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Name Sakin
Kanji 砂金
Rōmaji Sakin
Titles Dust Mountain (塵山, Jinyama)
Upset (逆転優勝, Gyakuten Yūshō)
Sage of the Primitive World (原界の仙人, Genkai no Sennin)
Birthdate Astrological Sign Sagittarius December 21
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 27
Height 180 cm
Weight 82 kg
Blood Type AB
Classification Sage
Affiliation Gingagakure Symbol Gingagakure
Previous Affiliation Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure
Previous Partner Yoshitsune
Rank Jōnin
Ninja Registration 672561
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Jōnin Prom. Age 16
Kekkei Tōta Nature Icon Dust Dust Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Dust Dust Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Jutsu Beast Tearing Gale Palm
Beast Tearing Palm
Chakra Enhanced Strength
Dust Clone Technique
Dust Release: Beam of the Ancient World Technique
Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique
Dust Release: Manifestation of the Mythological Realm Technique
Dust Release: Primordial Flames Technique
Dustless Bewildering Cover
Earth Release Shadow Clone
Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique
Earth Release: Golem Technique
Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Moving Earth Core
Earth Release: Opening Earth Rising Excavation
Earth Release: Sandwich Technique
Earth Release: Ultra-Added-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Ultralight-Weight Rock Technique
Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation
Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Fission Technique
Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
Rock Clone Technique
Sage Art: Dust Release: Current of the God Realm Technique
Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation
Sage Mode
Shadow Clone Technique
Wind Release: Vacuum Great Sphere
Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere

Sakin (砂金, Sakin) is a powerful shinobi from Iwagakure. Sakin started off as a nobody in the village, but would grow well known for his acquisition of the powerful Dust Release, which made him become a feared shinobi as well. Weight was added to his shoulders, people expecting more and more out of the man. Finally, Sakin snapped at these people who demanded so much of him that once hated him and used the village's famous Dust Release as a threat to escape the village that burdened him with such expectaions. During his travels he would come across Yoshitsune.

Sakin is referred to by the name of "Upset" (逆転優勝, Gyakuten Yūshō), as he started off as the little man, but was able to upset the ranks and beat his superiors. Finally, Sakin is referred to by his peers in Ginga as the "Sage of the Primitive World" (原界の仙人, Genkai no Sennin) in honor of both his use of Dust Release and its most iconic technique with his status as a Sage, which is being a user of senjutsu.


Sakin was born not a noble, not in a clan, Sakin was born to a working class woman and a weak shinobi for a father in Iwagakure. Little is known about either of them, other than his father being a notorious failure as a ninja. This led not only to his father being shamed, but led to his eventual suicide. The people of Iwa would go from taunting Sakin's father to mocking Sakin, the only child of the infamous failure. Sakin would take these insults, and sink into a solitary state of mind, more and more disliking the humans around him who acted like mere beasts. Sakin would not allow these people to prevent his own growth, and showed early potential in the use of Earth Release. Joining the ninja academy, Sakin would grow stronger as a shinobi, but despite him showing potential for earth early on, he would grow to become weaker than many of his classmates, once again being left in the dust. Years would pass, battles would be fought, and finally, Sakin would grow to become a decently powerful shinobi, and everything everyone thought of the man would soon change. Sakin knew of a few things often thought to be kept secret. He knew the workings of Dust Release, and how it mixed earth, fire, and wind from a message from none other than his deceased father. The workings were known to Sakin's grandfather, a student of Ōnoki and shinoni in the Fourth Shinobi World War. His grandfather though knew only the basics, and sadly fell in the heat of battle before the end of the war. His body was taken home eventually, and the record of Dust Release, stored in a letter, was given to his son, Sakin's father, as well as his other belongings. This one done in hopes of one of Sakin's grandfather's descendants being able to learn the and master the abilitiy he failed in. Sakin's father grew obsessesed with it, and tried to use it himself. This power led to his failure, as he focused on nothing but trying to obtain Dust Release. His skill in all fields dropped as he weakened more and more trying to gain a power he could not activate. Sakin though, grew as a shinobi before ever learning of the letter or his father's obsession. At this point Sakin was considered a master of Earth Release, skilled in Fire Release, and average in the use of Wind Release. Sakin began to train and test if he, like Ōnoki and before him, could awaken the power of Dust. The process was slow, not wanting the make any mistakes. Slowly, Sakin would begin to merge all three natures into a single point in front of him, but not even carefulness could prevent to explosion. The orb he had formed burst, destroying not only his home, but his neighbor's home too. Iwa reacted quickly, fearing Sakin may have been a carrier of the Explosion Release and was preforming terrorist acts like Deidara. Sakin was binded and imprisoned, and would have rotted had the site not been examined. Among the ruins, a man inspected the site. Unlike Explosion which leaves rubble, the site was mostly coated with a finer grain, dust to be exact. The man, a succesor to Ōnoki in the Dust Release, known as Minamoto would enter the prison and offer Sakin a chance of freedom. Sakin took the man's offer, and became a student under him. Sakin would be forced into learning Dust Release to its true potential, and not a rudimentary form that could barely destroy two houses.

Years would pass, and Sakin would now be a masterful user of the art of Dust Release. The villagers who once mocked and attack Sakin for having a weak father would grow to praise the successor of Iwa's greatest power. Expectations for him began, expecting him to preform certain feats, act a certain way, be the leader of the new generation. Sakin's anger grew, and an avalanche began. Sakin grew tired of these disgusting hypocrites, wanting him to become their leader when in the past they wanted him to be their punching bag. Sakin's wrath grew against these people, less and less preforming missions for them and attending meetings, more and more despising the village. Sakin would finally snap, and formed not the most common dust technique, but used his own Dust Release: Manifestation of the Mythological Realm Technique to form a dragon with multiple explosive cores against them instead. With very being willing to stand against the power due to the fear factor it caused, Sakin used the dragon to keep the village at bay for his escape. Only one stood in his path, his own teacher Minamoto. The duel, long and destructive, both using Dust Release to a great amount of its destructive potential, but Sakin gained the upper hand with his own technique, and finished his sensei off with a powerful burst of the dragon-like structure. For this bloody victory, Sakin began to be called "Upset" (逆転優勝, Gyakuten Yūshō). Sakin, now free from the village and counted as a criminal, ventured into the world of his own accord, free from the hypocrites of his home. Sakin's freedom from the village allowed him to grow powerful on his own, returning to life prior to the respect of his home. Sakin would fight hunter-nin off who tried to capture him for the bounty on his head. During this time, Sakin would meet one man in particular, Yoshitsune, another famed missing-nin. Sakin knew the history of how Madara Uchiha single handedly deafeated both Ōnoki and Mū and made Iwa give in to his will. Sakin wanted to test how he could work against one of who bore the Rinnegan like Madara, and challenged the man. This proved the be the strongest and longest battle Sakin had yet face, as Yoshitsune was well versed with his Rinnegan, catching Sakin in illusions that Yoshitsune casted weakly on purpose and the like. Sakin though continued to break free by inflicting himself with wounds and use of Dust Release until finally the fighting stop, and Sakin fell due to exhaustion. Upon awakening, Sakin rose covered in bandages. Yoshitsune congratulated him on fighting so well, and the two discussed it for hours. Yoshitsune revealed he was not fighting to his fullest potential, and neither was Sakin. He offered to train Sakin, to increase the Iwa ninja to his true potential. Having felt invigorated by fighting someone who wasn't out to get him and wasn't out for his power, as well as say that Sakin was not as powerful as he could be, Sakin joined Yoshitsune in hopes of reaching this potential. He also secretly was intrigued by someone not praising him, but telling him he was not at his true power, something Sakin hadn't had in a long time. Sakin would be one of the founding members of Gingagakure eventually, a village of all people, a village not built on power grabbing but to get away from the world powers. He was, in fact, the youngest of the group.


Sakin bears the appearance of a man who has seen the rough parts of the world. This is evident by his overall facial expressions and general posture: he slouches to showcase his lack of care for most things; he is stern in order to ensure nobody can catch him off-guard. These traits, when combined with his actual physical traits, create a rather intimidating figure. His general physical stature is quite tall for a man his age: when one adds his highly athletic figure, one can see the level of training he has gone through for much of his life. He demonstrates himself to possess a remarkably muscular figure: highly muscular biceps and triceps, a well-built chest and pectoral muscles, and a complete set of abs. Furthermore, Sakin has a rather angular facial structure; this is made more pronounced by his jawline, thin lips, and pointy nose. This, combined with his striking silver hair - quite short and kept spiky - makes him quite an object of attention by many. To complement his relatively attractive appearance, Sakin wears a surprisingly simple attire. This includes an onyx, sleeveless, tank-top with white lining at the chest and shoulders over a pair of dark green cargo pants, which are kept fastened through a simple black belt. Finishing this attire off is a pair of black combat boots. Also, notably, Sakin possesses a few piercings, four in total. One piercing being in his left eyebrow, and the other three on his left ear.


As a child, Sakin was noted to be happy, upbeat, loving, and much like any other normal child. He was defensive of his father, who was considered the largest failure of the village, and showed great love for his parents. All this would change when his father took his life, to finally escape the hatred the village so greatly gave him. This changed and twisted Sakin, and along with recieving the hatred his father once got he became the opposite of who he once was. Sakin, much like his appearances suggests, is very apathetic and uncaring as of now. Sakin shows this through disrespect of his elders, teachers, and even leaders. This only fueled the prosecution he recieved, but luckily, Sakin cared little of what these people thought of him. Sakin seems uncomfortable when he recieves praise and recognition, one of the leading causes of his betrayal of Iwagakure due to the massive shift of how they treated him. Sakin likes to work but be unseen, his deeds being known but him allowed to remain in the shadows. Sakin's interest and spark only comes to life for few things, the most prominent being a good fight. During battle is when Sakin's husk of life is filled and fueled, showing what many believe is pure insanity. Unlike his normal emotionless self, he cracks a wicked grin and eyes ignited with vigor. This is when Sakin will either praise or deminish who he is against. This is when you see the true core of the Sakin. Unlike Yoshitsune and Ninigi Senju, who try to refrain from killing, Sakin possesses no qualms with killing, whether it be man or woman, adult or child, so long as the means meets the good in the end of the day. Sakin even seems to smile a bit at the sight of blood, slightly. Sakin seems to possess a slightly sadistic nature, toying with his foes if he gets the chance to. This also expands to him having a bit of a masochistic nature, taking wounds set on him with a smirk that most deem to be true insanity, and at times even howls with laughter about being harmed physically. Despite this, Sakin is kind deep with in, and often supports the underdog in a fight, enjoying seeing the weaker person dethrone the stronger foe. Sakin doesn't seem to care about faving friends, and only seems to consider Yoshitsune and Ninigi his friends, along with a select few others.


Sakin is a man of powerful stature. Sakin is noted to have large reserves of chakra, though it is unknown how much he actually possesses. He was able to go toe to toe with Yoshitsune for nearly a day on chakra use during their first battle, indicating he possesses nearly as much as him. Sakin is known as an underdog, not a prodigy. He started off as nothing and worked his way to his current power, even defeating his prior teacher Minamoto, who was considered a prodigy of all sorts. Sakin's will, much like the Will of Stone, is strong and unwavering. Now matter how he is attacked, treated, or even tortured, Sakin holds his head high and keeps his pride and dignity. This will is what fuels Sakin's life, and keeps him moving ahead. Some even claim Sakin's will is even stronger than that of Ninigi Senju, who holds the Will of Fire. Sakin has rudimentary skill in genjutsu, as it is opposite of his more forward style of fighting. Sakin is noted to have great stamina, from fighting Yoshitsune for a long period of time. Sakin is also quite fast, and is the fastest of Yoshitsune and Ninigi outside of the realm of the Body Flicker Technique and Ninigi's Flying Thunder God Technique.


Sakin predominantly fights with ninjutsu, and has learned and mastered many techniques through out his life. One of the many techniques he has conquered in his life is the Body Flicker Technique. It is a technique that allows him to move at high speeds other large distances at nearly untraceable speeds. Sakin uses this technique to not only move quick from place to place quickly, but to enhance his speed in battle, making him a target difficult to hit at all. Another skill Sakin picked up on over time allows him to use his chakra to fly or levitate, and transfer it to others for a temporary amount of time. He often uses his ability of flight to increase physical assaults, allowing him to be able to create more combination hits with punches and kicks with his great speed. He also uses this to bombard his foes with ninjutsu aerially, much like that of Ōnoki in the past. Sakin also possesses a famous technique which allows him to split himself into two. This technique is unlike a clone technique though, as it literally creates two of Sakin who possess the same powers and abilities. It also has no seals making it faster than true clone techniques. The downside though is that the power of the two Sakin's is severed in half. Sakin often uses this technique to lay pure confusion on his foes, letting one half die and make it seem as though he is unkillable. Sakin seems to gain all power back from the half that is killed, and also can remerge with him if need be. Lastly, Ninigi possesses the Hiding with Camouflage Technique, which completely erases his scent and, shadow, and makes him unseeable. This allows him to preform assassinations with great ease, and slip away in battle and appear elsewhere. Sensors note that he is difficult to find even with their great sensory powers, and only seems to be found by those with blessed eyes.

Nature Transformation

Sakin has been trained in various different nature transformations, and as jōnin has mastered some and is well versed in others. His first, and most prominant, nature is Earth Release, fitting for someone of Iwagakure. While powerful with it from the beginning, Sakin only attained true mastery from training with Ninigi Senju. Some of his most used abilites in earth are the changing of weight with in stones, or objects in general. Such abilities stemming from this is the power to increase the weight of objects. Strangly enough, when used on living organisms it causes them to begin to petrify. Sakin also uses a greatly enhanced variation that possesses the same abilities, but at a faster and more drastic rate. This variation is also used more often for increasing the brutality of attacks, as it increases weight so greatly faster. This often is the main purpose behind Sakin's use of the technique, to increase the power of his attacks. He also mixes his reflexes, speed, and masochistic ways in to make contact with a foe's weapon, such as a sword, and make it heavier and heavier until the foe can no longer use it. Along side this, he can also decrease the weight of objects, and can also use this power to make himself, or others, weigh less to move faster. Though, in return his, or their, strength is decreased as well. Likewise, he posseses this technique's greater version of making objects lose weight drastically faster, and uses it in such a way to make even the largest boulders way as light as a feather. Sakin, outside of weight, also can coat his arm in rocks which deals a greater, more powerful punch due to increased hardness. As a man who uses taijutsu decently and often enough, this technique is used for such purposes often. Sakin possesses the power to transform the surface by changing the elevation of the ground. This can be used to unbalance foes and make them be hit by incoming attacks with proper timing. Sakin also uses it to with his feet as to continually punch in the same pattern but to hit different areas as the foe moves with the earth. Sakin's skill with earth also allows him bring up to the surface what is deep underground in quick, catapult like manner, and Sakin often uses this to fling his foes into the air. Sakin can form from stone a powerful golem of great strength that varies in size. The stone is shown to be resiliant, and the technique is often used as either a soldier or a shield. Sakin often uses it as a mirror, making it reflect his attacks as a partner, or do the same while standing on top of it and avoid entering the main fight. Finally, Sakin's final well known technique relating to earth chakra is the powerful Earth Release: Sandwich Technique. This technique makes two powerful and gigantic slabs of stone slam together with great force. This will almost always destroy everything caught in between. This technique also has a smaller-scale form to use on smaller groups or a single person.

Sakin is also a skilled user of the great Fire Release, and some consider him a mster of its use. Like Earth Release, he did recieve training with another shinobi. This time, it was Yoshitsune who helped him with the nature a bit. Sakin is able to use the famous and iconic fire technique, the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique to expel a large fireball from his mouth. The size of the ball is dependend on how much chakra is used to create it. The fire is quite hot, and is able to leave a crater on the ground upon impact. Sakin often uses this technique with clones to fire multiple fireballs in all directions. Derived from this basic technique are two, more advanced versions. One of these two abilities allows him to expel a wall of fire that travels quite the distance. The technique has a wide range, causing it to be difficult to avoid. This technique would need multiple water users to put out. Sakin often uses this technique as a means of "flushing out the rats" who try and hide from him. The other is a magnificent stream of fire, and can then form a sea of flames. Sakin himself often flies above the foe before using this technique and will then make it rain fire. Sakin possesses a similar technique to the Great Fireball Technique, and it is known as the Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique. Unlike the other though, this one creates a volley of smaller fireballs that are sent in an unpredictable manner, and can be manipulated bu Sakin's chakra. While mostly meant to be a distraction technique, Sakin often uses as a means to push the foe back by repeatingly slamming them with the bursts. Sakin's final and, apparantly, favorite fire technique is the Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique. This technique allows Sakin to spew out ash that has been infused with chakra, and burns anyone who is unfortunate enough to come into contact with it. Due to the chakra-infused nature, it can throw of dōjutsu and sensors, as well as be used as a powerful smokescreen. Sakin uses this as a means of throwing the enemy off, catch them as they react and proceed to pummel them.

Sakin possesses the power of Wind Release as well. Sakin, unlike the other two basic natures he uses, isn't considered a master but rather as a skilled user. One such technique he possesses allows him to make a powerful wind slash, capable of being fired multiple times in succession. This is done by flowing wind chakra into the Sakin's hand and swinging it. Enhanced from this seems to be his favorite wind technique, the Beast Tearing Gale Palm. It uses wind-infused chakra and condense a large amount of wind into a demonic, clawed hand. This can be used not only to strike and grab foes, as well as deflect other ninja tools, the claws carry tremendous power and can devastate what coms into contact with it. Sakin uses this technique as it was made, a devastating hand made of wind, and uses the wind hand like a great weapon. Sakin also uses Wind Release: Dust Cloud Technique, which allows him to blast a great stream of wind containing dust particles in it. Anything that is hit by the technique is greatly wounded, as the wind accelerates the dust, making it able to break and tear apart flesh. Sakin can also fire multiple small blasts of wind that well fly over an expanisive range. Due to this nature, it is hard to evade the bursts without coming out with a little bit of damage. These bursts can also cut and pierce the flesh of those struck. Stemming from this, Sakin can also condense the bullets into a single point. This sphere has the properties of the smaller bullets, but the wind-chakra becomes much more damaging in this larger state. Sakin often uses wind to enhance the power of his fire.

Sakin possesses a rare and unique ability. Passed down in Iwa to a select few is the powerful Kekkei Tōta known as the Dust Release. This nature merges the three natures he already has, which are earth, fire, and wind. Sakin possesses the ability's most iconic technique, the Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique, which forms a structure with a glowing sphere in the center of it. The technique will then rapidly expand in size and will be sent towards the foe. The structure will cage the foe on the inside of it with the sphere, which will erupt violently. The structure confines the blast, and all caught inside of the technique is destroyed. The shape of the structure also can determine the effect of the blast. Sakin is known to mostly use either a cube, cone, or sphere for its shape. Sakin can also use the Dust Release: Beam of the Ancient World Technique, which form the white sphere in his hand. The sphere will then be used to fire a beam, and anything struck by this laser is destroyed by the technique's properties. As it also moves incredibly fast, it makes the technique difficult to counter, evade, or even absorb. Sakin also created the Dust Release: Primordial Flames Technique, which again greats the sphere. Sakin then flows fire into the sphere at a greater amount making the sphere erupt in white fire. The sphere then streams white fire from it. The technique is incredibly hot, and makes you feel the breakdown of your body when struck by it. It is often compared to Amaterasu. Lastly, Sakin created the powerful Dust Release: Manifestation of the Mythological Realm Technique. This creates a structure that appears like a great dragon. The dragon has five of the explosive spheres in it. While the technique has a great use in the dragon's claws and fangs, the spheres make it the most deadly. Each sphere can be set off individually or in a group, and makes it perfect for capture a large group of ninja. The spheres can also be fire from it, which creates a powerful explosion, though it does not get the increased power of being a confined explosion on the foe. Despite this, it still is deadly to those hit, and can send up depris that can also cause more damage.


Sakin, like many ninja, has become use to the use of clone-related techniques. Like many, Sakin often uses the Shadow Clone Technique to form physical clones of himself. These clones can attack freely on their own, and even bleed and be used to fake death. These clones can be very difficult to be proven false, and even dōjutsu have problems distinguishing the clone from the original. These clones though disperse after a few blows. Sakin is also able to use a mass mass variation and create hundreds of new clones at a time, and they carry over all effects of the regular version. Sakin often uses these clones for gathering natural energy for the use of Sage Mode. Sakin also uses these to increase his own barrage of attacks, making his own little army. Outside of these, Sakin also merges his earth-based, creating a shadow clone made of mud. The clone, due to its mud-based formation, can continue to reform from damage and go back to its original state. Once dispersed, the mud making it can hold the foe in place. For that reason is why Sakin uses it, to capture his foe in place and attck them in their prisoned state. Along with this, Sakin has non-Shadow Clone based clones. With his earthen chakra again can form clones out of stones. These clones are shown to be tougher, but when struck with enough force, or releases on command, will shatter apart into rocks. Sakin often uses this tactic with the ability of flight and increasing, or greatly increasing, the weight of the stones to make it rain insanely heavy rocks on the foe beneath them. Finally, Sakin has created his own variation of clones with his dust chakra. These clones look like any normal clone, that is physical, but unlike them carry an explosive core. When struck with high enough force or released by command, the clones human appearance rips to shreds and in its place is the explosive core and a structure quickly grows and traps the foe within the technique. The core explodes and acts much like that of the Dust Release's most iconic technique, but is know to be less powerful and often does not kill the foe, just harming them greatly.


Sakin is decently strong in the use of taijutsu, due to his strength and stamina, though it is not his preferred style. While still not his preferred, he has grown to use it more often after learning a bit from Ninigi Senju. After learning the art of enhancing his strength with chakra, is when he finally showed its use thoroughly. Using his naturally gifted speed and even enhanced, he has shown a wide range of physical insult with barrages of punches and strong, painful kicks. He also uses more unorthodox methods, such as slamming his head into foes as a powerful headbutt, and snickers at the pain put back on him by it. His strength allows him to shatter bone one a punch, making a pianful situation for his foe. Along with sheer strength, his stamina allows him to maintain powerful stikes, punches, and hits with little to now weakening even after a long period of time. This strength has shown to be useful, and even hold and push back a stampeding bull. While not peaked, Sakin is known to still be training to increase hs skill in taijutsu.


Sage Sakin

Sakin with his Perfect Sage Mode activated

Yamaren Seija took Sakin under his wing as a student after some time. Eventually Yamaren was taught the power of senjutsu, which over some time he would begin to teach to Sakin as a form of a lesson. Just as Yamaren Seija did to Yamaren, Yamaren took Sakin to the peak of the Golden Mountain, an area in the Land of Origin that is rich with natural energy. Here is where Sakin would be taught the most important power in his life, not Dust Release or Sage Mode, but self control. Sakin was a brash and violent man who was indecisive, and Yamaren would change this. Using Sage Mode as a parallel to enlightment, Sakin would be forced to focus and master the use of energy, but his impatience cause imperfection. These imperfections caused the markings that the perfect version had to form, but with a few extra lines. His muscles grow larger, and he forms a prominent brow ridge, looking more and more like an early human ancestor or ape in general. In this form his ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu are increased, as well as his reflexes, stamina, and speed to a degree, but his intelligence, or at least judgement, deminishes as he becomes more primal. This form though would be left eventually, as through time and training Sakin matured and grew. His comfortability as himself grew, and as he begin to grow physically, his spirituality, his chakra, adapted. Finally, his chakra balanced itself with nature, and a new, true power emerged. His Sage Mode attained perfection. His markings forms red pigment around his eyes and a third eye marking to form on his forehead, and his eyes turn to a golden color. In this form his perception skills, reflexes, strength, speed, and stamina all increase greatly, as well as his ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu becomes stronger too. His healing factor is also increased form. With the senjutsu chakra he is also strong against those who use the rare and powerful Yin–Yang Release. All of the abilities shared with the imperfect form are naturally superior in the perfect form as well. The down fall of this ability is that it takes time to gather natural energy for it, though Sakin often decreases the time by gathering energy with a few clones. Through time and effort, Sakin also gained the special capability to gather natural energy faster than others, taking mere seconds on his own.

While in this form, as mentioned, Sakin's taijutsu, speed, and strength are all augmented greatly. This forms Sakin as a fast-paced physical tank, easily taking hits and returning more powerful blows with his senjutsu-enhanced body that prove to be devastating. More notably, his ninjutsu becomes highly advanced to create even greater results in power. He also is able to preform an ability in which he pours natural energy into inanimate objects, giving them "life". These newly "living" things can change drastically and alter the use of the field. They can attack the foe of the sage and make for versatile allies. Extreme heat can counter these things and revert them back to their "non-living" form. Sakin often uses this technique less for a shield of fighters to protect his, but as allies to increase his physical devastation. Also, another of Sakin's notable senjutsu-based techniques is the Sage Art: Dust Release: Current of the God Realm Technique. To use this technique, Sakin must gather dust chakra that will surround him. The chakra forms a white shroud of chakra that surrounds him. The cloak acts like an armor of sorts than can be used for highly defensive purposes to defend Sakin as he prepares the technique fully. Flowing more wind chakra into the shroud, the armor forms into ten slashes that fire off in succession from Sakin, which can be used in a rapid fire succession or in multiple directions. These slashes cut cleanly through most anything, and complete destroy all it comes into contact with. Evading them has proven to be difficult as they are quite fast in movement and each slash is rather large in size.


  • Sakin is Japanese for "sand gold" (砂金).
    • Sakin is named after the Gold Dust used by the Fourth Kazekage.
    • Sakin is the only one of my main male characters not named after a historical or cultural figure.
  • Sakin's favorite dishes are beef, nikujaga, and onigiri. He dislikes most green vegetables and chicken.
  • Sakin wishes to battle Ōnoki and .
  • Sakin has been on 328 missions: 105 D-rank, 145 C-rank, 50 B-rank, 9 A-rank, and 19 S-rank.
  • Sakin's nickname, "Upset" (逆転優勝, Gyakuten Yūshō), is a reference to the sports term Upset, which is when the underdog beats the superior. It was popularised by the famous racehorse Man o' War losing for his first and only race in his final race before retirement against a horse named Upset.
  • Like many of my characters, he shares his birthday with a person his author knows in real life. Sakin shares his birthday with one of his best friends.
  • Sakin as he is now is a lot different then how I had originally written him. He was originally written as the gifted great-grandson of Ōnoki, completely opposite of his new underdog role based somewhat on James J. Braddock, the notorious Cinderella Man, and Rocky Balboa from the Rocky franchise.


  • (To Yoshitsune during battle) "I'm not like them! I won't fall to you so easily! Prepare yourself, for I will show you Dust Release to its true potential, and how it expands beyond your limit!"
  • (About his past) "That village... it is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. It mocks the weak, but the moment one gets strong they are loved by them. That once weak man, now strong, mocks what he once was. I may be biased, but after all I have been through, I wouldn't deal with those bastards. Gingagakure may not be perfect, but at least the people here aren't as heartless."
  • (Receiving a wound) "The hell was that? Come one, cut me! Cut me harder and cut deeper! You don't know how to make a wound, here, I'll teach you!"
  • "I was born... to nothing. I wasn't part of a prodigious clan, I wasn't born with amazing power. I was born to a merchant and a failure of a shinobi. I was mocked and berated for my father's mistakes. I grew wanting one thing, the power to change. I climbed the mountain of mocks and assualts put on me, and I stabbed my conquering flag into it! I took power for myself, I created the power of the Tsuchikage, with a letter and of my own capabilites! I am what I am because I overcame the power of those above me, and I shattered the ranks by becoming what my father could not! I finally gained the power I wanted. Not Dust Release, but the power to change! I changed myself, something people thought would amount to nothing but the dust on their feet, to being the dust that put them in their grave!"
  • "Take your golden throne! I want nothing of it! Once you sit on top you become lazy and lose yourself, you lose the fire that burns in your soul to drive you forward. I will take this seat made of mud, rocks, and sticks and be happy. It lets me see high enough to know what is coming. It sits me low enough so I am still down to the earth and not losing myself in the clouds."