to become stronger and greater than he ever was before, and he quickly decided to take on the task of learning to use the power of Dust Release.

Before he could learn Dust Release, however, Saizō had to be able to learn how to use the Wind Release. As Saizō already had Fire Release and Earth Release in his possession from being earth being his natural affinity and fire being taught to him by his father who had an affinity of fire, as well as starting very slowly with fire, this was the first time Saizō truly had to start from scratch outside of his comfort zone in learning how to use a nature transformation for combat usage. In reality, Saizō also had a fire affinity. This proved to be a challenge of sorts for Saizō, who had to let go of his accustomization to fire and earth to fully learn how to use wind. While this seemed simple, it proved hard for Saizō as he was use to using his natural talents. Further, earth and fire were more aggressive, straight-forward elements while wind was more of a flowing power that is adaptive. As such, the teacher almost gave up on Saizō. However, not wanting to stop, Saizō move to catch the teacher caused him to let go, and his chakra cleanly split a leaf he was using as a focus. From there, the teacher's hope was restored and Saizō was trained in the art of using Wind Release along with his Earth Release and Fire Release.

About a year later, once his usage of Wind Release was considered mastered and on par with his genetic nature transformations, the teacher moved on to the true aim of his training, the Dust Release. To begin this, Saizō was taught the basic idea of advanced, combination nature transformation elements, such as Lava Release. After this, Saizō's instructor told him to use fire and wind techniques together, similar to Scorch Release. Confused, Saizō did as he was instructed but wondered why he was instructed to do so. Saizō was then told, that like Lava or Scorch Release, Dust Release was formed by merging chakra natures together. This included the Fire Release and the Earth Release he had affinities for, but also with Wind Release which Saizō was told he held an affinity for as well, needing all three affinities in one to form the infamous Dust Release. As such, Saizō was again told to use Lava Release, but this time, was told to use it slowly to feel the sensation of his chakra natures coming together to form a merged nature chakra, though not quite a true advanced one. Once again, Saizō complied and repeated this task many times for many days with his master. Finally, the master told Saizō to try using that sensation as a basis to add the remaining chakra nature, earth, into that mix before wind-enhanced fire chakra was formed. This one done as Saizō possessed his greatest skill in Earth Release, and as such Saizō's master thought it would be easier to add his strongest skill in last since his control over it was superior. Saizō tried to do this many times, messing up the process multiple ways, from simply forming a massive fire ball and a column of stone separately to getting somewhat close to Dust Release, simply to have the ball of dust chakra explode into its separate elements. Saizō practiced this attempt over, and over and over time got closer and closer to the ideal ratio of earth, fire, and wind chakra before finally using the power of Dust Release truly for the first time. With this great power in his hands, Saizō came to be considered one of the strongest shinobi in the history of Iwagakure, including the Tsuchikage and jinchūriki, after his various improvements to the skill. Furthermore, Saizō is also considered by many to be the best choice in being the candidate for being the Fifth Tsuchikage.

After mastering his Dust Release kekkei tōta and its signature technique, the Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique, Saizō quickly recognized the simplistic and archaic nature of the Dust Release's style. Simply forming shapes with explosive cores was not enough in the evolving battlefield of shinobi. A such, Saizō himself took it upon himself to revolutionize the Dust Release kekkei tōta and reinvent it in a new light that would, hopefully, become its new path for years to come to maintain its status as one of the best nature transformations in the shinobi world. This led to the creation of many techniques that to various acts. From enticing the fire and wind natures of the kekkei tōta, creating a fog that causes great pain to those caught in it and the breakdown of techniques within it, making it far more fluid and similar in nature to the Truth-Seeking Balls of Six Paths Senjutsu users, or simply a powerful beam, Saizō advanced the Dust Release to making it a far more feared skilled than the fear attached to it from ever before. As such, this feat and his talent earned him the moniker "Saizō of the Dust Release" (塵遁の才蔵, Jinton no Saizō).

Saizō continued to grow in power, mastering many skills and techniques throughout his life and is still growing. His skill, ferocity, and power, along with the clothes he his famous for wearing, has earned him the title of "Red Lion" (赤獅, Akashi). His talent has earned him the praise of his village and others, and the scorn of missing-nin and enemies of Iwagakure. Through all this, the shinobi known as Saizō Hattori continues to hone his skills and serve as a ninja for his village and all who hire his assistance. Saizō also seems to seek a worthy student to take on and one day teach Dust Release to allow the art to carry on.


Saizo Senbonzakura

Saizō is a complicated man.

Saizō Hattori in his childhood was known to be a very kind-hearted child, and was thought to be very sympathetic with those around him. Through his kindness, he often helped those around him with tasks out of the love of his heart, not doing so out of a sense of duty or feeling as if it was a chore. Whether this meant helping someone train in use of a certain technique, helping one improve their aim with weapon throwing, or simply helping one clean up a room or wash dishes, Saizō did so gleefully as he simply wanted to help others. This helped him become loved by his peers, and through his talent as a prodigy, became the sought after rival of many in his class of shinobi at the Iwagakure ninja academy. Saizō was also considers to be very perceptive, able to break down what others feel by looking them over, and intuitive by feeling what is around him and gain a grasp of situations he found himself upon.

As he grew into being an actual shinobi, Saizō wanted to use the powers and abilities to protect the ones he holds close to his heart and loves, as well as defend Iwagakure, the home he has known for all his life and loved as it nurtured him alongside his parents. The skill he possessed in the shinobi arts taught to him were top notch, and his teachers looks to him with pride and he showed more and more his status as a prodigy among his peers. While this may not have been a big deal to Saizō, a few of his peers began to dislike the talented ninja-to-be and pushed him away. Overall, this would affect the young boy, as Saizō did not understand their dislike for him, but clung to those who remained loyal to him and he continued to be loyal to those around him.

This personality of his remained with him up until he began heading out on missions. The loving child known as Saizō would be forced to become what some consider a demon on the battlefield. While Saizō knew the life of the shinobi would involve having to take the lives of others and kill, he knew not how early it would be. On one of his first missions, shinobi from a minor village attack Saizō and his cell. While his team fought back, Saizō ultimately got a killing blow off on a rival kunoichi that could have only been slightly older than him. Watching her fall, lifeless, Saizō teared up realizing she was dead due to him, and that likely a family out there was or would be missing her. This experience traumatized the young shinobi, who began to distance himself from his true self and others. He would, however, carry on and form his nindō of bearing pain to protect love.

Saizō became more and more distant as his missions went on, and to many seemed to either be a shell of what he once was as a person or just a machine set out to battle. While not liking killing, Saizō became well known for his thorough assassinations. He often talked only when spoken to, or made minor comments here and there. He is known to be laid back and confident in his abilities as well, though not in an arrogant fashion. Many have commented he seems to be bored at almost all times, and compare his personality to that of the infamous Sixth Hokage, Kakashi Hatake. While this may be true to some extent, it is also noted Saizō prefers to work alone whenever possible and, while he does not dislike or disagree with teams or teamwork, simply finds his abilities, powers, and skills work best when he is not burdened with another. In truth, it is simply because Saizō knows he would worry over his teammates with him and it would slow him down.

Further, when speaking, Saizō is open about his views and opinions, and is fairly blunt in terms of this, though Saizō does attempt to hold back in sensitive matters as to avoid upsetting the person he is speaking to, though he may abandon this if the person is in denial or being unreasonable. Saizō is also noted to be a good listener, giving his full attention to whoever is speaking to him. As such, though some try to hold distance from him, many of his shinobi peers will seek him out in order to vent their frustrations and get honest feedback that isn’t sugar coated for this sake.

Saizo Kindness

Saizō showing his kindness to orphaned children with a smile, after putting on a small show for them.

Despite these changes, however, Saizō Hattori retains his caring nature at heart, and is truly kind despite his sullen, bored attitude. Saizō himself often wonders if his laidback, apathetic attitude may be him unconsciously trying to cover up this fact, and at times tries to act how he feels he would normally be. This often comically makes people think something is wrong with him, and he returns to his well-known laidback attitude instead. Despite this, when the weight of a situation is evident, Saizō can show his truly caring nature and show affection, if say, one of his peers lost a family member to illness or combat. He extends his true caring nature and friendship to his friends when he can, and may even jokingly insult them if it seems not out of place and they receiving end of the joke knows it is not a true statement. Saizō even claims to go as far as to allow his total annihilation and death to defend his beloved Iwagakure and those who share this village of rocks with him. Saizō is known to be most relaxed when he strolls and walks about the village he loves, often eating raspberry gummy candies that he has loved since childhood along the way. In battle, while retaining respect, Saizō has been known to compliment his foes should he get into open combat, which some interpret as him mocking them due to his well-known status as a powerful shinobi. Saizō rarely ever shows signs of egotism or being arrogant, though he will occasionally boost himself up when speaking without the intention to do so, allowing this idea to stay manifested against his best wishes. While not always open about his kindness Saizō does do nice things openly. He can often be found helping out his parents with tasks around their task around the house, and those who remember his helpfulness from childhood may also ask for his assistance in separate chores that Saizō will still help in as well. Further, he often seeks to help the elderly with their chores when he can within the village, something he has done since childhood, and can be found helping around different retirement homes as well. Another habit he has developed is visiting the orphanage of Iwagakure and helping the workers there with tasks, and often tries to entertain the kids. This is when his kindness can fully be seen, as Saizō will play games with them, talk with them about stories or his missions, when he often censors so they don’t know the full reality of his well-honed killing abilities, or simply putting on little shows for them with his various ninja skills. The orphanage is one of the few places that don’t possess any sort of fear against the great shinobi, and the kids openly show affection and love to the man. Saizō even shares his raspberry candies with them, which he rarely does for anyone else, including his parents, who laugh about this childish aspect of his personality. This is also where one of Saizō’s rare smiles can be seen. All in all, Saizō is good natured despite appearing otherwise.


Saizo Unmasked

Saizō with his head and face uncovered.

The man known as Saizō Hattori is of an impressive appearance. The seemingly cold and callous man bears a look that give these misheld beliefs inspiration to continue. He stands upright, and combined with his greater height, give him the physical look of looking down upon others. Along with his height, he has a muscular build to make him seem even larger, and doesn't appear to have any noticeable fat anywhere on his body. Aside from his body, his face possesses a fairly strong jawline and a somewhat sharp chin. Upon is, he possesses light stubble, keeping it trimmed rather than shaved. This would give him what most would call a handsome face, however, his eyes take away from it to give a dark, frightening look to it. His dark, brownish-gray eyes, while in color are unique, bear a hard, sad look in them that twist his handsome looks into what some people may call the look of a killer. His skin holds a darker pigmentation to it, tanned from years of hard work in the sun, as Saizō says it would normally be lighter than what it is. His hair is strangely white in color, having been this way from birth. The hair itself is fairly short and somewhat spiky, and he has a split in his bangs on the left side of his forehead. His mouth is normally found to be expressionless or in a scowl, though the occasional small, light smile can be seen to show itself on him. Despite all this, he is overall considered to be handsome by many people, just his imposing or frightening features push lesser beings away.

Aside from actual clothing, whenever he is on a mission, he wraps his mouth, nose, and the majority of his lower face up in bandages. The bandages, however, often get removed quickly when he gets into actual combat should his position be blown during an attempted assassination. The clothing he wears is simplistic in nature, as he does not wish to stick out too much. He wears a plated black shirt for basic protection from thrown, bladed weapons. Saizō also wears a grayer variation of this shirt at times. The shirt is long-sleeved, and has gray rings on the sleeves, with one on the lower part of the upper arm and two on the forearm. Along with this, he wears a pair of black gloves. On his left shoulder, he wears two pieces of plated armor. The symbol for his village, Iwagakure, is engraved on the upper shoulder plate. He wears fairly simple black pants, with gray straps on the thighs of them. On his left thigh, he also has a sheath connected to the strap to hold his knife. His pants are also held up by a belt colored similarly to the straps on is thighs. Finally, he has armored boots that cover his shins and end right below his kneecap. While they appear heavy, they do not hinder his mobility. Connected to his belt is a blood red cloth hangs to the middle of his shins. A similar cloth is on his head, worn as a hood and clipped in place with a black piece of metal. The hood covers his head and often covers his torso until he opens it up, and it hangs to his belt. It is with this infamous hood of his that Saizō continues to be known throughout the shinobi world as the "Red Lion" (赤獅, Akashi).

When he is not on mission and in his home village of Iwagakure, he can be found wearing a simple set of casual clothes. This outfit consists of a short-sleeved, dark gray v-neck shirt that shows his muscular frame off well. He has a pair of black pants as well. This is accompanied by a pair of black sandals.

Saizo Younger

A younger Saizō in his late teenage years.

When Saizō was a younger man in his later teenage years, as revealed in Saizō's memories, his appearance was slightly different. His white hair was slicked back, not covering his forehead and was spiked on top. He also did not have any of the stubble he often sports now. He wore a black shirt that was not plated, and has white lining that better shows his pecks and his abdominal muscles. The shirt is tight as well, further showing this, and is sleeveless, revealing has large, muscular, dark-colored arms. Like he does now, he wore a sheath on his left leg to hold his trusty knife. He wears his simple black pants with black shoes as well. His pants are held up by a black belt with a silver-colored buckle. As he has been wearing his red hood in his adulthood, the teenage Saizō sore a red cloak that covered his mouth and hung from his left side, covering it when it is not moving and in rest. It was with this cloak he originally gained his famous moniker and became known as the "Red Lion". This red cloaked was sometimes replaced by red arm coverings that covered all of his arms and went to his shoulder blades, where the separate cloths were connected with a piece of metal.


Saizo Chakra

A younger Saizō letting his chakra go wild.

Despite being of a fairly young clan compared to many of the other clans in existence, Saizō was able to overcome being of supposedly weaker blood and become an excellent and powerful shinobi. Saizō is noted to have large amounts of chakra, unique when compared to his father and mother, and the chakra itself is also highly potent, giving it greater power when compared to many of his peers. With it, he can use multiple Dust Release techniques in a row without showing exhaustion, with Dust Release being known to be quite chakra taxing. Due to his possession of large amounts of potent chakra, he is sometimes mistaken as the jinchūriki of one of the great and mighty tailed beasts, the legendary beasts of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki's creation. When he corrects those who makes this mistake, they are often shocked that such a chakra signature can exist outside of the greatest clans of the Warring States Period, making it so many respect and fear the great power and potential that Saizō wields. Some sensors have noted Saizō large amounts of chakra is bright, yet frightening to feel from all the anguish Saizō has felt over the years. Saizō is a master of many techniques, many of which are feared nationally and has a highly advanced, expert-level usage with all of them. Further, to match his muscular frame, Saizō is quite strong even without using chakra to enhance his physical attributes. Saizō great physical strength impresses even great taijutsu specialists, as he is so well built despite not making taijutsu his greater focus in terms of combat, and can easily lift a large boulder with a single hand. Saizō is further adept in the skill of fighting with a chakra blade in the shape of a large knife. Using his speed, agileness, and close combat skills, he can easily maim those who he chooses to raise the small blade against, even overtaking great sword wielders with the knife. Saizō is also noted to be fast with hand seals, and can perform one handed ones for events such as using the shapes of Dust Release to enhance his taijutsu. His overall large skill set, with powerful usage in each skill, has made it so he is considered one of the greatest shinobi to ever be born with Iwagakure and often thought to be the next in line to become the Tsuchikage.


Saizo Flight

Saizō using the Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique to fly with his knife.

Like many shinobi who have come and gone, Saizō possesses strong skill in ninja techniques, ninjutsu. This art, despite shining in his physical prowess, is consider by himself and most others to be where he truly shines. In combat. With his great stamina and large reservoirs of chakra make it so he can use many power in succession without exhausting either himself or his chakra reserves. Another technique that Saizō employs that falls under being a ninjutsu-based skill is the Flying Swallow. By using his knife, Saizō flows chakra into the blade. The chakra forms along the blade and in essence lengthens the blade to make it more proficient in making contact with its target, cutting them greatly. Saizō can adjust the length of the chakra blade by adding or decreasing the amount of chakra he flows into the blade, making the slashing length of the knife unpredictable to the opponent. While the cutting power of the pure chakra in great enough to cut through stone, Saizō can further enhance it with wind-chakra. Saizō can also use the fire to make a burning blade that can sever and burn, or use wind and fire together to make a much hotter, cutting flame along the knife. Finally, Saizō makes strong usage of the Hiding with Camouflage Technique. His own usage of this technique rivals the Dustless Bewildering Cover of the Second Mizukage . With this technique, Saizō directs his chakra in such a way that it acts as a mirror, reflecting light off himself as to become invisible to all. As the technique masks his scent and shadow, Saizō simply continued to practice his usage of the technique until he could completely cover up his chakra signature. As such, the best way to find him in this form is by hearing his footsteps, Saizō calls upon the power of his Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique to make himself lighter as to fly. The only true way to discover Saizō in this technique is to tell the smalls changes in wind flow from his presence. Saizō also makes usage of shadow clones with this technique so that if even one is discovered, another clone could strike while the enemy is occupied with the revealed Saizō, be it himself or another clone in either situation. Saizō can also use the Sensing Technique to track and hunt specific chakra signatures, and is a fairly adept sensor type ninja. Due to his many different ninjutsu-based techniques, Saizō is known to be very well rounded in his skills but that is not to say that the great Saizō lacks mastery in any of them. What sets Saizō truly apart is being born fairly skilled but still pushing forward to reach new strides.

Nature Transformation

Saizo Golem

Saizō's Earth Release: Golem Technique.

Saizō possesses the sacred Earth Release of the Land of Earth and Iwagakure. It is the basic chakra nature he uses most often was well, and possesses great skill with it as such. This indicates it may be his natural chakra affinity had he lacked his two advanced natures. One such technique he possesses in it is the Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique. Within, he can rapidly increase the weight of things he touches, using it to strategically control battle. One such tactic is the ability to increase his own weight, which increases his strength as well. This, however, slows him down drastically, but he can counter this with is mastery of the Body Flicker Technique to be able to move at speeds slightly faster than his basic, normal speed. Saizō can also use this technique to weigh down the target, and while their strength may be increased, he can again use his Body Flicker to outmaneuver them. If he increases the weight at an extremely rapid rate, the attack can petrify the foe, turning them into stone. This tactic is employed by Saizō on quick assassinations. Contrary to this technique, Saizō can also make usage of the Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique. As the name would imply, it can be used to lighten material. This can be used to lighten the weight of incoming, solid attacks as to make them less effective or not very effective at all, depending on how much he can lighten it. This tactic isn't used as to avoid getting hurt per se, rather, it is used to dishearten the opponent to see their attack made useless. Like the Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique, he can use this technique on himself. When he does this, he can grant himself the ability to move against gravity and fly. Likewise, he can apply it to his allies and allow them flight as well. However, this decreases his physical strength and often resorts to using non-physical attacks in flight. However, in a bind, he can rapidly increase his rate to restore his strength. Saizō can also lessen the weight of his foes to a lesser degree than the flight variation as to weaken their physical strikes, making this effective when fighting taijutsu specialists. Saizō also makes usage of the Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique. With this, he armors his hand and arm with stones as to increase the blunt damage of his fist, and by increasing its weight, it will become that much greater. He can also fly with this technique, and increase its weight in the air to drop it from the sky to let it pick up speed from falling. Saizō can make use of the Earth Release: Golem Technique. This technique creates a humanoid creature of stone with a large size. It can be made with earthen chakra creating the needed rocks, or with natural, pre-existing rock. Saizō can form the golem rapidly, and like many of his techniques, he can increase its weight to give it even greater strength. By merging his created rock and natural rock, and given time to construct it, Saizō can create a massive golem that is much larger than the armored form of Susanoo, but somewhat smaller than the as the Complete Body — Susanoo. This one's strength is unrivalled by any other user of the Earth Release: Golem Technique, the extra stone on it forms armored areas for Saizō to hide in while he lets the golem fight, providing a great defense. Saizō often employs shadow clones to help in its creation. Saizō can also lighten the golem and fly with it, before rapidly increasing its weight and dropping it on the area the enemy is in, using its massive size to crush all beneath it in a way similar to his usage of the Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique, on a much more massive scale. Saizō's final earth-based technique is the Earth Release: Sandwich Technique, in which he controls the earth to make to large stone formations rise up and slam together, crushing whatever is caught between them. Saizō can use various sized stone for different effects, from small ones to catch limbs, to large ones to crush massive structures. Also using his power over Earth Release, he can use his earthen chakra to form a fairly sized rock or use a naturally occurring rock to form a Third Eye, which is not an Earth Release-based skill normally, but through Saizō usage of it with his ash, it gains the Earth Release property. By using his chakra to control the eye made of volcanic ash and connecting the chakra to his optic nerve, it truly gains all the functionality of a third eye. The third eye of stone is used for reconnaissance by Saizō, scoping out the location of his mission before he strikes, hiding the eye or dispersing it to hide it from the enemy. However, to use it, he must cover one of his eyes.

Saizo Fire

A younger Saizō using Fire Release.

Further, Saizō also possesses the Fire Release. While it is not used by Saizō as much as he uses his more favored Earth Release, he still makes strong usage out of what he has available to him. One technique he commonly makes usage of and employs in combat is the Fire Release: Demon Lantern. With this fairly complex technique, Saizō kneads fire chakra within himself. He then releases the fire chakra from his body outwards, and the chakra shapes into multiple balls of fire that morph into several demonic-looking heads. Saizō then performs a simple a hand seal, and the demon heads will swarm forth and attack the target Saizō has chosen. While the heads themselves burn on when they initiate contact, its true power lies in that the demon heads will burst into a large flame as to consume the target with fire. Saizō can also control the demon heads to attack multiple targets or to land in different areas to ignite said areas aflame as to harm multiple people or block off routes the enemy can use to move about as to contain them within a reasonable distance from the man known as the "Red Lion". The other fire technique Saizō often makes use of is known as the Fire Release: Thousand Blooming Embers Technique. With this, Saizō again kneads fire chakra within himself, and then spits it out as a ball of fire. The ball of fire bursts into an extreme number of embers quickly after it is fire. The embers can cause low amounts of damage to a foe and ignite their clothing to harm them, but this is not the primary aspect of the technique. The primary usage of this technique is to allow the embers to burst into light. The light put out by the embers can blind the foe, even more so to users using activated dōjutsu, as their eyes are more sensitive. The embers bursting into light also makes a loud popping noise in the process, which can further disorientate the foe. As this technique is used, Saizō quickly distances himself from it as to not fall to its effects as well. He then will often use another technique quickly as to attack the foe more aggressively while they are occupied and stunned by the light and noise.

Saizo Wind

A younger Saizō initiating a Wind Release technique.

Outside of his powerful earth and fire chakra natures that he wields with great skill, Saizō possesses another basic chakra nature. The other nature Saizō bears and that was taught to him is the great Wind Release. Despite being learned later in his life, he uses the power of Wind Release proficiently and well in combat. Aside from techniques, Saizō uses Wind Release to enhance the power of his fire techniques. Doing this, the Fire Release: Demon Lantern demon heads bursts into larger, hotter flames, and his Fire Release: Thousand Blooming Embers Technique produces brighter, more blinding light. The popping sound also becomes louder as well. As for wind techniques, Saizō makes usage of the Wind Release: Pressure Damage. With this technique, Saizō compresses his wind chakra within himself, and keeps getting compressed to reach a higher density. Saizō will then release the compressed wind into a swirling mass of tornado-like wind. It can be used to wipe a large group of enemies off their feet at once. Should Saizō desire, especially when he is in more direct combat, he will compress the wind chakra in himself until the wind reaches its maximum possible compression. When releases, the resulting blast is much larger, and the wind cuts into the foe as it throws them, and can greatly damage the surroundings, such as destroying a large section of a forest or toppling buildings. Saizō can also ignite the wind with his Fire Release to burn away the surroundings rapidly as the tornado-like burst of wind turns into a fiery storm. Saizō also makes usage of a more direct wind technique that isn't originally focused on knocking over the enemies. The technique is known as the Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere. With is, Saizō breaths in air. He will then rapidly compress the air with his wind chakra before firing the air back out. The wind takes on the shape of bullets as it is exhaled out of him. The wind bullets move rapidly and fly towards the enemy. With the power of Wind Release, the bullets of air can easily pierce into the flesh of their target and cause a fair amount of damage and bleeding. The bullets, depending on the power of the individual bullets, can also completely pierce entirely through the body of the enemy, causing greater damage and larger amounts of bleeding. The bullets can be ignited as well. The burning wind bullets carry the same piercing power as the regular technique, but can causing bad burning on the enemy as it pierces into or through the target, giving an even worse pain to those who are struck.

Saizo Dust Shield

A younger Saizō using Dust Release to form a simple, impromptu shield.

Saizō possesses one final chakra nature. The secrets of this power that some consider sacred within the village of Iwagakure were considered to be passed down to Saizō when he showed mastery of his Earth Release and Fire Release from his affinities and family training. This sacred power truly was passed down to him once he revealed he had mastered the final requirement, power of his Wind Release as an affinity as well. The power itself merges all three of these natures: Earth Release, Fire Release, and Wind Release to form an ability of extreme power, usability, and variety in how it can be employed in combat. The great power of Iwagakure, wielded by the great Tsuchikage , as well as his successor as the Tsuchikage and in the sacred power Ōnoki, the mighty Dust Release. The power of Dust Release surpasses the greatness of a kekkei genkai, and is known as a kekkei tōta. As Saizō already was trained in merging his fire and wind chakra to greatly enhance the power of his fire techniques, the concept of merging the three chakra natures of earth, fire, and wind came to him fairly easy compared to other users of the power and failed attempts at gaining it by others. While it took him time to master it, Saizō quickly made it one of his most relied on abilities. The first technique Saizō gained from the infamous power of Dust Release is the most famous and iconic technique of Dust Release, the Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique. With it, Saizō focuses earth, fire, and wind chakra together to create dust chakra and form a glowing white sphere. The sphere of chakra is thrown forth of the selected target or targets. As it flies forth, a transparent layer of white chakra comes forth from it and captures the enemy within the shape that forms with the white sphere. The shape varies, with one of the more common ones Saizō uses is the infamous cube-shaped variant, as well as using a sphere-shaped variant of his own accord. The walls of the of the shape that surround the white sphere core are extremely strong and can withstand extreme strength and attempts to escape. Saizō can manipulate the size of the walls as well. Once the opponent is captured in the box, Saizō can interrogate them as being trapped can be quite intimidating. However, once he is done, or if he decides to just wipe them out, Saizō can will the white sphere in the shape to explode violently, destroy all that is within the three-dimensional shape of the technique as the walls can withstand the burst and reduce them to ash, hence the name of Dust Release. The cone-shaped variation can be used as a destructive long-range projectile that can obliterate a large area of land. Further, Saizō could use a cylinder variation of the technique, and expand it rapidly to attack with it, destroying massive structures with it, and can open up the shape to let the sphere within it burst and cause great damage. Saizō also employs a variation of this without the core in taijutsu. As just making the shape is a lot less difficult that adding in the factor of the sphere, Saizō can create them rapidly. As such, he can punch foes and have a dust cylinder form as he does it, using this method of attack in a manner reminiscent of the powerful Evening Elephant. He forms the empty cylinder with one handed seals. Furthermore, Saizō can split any of the shapes open to use lesser attacks on a captured foe while interrogating them. Lastly, he can form a shape without an explosive core just to capture foes and crush them if he desires to do so, or use them to move about as platforms. Another of his techniques that he employs is the Dust Release: Fang of the Ancient World Technique. He gathers the needed dust chakra into his fingertips and a white sphere of chakra forms before them. Then, in a fashion similar to the Storm Release: Laser Circus, he fires the sphere out as a laser. The laser is incredibly fast, and as such, the target must be incredibly fast as to evade being hit by the technique or to absorb it. As such, Saizō often uses this technique as a long-range, sniper-like attack to kill from away, and uses his Third Eye technique to help him aim it better to either kill or greatly maim. This technique causes extreme amounts of pain when it hits its target based on its composition. Further, Saizō can use this technique through the explosive core of the Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique as to harm those caught within if he wishes to keep them trapped, to harm them, but not to kill them quite yet or release them. Saizō can also entice certain chakra natures in his Dust Release techniques. One such example is his usage of a technique known as the Dust Release: Primordial Flames Technique. After gathering his chakra to create Dust Release chakra, Saizō forms the ordinary white chakra sphere used in the Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique. Once this is done, however, Saizō will entice the Fire Release chakra nature within the sphere. After this is done, glowing white flames erupt from the sphere, and then add more chakra to create a massive stream of glowing white flames. The white fire's most destructive aspect comes in the form that it has a rapid combustion rate, causing flaming bursts as it travels along its path, destroying all in its path, burning down everything molecule by molecule until nothing remains. The technique also rapidly boils water, but it does not target body fluids like the Scorch Release, so does not function as a way of killing specifically by desiccating them. The great power of these flames often make it compared to the power of Amaterasu, but Saizō himself points out it doesn't have the power to burn for long periods of times, burning out rather quickly. Saizō may also use a smaller version of this technique to burn through some defenses, as Dust Release is effective at destroying chakra as well. Finally, another technique of Saizō's that entices a specific chakra nature is one of his most trusted techniques of all, and it is the infamous Dust Release: Voice of the God Realm Technique. This technique entices the wind chakra nature of the Dust Release. By focusing dust chakra into his hand and bringing out the wind nature, glowing white wind will form around Saizō's hands. As it continues to form, Saizō will slash his arm in a chop, and the gaseous dude chakra will form into a destructive crescent. Due to the dust nature, the crescent can cut perfectly and cleanly through wood, rock, metal, and even mighty chakra barriers or structures, rendering even the mighty defense of the Susanoo useless against the assault of this attack. Saizō can slash his arms quickly to fire off more crescents, firing them off in rapid succession as to quickly and assuredly kill the target. The slashes can also be launched in many separate directions as to target multiple enemies or structures. Above all techniques Saizō has, this one was designed to kill and to kill quickly. Saizō also uses the Dust Release: Steam of the Yellow Springs Technique. With this, he again brings about the wind chakra of his Dust Release. Saizō will then breath out a blanket of chakra chakra gas. This chakra gas causes great pain to those caught within it, as it is a dust technique and it aims to break down things on a molecular level. However, the aim of the technique is not to kill though it can in theory. Rather, this technique is used to destroy chakra and techniques. Techniques used within the gas cloud are attacked as foreign bodies of chakra and broken down. This weakens techniques greatly and can make them useless, or it can completely eradicate them. Saizō often uses this as a starting move to slow down foes with the pain, as well as to make techniques weaker obviously. By relying on the fluidity of wind and fire chakra, Saizō makes usage of a powerful technique known as the Dust Release: Cup of Wrath Technique. By using the fluid natures of fire and wind, Saizō can form a dust core. This dust core, however, is extremely malleable. Saizō can use to form waves of attacks with its fluid nature, causing fast, powerful damage. However, it's main draw lies in that the core can be shaped into tools and given form by strengthening it with Earth Release. As such, Saizō can form powerful swords with the attack that achieve an effect similar to a handheld Dust Release: Voice of the God Realm Technique, as well as various axes, spears, and other weapons. This lets Saizō cut through just about anything it comes into contact with, including powerful structures of chakra like the infamous Susanoo with ease. Further, Saizō can create shields that defend him well and cause massive damage to those who strike it. Saizō can also use it to create a chakra arm of sorts to fight with. The core can also be used to fire off smaller parts of it to be used as explosions, as well as using the entire Dust Release: Cup of Wrath Technique malleable core as an explosion should Saizō require it to, and rapidly forms a shape to hold it. As such, this is one of Saizō's must versatile attacks, and it often gets compared to the legendary Truth-Seeking Ball ability. Saizō latest expansion of of Dust Release came in the form of Dust Release Chakra Mode. With it, he becomes virtually untouchable by ninjutsu and taijutsu as white chakra surrounds and guards his body. His taijutsu is also greatly enhanced by it. The main fallback of the technique, to Saizō, isn't the weaknesses it has to genjutsu, senjutsu, or chakra absroption, but rather that it becomes far too dangerous to use other techniques without disrupting his focus on the mode's chakra and risk blowing himself up. However, Saizō's taijutsu ability and great speed make him a frightening foe in this form.


Saizō Hattori is a man who employs clones into battle as he fights. The primary way Saizō produces clones is the widespread Shadow Clone Technique, one of the most versatile techniques that exists within the world of shinobi. With this technique, Saizō can create solid copies of himself with his chakra evenly distributed between himself and all his clones. These clones can think and act independently from the original Saizō, but as they are clones of him of course, act towards his common goal. While known for using a few, Saizō has been known to create many clones at once, and has been seen projecting up to two hundred clones at once, though in higher numbers such as this he and his clones seem to be unable to access his Dust Release kekkei tōta. While shadow clones cannot normally be detected by mean of dōjutsu such as the Sharingan, Rinnegan, Byakugan, and their related eyes, Saizō has gone the extra mile to perfect his usage of the Shadow Clone Technique as to fool even a great master of these dōjutsu, giving him a way to distract them as he launches a powerful attack. Saizō often employs shadow clones in the creation of a very large, powerful version of the Earth Release: Golem Technique, as to make it as fast as possible, and to continue combat as well so the golem can be created uninterrupted. Also, by using his highly efficient Hiding with Camouflage Technique, Saizō can turn himself and his clones perfectly invisible and be able to mask his chakra signature with it and become as if he doesn't even exist. While one could hear his footsteps, Saizō makes usage of his Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique to fly over the earth, removing this down side and negative aspect from his method of attack. As such, his clones can only be detected should one be able to sense the smallest of changes in air flow. Saizō goal with this was to create a method of battle tactics similar to the mighty Limbo: Border Jail used by Madara Uchiha. While his shadow clones could of course be dispersed by anyone should they strike them, it is simply challenging to land a hit on something perfectly camouflaged. Further, Saizō can produce multiple clones, at least four along with himself, and stream all five basic nature transformations. Saizō also uses the Shadow Clone Technique on his knife in a manner similar to the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique, however, he does not throw the knife to create clones of it. Rather, Saizō produces clones of the knife in his hands and is able to throw them individually, often with Flying Swallow with a Wind Release aspect added in to give the knives even greater cutting ability. As it is known with the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique, the cloned knives are nothing to scoff at, as shadow cloned tools are superior to shadow clones of living creatures and organic materials. The cloned knives can also be manipulated to change into clones of Saizō, should he desire it, as to be able to attack his opponent from behind if one of his cloned knives misses, making for a good suprise attack.


Saizo Chakra Blade

Saizō wielding his knife-shaped chakra blade.

Alongside his powerful usage of ninjutsu and his great physical prowess and taijutsu, Saizō always carries a blade with him. The blade itself is actually a chakra blade and takes on the shape of a knife. The knife shape resembles that of a bowie knife with a hole in it towards the upper spine of the chakra blade. As a swift and agile shinobi, the knife is befitting a shinobi of Saizō style. Using his agility, Saizō can quickly and silently sneak up upon a foe and execute them on the spot with the blade. No wasting chakra and not revealing his location by the enemy’s scream as he covers their mouth, simply taking down a target as to make his mission that much easier. While it is best to use the knife this way, Saizō can bring the blade into combat as well. With the agility he has, Saizō can weave in and out of fists and rivalling blades, and counter with the knife in accurate and deadly attacks, having one time cut the fingers from a man holding a fully-sized sword.

Saizo Dual Knives

Saizō having shadow cloned his knife to dual wield them.

However, should he meet a swordsman of such a caliber as to render Saizō blade useless, he can call upon ninjutsu. To do this, he often relies on a single technique: the Flying Swallow. As the knife is a chakra blade at its core, it was designed to be used with chakra flow. With the addition of chakra, the knife of the blade is blade more dangerous of course, but that is not all there is too it. The chakra itself forms off the tip of the blade into a sharpened state, effectively lengthening the blade of the knife. Further, Saizō can control the length of the added chakra length to make it longer or shorter on a whim. This makes Saizō attacks highly, if not entirely, unpredictable to the opponent, as he can rapidly change the length. Saizō can easily cut stone with this technique and damage blades. By using Flying Swallow with his wind-based chakra, the blade becomes that much deadlier with it sharpness. With it, Saizō can put large gashes through thick metal doors and cut them open forcefully. This can cut into some chakra-based structures as well. Saizō can also use his fire-based chakra with the Flying Swallow. This effectively turns his knife into a burning sword of fire. As he cuts with the blade, he can inflict great burns as well. Like this other fire techniques, Saizō can enhance his Fire Release Flying Swallow by also flowing in his Wind Release chakra. This increases the heat of the fire and gives it a wind-like cutting ability. The effect of this also causes the blade to cauterize wounds. As a user of the Shadow Clone Technique, Saizō applies this to his knife as well. By cloning only the blade, Saizō can recreate the blade just once as to dual wield his knives. The cloned knife has all the same power as the regular blade as clones of inanimate objects are of a superior quality to that of clones of animate objects. He can also produce a group of knife to throw them simply, and he possesses great, deadly accuracy when doing so despite the shape of his blades being unsuited for being thrown.

Physical Prowess

Saizo Young Wounded

A younger Saizō showing his great pain tolerance after having three swords stabbed into him yet still standing.

Saizō is a skilled user of taijutsu and hand-to-hand combat. Saizō at times is seen as preferring to use taijutsu in combat based on his various techniques that enhanced his physical attributes. Saizō is known to be very skilled and strong in the use of taijutsu, due to his great strength and stamina. With his strength, Saizō could, with a single hand, lift a massive weight that was designed for two hands, though he showed this was straining him greatly while he did it, indicating his strength is not as great as the legendary Fourth Raikage A or the Fifth Hokage Tsunade. His great stamina also allows him to fight for hours without succumbing to exhaustion, being seemingly perfectly fine even after battling a group of rogue shinobi, known as missing-nin for over seven hours, using many techniques and physical assaults in the process. Using his superior levels of speed, Saizō has shown a wide range of physical assaults with barrages of strong punches and powerful kicks. He also uses more unorthodox methods, such as slamming his head into foes with a powerful headbutt, despite this tactic hurting most of those who use it as well. Along with sheer strength, his stamina allows him to maintain powerful strikes, punches, and hits with little to now weakening even after a long period of time. Saizō further seems to focus on hitting joints to disable foes, and is not above breaking a foe's bone in an area to defeat them. Like Naruto Uzumaki, Saizō also enhances his taijutsu through the usage of shadow clones, and creates deadly barrages of taijutsu by creating two hundred shadow clones to attack the enemy from all sides nearly constantly. Saizō further has a high tolerance for pain, not flinching when he was struck in chest with a chakra-enhanced punch. Saizō also survived three swords being stabbed into him, and finished his battle before seeking medical attention. Saizō further enhances his taijutsu by using simple Dust Release to create shapes. This is most often seen by him punching a foe, and as he does he creates a cylindrical column that rapidly expands outwards from his fist to throw the foe and harm them great with the fast most, strong walls of the shape in a manner reminiscent of the Evening Elephant. Saizō can also do this with a cone to stab through an enemy if he so desires to. When doing this, he strikes with one arm while performing one handed seals with the other hand. Saizō can also enhance his taijutsu by using the Dust Release Chakra Mode. This gives him a powerful defense to ninjutsu and taijutsu as it breaks down chakra and flesh to come in contact with him rapidly. It also enhances his own abilities as his physical strikes gain the molecular breakdown abilities that come with Dust Release. He possesses great speed as well, which is greatly amplified by his mastery of the Body Flicker Technique


Saizo Planning

Saizō planning his attack.

While being strong and fast is good for anyone locked in combat, intelligence is just as, if not more, important than either of these two things. According to Saizō himself, intelligence often ends up being the deciding factor of any battle that one partakes in. Saizō himself has keen senses and great awareness. As such, Saizō uses these two things to get a feel for his surroundings and devise the best course of action and movement, and routes to escape should he decided to retreat and flee from combat or take cover and hide to devise a surprise attack on the foe. Saizō also uses these to map out a skill set of his opponent in his head. To explain this, he will note the order of their attacks. Should he fight someone he uses multiple ninjutsu in a row, he will believe that that is their specialization and form a strategy to deal with them from there, or if they often fight close range with taijutsu or nintaijutsu to figure out how to best deal with them. For example, on ninjutsu specialists, he will often go in to close range combat with his trusted and well used knife attack their hands and arms to try and disable their ability to form hand seals, which would further cut them off from the ability to use ninjutsu and limit their options in taijutsu. Further, with a taijutsu specialist, he often makes usage of the Dust Release shapes he can from to obscure their path and maintain distance, or abandon fighting on the ground and attack from above by flying with the Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique. More so on ninjutsu, he will take note of the opponent's potential tendency to lean on a certain nature transformation as to get a feel for their skill set from there. Further using his skills in analyzing to break down a function of a specific technique or ability. For example, when fighting a shinobi from Konohagakure who used the Rasengan, Saizō, not having seen it before, noted the spiraling chakra and spherical shape, as well as its handheld position, meant it was likely going to be a deadly close-range attack or a deadly thrown orb. After witnessing a tree be destroyed as he dropped to evade the attack, he noted his assumptions to be accurate before closing the gap to attack while the enemy was recovering. Saizō also seems to be adept at figuring out if he is caught in a genjutsu or not, and will cut himself with his knife to escape it.

Saizō is also good at deceiving his enemies. He does this by focusing on a certain skillset to make himself seem limited in combat, such as relying on his knife of using his Wind Release abilities, before quickly and without warning switching into another skillset to catch the opponent off guard, such as rapidly using his long-range ninjutsu to attack a foe from afar if they build distance from him under the belief his is a close-range ocmbat specialist. He can also catch them with his Fire Release: Thousand Blooming Embers Technique to overload there visual and hearing senses to be able to pick them off with a long range technique while they are caught or recovering.

Saizō's love for history has also made him read the histories of the great villages of Konohagakure, Kumogakure, Sunagakure, Kirigakure, and of course his own home village of Iwagakure. Saizō also took time to look into the history of Takigakure due to it being deemed worthy of containing a tailed beast, the Seven-Tails, Chōmei, in specific, in the past, as well as having been the home of the notorious shinobi Kakuzu with his infamous Earth Grudge Fear. This allows him to further have a prediction of potential skillsets his opponents might have based on their headbands or if they are missing-nin, though he doesn't let these predictions cloud his mind and is open to surprises in combat happening. Using this history in battle with a Hyūga clan member, he was able to discern the blind spot of the eye, giving him an advantage from that point on. Saizō seeks to learn the origin of chakra, and seems to know the legend of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths, very well and seems to know of the tailed beasts possessing individual names. As such, he tries to communicate with them when he comes across them out of respect and wonder.


  • Saizō's given name translates to "possessing genius" (才蔵). His family name, Hattori, translates to something along the lines of "clothing guild" (服部).
  • Saizō's name is derived from two famous ninjas from legend and history. His given name comes from Kirigakure Saizō, while his family name comes from Hattori Hanzō.
  • Saizō's author has stated that if Saizō had a voice actor, Junichi Suwabe or Hideo Ishikawa would be his ideal voice actor. The latter of the two is known for voicing Itachi Uchiha in the Naruto and Naruto: Shippūden anime.
  • Saizō enjoys various types of music, hunting, reading, history, and training.
  • Saizō's favorite food is seafood, more specifically shrimp and salmon, as well as having an equal taste for beef. Saizō doesn't dislike many foods, but often does not eat chicken as he says it sometimes has a strange texture. Saizō also enjoys drinking water, green tea, jasmine tea, and fruit-flavored beverages. Further, Saizō tends to not drink alcoholic beverages, as he finds the scent of alcohol nauseating.
    • Saizō also seems to carry raspberry flavored gummy candies on his person at most times when he is within his home village of Iwagakure.
  • Saizō dislikes both centipedes and wasps, finding them to be a nuisance. This dislike, however, is just a tamed version of his childhood fear of the two of these creatures. This further extends to spiders, to a lesser degree.
  • Saizō greatly hates the smell of cigarette smoke, and as a younger man would often put out the cigarettes of smokers around him due to this. As an adult, he has grown out of this rude habit.
  • Saizō has completed 1,081 official missions: 151 D-rank, 153 C-rank, 421 B-rank, 253 A-rank, and 103 S-rank.
  • Saizō's favorite word is "competence" (応答能, ōtōnō), as he despises not being confident or effective in one's tasks.
  • Saizō wishes to fight Itachi Uchiha, Gaara, Kisame Hoshigaki, , and Killer B from all the shinobi in the Five Great Shinobi Countries' individual main villages' histories.
    • Saizō has a stronger interest in Mū as the man has a very similar skill set to his and is, in Saizō's opinion, the strongest Tsuchikage in the village's history thus far.
    • Saizō further believes a battle with Mifune from the samurai's Land of Iron would be interesting.
  • Saizō is sometimes believed to have a baseline, unawakened kekkei genkai as a base for his Dust Release kekkei tōta, though this is unconfirmed.
  • Saizō initially possessed the Lava Release kekkei genkai, however, this was dropped as to focus more on the character's Dust Release.


  • "When you try to master something, you will either succeed or fail, but in the attempt, you will find your true value."
  • "The only goal I carry in battle is to be able to see the morning of the next day."
  • "Natural skill and learned skill are both important in combat. If one is born great but has learned nothing, one who has learned to gain the same skills and hone them can over take them. One born untalented, however, must quickly discover that if he does not wish to fall to the prodigies around him."
  • "Life only possesses purpose when you give purpose to it."
  • "There comes a time in life in which one will shape their life into whatever they wish it to be. The blood that flows in their veins, their environment, and many other factors can help the shaping of it, but in the end, it is the individual who fully crafts it. In the end, the strong will look on it proudly, maybe with some regrets, but still present it as theirs. The weak people are the ones who blame their life on outside events they would not respond to productively."