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Sannoto Senju
Sannoto Hayato 2
Name Sannoto Senju
Kanji 千手サンノト
Romanji Senju Sannoto
Voice Actors
Personal Status
Birthdate April 25
Age 80
Gender Male
Height 220cm (7"2)
Weight 150kg (330lbs)
Blood Type A
Home Country Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Hometown Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Family Hashirama Senju (Great Grandfather)
Tobirama Senju (Great Granduncle)
Nawaki (Uncle)
Tsunade (Mother)
Dan Katō (Father)
Ayame Uchiha (Wife)
Sayuri Uchiha (Daughter)
Sigma Uchiha
Kakashi Hatake (Son-in Law)
Kiyasui Iro (Daughter-in Law)
Shigemi Yuri (Granddaughter)
Katoku Hatake (Grandson)
Yasaki Hatake (Grandson)
Tsugumi Hatake (Great-Granddaughter)
Kanata Yuri (Great-Grandson)
Kurumi Yuri (Great-Granddaughter)
Himizu (Great-Granddaughter)
Affiliation Uzushiogakure Symbol Uzushiogakure
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Previous Partner Raido
Kekkei Seiha Nature Icon Metal Metal Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Metal Metal Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release

Sannoto Senju (千手サンノト, Senju Sannoto ), renown internationally as The Perverted Metal Seeker of Peace (平和の探求者エロ金, Heiwa no Tankyū-sha Ero-kon), is a retired shinobi of Konohagakure famed for his highly successful career as one of the best shinobi to ever serve Konohagakure. He is the only child of the former Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, and her deceased lover, Dan Katō, the husband of Ayame Uchiha, the father to Sayuri Hatake and Seigetsu Senju, and grandfather to several more. Despite his career as a Konohagakure shinobi, Sannoto, due to the unique circumstances that Tsunade was placed in, lived in Uzushiogakure believing he was the child of her and the Uzushiogakure’s Kage. However, when he was only a small child, Uzushiogakure was attacked and destroyed in a one-night war.

During the ensuing destruction, several summoning seals and fuinjutsu runes were simultaneously damaged, making manifest tears in the world that Sannoto was unfortunately pulled into while he tried to escape. Thus, for the next decade of his life, he dwelled in Banteki Savannah, the land of the Tigers. Because of his awakening of his own, unique, Metal Release, Sannoto was taken in directly by the White Tiger himself on how to harness his destructive gift. When he emerged back to the Human World, Sannoto discovered his clan had been wiped out, and retreated to his mother’s homeland of Konoha. During which time, Sannoto was taken in by the shinobi, and due to the stresses of war, he, like every other shinobi, was sent to combat. He gained notoriety for his ferocity and success on the battlefield during the Third Shinobi World War, and later for his years of expertise on the field following the war. He later served Konoha in tracking the Akatsuki, and helped defend the Jinchuriki during the Fourth Shinobi World War.


"Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance."
— Sannoto flirting with a woman

While most mothers don’t worry about the features their children will carry upon creation, Tsunade very much wished for Sannoto to bear no resemblance to his true father, Dan Kato, out of fear that her husband would ultimately deduce his heritage and execute the child. Thus, Sannoto’s life is indicative of his resemblance to Tsunade herself; he overwhelmingly favors his mother, as her Senju/Uzumaki genes seemingly overpowered Dan’s own. In a similar vein, Sannoto’s physique is often synonymous with envy just as his mother’s was, and by those who are drawn to his gender, his physique is quite attractive. Over the course of his lifetime, Sannoto’s body has changed to befit his newest stages of life. He has matured greatly since he was a child. Yet, even as an elderly man, what has always remained central to his identity is the warm, bright smile that usually rests upon his visage comfortably and never seems to falter even in the eyes of true adversity.

Perhaps because of his brimming life force, Sannoto has always been a noticeably towering figure. Even as a five-year-old child, he stood a head taller than the other children, and weighed nearly a liver’s more in muscle alone. When he as absorbed into the animal realm, the tigers originally mistook him for a Chunin-level shinobi due to a combination of his chakra reserves and his physique, standing at 60 cm and weighing nearly 36 kilograms. Thus, in his youth, Sannoto’s age was mistaken by many, yet, his physique allowed the tigers to begin training him earlier. By the time he had turned thirteen, Sannoto was already six feet tall, and by the time he had turned eighteen, he had grown another foot and two inches to eventually reach his terminal height of 220 centimeters. While muscular, Sannoto’s training into adulthood noticeably built more muscle mass, and even till this day, in his late seventies, his body remains in peak human condition. His muscular build is simply monstrous, as any clothing he wears does little to hide his physique as his muscles simply bulge through any cloth. Concealing any signs of strength is near impossible, not only because of his status as the son of Tsunade, but because his build simply radiates that power.

Though he is nearly eighty years old, Sannoto has very few wrinkles that would not indicate age. Because of his Uzumaki and Senju genes, he naturally ages slower, and his lifespan is considerably longer, thus allowing Sannoto to remain in his prime for much longer than otherwise indicated. He appears considerably younger than his age would testify, and so that he could match his appearance with his age, Sannoto has grown an immense amount of facial hair to appear older. He possesses a long beard that touches the tip of his heart and a thick mustache lightly parted in the middle—suggesting that it has taken years of growth to achieve. With his facial hair, Sannoto appears to be in his mid-fifties to early sixties, and without his facial hair, his age presumably drops ten years. Thus, when he reveals that he is eight decades old, most are left in astonishment. Truly, his possession of head hair helps to refute their denial of his age; despite being eighty, Sannoto’s hair has not greyed, nor has it bald. He has very long, silky, blonde hair with a rather healthy glow indicating this it still has years before it eventually falters to time. The length of his hair has changed over time. As a child, his hair was shoulder length, drooping no further than the tip of his shoulder blade with a bang which covers his forehead. A natural trait due to how his hair was kept as a child, the ends of each thread curls upwards towards the sky, seemingly defying the natural phenomenon of the world which holds all things down. As a teenager it had extended slightly to the tips of his shoulder, but as an elderly man his hair extends far down his back. In addition, he has several strands of hair that are very similar to a thick-antenna hanging in front of his face, a miniature version of a bang, but natural.

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"People who are too optimistic seem annoying. This is an unfortunate misinterpretation of what an optimist really is. An optimist is neither naive, nor blind to the facts, nor in denial of grim reality. An optimist believes in the optimal usage of all options available, no matter how limited. As such, an optimist always sees the big picture. How else to keep track of all that’s out there? An optimist is simply a proactive realist. An idealist focuses only on the best aspects of all things; an optimist strives to find an effective solution. A pessimist sees limited or no choices in dark times; an optimist makes choices. When bobbing for apples, an idealist endlessly reaches for the best apple, a pessimist settles for the first one within reach, while an optimist drains the barrel, fishes out all the apples and makes pie. Annoying? Yes. But, oh-so tasty!"
— Sannoto speaking to Tobirama

By nature, Sannoto is a scholar and an artisan. It has been his place to express himself through his creations and manipulations of the elements of the world. Artistic masterpieces, destruction across villages, architecture, etc. Anything that you can see is the work of an artisan, and Sannoto has always been drawn to that. As a child, he didn't care about playing outside on the playground, but rather why outside was...well, outside. What made it hot? What made it warm? Why did seasons change constantly? Why was the world in a constant state of flux? He has always been compelled to make things, to shape the world to his own perspective and views. Clocks, computers, medical equipment; he always took things apart and then put them back together. On his free time, he didn't practice handseals, but rather studied why specific handseal sequences produced a different effect.

As an artisan, Sannoto's view on the world is strictly related to that of a machine; he perceives it as that. Animals killing one another, people fighting others, children getting sick, etc. are things that are natural. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis are just events to trigger the destruction of the world, only to have it rebuild itself again. For Sannoto, he believes in the cycle of destruction and rebirth. For everything that is destroyed, something is given life. For this reason, Sanoto perceives human nature as good. As a result, he is one who follows the middle road of life. He refuses to disturb the natural order of the universe, but when balance is upset he seeks to simply restore it. Peace can not be established without conflict, and conflict cannot exist without peace; a balance that Sannoto recognizes.

Sannoto, as a artisan and a scholar, is someone with a rather pragmatic view on the world. While many people allow their experiences to distort their perspective, Sannoto's mechanic-like attitude doesn't grant him a distorted view. Everything that happens is a part of the ultimate machine—the machine he recognizes as life—and is merely a process. The world, rather than being colored, is seen more or less as grey in his eyes. Because of this view, he sees very little reason to deviate from his current lifestyle of the restorer of balance; he believes himself to being an universal constant and, partly due to his relative arrogance, an eternal being. Despite this arrogance however, Sannoto doesn't enjoy much attention at all. He rarely cares about being remembered or acknowledged, but in cases where he does care he prefers it to be through his work as an artisan: the statues he creates, the jewelry that he puts together, etc. He wishes to create things that he can eternally live alongside with. The lack of desire for attention is a reason why Sannoto finds it quite difficult to speak about himself, but when speaking about his work he is capable of rambling for days.

Because he takes pride in his work rather than himself in most cases, Sannoto self identifies as a machine, thereby opening himself to criticism. With this openness, he takes criticism and other comments fairly easily without getting offended or disturbed in the slightest. Every opportunity where he is criticized allows him to grow as an artisan, and the knowledge that he attains from this growth fills his scholarly need to assimilate experiences and sensations. Often times, because he doesn't get offended easily, things that people may say to Sannoto matter very little to him when it isn't criticism about his work. His desire to study the world and to learn how it works leaves him very little time to focus on himself. Consumed by the substance of life rather than the image, the fact is that he may not be in touch with the people of the world, but simply unified with nature.

Detached with society, Sannoto is able to watch entire massacres without being moved emotionally. Death is apart of nature, and as a sage he realizes that. Despite this, massacres that aren't natural (in the sense that nature didn't intend for it to happen) Sannoto finds the motivation to respond. When the world is plagued with too much death, a percentage that he himself decides, Sannoto seeks to restore the balance, but when death is not apparent enough he again restores the balance. When it is restored, he secedes into the background and allows the natural flow of the universe to take hold. Like his rival, Sannoto is someone of true neutrality. As the combination of man and nature, his role does not lie in siding with either force, but rather maintaining the balance between these two opposing forces.

Regardless of the outside world however, one is incapable of restoring balance if they themselves are not. For this reason, Sannoto himself ensures that he is balanced. He is recognized as a man who defines compassionate and warmness, spreading nothing but pleasure and happiness to everyone that he met. Friends and foes alike find him contagious, for once he smiled they would smile regardless of their moral alignment, good or evil. Everyone who he met found themselves infused with a sense of happiness and internal peace. Sannoto's "smile" not only portrayed his extreme sense of happiness, but also his calm and collective attitude. Finding him angered, beyond a calmed nature, was rare and impossible to bring out, with a few mere exceptions. Even when people treat him wrongly, cruelly, like an annoying peasant, he would never get angry. He only saw the best in people, no matter how dark or morally incorrect that person was. For this, he is categorized as a optimistic man.

Stemming from his optimism, and his desire to balance nature and man, everything in the world he holds as equal. Contrary to what many believe, this did not simply include humans but includes any and everything: plants, animals, but more importantly Tailed Beast. Instead of seeing them as weapons of mass destruction, the compassionate Senju sees them as living things, creatures who possessed a conscious, feelings, intelligence of their own. As such, he doesn't approve of them being held captive within humans and believed that they ought to have the choice of being imprisoned. However, he does not hold the Jinchūriki to fault, and holds them on a pedestal due to their ability to remain balanced even after surviving seas of malice.

As a scholarly man, he has developed a particular research to the anatomy of women and like most of his studies, he will go as far as death itself to learn more. According to his students, perverted essentially describes his entire being , as nearly every woman has called him a pervert at one time or another. While a pervert, Sannoto claimed that he was actually respecting women by praticing his own form of perversion, usually by openly walking into the women's bath house or complimenting them on their looks openly. Following this perverted nature; Sannoto was usually seen reading comics dealing with a woman’s anatomy along with the Icha Icha series created by Jiraiya. He was such a devoted fan of the series that he had read every single book and seen every movie produced.

Another field of his research was his own abilities; he'd test himself continuously and push himself to the brink of death to test the limits of a human. This allowed him to push himself to unknown levels and for him to destroy barriers that stopped advancement. More of all, this strongly hints towards his level of curiosity, which was a trait that he always held. Even as a child, he was always more curious than most, evident by the fact that he'd put his own life at risk to learn a bit more about that or this. More importantly, Sannoto was fond of testing unprecedented situations, taking bold risk to see the outcome of a certain situation, such as fighting three people at once or jumping off of a cliff into a lake and waiting some time before emerging. These were looked upon as damn right suicidal, but this prepared him for virtually any situation. His curiosity was his greatest attribute for learning.

Affiliating his curiosity with sheer stupidity, which wouldn't be too much of a stretch, those affiliations are wrong as Sannoto is just extremely brave, unflappable subconsciously. Evident by the stunts he have pulled in the past, often being initiated by his curiosity, he can truly only go through with them due to his unflappable disposition. He'll jump into situations without hesitation to protect these people from harm, including animals as well. This also seems to be a fatal flaw for him indeed. For to save a friend, he will sacrifice everything, his own life especially.

Influenced by the spiritual energies of his Tai, his own hexagram, Sannoto also has a separate persona threaded into his own cloth of personality. Tai, as an entity attempting to achieve his mission for ten thousands of years without success, feels a great deal of guilt and a heavy mental burden for the current status of the shinobi world. A gentle, compassionate entity, Tai wishes that he could have achieved balance for centuries now and that it is absolutely his fault that the past wars have occurred and is even more upset about the war-filled period that should have been prevented. With a permanent and compatible fusion between him and Sannoto, this separate persona threaded itself carefully within his own personality, being hidden under his carefree and compassionate disposition, however when seeing the destructive nature of humans and the damage done to the world because of the current wars, this persona surfaces and Sannoto gets extremely depressed. This persona often causes Sannoto to take up missions or other responsibilities personally, feeling as if he has to do them alone and all on his own.

However, while he understands that by shouldering things and taking the burdens, he realizes that he works best alone on many occasions, thus he sees himself as an unfit leader, someone unworthy of leading a group of people for they would only be hurt in the process of his stubbornness. While this guilty disposition is the main contributor to his need to do things alone, another persona that Tai threaded into Sannoto's own personality is extreme confidence. Holding centuries of knowledge, along with being completely compatible with Sannoto, Tai believes that Sannoto and he are the only ones capable of certain task which is why they must do it alone, for Sannoto's perfectly developed abilities and Tai's experience makes this fusion a wonderful one, for he can use his abilities to the best of his abilities while ensuring that the mistakes made previously are not repeated. In truth, this is more arrogance than anything, which exactly what happened to a certain man.

Indomitable Will

"In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless"
— Sannoto speaking to the twins

The very essence of his being, both for Tai and Sannoto, is the dominating willpower for without their indomitable willpower everything else would be useless. Raido, the rival and companion of Sannoto, once claimed that he didn't think much about willpower until one of his battles with the man. This desire, unique willpower to succeed in everything is truly what defines Sannoto. His desire to master his abilities to prevent himself from hurting anyone again is what allowed him to not allow him to be overwhelmed by the biggest sin he has ever committed, nor overpowered by any force of evil that dwelled within his heart.

His indomitable will is what supplies him with the ability to stay true to his heart, to stay true to his scholarly and artisan nature which allows him to see all the endless possibilities in the world, no matter how tunneled the world becomes. Despite the wars, the sin, the corrupted nature of the world influences many everyday and love seems to be a forsaken term, forgotten among this current generation who dwell and prosper after the Fourth Shinobi World War, every day balance seems to get further and further away from the world.

His indomitable willpower supplies him with something that is greatly appreciated in modern society, something more important than natural skill itself; perseverance. His greatest feat in which he truly persevered excluding his desire to master his abilities is during his battle with Raido, where he solely fought the man after being wounded heavily using sheer willpower to continue battling as if he was suppressing the pain himself. This feat is was made Raido think highly of the willpower of the Senju Clan. His willpower combined with his physical attributes often makes people compare him to a monster, for when his physical attributes finally succumb to weakness his willpower picks up the slack considerably.


Over the course of his vast life, Sannoto has forged relationships with a variety of people especially due to his adventures across the world exposing him to a large amount of people.



Tsunade, despite the insurmountable conflict that she endured to ensure Sannoto's survival following his birth, was rarely present during the preliminary stages of his childhood. As a child, Sannoto laid his eyes upon his mother perhaps once or twice every six months or so. Each time however, she rarely ever welcomed him warmly into her arms; she fought him as hard as she possibly could. Obviously, each fight ended with his failure, but despite his growth that he displayed from one battle to the other, Tsunade never complimented him. All she uttered was disappointment. Her goal would be to strengthen her child physically and emotionally. She hoped that he would demand her love and affection, and to earn it he would improve his skills. However, Sannoto never sought his mother's attention, nor his father's. He immersed himself in his creations; that was the only acknowledgment he required. For this reason, Tsunade and Sannoto have a relationship that many would consider incredibly strained. He knows very little about her, and the secret of the true identify of his biological father is one that he has yet to attain. Even after years of being separated, while under the notion that the other could have possibly died, their conversation remained formal upon meeting one another again.

Despite Sannoto's impression that his mother cares very little for his well-being, the truth is that she does. Disillusioned by Dan's death, she intentionally withdrew her love out of fear that if she perished, Sannoto would be subject to a grief she had experienced. Not only that, but the intense training sessions that she forcefully subjected him to were all to prepare him for the rigors of the shinobi world that lay ahead. Upon meeting naruto however, Tsunade would later begin to regret how she raised Sannoto, and how she watched as he remained imprisoned for all those years without uttering a sound. It was for this very reason that when she assigned him to his mission, that she took in his daughter and raised her with every possible motherly fiber in her veins. Regardless of this, Sannoto was never able to truly come in terms with his mother, and this would later fuel his desire to mend the rifts with his own family.

Sayuri Uchiha

Because of his fiance's unfortunate passing during childbirth, Sannoto was forced to raised his daughter as a single parent for much of her young life. Regardless of the struggles, he loved her and spent every second of the day with her by his side. If he was issued a mission, she would accompany him disregarding any dangers that awaited. Although she physically bore very little similarities to her father, even a stranger could conclude that they were father and daughter just from the incredible dynamic held between them. Their relationship would falter after he was assigned a secret mission from his own mother, Tsunade, to track and record the Akatsuki's movements. Though he denied several times, it was concluded that this was a necessity. Afraid of the dangers, he decided to leave his daughter in Konoha without him, and he planned to leave in the middle of the night, but she followed, forcing him to render her unconscious. With tears, he departed, leaving his daughter safely on a bench.

Although their relationship eventually faltered due to a lack of communicating with one another, Sannoto still loved his daughter more than the world itself. Everyday, he would check the newspapers, journals, and occasionally request messages from Tsunade detailing her achievements, and progress. He would brag about her to strangers in the bars, criminals that he captured, partners that he worked with; he was confident and proud of his daughter, and he let the world know. News would detail Sayuri's humiliation from his enemies, as they would often brag about touching the daughter of the almighty Senju, and Sannoto would slay them all with a mighty fist. The money he made from doing odd jobs, and selling gold, he would send every scrap back to Tsunade to take care of his daughter and to provide her with all of life's benefits and wonders.

Following the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sannoto continued scavenging the world for remnants of the Akatsuki and to put an end to their philosophy. However, in the midst of his journey, false news of his daughter's death reached him; it was around this time that he had met another female Uchiha, who helped him through his grief, resulting in a mutual love that arose, and another child. Unfortunately, Sannoto wouldn't come to know that the news was false until his daughter began committing atrocious crimes. Regardless, he immediately began traveling the world to find his beloved daughter, and it was his pleading that caused the world to forgive her crimes. It was then that the rift they had was mended; he attended her wedding, worked with her children, and retired from his life as a shinobi so that he would never find himself separated from his family again.

Seigetsu Senju

Born following the impression that Sayuri had died, Seigetsu was all Sannoto was focused upon. He loved his son, and Sayuri's death only made him appreciate him more. He would hold him as a child, take him to the park and spend hours chasing him in the grass. However, he grew paranoid that he would fall to his enemies just as his daughter had, thus he began training him at an early age. Whereas Sayuri was accompanying him to battles, and taught how to punch with explicit instructions, Sannoto was tossing Seigetsu into the forest in the middle of the night without assistance. He had developed a form of tough love. Regardless, their bond grew tighter than the one he and Sayuri had, mostly because he had been around his son his entire life. While Seigetsu is noticeable more arrogant and spoiled than Sayuri, the two tend to get along just fine, except when Sannoto is scolding him for generally being complicated and difficult to worth with.

Ayame Uchiha

Yami Uchiha

Katoku Hyūga

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Yasaki Hyūga


Raido X

Yoshitsune Ōtsutsuki

Kakashi Hatake


Early Childhood

Sannoto Senju was born to Tsunade and Dan Kato, yet, he was raised as the son of Tsunade and Ashira Uzumaki, the head of the Uzumaki Clan and the leader of Uzushiogakure. The child between Tsunade and Dan Kato was one that was never intended to be, for Hashirama Senju had promised Tsunade to the Uzumaki when she was only a child to help maintain relations between Konoha and Uzushiogakure. Upon having a child with another, Tsunade would break the deal and subsequently strain relationships with their notable ally. The love between Tsunade and Dan Kato had not gone unnoticed and had drawn the attention of the elders of Konohogakure. More importantly, Danzo Shimura, the leader of Root saw the threat that Dan posed. To uphold the treaty between the clans, Danzo plotted to have Dan killed on the battlefield during the Second Shinobi World War. He assigned him a mission to infiltrate an enemy camp, but had used his own root agents to unearth Dan as a spy upon his arrival. Though Dan attempted to escape, he was mortally wounded, and died from a result of his injuries. Soon afterwards, Danzo arranged for Tsunade to be sent to Uzushiogakure and to wed her husband.

Because of her inability to heal Dan Kato, Tsunade took his orphaned niece with her, a condition that was accepted by Ashira. Upon arriving at Uzushiogakure, Tsunade and Ashira wed only a week after, and consummated their marriage. However, discovering that she was already pregnant from her encounters with Dan, Tsunade used her medical expertise to delay her birth as much as possible in order to convince Ashira that the child was his and not her deceased lover’s, realizing that he would be killed should his identity be discovered. Sannoto was born only a few weeks prematurely, and because of his resemblance to Tsunade, no suspicions of his parentage were raised. The villagers celebrated Sannoto’s birth, and the renewed union between Konohagakure and Uzushiogakure, unknowingly rejoicing the bastard of Dan Kato. Because the Senju had slowly begun to disappear, out of respect, Ashira gave Sannoto the last name of Senju in efforts to keep the clan alive. Aside from Shizune, Sannoto was the last of Dan’s lineage, and served as Tsunade’s only memento of their time together.

This, coupled with her motherly instincts, made her overly protective of the young Sannoto, and she dedicated the first few years of his life solely to her son. However, towards the conclusion of the Second Shinobi World War, Uzushiogakure was subsequently attacked around the time that Sannoto was three years old. A surprise attacked occurred on the palace that he dwelled in, and the fuinjutsu runes that were drawn onto the walls were subsequently destroyed, causing tears between dimensions. Sannoto, having been in his room, was pulled into a tear and lost during this. While Tsunade and Shizune survived the attack, Ashira died helping his people escape, and Sannoto was presumed dead. He landed in the Banteki Savannah, sacred homeland to Tigers that people could summon.

He was discovered by the tigers of this land, and taken to their highest authority who declared that Sannoto would have to undergo the process that all inhabitants of the realm would be forced to in order to ensure he was worthy of their gifts in the world that befitted those fit to survive. He was given four years until he would have to undergo the trial of the grasses, an ancient tradition in which the young must survive in an arena to prove their worth, transcending from mere children to apprentices in training as proof that they are worthy of the ninjutsu that the scrolls and mentors of Banteki Savannah had to offer. Having been gifted with the blessings of his mother, perhaps overly so due to her interference in his development and her infusion of chakra to ensure he survived in her womb, Sannoto, even in his youth, was blessed with the body of Hagoromo, just as his ancestors were, granting him exceptional physical capabilities. Those that the tiger children could do, Sannoto could do equally as well, if not better. Though he lacked their night vision, and agility, he made up for it with ingenuity, strength, and stamina.

Eventually, Sannoto turned seven, and the day of the trials begun. He, along with the other tigers his age, were thrown into an arena, and were given to ultimatums: to either work together and survive a week in their most dangerous jungles, or to kill one another. The last alive would automatically be promoted. Joining together with a small group, Sannoto chose to work together to manage, finding the process of killing his friends wholeheartedly immoral. Regardless, there were those who believed that they would die in these dangerous lands and opted to end their own misery as soon as possible by hunting down their fellow peers. Through careful planning, Sannoto’s group managed to avoid the larger huntsman, but were eventually surrounded and pitted to fight against one another.

Having laid traps, they were able to weaken their hunters and stall them temporarily, and during their attempt, Sannoto chose to serve as the bait in order to protect his friends, allowing them to escape what seemed to be a certain death. Serving as the distraction, he challenged the larger group, and was subsequently defeated shortly after. Just as they planned to deliver the final blow, Sannoto’s group arrived, and Arata, one of his childhood friends, pioneered the counter assault. During the battle to save Sannoto, Arata was mortally wounded protecting the Senju, and he fell on the battlefield. The trauma triggered Sannoto’s latent Kekkei Seiha to awaken, his very own Metal Release, and to prevent his death, spears of metal rose from the earth killing those who attacked him. With the defeat of the assailants, Sannoto’s group mourned over Arata, and went into hiding until the end of the week. Regardless, over the remaining week, they were found by strange monsters lurking in the jungle, and many were killed.

By the end of the trial, only half of the generation survived, Sannoto being among them. However, the trials had not been completed, and all were subject to the final phase. They were all personally introduced to the White Tiger Sage, who would inject them with natural energy to determine their worth; If they perished, they were unbefitting of becoming students, yet, if they survived, they would become worthy. Due to his Senju and Uzumaki lineage, providing him a powerful body, and massive reserves of chakra, Sannoto survived, albeit barely, however only a little over thirty percent of the original generation were left standing by the end of it. Because his metal release was observed during the trials, the Great Tiger Sage placed Sannoto in the care of one of his finest warriors, the White Tiger, a renown tiger-nin who possessed a similar power himself. From that point, he was declared an outsider of the tribe, and sentenced to wander with the White Tiger until his training was complete.


The survivor of two devastating shinobi world wars, partaker in thirty plus S-Rank missions and even more A-Rank missions, and survivor of the Infinite Tsukuyomi cast by Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Sannoto is a very powerful shinobi as his age alone informs one of that. Being nearly a century in age without any indication of him slowing down, what Sannoto has that many others may not have is experience. His prowess in battle and the feats he has accomplished has eventually forced him to assume the position as the Tenth Hokage, but even moreso they have earned him praise from many across the shinobi world. He has shown the ability to stand and fight against Kaguya-leveled shinobi and even the reincarnations of Hagoromo and continue to battle with such reincarnations equally for a rather lengthy period of time. While his physical abilities and ninjutsu techniques are mind boggling, Sannoto's experience will always make the difference. Worthy of his Senju surename and the recognition associated with it, he lives up the legacy that his mother and great-grandfather possessed. His strength, while he does possess some on his own, is often credited to his unique physiology, that being his own philosopher's stone.

While often thought to be his own power, Sannoto has another being to thank for bestowing him with such capabilities: Tai, an entity of chakra crafted by Kaguya as her embodiment of peace and greatness. Because his energies corresponded with that of Tai, he was naturally drawn to the Senju because of such chakra. For centuries, Tai moved from host to host while taking the previous person's chakra as it continue moving onward in its constant cycle of reincarnation. Sannoto has inherited chakra from both his parents, two people who possess very strong and opposing energies. While his father held very spiritual energy, almost entirely yin, his mother held very physical energy, almost entirely yang, supplying him with a perfect balance of Yin-Yang Chakra. Tai was drawn to this unique form of chakra and thus went to possess the unborn child. However, Sannoto's spirit proved too powerful due to his unique lineage and Tai was pulled into his own soul. Rather than cling onto his spirit and body, the entity became one half of Sannoto. The two together would become the start of the world's first human philosopher's stone.

The philosopher stone is recognized as the pinnacle creation of alchemist society. Throughout the years, many have failed to craft what they imagined as ultimately uncraftable. Eventually, mankind abandoned such goal and labeled it impossible. The philosopher stone, just as many things did, faded away into history as one of humanity's greatest failures. While they failed however, these alchemist discerned what was essential for a philosopher stone to be created: Human souls to comprise it power and panaceas medicine that establishes vitality. What they didn't recognize was that they needed an energy powerful enough to permanently fuse the two together.

With the absorption of chakra from host to host, Tai has direct access to the souls of these people; the previous transmigrants are bonded to this world since chakra is what connects to the afterlife and the world of the living together. Thus, their souls reside within Tai for all of eternity. Because of his incredible life force, the spirits of the previous host and Sannoto were permanently pulled together. Completing the stone, his Senju and Uzumaki energies serve as the basis of the stone's physical element as it fulfills the role of the panaceas medicine. Lastly, to initiate the change of the fifth element, natural energy was required in conjunction as the power source to power this transmutation. When these three things came together, the philosopher's stone was generated: the fusion between Sannoto's spirit and previous host of Tai, the supply of life energy, and the natural energy intertwined to provide the basis for the shift.

As manifestation of various energies, Sannoto’s physiology is vastly different than any others, giving him one similar to the Tailed Beast in that regard as half of his being is composed of natural energy. Because of this, Sannoto is gifted with extraordinary abilities that would normally be seen as purely superhuman. A philosopher’s stone, the epitome of perfection in alchemist definitions, Sannoto’s manifestation of energies supply him with the ability to transmute his own chakra or other materials into different things. However, because transmutation requires comprehension, it is limited to what he knows. While he possesses the ability to transmute into other things, his realm of knowledge remains mostly within metals. Endowed with the capability to manipulate metals and create them, Sannoto's metal abilities are unprecedented and virtually unsurpassed.

Yang Release

Asura Otsutsuki, the second son of the Sage of Six Paths, inherited the "body" of his father, whom inherited it from his mother: life force, physical energy, and stamina. His life force supplied him with a strong soul granting him recuperative powers, and a great deal of powerful spiritual energy. His physical energy blesses his body with a naturally impressive physical condition, and of course potent physical energy. Completing his inheritance, by receiving his father's endless stamina—stamina is converted into chakra—and with his powerful spiritual and physical energies, Asura gained the incredibly powerful, and gargantuan chakra reserves of his father and grandmother.

Naturally, his genetics passed down and his descendants would inherit all of the gifts he had to offer. Thousands of years ago, almost all of the Senju boasted biju-level reserves, but genetics eventually dilute with time. Though they interbred, just as most clans did to preserve their power, rare occasions introduced others into their bloodline. However, there was always a single family of his descendants whom were born with reserves rivaling their ancestors, thanks to the reincarnation of their ancestor Asura. When he reincarnated into a member of this line, his host were blessed with all he inherited from his father, and so their kids inherited it as well.

Sannoto was fortunate enough to be apart of such a royal lineage, and even moreso to be the great grandson of the current reincarnation of the first Senju. Hashirama Senju possessed chakra reserves surpassing the combined might of Naruto Uzumaki, Minato Namikaze, and both halves of Kurama. His life force was immense enough he could subjugate tailed beast just by wrapping them in his chakra, and his body brimmed with vitality to the extent he healed from most damage with ease. Had he been born to an outsider, Sannoto would not have inherited his ancestor's power in its fullest, blessing him with the same power that his ancestor was born with just as his father had been.


At one point in history, the Senju Clan branched, dividing them into two separate factions along with their powers. The uzumaki became revered for their lifeforce, whereas the Senju inherited the physical energy and stamina. His mother is both; her grandmother was an uzumaki, a pure on at that, and her grandfather, being the reincarnation of Asura, was essentially the child of the Sage of Six Paths. Possessing a lineage very few can boast, Sannoto has leverage over most people including those of his own respective clan with the exception of his own father. His body brims with vitality, having inherited a god-like life force from both of his parents, supplying him with a myriad of abilities. Perhaps the most noticeable is a recuperative skill comparable to his grandfather's; he can fight for hours take a short break, and continue anew. His life energy accelerates his bodily processes, strengthen his organs, and a host of other things. As a result, his body naturally produces extra white blood cells; they deal with expunging toxins from the body. He is resistant, if not outright immune to most foreign chemicals, viruses’ and diseases. With an accelerated immune system, Sannoto can produce antibodies and target B cells to form within minutes of infiltration, thus the very few chemicals capable of infiltrating him have long since been disposed of.

His ability to fight of chemicals, diseases, and viruses is only surpassed by his regenerative powers. Almost as quickly as damage is dealt, his body begins the regeneration, allowing him to heal from physical damage quite easily. His recuperative powers are on his par with his father in this regard, however his ability provides extra perks unforeseen in the first hokage. Sannoto's recuperative abilities all stemmed from the pure blood of his uzumaki mother. Cuts, burns, scars, and such were healed within moments of being dealt; his father's blood only proved to enhance this. His healing factor extends to his stamina as well, allowing him to recover fairly quickly from immense chakra usage. With proper rest, and enough nutrients, Sannoto is capable of regenerating his stamina in three hours entirely. While fighting alongside Kakashi Hatake in the Fourth Shinobi World War, the commander noted that the amount of chakra Sannoto's body regenerated per second nearly doubled his own total reserves.

Brimming with vitality to the extent that it is fused within his chakra, Sannoto's own cells are constantly under a state of constant rejuvenation. When one is damaged, his life energy courses through them, causing them to reanimate rather than undergo rapid mitotic division. Because of this, his cells often sustain themselves for longer periods of time. Since each cell survives longer, thereby increasing the period between each mitotic cycle, his cells don't approach their (due to their uzumaki genes) extremely high hayflick limit as quickly as most. As a result, Sannoto is supplied with a lifespan surpassing many of his fellow Uzumaki clansmen. Whereas they have a higher hayflick limit, allowing them to live for over a century with ease, Sannoto possesses that coupled with the decelerated factor inherited from his father. On average, Sannoto's cells can survive and heal from damage, giving him a fairly long lifespan comparable to that of his Uzumaki clansmen. His healing factor is partially why Sannoto is noted to endurance rivaling the strongest god. He can function for long periods of time without tiring, withstand catastrophic blows that would normally kill a person, or at least render them incapacitated, among other things.

Life consist of the body and soul; life force affects both. His body is strong, and his soul is equally as powerful. The Soul is linked to the spirit, and the spirit is linked to the mind. Just as those with incredible physical energy are bestowed with incredible physical prowess, Sannoto's mind is incredibly powerful. Sannoto has an array of mental feats people would consider supernatural. Perhaps the greatest attribute that its strength blesses Sannoto with is an indomitable will; his spirit is immovable, granting him the ability to resist various forms of temptations, including the most use form of mental manipulation, genjutsu. In addition, as a result of his powerful mind, he possesses a particularly refined spiritual energy seen only within the likes of his cousin clan. This rather powerful spiritual energy provides him with extraordinarily powerful chakra, said to twice the strength of the average shinobi, halving the amount of chakra needed per technique allowing him to conserve more energy naturally. With such ability, the amount of time in which Sannoto can maintain his recuperative abilities is extended because of his body’s natural ability to operate at its best with the lowest amount of energy possible. Many note that even if injured, his endurance will often allow him to ignore the pain and damage sustained.

Originating from the mind, the will/ambition can be found in this energy, and by extension in the chakra. Sannoto, due to his Uzumaki and Senju heritage, he is blessed with incredible reserves of powerful chakra, and, like a tailed beast, it is easily sensed by many, including non sensors. Since his will is imbued within his chakra, anyone within his presence is easily introduced to it; it's been the reason why he's been capable of making comrades, seducing women, persuading even the most stubborn of people. As long as these people can feel his energy, they are under the impression of his will, and are unconsciously under his influence. Those with the ability to sense chakra are overcome with his thoughts, desires, goals, ambitions. For such reason, reading his mind is an easy feat. Those with just the ability to sense chakra are capable of doing so just by sensing his chakra, and because they have access to his thoughts, skilled genjutsu users rarely have to pry his mind beforehand for information.

Overcoming his soul is a challenge that many have taken up, but very few have truly passed. Though sensors are benefitted with the ability to delve into his mind without any special ninjutsu techniques, they are subjected to the entirety of his spirit. As long as they sense his chakra, they hear echoes of his commands, and they often find themselves obeying. His life force is incredible powerful, and his chakra is strong and plentiful. Even those who praise their own reserves rarely sport chakra as plentiful or immense as Sannoto, nor a life force anywhere near the power of his own. These lack of inherent gifts are what allows the Senju to easily command most men, even those of his fellow clan. While they may have a life force whose power rivals his own—however since most of them are extinct very few in the world do—they often rarely boast his chakra reserves which flushes over them and dominates their spirit.

Physical Energy

The second gift granted by the yang release are extraordinary physical energies that provide Sannoto with an incredible physical condition even without proper training. Naturally, the Senju shows almost supernatural feats compared to other shinobi even against those whom have managed to push their physical capabilities above and beyond. In his youth, Sannoto's physical prowess was recognized, as he was physically stronger, and faster than his fellow shinobi peers. Naturally, he could disappear from place to place and reappear simultaneously without much effort required. His explosive speed, combined with his killer strength was a deadly combination that could be exploited in battle. Because of his special physical capabilities, Hiruzen subjected Sannoto to special training that revolved around heavily cultivating his physical prowess to the highest possible level of a human capabilities. From a young age, he was subject to a unique diet, and strict training regime; he was subject to running, shadow-boxing, rope jumping, body weight resistance exercises, and weight training.

Enhanced Durability: Sannoto’s durability is world-renown and is often his most famous recognition as a shinobi apart from his metal release. Notably, he is has been classified as one of the hardest individuals to damage because of his natural resistance to injury and his steel-metallic armor that serves as an automatic defense in battle. However, what many people fail to recognize is that the Senju, without these metallic enhancements, is naturally durable without them. Because of the potent physical energy coursing throughout his body, Sannoto's muscular tissues are incredibly dense, allowing him to resist most damage than any ordinary shinobi. Even without his natural metallic armor, Sannoto can resist most blades digging deep into his flesh, for most kunai that do seek to penetrate him, are often stopped by the denseness of his muscular building, stopping the blades before they can reach his abnormally hard skeleton. The Senju’s level of durability is naturally powerful enough to allow him to withstand blows from his opponent, usually simple kicks and punches with very little damage on his essence. He can smash rocks, boulders with his bare hand without scathing his body, fall onto solid rock from ten feet in the air, or even continuously punched in the face by the likes of those with normal strength and continue functioning as if he was never smitten. Many note that even if injured, his endurance will often allow him to ignore the pain and damage sustained.

Enhanced Agility: Sannoto's agility, a combination of balance and bodily coordination, is simply superb due to the physical energies coursing throughout every cell in his body. Because of the strength of his connective tissues and tendons, they are able to withstand much more stress than a normal shinobi's, allowing Sannoto to move in a multitude of ways without worry of injuring them in the middle of a motion. With this natural enhancement, he can instantaneously shift motions entirely, effectively dodge attacks point blank, swing from most surfaces and other gymnastic feats consisting of back-flips, somersaults and cartwheels. By combining his agility with his combat, he is virtually untouchable in battle as he can dodge attacks by slithering away from then and bending and moving his bodies in ways that the enemy simply would never predict. Derived from his agility, he has a noticeable sense of balance that allows him to successfully balance on most objects regardless of how unstable they may be.

Superb Endurance: Because of the lack of damage that Sannoto normally takes due to his vast abilities and physical prowess, many fail to recognize the immense amount of endurance that the Senju possesses, even without formal training. When originally educated in the general art martial arts, the child's tutors noted that his endurance would allow him to progress well in this physical act of combat. Since this martial art requires an exchange of blows, with the ability to continue battling despite the damage dealt, his tutors hoped to advance this naturally powerful attribute. As such, he initially underwent daily assaults from his teachers, often putting him at a disadvantage to force him to battle efficiently even when massive amounts of damage had been taken. Inevitably, this attributes was improved and developed. During the Third Shinobi World War, along with the Fourth, Sannoto continued to battle the zetsu forces and other shinobi forces despite being injured excessively.

Monstrous Strength: In addition to his level of endurance, Sannoto inherited his mother’s monstrous strength and explosive quickness and speed. Insanely, Sannoto possesses the same amount of his mother’s strength, to the same potency making it equally as dangerous. Similar to her, a simply jab on the ground can erect fissure wide enough to swallow entire humans, break bones with a simple jab and launch the heaviest of objects across a room without working very much at all. Considering that he rarely ever strikes an opponent directly with his fist, the true dangers of his own strength is unknown to many humans and can only be collected and analyzed in terms of his weapon mastery. Without chakra flow, Sannoto can throw a kunai directly through a tree and into a boulder, cut through the hardest of objects using his blade and his incredible strength.

Impressive Speed and Unattainable Reflexes: With his large muscular build, Sannoto's muscles are not simply in his upper body and are generally across the entire span of his body, including the lower portion. As such, these powerful muscles allows him to propel himself with a very strong force. Regularly however, Sannoto often displays speeds that defies his enormous build. When moving from place to place, the speeds in which the Senju can move are unreal, appearing as if he simply is fading from place to place to the untrained eye. In battle, Sannoto makes use of his speed to constantly deliver strong and powerful slashes with large blades, overwhelming his opponent’s with continuous slashes and strong blows that seem to come so quickly that it appears as if he hasn’t moved his sword.

The potent physical energy that courses throughout Sannoto's body infusing itself with every cell is the reason that his nervous system is truly functioning beyond that of the normal human capability. For such reason, his reflexes are outstanding and nearly incomprehensible by the common man. His reflexes are honed to the point where he can dodge attacks almost at point blank range, react to attacks almost the instant that they are initiated; dodging launched arrows, preform amazing physical feats and catch offensive attacks mid-way. In fact, the speeds in which he can perceive information is greatly enhanced and nearly triple the time of the average human being. In five hundredth of a second (five miliseconds), he can react to a situation on average without his senses being hindered or altered. When his concentration is split, it slightly doubles, but the difference according to his enemies is almost unnoticeable.

Prodigious Stamina

Due to his senju lineage, he inherits an immeasurable supply of stamina that is considered supernatural to ordinary ninja. Even without tai's influence, the amount of chakra that he inherited from his mother is said to surpass even her immense reserves due to his intense training under Hiruzen and strict diet under Biwako that allows his body to function at its possible best. As a genin, Sannoto's chakra levels were considered immense and surpassed most of his tutors with a noticeable gap. In many instances, the instructors would mistake the senju child for an entire class until they saw only him standing before them. Perhaps the biggest, and most impressive testimony to his chakra reserves, is his ability to host the hexagram. Tai, a being composed of natural energy, requires someone with an immense amount of chakra in order to properly host them.

Those with extremely large supplies of energy normally can utilize techniques continuously without feeling the side effects of the techniques, for the amount of chakra present enables them to use it while possessing more chakra left over. Without the dangers of using these techniques present because of the amount of chakra they have, they typically do not concern themselves with the control that many require to us techniques, commonly those with average or slightly below average chakra levels. However, these people tend to be ones that better conserve energy and last longer in battles, for those who spend without conscious find themselves exhausted within a few hours of the fight. They are typically power types who go in, finish quickly and come out of the fight before they can exhaust all their chakra, while those who have control fight for longer periods of time.

More known for his control rather than the amount of energy, Sannoto is similar to his parents and the rest of his clan in that regard. Born with large reserves, he normally would be among those who find it unnecessary to focus on control for the techniques that he would utilize would not truly affect his current state for his enormous reserves would retain enough chakra to keep him functioning. However, in the art of transmutation that he is associated with, Sannoto cannot simply lack the control necessary, for the amount of chakra that goes into it matters, but what matters more is how much of something and what he wishes to transmute it into. Sannoto’s chakra is exceptionally dangerous, for even the smallest amount transmutes anything, with the exception of raw energy itself.

As a result of these dangers, Sannoto has focused on controlling his chakra to determine how much he transmutes and determining if he can move his chakra as it exists his body to determine what he wants to transmute, if he wishes to transmute something from a specific range. As a child, Sannoto practiced this ability, practice the need to control his chakra. Methods that focuses on chakra control were beneficial to Sannoto, for it taught him to quantify the amount of chakra he could release and precisely where, finding it easier to do so through the tenketsu in his feet and hands more than anything since they naturally leaked out of his body through those sensitive chakra points. Though, he was never actually able to walk on the tree, for it turned the tree branch into metal rather than allowing him to use the chakra to climb it. In regards to the water, he would turn the water particles into metals as he walked, but never actually use the chakra to reach to the bottom of the water and balance himself. In addition, to train in these exercises, Sannoto always had to be naked, exposing the tenketsu for if he didn’t, the clothes would become metal rather than the actual bark and water.

Eventually, Sannoto didn’t seek to walk on water or climb the tree, but instead focused on developing a sort of practice that would directly aid him in controlling where and how much energy he released. Watching the Hyuga and their gentle fist style, Sannoto would imitate this, using their motions and movements to aid him in control. With their movements, he found it naturally easier to guide his chakra in the manner that he wishes. The movements could literally move the chakra physically along with mentally, using the physical motions to get the tenketsu in position and using his internal, mental control over the chakra to push it out of it. The chakra becomes an extension of himself, as if they were his limbs.

Yin Release

The user of a technique that allowed him to detach his life-spirit from his body and infuse it into other people, bonding it with their own body and taking control of their actions, Dan Katō possessed a very powerful affinity for the Yin Release to such an extent that he could manifest his spirit and mind regularly. Inheriting this strong Yin-Release affinity, Sannoto was gifted with the ability to manifest his spirit and mind and bond it with others. As a result, when Tai chose to reincarnate inside of the Senju, his powerful life force and manifested spirit pulled the nature spirit in too closely and wound up bonding with it. Because of the bond, he and Tai would become on in the same along with the other souls that were still attached to the nature spirit.

With the manifestation of this fusion between the nature spirit, Sannoto and the thirty-eight previous host that have existed over the millennium, comes three specific abilities that come with such fusion. The fusion has supplied him with Bijū-level chakra reserves, amplifying his already enormous chakra levels, the ability to access natural energy and thus enter his own sage mode, and lastly the experiences and wisdom of Tai and the previous souls that he have reincarnated into, gifting him with a vast amount of knowledge for him to use at his disposal.

Bijū Reserves

To properly host a hexagram, a being of pure natural energy, one requires a gargantuan amount of potent chakra that are at least three times the amount and twice the strength of the average shinobi. With each reincarnation, the hexagram takes the chakra and spirit and carries them to the next host. As a result, the amount of overall chakra each reincarnation possess increases. In one-thousand years, thirty-eight people have been the recipient of Tai including Sannoto. For this very reason, the Senju’s natural chakra reserves are almost as if sannoto gave him his own chakra levels thirty seven times. When combining the potency of each chakra and his own the strength of it increases immensely to almost three times that of the average shinobi. With this, the amount of chakra Sannoto uses per attack an action is a third of what it would actually use. His chakra is strong enough to cause severe burns to anyone that touches it unwillingly, stop projectiles in their place, and destroy immediate surroundings upon its release including trees, rocks, even causing the evaporation of water.

Because of this, the Senju's chakra reserves match, if not surpass many of the eight Bijuu, with the only major contender being the Nine Tailed Fox. However, even among the beast, Sannoto's reserves are estimated to being slightly larger than half of Kurama, who's reserves were still large enough to match and surpass the other Bijū with only half it's strength. By Kakashi's determination during the Fourth Shinobi World War, he concluded that Sannoto's entire chakra reserves were about one hundred and thirty times his own, thus making them 1.5 times that of Yang Kurama alone. With such incredible surges of potent chakra, Sannoto can use techniques in rapid succession without worry of ever running out. Just using his regular reserves of energy, he is able to fight for twenty four hours which is a feat that most shinobi find impressive. Combined with the chakra that the fusion supplies, he can fight for almost a week without collapsing of exhaustion.

Often times, when releasing his chakra through his tenketsu, Sannoto generates an immense pressure in the immediate area capable of limiting movement, crushing pebbles and creates gust of wind. Often times, sensors mistake the Senju for a Jinchūriki or even the infamous akatsuki member who was said to have possessed reserves as large as tailed beast himself. His enormous amounts of potent chakra undoubtedly affects the power of his Metal. Because of his severely potent chakra, the amount of chakra needed for each construct is almost little to none, as even Bijuu level constructs rarely cause immense strain to Sannoto.

Natural Energy

Tai is not a creation of Kaguya but rather a materialization of her will. Infusing her will into nature, Kaguya spontaneously generated him with the intent to watch over mandkind and establish peace. Because of this, Tai is simply a living form of nature just as the Shinju once was. This natural energy, though latent, only flows through him, completely separated from the human body. However, when one wishes to utilize the power of Tai, only a perfected user of their abilities can do so, they can call upon his natural energy to empower their abilities. Though it results in a form of sage mode, they call directly on natural energy from a nature spirit itself, not relying on an external source for it and focuses on an internal source.

Because of this, those with Tai can bypass the need to passively absorb natural energy, instead having it supplied to them via their own individual nature spirit dwelling within them. Only masters of their abilities and those whom are conscious of Tai can consciously enter this empowered state, as for those who are not masters they find themselves incapable of accessing such power unless their life is endangered, then it activates instinctively. Those whom instinctively activate this ability, find themselves in this state where Tai completely takes over. However, those who consciously activate this ability gets pigments around their eyes, a light blue pigment, indicating that they and the hexagram are working in a perfect unison with one another.

With each individual methods of activating this Sage Mode, each encompasses their own individual weaknesses and risk. Normally, the hexagram does not forcefully possess their host continuously, for the natural energy is too much for the human body to handle and causes berserk behavior and random spontaneous shapeshifting, just as it does to a specific group of people. Eventually, if the person sustains this state for too long, the body will implode after their berserk behavior has caused devastation. As such, this is very dangerous for the user, as by instinct, they attack everyone, destroying everything including themselves. However, those who have mastered this state does not face this same risk. Because the hexagram is working in unison, mixing the natural energy with the master's chakra rather than fully possessing them, forcing the natural energy into their body, they do not risk the berserk behavior and imploding body.

Rather than the imploding body and berserk behavior, although they are able to stay in Sage Mode indefinitely because of the natural energy coming from within. Though it initially seems like a benefit, in which it is in most cases, the biggest disadvantage is tagged along with it. The longer the user is in this empowered state, the more it depletes ones chakra. While the source of natural energy is indeed indefinite, the chakra is not infinite, and thus can run out. The chakra itself, though immense, is not infinite and because most of the sage techniques require more chakra than ordinary techniques, though the chakra is empowered, the reserves it depleted at a quicker speed. Due to the immense size in addition, the chakra pool takes almost as twice as long to recharge as an ordinary person's. As a result, the longer the person is in Sage mode, the more exhausted they become, and the longer it takes for them to return to battle. As such, many tend to activate this mode for a brief moment to retrieve the amount of natural energy necessary for the desired feat then activates the technique after exiting the empowered state to preserve their energy, exhibiting a more masterful and willful control.

Because of his fusion with the hexagram rather than just a clinging of chakra, as the two have become one in the same, Sannoto is simply a manifestation of this energy and physiology consist of being a portion of natural energy. With this, his spirit naturally produces the natural energy, gifting him with a naturally enhanced condition beyond his very own. In truth, Sannoto’s senjutsu enhancement is typically passive, which grants him a large array of powers that make him borderline supernatural.

Chakra Augmentation: Because the natural energy interacts directly with his physical and spiritual energies—the general makeup of chakra—Sannoto finds several of his bodily features augmented. This includes the mystical energies that every shinobi find themselves using: chakra. Several aspects of his chakra are augmented as a result of the interaction with natural energy. His chakra reserves are typically always increasing, giving him chakra levels surpassing Kurama with both halves fused together along with naruto’s own chakra reserves added onto it. For most sensors, attempting to gauge his power is often a challenge that supplies migraines to anyone who extensively participates in the game. His chakra becomes nearly six times as potent as the average shinobi’s reserves resulting in the amount of chakra he uses per technique so miniscule that it’s almost as if he is using none at all.

  • Limitless Strength: Due to his massive augmentation of his chakra, Sannoto has the ability to use such chakra to increase his physical strength just as his mother had done with her chakra. Because the amount of strength one can achieve depends upon the amount of chakra that goes into building this power, Sannoto can increase his power almost infinitely due to his near infinite supply of powerful chakra. With such power, he can easily match the power and force of anyone that he encounters. During his training sessions, Sannoto's power allowed to him to catch one of his own falling meteorites preventing it from hitting the ground.
  • Idaten: Similarly to his limitless strength, Sannoto simply uses his chakra to increase the speeds in which he can travel. Since his speed is directly proportional to the amount of chakra he uses, the potential for the Senju's speed is truly outstanding. Simply by increasing the amount of chakra he uses, Sannoto can easily surpass or match the speed of anyone that he encounters. For this reason alone, he is recognized as one of the fastest shinobi in the hidden leaf.
  • Chakra Enhanced Hearing: By concentrating his potent chakra to his ears, Sannoto is able to hear with amazing clarity, distance and in a very large range of frequencies that he is unable to normally. Though he uses it to spy on others or track people several hundred feet away, the amount of chakra concentrated in his ears is so strong that it allows for an uncanny ability that makes his hearing seem almost superhuman. He can hear the muscles within another's person's body contract, their heart rate increase and decrease, when their chakra is being molded, and even when their food is being digested. Using this ability, he can predict where or how his opponent will attack depending on when and how their muscles contract, as different ones will contract and make different sounds depending on the action. For this very reason, feigns and other attacks fail to work on him as he can easily predict when and how they are coming. Because of how effective this is, most people mistake as some form of a mind reader.
  • Baku (獏): Although classified as a technique, most of the effects done by this technique stems directly from his chakra. Because of how potent his energies are, most people are often incapable of truly processing them when they encounter such power. As a result, they often fall unconscious from being infused in his magical energies similar to a Jinchūriki overcome with the emotions of their Tailed Beast Chakra. Sannoto's peaceful will is infused into his chakra, commanding them to sleep, and the potency of his chakra only makes such a command irresistible.
  • Plummeting Heavens (九天直下大空, Kyuutenchokka Oozora): By releasing a massive amount of his potent chakra, Sannoto is able to produce a field of crushing energy that weighs down anyone caught in this field significantly. Depending on the amount of pressure one can handle along with the amount of chakra Sannoto releases, he can leave people under a form of paralyses due to the pressure. Normally due to his peaceful disposition, Sannoto only releases a specific percentage of his energy to prevent the generated pressure from killing anyone affected. Mistakenly, enemies believe that Sannoto himself is susceptible to such a technique, but because this is not a technique that revolves around increasing the gravity but rather just a release of his energy the Senju can manipulate such chakra to prevent it from affecting him.
    • Celestial Fortress (天の砦, Teno Toride): By kneading a massive amount of his potent chakra in his stomach then releasing it through the tenketsu in his mouth, Sannoto can generate a roar that acts as a shockwave capable of decimating entire buildings. Similar to most of his chakra-based techniques, the damage caused by this technique is entirely dependent on the amount of chakra that the Senju uses. The jutsu can do as little as push someone back a few inches and stop elemental techniques that are launched towards him to breaking the bones of shinobi caught in the shockwave and destroying entire towns in the blink of an eye.
  • Sensing Technique (感知の術, Kanchi no Jutsu): An ability granted by the natural energy like it does to those who have the ability to absorb such energy is the potential to sense chakra while also being able to sense enemy attacks without needing to directly see them. Due to his constant access to natural energy, thus he is constant use of senjutsu chakra, Sannoto's sensory perception is always incredible. He has the ability to sense chakra from quite a distance away and can even gauge how powerful someone is upon sensing their chakra; he bases their power level on the size of their chakra reserves and the strength of their chakra. Because of his connection to the natural energy of the world, any movement that occurs in nature is visible to Sannoto even without laying his eyes directly on the movement. Nature is his eyes and that alone is enough for the Senju. Because of this, it is often thought that he has eyes in the back of his head or a dojutsu of some sort. With such an ability, his ability to "see" surpasses that of even the Byakugan's 360 degree vision because it lacks no blind spot, however the range on how far he is able to see is nowhere near comparable.
  • Chakra Transfer Technique: Due to extremely similar physiology to the tailed beast, Sannoto also has the ability to transfer chakra with relative ease allowing him to restore someone's reserves or empower their abilities due to his extremely potent chakra. Because his chakra is commonly responsible for his healing factor, due to being a form of life energy, when the person is injected with such chakra they are temporarily supplied with the ability to recover from damage same as Sannoto. Wounds heal within moments of infliction, however limbs and such remain incapable of regeneration if removed.
  • Shape Transformation: Normally, most shinobi have the ability to shape their chakra and then transform it, using the combination of shape transformation and nature transformation. The Rasengan is the ultimate form of shape transformation without the nature transformation, but due to the severe complexity of it, the technique is able to do damage even if the chakra isn't taking the form of an element. Because his massive amount of chakra is extremely concentrated, being around six times the strength of a normal shinobi in conjunction with his own energy, he is able to utilize just shape transformation without needing to make it extremely complex. As a result of his superb chakra control, the Senju can shape his concentrated chakra into almost anything: walls, shrouds, weapons, etc. Because this requires much less chakra, he often uses this when he wishes to conserve chakra or when his metal release fails. However, because this requires much less chakra, his metal is severely stronger than his chakra.
    • Rasengan: Although recognized as an A-rank technique, this is a fairly easy jutsu for Sannoto to execute due to his supreme control over his own chakra. The amount of time it takes for him to generate a rasengan is near instantaneous and his control over such a technique allows him to do so just with a single hand. Unlike Naruto however, he has yet to mix it with any nature transformation due to that proving much to difficult with the amount of training he has over the regular jutsu. Though a rarely simple technique, Sannoto often uses the rasengan as a way to wound his opponents if they happen to prove too stubborn or if he's going head-head against another ninjutsu attack. The size of his rasengans can range from the size of his palm to the size of a tailed beast; rumors speak of his rasengan withstanding the assault of a tailed beast ball. Due to his extremely potent chakra, Sannoto's rasengans often do much more damage than most. A rasengan the size of his palm is capable of decimating mountains.

Natural Energy Shroud: A result of mastering control over his senjutsu chakra, Sannoto is able to manipulate the raw natural of the world to his command allowing him to create a shroud of natural energy that he can use for various purposes such as extending the range of his attacks while deflecting other attacks that may try to harm him. The shroud naturally deflects any attacks that come his way since it serves as a shroud: Kunai, shuriken and even ninjutsu are mostly unable to reach the Senju when this shroud is activated.

The natural energy, shrouded over his body that courses alongside his physical energy, the force it exerts is immense. Rather than provide more nutrients to his muscles, the natural energy adds more power, the energy itself being very dense, like that of metal. His attacks are amplified, with him being capable of creating fissures in the earth, crippling normal shinobi with single punches, lifting large summoning creatures. His raw strength, increased to such an extent, where he could push a mini-tailed beast ball emitted by a enraged Jinchūriki and easily break the bones of susanoo, decimating them with a single punch.

However, the most impressive feat that is amplified is Sannoto's speed. Though he is not recognized for his raw speed, the Senju is quite fast, being able to fade from place to place even without the natural energy enhancement. However, as the natural energy forms a shroud around him, it allows him to move swiftly through the natural energy on the ground and in the atmosphere, allowing him to shoot through the environment without the natural phenomenons weighing him down, using the natural energy on his feet to literally skate, riding along the natural energy on the ground. With this, air resistance, and even gravity do not hinder his ability to move and his swiftness increases. Sannoto's speed increases to such an extent where he could appear in multiple places simultaneously. Using this speed, he can dodge Amaterasu, thought not point blank, his speed comparable to a shinobi using the body flicker technique continuously.

Infinite Wisdom

Alive since the day in which chakra was first stolen and given to man, Tai is an ancient spirit that have existed for a millennium. The things that Tai have seen through the lens of each reincarnation, what they have experienced alongside the spirit and what they all have learned is so overwhelming that one person cannot experience it all even if they were to live forever. Because of his fusion with these spirits and Tai however, Sannoto was gifted with this knowledge: experiences, intelligence, etc. without having to experience them himself. Having information from the days of Kaguya, Sannoto has been said to be a very wise individual.

Birthed from Kaguya's will following her reception of the knowledge giving chakra, it seems as if the spirit has a good grasp on the world intuitively. Because of his origins, the amount of perspective of the nature of the world matched matches that of his creator Kaguya, who arguably held an above average understanding of chakra due to her excellent usage of her own abilities. In fact, her method of creating dimensions heavily support that Kaguya herself is the mistress of nature transformations. As a result, Tai himself was born with the knowledge of nature transformations and such. With this, he grants the Senju the ability to transmute anything into any of the elements. With this, he is able to transmute anything into metals due to his innate knowledge of what their yin-yang makeup is. Often times, just by looking at a metal, the Senju can discern exactly which metal it is due to his innate comprehension.

Due to absorbing the experiences of thirty eight shinobi whom collectively lived over a thousand years, Sannoto's battle intuition is well beyond his years, literally. As a child, prior to awakening his latent abilities, he could discern basic shinobi arts quite easily almost as if he was remembering the things his tutors taught rather than learning them which the child actually was. For this very reason, Sannoto is able to learn a large amount of things rather easily because of the immense amount of experience he has. Even things he do not fully comprehend, he is able to connect it to stuff he does know, which is a large variety, and understand it by making connections.

With several of the thirty eight shinobi being ninja who lived during times of endless wars, especially those during the Era of the Warring States and even Sannoto himself, the Senju is very combat orientated despite his peaceful nature. With precision and speed, he is able to make observations and connect them in almost superhuman ways to the opponents abilities. This allows him to discern the mechanisms behind their techniques and provide a right counters, and even recreate this technique. Often times, when enemies create constructs such as chakra constructs, Sannoto can recreate them almost identically with a mere observation due to his intuitive aptitude.


"For the very first time, I've encountered a master of all elements"
— Tobirama speaking during Fourth War

Symbols—the most important thing known to man—is how magic can be truly produced. Those who rely on symbols have much more versatility than others who are unaware of how such incarnations truly work. Those who devote their lives to mastering the written art are often recognized as magicians, witches of some sort that must be condemned. An entire clan were destroyed because of their proficiency in the written incarnations. Thousands of symbols and scripted signs can do different things, between Ressurecting people from the dead, teleporting and stealing chakra from an individual, the limit is vast. However, because of how vast this written art is, many tend to memorize a few seals and stick with them, thus cannot truly progress.

This complicated formulas that generate different effects all originate from twelve specific written seals that correspond to the celestial movement of the universe which governs life. Humans, trees, living creatures, etc. bodies are all governed by how the universe moves. If the universe wants it to be cold, then the human body responds by accommodating to such coldness by adding more hair. If the universe wants it to be hot, the human body responds by losing hair or causing one to sweat more. With every movement that the universe makes, the human body moves as well to accommodate. Twelve specific signs were constructed to cause the same movement that the universe and the human body makes within a fixed environment or on a fixed object, allowing them to potentially manipulate it to their liking.

Eventually, with the creation of hand seals and ninjutsu, such art was lost due to the spontaneous nature of hand seals. However, what many do not realize is that these signs originated from these twelve symbols, thus these hand signs are imperfect forms of such. Handseals, just like the twelve written seals, are used to concentrate chakra and move it in a way that corresponds with the celestial movement of the universe which allows for the generation of something else.

Elemental Nature Affinities are a result of such movement, for when the chakra undergoes the movement that is similar to how the energy undergoes the movement in nature, then the chakra mimics the element that would normally be produced. Hand Seals had become an innovative way of doing this process quickly and without requiring how it specifically worked. However, such speed would come with a dire consequence as the human error would contribute. While the hand seals were to assist in the movement, one would need to learn how to effectively control their own chakra and use the hand signs as guides. Unlike hand seals, Fuinjutsu formulas shift the energy for one and thus the human error is not in effect allowing the energy to be moved almost perfectly. By using one’s chakra to construct the seal, the seal itself shifts the natural energy of the world and thus very little chakra expenditure is in play when using the magic that is known as fuinjutsu.

Alchemy, the art of magic incorporating the use of written spells and formulas which serve the purpose of transforming matter into other forms of energy, is nothing more than fuinjutsu. Fuinjutsu is the mystical art of manipulating and altering matter and energy by using seals to transform the energy by moving it in a specific manner that often correspond with the elements of the universe. Because he is made of natural energy, he is gifted with a similar condition as a certain clan with the ability to shift their bodies by generating fixed symbols upon his body. Corresponding to his will, the symbols are generated by a combination of his will, imagination, and cognitive abilities.

Regardless of his natural understanding of fuinjutsu symbols, Sannoto was still was naturally drawn to the stars and constellations. He would rest under the stars and simply watch the stars, constellations, planets and moons that rested overhead. Eventually, he began taking notes in a ledger that documented their movement. Over the years, he ultimately determined that it was a connection of some sort between the positions of the constellations relative to the earth and the nature of the world. He would study the patterns, write them, and connect them with the celestial animals that earlier sages had documented and understand how they influenced his world.

In this universe, there are five forms of motion that is a result of the twelve moving celestial animals in harmony with one another. These five forms are Wind, Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Water which all identify each possible motion that the universe has. Motion is energy, thus these five forms of energy is every type of energy that exist in the natural realm. These five elements are general characteristic, and further divide into eight other forms of energy that make up reality itself; having correspondence in astronomy, astrology, geography, geomancy, and anatomy itself.

The eight forms of reality are all the possible combinations of yin and yang at their basic makeup, thus they are what make up the world but in different combinations of one another. By comprehending how these eight forms come together and what they can create, then one can use their symbols to change the form of anything into another, allowing for a spontaneous generation of substances. Rubber, Wood, Fire, brick, cement can all be created with a mixture of these eight forms that govern reality. However, they may also be increated and turned back into their original form of yin and yang energy with a reversal of the creation method. By understanding the relationship between the eight forms and how they interact with one another and themselves, one can create and increate anything that they wish.

By using his body as a medium, the symbols that his imagination can spontaneously generate due to his unique ability and his own advanced comprehension of these symbols, shifts his own body. This shift allows him to transform his body into anything and generate anything on his body. He has become a literal magician as he gains control over his own physiology. Among transformation however, this alchemeic process of manipulating your own body, lie several rules and regulations still needed to be followed.

The first law of alchemy is comprehension which means understanding the inherent properties of the substance you wish to generate. For Sannoto, due to a portion of himself birthed with the knowledge of nature transformations and such, he was supplied with any property he needs to understand for chakra can truly imitate anything regardless of what it may be. Regardless of this ability, he tends to use metals solely for their versatility and his unique obsession with the element. The second law is that of disruption, in which the natural energies of the specific object is influenced, moved, changed, breaking the bonds that tie it in with its physical form. As such, the amount of energy needed to disrupt this would normally be immeasurable for one would have to account for the immeasurable amount of mistakes humans themselves make with transforming their own energy, for they are not consistent. Transmuting matter, breaking the energy so that the physical energy is pulled away from the spiritual energy, breaking it’s “existence” apart. His unique ability to generate fuinjutsu seals grants him such an ability as the runes within the seals catalyze the reaction. The last law is reconstruction where the energies are rearranged back together in a different pattern: changed, converted and moved. . The energies are meld together and the substance is created anew. However, while this process seems to defy the natural laws of society, it does not, for the amount of matter and energy that was part of the reaction must equal the same amount of energy and matter at the end of the reaction. These are the basic laws of alchemy, which are dangerous for inexperienced user, but beneficial for those who learn to control the power.

Elemental Magic

  • Curse Seal of Metal: Because curse seals are simply fuinjutsu circles that have the ability to transmute/replace energy, Sannoto uses them on himself to create an artificial gate that allows for his senjutsu chakra to be transformed into an energy that resembles the metal element allowing him to generate metal.
    • Seemingly generating metals from nowhere, the Senju’s alchemy seems quite advanced, when in nature it is just the alteration of his own energies. In addition, he can also use other sources as fuel for his transmutation, including the air, his own skin, flesh and tissue, the earth and other sources. Capable of preparing the metal in any form upon its creation, the metal release is extremely versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways by the man. He can either use the created metals for battling or use the metals to forge weapons or other materials and sell it for a profit, as it cost absolutely nothing for him to truly make it. Sannoto has the potential to use two major forms of alchemy, static and dynamic alchemy. Statis Alchemy is an process in which one creates inanimate objects: kunai, swords, shields, etc. Dynamic Alchemy is an process in which he creates animate objects: clones, nanites, dragons, animals, etc. The metals that the Senju man possess the ability to generate that he commonly uses combat are five, all possessing their own special abilities and own respective uses. Some or solely for defense, while others are for offensive strategies and some simply to increase his capabilities. His most commonly used metal is that of Iron, being his most favored for it possess a large number of capabilities and is used equally for offense and defense. With a majority of his weapons being made from Iron, Sannoto uses his iron greatly, being more comfortable with creating and using this metal than all the rest. Sannoto can quickly convert this iron into various stages of matter without the necessary temperature requirements that often initiates the transformation, for he shifts the energies that make it up, molding it into a new state. The metal is normally utilized in the solid form, being used to create weapons and other constructs and such. Due to the hard, durable nature of iron it is used as a strong defense. Using it, Sannoto can erect walls of Iron along domes of Iron that protect him from damage. By increasing the amount of metallic chakra running through the transmutated Iron, the hardness of the metal can be increased, resembling steel more and more as the metal is strengthened. Offensively, the metals durable and denseness makes them excellent for doing damage, typically being used as weapons or made into projectiles typically used for throwing such as cannonballs. Part of what Sannoto has been recognized for is the ability to become metal, in the manner that he transmutes his entire being into the element temporarily, allowing himself to become any one of the metals in any of their various forms: solid, gas, liquid, and at any temperature he chooses so. Often times, Sannoto chooses to take the form of molten tungsten, because of the fact that its temperatures are nearly five times that of magma. By manipulating his body just he does the metals, he is able to stretch, bend, and move in ways that he normally wouldn't be capable of doing, and touching him results in a serious burns that render his opponent's as ash.
    • Narcissus's Copper Reflection: From the history of his family, every single member in some way or form utilized clones to perform a specific function, either to deceive an opponent on overwhelm them with continuous blows. As a member of the Senju and Uzumaki lineage, Sannoto was one who would utilize clones as well, creating them from his unique metal style. He would model the creation of this clone technique after that of the Shadow Clone Technique, a technique created by his uncle some time ago. Similar to the Shadow Clone Technique, this transmutive ability creates actual copies of Sannoto, rather than the intangible copies that the Clone Technique does, for this technique was inspired by that of the Shadow Clone. When replicating oneself, an equal amount of chakra is distributed to each copy, for it literally splits Sannoto chakra evenly so that each clone receives an equal fraction of Sannoto’s overall power. Unlike the Shadow Clone Technique, the clones aren't poofed into existence, but are rather molded and created through the basis of his alchemy. Depending on the amount of clones created, Sannoto typically will use different methods to create them. If it is simply one or two replicates, Sannoto will transmute his own metallic body into the metal requires to create the clones. With this, they are molded immediately. Only those blessed with the continuous usage of any bunshinjutsu technique can utilize this method, one that has helped Sannoto control his abilities on many occasions, for it was a long and difficult journey to do so. As such, since the clones possess the capabilities to take in experience and once dispelled or absorbed back into the body, Sannoto also receives this experience.
    • Metal Release: Touch of Midas: Originally inherited as a curse which extended from his unique metal nature transformation, Sannoto was cursed and gifted with the ability to essentially transmute energy and matter into that of gold by infusing the desired target with his own chakra. Throughout his childhood, prior to learning how to truly control and harness his power, the Metal Release: Touch of Midas was a very dangerous technique. Continuously, unintentionally, Sannoto would turn entire people into gold with a simple touch of the finger, even down to food, clothing, shoes, etc. For this, the people of Konoha began pulling their children away from him and he wasn't allowed to enter the academy until this power was successfully controlled. Determined to be accepted once more, before this curse had been bestowed upon him, Sannoto trained constantly to subdue this power which was taking over his life, supplying it with hatred and turmoil in place of the happiness and spoiled-nature that he had adapted to. Inevitably, the Senju managed to master his own curse through his improvement of his own chakra control. During his training to better his own chakra control, he learned that his metallic chakra was constantly seeping out through the tenketsu in his hands, which resulted in others being infused in it with, causing them to rapidly turn into gold. Once mastering his chakra control, the chakra ceased to seep through the tenketsu, thus the Senju was capable of controlling when this technique was active or not. To implement this technique, Sannoto first releases his chakra in it's nature form. Following this, Sannoto releases this metallic chakra through his hand, coating it in this new phase of energy. When making contact with something, the metallic chakra infuses itself into its being, whether or not it is a rock, tree, person or even chakra and turns it into gold by essentially causing the yin-yang energy to resemble that of gold. Once the chakra infuses itself with the desired target, it instantly begins to change the state of the energy present inside of the target, by causing the energy to undergo the same process that the metallic chakra went under to be transformed. In fact, many have claimed that this technique works more as a Fūinjutsu seal than an actual technique.
    • Shredding Chakra Blast: A technique devised by Sannoto, making use of his much larger technique titled Metal Weapon Generation, is a basic technique of the Senju that is a major component of his fighting style. The Metal Weapon Generation technique allows Sannoto to spontaneously generate weapons created of metal. With his ability to generate weapons at whim, this eliminates the necessity to physically carry around his weapons and summon them from within a scroll. His prowess with this technique, for it is used often, has led to the instantaneous creation of weapons in different sizes and in different metals. The quick pace in which he can create the weapons, being made of his chakra also allows him to naturally guide these weapons more than others for they are simply an extension of his chakra. The technique supplies him with greater advantages than he would hold if he summoned the weapons, working well in undercover operations as he can enter the respective area harmless, but exist with weapons in his hands.
    • Shredding Chakra Cannon: Sannoto devised this technique by making use of his much larger technique titled Metal Weapon Generation. The Metal Weapon Generation technique allows Sannoto to spontaneously generate weapons created of metal. With his ability to generate weapons at whim, this eliminates the necessity to physically carry around his weapons and summon them from within a scroll. His prowess with this technique, for it is used often, has led to the instantaneous creation of weapons in different sizes and in different metals. The quick pace in which he can create the weapons, being made of his chakra also allows him to naturally guide these weapons more than others for they are simply an extension of his chakra. The technique supplies him with greater advantages than he would hold if he summoned the weapons, working well in undercover operations as he can enter the respective area harmless, but exist with weapons in his hands. Similar to the Shredding Chakra Blast, Sannoto creates a cannon that fires his chakra. However, the cannon is underground rather than above ground and is often hidden. To do so, the Senju allows his chakra to seep out of his feet and soak into the earth. Once far enough underground, the chakra begins transmuting the earth into the form of a very large canon. With Sannoto as the centerpoint, the range of the canon is five meters from Sannoto in all directions in a circular shape. Once the cannon is formed, and the enemy is in position, a large ferocious blast of chakra erupts from under the earth and engulfs anything in its range. Sannoto, with this technique, forms a canon around his arm with the palm of his hand centered in the middle. Once the instructed device is created, Sannoto charges a palm of extremely concentrated chakra in his hand, one without transmutative capabilities, instead holding more concussive and explosive properties because of the speeds that it released. Similar to a technique utilized by Nagato, the amount of concentrated chakra released is immense, and the speeds that it travels is indeed incredible. The amount of force that is has, is enough to destroy a large area. However, because the damage is not entirely meant for a single person, people rarely die from such a technique, however the amount of damage that they do sustain if caught is indeed incredible, enough to cripple them but not enough to destroy them.
    • Poisonous Gas Technique: A technique which utilizes the metal Mercury, it makes use of the metal's extremely poisonous properties. The effects that mercury has on the body, if exposed to in large quantities, damage to the brain, kidneys and lungs. The mercury toxicity has several signs and symptons that the mercury causes onto the human body. Mostly, those exposed to mercury experience blurry vision, impaired hearing capabilities, disturbed sensation such as burning and itching, lack of coordination and trouble speaking. Sensory impairments are just among the few things, but nevertheless, these symptoms occur within a minute of exposure to the mercury vapor that Sannoto will emit, doing so discretely. Such a disturbance in their sensory system, will often render any shinobi from continuing the battle as many rely on these senses to properly battle and further exposure results in a very painful death. In most cases, Sannoto simply releases enough mercury to poison the shinobi enough to cause the first stage of symptoms rather than actual death, hoping to either make them easier to subdue or wishing for them to leave the battle out of fear. However, in cases where he finds it absolutely necessary to kill the person, he will release more than enough mercury to kill ten shinobi, hoping to make their death as quick and concise as possible. Similar to the rest of his metals, Sannoto can manipulate this poisonous vapor, moving it to a different location or causes it to expand in the entire area. The gas, like nitrogen or oxygen, is invisible to the naked eye and odorless, making it very difficult to discern to people without "special senses".
    • Sage Art: Ghost City Resurrection: A technique created by Sannoto Senju, the Sage Art: Ghost City Resurrection is one of his strongest techniques to date, making use of an extremely large variety of metals to create along with consuming the most chakra by far. Prophecies spoke that a savior would come and erect a city, a dwelling, haven for people to be protected. Fulfilling his role as a savior, Sannoto has replicated this prophecy, using his metal related abilities and natural energy to generate enough power to generate an entire city of metals that rivals some villages in terms of size. Altering the battlefield to this extent, it allows Sannoto to create a perfect environment for him. With control over this city, Sannoto provides himself with the advantage of being able to shift the environment instantaneously to suit his needs in battle while also being able to hinder his opponent. A technique that is largely dependent on the metals Sannoto creates, the variety is simply overwhelming. In instances where he wishes to protect people, Sannoto creates an immense city made of metals that are used in common construction, iron, steel, etc. without adding the excess metals that pose a threat to one's health. In most instances, this is only used when home's have been destroyed and albeit on a much lower scale. However, for most occasions, when this technique has been called up, the Senju combines several different metals to hinder his opponents. Though majority of the infrastructure is made of iron and steel, inside of the city is a large overflow of mercury vapor in the air. Unlike his enemies, Sannoto is created entirely from mechanical nanites, thus his body is entirely mechanical. As such, he is not in any danger of the mercury vapor for he has no reason to breathe and thus is unaffected. For most shinobi, the extreme exposure to the amount of mercury vapor coursing through the air is enough to kill them within minutes of exposure. Accompanying this, the earth, converted into metal as well, is exceptionally dangerous in its own right. Unlike the buildings that are mostly Iron and steel, the earth is actually gold powder. This gold power, while initially harmless, when combined with Sannoto's control over it proves exceptionally dangerous for most opponents, as they find the earth beneath them harmful. Commanding the gold dust, Sannoto can allow the ground to swallow them entirely, move the dust to restrict their movements or crush them. The mere threat of the earth and the air working against oneself is overwhelming from most shinobi, rendering it Sannoto's most powerful technique to date due to the versatility it offers. However, such a technique is not without its initial drawbacks, as the Senju must absorb natural energy from his hexagram in order to preform it, his reserves prior to the amplification prove to small to generate the technique. As such, the technique takes up forty percent of his chakra reserves, even with the natural energy amplifying the potency of his chakra, thus using this technique in situations where the Senju is exhausted is impossible. The amount of energy required is handicapping almost, for even after the city is generated, he must use even more chakra to maintain the seal that transmutes the metal back into its normal element, while also using chakra to control his environment. Essentially, by time Sannoto has stopped his opponent, his reserves are nearly depleted, leaving him incapable of fighting for almost days after the use of this technique.
    • Willful Steel Scales: Since his awakening, Sannoto found that metal armor formed around him almost instantaneously whenever something threatened his physical state, without actual thought. Whenever in immediate danger, the metal would surround his body, his flesh and protect him from any outside threat. This armor seemingly moved on its own, for Sannoto never conjured it, especially considering the metal that would surround him was unknown to the man;its makeup a mystery. For this reason, it would be impossible for the Senju to even subconsciously act on it, because without the secrets to the metals makeup, he cannot produce it and the armor cannot be formed. Eventually, the reasoning behind this unique armor proved to be Tai, Sannoto's true companion and permanent partner. By causing a fluctuation in their energies, the energy would exit the Senju's body through the pores and transform the layer of air molecules placed right above the flesh into this mysterious metal. Inevitably the name of the metal was revealed, for one identified it after seeing it form, it's properties and the incredible durability of the metal. Steel was the metal, for it possessed a dark grey color and was more durable than the hardest iron.:::While the armor normally appeared in the form of an exoskeleton, Tai does usually have a secondary defense if this one should fail. While releasing energy through the pores, the metallic chakra would leak on the flesh itself as well in the air, thus the hexagram would use the chakra to literally transform the flesh into metal as well, containing an exoskeleton that protects his metallic skin from damage and then metallic skin that protects his body from damage. Once the immediate threat it disposed off, Tai causes the exoskeleton to fall off, along with the metallic skin. In doing so, once the flesh is disposed off Tai accelerates the healing factor and allows another layer of flesh to takes it place. Normally, this defense mechanism appears only in the area of the body that the enemy is targeting, thus much chakra is not used and the flesh needing replacement is small, thus the healing factor isn't accelerated too much. To a certain degree, Sannoto possesses the potential to mildly control this armor, but to an extremely limited degree. Sannoto cannot deactivate this ability, thus self wounds are normally impossible without the approval of Tai, for he is the only one with the authority to stop this armor from forming, considering that this phantom is the one responsible. However, he can use his metallic chakra to increase or decrease the strength of the steel, especially in certain places such as the joints, allowing him to move while staying protected. The instantaneous formation of this metal is what makes Sannoto formidable foe, as since he does not require the focus to do this, he can concentrate on offense, while staying protected indefinitely.
    • Unbreakable Bones of Steel: Internally, because of Tai's influence, when learning to control these powers Sannoto would accidentally start transmuting his own body, however to protect him from the internal damage, Tai would direct these energies to his own skeleton, turning the bones themselves into steel, one of the hardest metals to break. As a result, Sannoto's bones are virtually unbreakable along with being capable of manipulation, as they are metal, the Senju can control them and bend them to his will. Since the entire skeleton is turned into metal, Sannoto can generate entirely new bones, adding portions of his skeleton, or even regenerating his bones if they happen to break. Often times, he rarely faces actual damage, as no injury has every gotten past his epidermis, for his skeleton protects anything directly underneath. Often times, he can literally generate weapons from his internal body, creating blades throughout his body and use his own body as a literal sword.

      Sannoto's most impressive feat in regards to his own metallic skeleton is that he can generate three claws by making them extend from his skeleton within his hand. Each claw is a foot in length and there are three on each hand, giving the Senju tremendous reach in close combat. Because these claws are formed from the same fortified steel that his skeleton is created from, they have the capacity to slice through nearly anything, for they are powerful and sharp on their own, but accompanied by the senju's strength, they can even slice through the strongest of metals. His claws themselves, can also be infused with his metallic chakra, allowing him to turn anything into metal when making contact with it. Because of this technique, he can technically combat the elements themselves, using his chakra infused claws to slice through ninjutsu techniques by turning them into metal, such as enormous fireballs or hydro generated dragons.
    • Flying Technique: This technique grants Sannoto the ability to levitate and fly. However, unlike the technique used by the Iwagakure shinobi, this does not make the Senju lighter. Instead, he utilizes his ability to manipulate metal and thus manually controls his own steel-skeleton that allows him to imitate a form of flight. Because he's picking up his own body, his method of flight is unknown to even those wielding dōjutsu of some sort as it simply appears as if he's just injecting himself with chakra. His puppeteer manipulation of himself grants various advantages that allows the Senju to control his own bodies in way's that he can imagine. This method of flight does not rely on any strain physically, but rather is simply an extension of his extraordinary chakra control and metal release abilities. Because of his chakra control, Sannoto can control the speed at which he flies ranging from just mere hovering to near supersonic speeds. When traveling supersonic speeds however, he tends to coat himself in a steel armor to protect himself if he hypothetically crashed. In addition to his speed, sharp turns and other agile maneuvers can be made with the blink of an eye and just the right amount of chakra. . Eventually, his practice with the technique coupled with his philosophies would assist with this endeavor and within years his goal of permanent flight had been achieved. His expertise with this skill allows him to maintain his levitation with very little conscious effort and miniscule drains on his chakra reserves.


Displayed from a young age, Sannoto excels and specializes in taijutsu, possessing such natural aptitude for the shinobi art; so talented that his skills in the academy surpassed those of his mentors, to the point where he could teach them how to improve their own abilities. During his training to perfect his abilities, he mastered and perfected the Wudang Chaun and combining its principles and techniques to develop his own unique fighting style known as the Fist of the Sage (剛の仙人, Tsuyoshi no sennin). This martial art makes use of Sannoto's unbelievable chakra control and uniquely potent senjutsu chakra. By using his senjutsu chakra, Sannoto can manipulate the external natural energy and it's flow to enhance the range and power of his attacks. With every attack from Sannoto comes natural energy to back it up making this form of taijutsu almost impossible to truly combat against.

Because of his ability to use his chakra in tandem with his taijutsu, Sannoto is revered as one of the greatest martial artist to walk the face of the earth. Combining his fierce strikes with his ability to double the width and length of his attack with senjutsu is enough to cripple most shinobi undoubtedly, however a much more dangerous ability lurks in the shadows. He possesses the ability to turn different things into metal through contact with his metal chakra: Metal Release: Touch of Midas. By infusing his body with this energy and injecting it into his opponent, Sannoto is able to metallicize their body. Dodging each attack suddenly becomes a necessity for those who face him, but even moreso it truly limits the range and what they can do to attack. Sannoto's strength revolves heavily around controlling the area where damage can be done, and because of his ability to do just that he is revered.

The stance Sannoto normally assumes is ’’’ Sāntǐshì’’’ (三體勢) in which Sannoto holds his head, torso, and feet along the same vertical plane, with his left arm held out, his palm facing his opponent, and with his right arm spread across the bottom portion of his abdomen. This inevitably allows Sannoto to easily and quickly protect both his head and torso simultaneously, along with attacking with his feet, usually preforming low sweep kicks to cause his opponent to lose balance then defending himself with his hands; essentially a perfect offense and defense. While it isn't really known, this stance also allows for a state equilibrium, for when he does strike it allows more power to be generated from both of his legs, increasing his power and chances of defending from attacking, almost able to switch between these offense and defense instantly.

In the fist of the sage, there are five natural elements in which Sannoto attempt to imitate for responding and reacting to attacks; those being lightning, water, wind, fire and earth. When imitating the element of lightning, Sannoto uses his arm in the form of an axe, lifting up and then chopping over, often using natural energy as an power enhancer and extension for this technique. With this technique, he can use the natural energy to slice through elemental ninjutsu techniques. The second element is water, in which Sannoto imitates that of a geyser and drills forward; typically using natural energy to extend the range of his technique, which normally sends the opponent flying backwards.

The third element if wind, which takes the offensive side of combat, resembling that of arrows exploding forwards. With this, Sannoto normally throws multiple, powerful strikes with his hands, using the natural energy to enhance his blows and to extend the range, to the point where if Sannoto misses his opponent with his hand, the natural energy which still strike them. Due to the amount of blows he throws, it is nearly impossible for anyone to dodge, as even most Dojutsu users have trouble following his movements.

The fourth element is fire, which utilizes both offense and defense simultaneously, with Sannoto exploding forward while blocking, using natural energy in the environment as a shield to protect himself, which he then uses as a weapon to injure his opponent. The last element is Earth in which one stands their ground, similar to that of a rock, completely unmovable. When imitating this element, Sannoto uses the natural energy in the environment to form a protective wall in front of him. This isn't really a move meant to deal any damage but is instead a move used to defend him from incoming attacks.

In the Fist of the Sage, there are four distinct animals in which Sannoto imitates personality-wise and movement wise, utilizing several unique techniques with each animal.

Snake (蛇, Hebi): The Snake often represents intelligence, happiness and is normally a sign when something needs to be done. Snakes are normally portrayed as supernatural creatures, which hold serious supernatural powers. As a result, this fighting style is not as ferocious or truly “Straight forward” in the slightest and instead relies on secret techniques and hidden attacks to truly deal damage to its opponent. As a result, snakes do not rely on sheer power, or size. Instead, snakes rely on supernatural-like abilities and unique attacks fueled by their extremely refined intellect. The snake prefers a quiet, lone environment and will often walk away from conflict than engage in it. Where the crane is a graceful dancer, the snake stylist is sinuous, sexy, flexible, rubber-like dancer. Every movement is deliberate, precise, well controlled and is very alluring, if not borderline hypnotic. The snake requires a well-positioned head for detail, eyes for precision and requires some strength which does not inhibit the rhythmic flexibility it possesses.

When using the snake stylist, Sannoto mirrors the snake’s teeth and body attacks with Sudden Strikes and Holding Locks. These two attacks seemingly contradict one another. One requires quick and precise strikes from the hands and feet while the other requires strong arms and body for locking. Though, where both join together is that they require the knowledge of where and how to strike certain portions of the human body. The snake style normally relies on attacking the nerves an opponent, as Sannoto’s studies about the human body, attributed to his severe physical conditioning, provides him with such experience that he can normally attack and strike an opponent in these specific weak points without a complex thought.

There are five main principles of the snake fighting style that Sannoto has mastered to further improve and truly perfect the imitation of a snake. The first principle is commonly referred to as Order. Naturally, order is the key to all success; it is the building block for entire civilizations, enlightenment, and coexistence in general. When there is order present, chaos, and mischief are absent. Without order, which essentially is composure, this style would simply not exist for it relies on preciseness and random and uncontrolled attacks. The second principle which is needed to achieve a perfect imitation of the snake is Knowledge. Like order, knowledge is also a major factor which leads to success. Simply possessing the knowledge of knowing what is possible and what isn’t; such as knowing what works best and what does; knowing your opponent’s weaknesses and your strengths; knowing how to maximize efficiency with minimum effort. Without knowledge, one’s actions cannot even remotely be successful in any way.

The third principle is skill, which is essentially the transformation of knowledge into successful actions. With this, one knows how to do the best movement to the best place in the best way possible. Without this principle, there is simply theory and words which do very little in a battle designed for only two opponents. The fourth principle which Sannoto applies is Accuracy and Timing which is derived from the principle of Order and is used together with Skill and Knowledge to truly achieve the best action possible. With this, he can strike/move at the right time, right place and in the most effective manner. Lastly, the principle of Patience is simple waiting for the perfect time to strike, dodge or fight. With these principles all combined into one fighting style, it truly makes Sannoto’s offense and defense nearly unstoppable by normal means.

Evasion, Speed, Accuracy and fluid motions are physical attributes required to fully master and imitate the style of the snake. These physical attributes make for alluring movements, which are somewhat hypnotizing in a sense. When utilizing this fighting style, Sannoto’s attacks and defense are the best for the best with the least amount of effort. Techniques are short and long but very quick, precise and sharp. Whipping, thrusting and wrapping are normal techniques that the Senju man use in battle to truly damage his opponents. Snakes strikes are short, sudden and surprising. Their grabs are long and painful. As a result, Sannoto has strong figures for these short strikes and extremely powerful arms and legs for trapping and holding. The Snakes Core Strength is crucial as is a good center of balance; strong legs and low stances to allow it to twist and bend and still encircle a large opponent and squeeze the air out of them.

Tiger (虎, Tora): The tiger is the king of the land, attributed to the fact that it asserts its ferocious power and dominates. Armed with claws, strong jaws and perfect size, the tiger’s objective is completed through absolute power. Dominating, controlling and large, the tiger relies on pure physical conditioning and inner energy to unleash their explosive force, making it the ultimate predator. As a result, the tiger doesn’t need to defend, as it is suited for quick, direct strikes and absolute offence. The tiger’s techniques are not strategic, but are instead reactive, instinctive and dominating.

The tiger animal form is direct, sudden and absolute. It lacks the complex steps, manuvers and blocking techniques, solely relying on Sannoto’s physical prowess to deal damage. The attacks are powerful and final, with the Senju usually aiming for the weak points in the human body to take them down. These weak points are several things, the first being the throat and the second being the joints of the human body. Typically, he’ll look to target the throat for various reasons, being the bridge that allows for oxygen to cross into the body and also being the home to two major arteries. The joints are targeted second considering the fact that they are weak but are responsible for movement in the human body. Using ferocious strikes, Sannoto can damage both targets, injuring the throat and breaking the joints to incapacitate his opponent, leaving them vulnerable to a finishing blow.

Considering the fact that Sannoto isn’t a tiger, he cannot make use of actual claws and powerful jaws to damage his opponent. However, he has invented three basic techniques, if not steps, which emulates and allows him to mimic the movements and attack styles of that of a tiger in the best way possible. The first is the tiger maul, a technique where Sannoto extends his two first fingers, bending them slightly, while keeping the rest closed and extending his thumb as well, creating a little cup-like shape. With this, he uses this unique he can strike his opponent’s neck, closing his fingers after gripping their neck to effectively wound them; depending on the amount of strength he puts into this move, Sannoto can even crush someone’s entire neck with this move, killing them instantly.

The second movement that Sannoto emulates from the tiger swipe, in which Sannoto places his palms towards his opponent to represent the a tiger swiping at his opponent. As opposed to grabbing his opponent's neck, Sannoto instead focuses on attack his opponent's joints with this move, slamming his palms onto their joints to break them, using his internal energy to fortify his physical prowess even greater than what it is. Because this technique is more for striking than grappling, it is even possible for Sannoto to defend with attacks; something unique to most fighters. By meeting his opponent's attack with his own, he can ultimately use his own strength to deflect their attack with one arm and then attack their joints with the other. Although tigers do not need to defend, this is not actually a defense move but is instead meeting an attack with an attack.

The third and final movement that Sannoto emulates is called the tiger hind claws, which is perhaps the most dangerous of his techniques, relying on pure muscle strength which resides in the legs; these muscles being the most developed out of all of Sannoto's muscles. The typical movements of this revolve around complex sweeping, breaking and powerful roundhouse kicks which are capable of breaking most shinobi's bones with a single strike and breaking their necks with relative ease. The tiger hind claws strikes are purely aggressive, offensive and lacks finesse. This technique revolves around eschewing absolute pin point strikes which seek to end the battle with a single hit, or several hits but no more than ten hits; usually creating an opening for the strong roundhouse kicks and sweeping kicks which act as both an attack as blocks in a single movement.

Dragon (竜, Ryū): The Dragon is often the most spiritually adept out of all creatures on the earth. For centuries, people have studied under them hoping to obtain a fragment of the wisdom that these creatures have managed to gather. Dragons may live in the heavens, ocean, in a swamp, the wetlands, etc. They are the most versatile thus this animal style stands as one of the more adaptable out of the five that Sannoto uses. To imitate the internal proficiency that dragons often has, this animal form calls upon more than physical prowess to truly prove efficient and requires one to have full command over their chakra to maximize the potential of this fighting style. Secondly, a developed physical body is required but one where strength and speed are not primary concerns. Instead, agility and fluidity is required to make the smooth transitions from the hands to the feet without slowing down or choreographing your movement. The ability to adapt to any possible attack and defend against it is the dragon's concern and greatest attribute: Fluid like water, but unbreakable like earth.

Footwork is essential in this style for with poor footwork the transitions stiffen and slow the body regardless of how fast one may be. The lower portion of Sannoto's body is often moving in zig-zags so that he may access floating and sinking movements so that his body becomes very calm and relaxed, opening up his joints and meridians allowing for a greater chakra circulation and much more power and stability with every movement. With every step, the rear foot eventually becomes the front foot with each step taken which he always does at an angle of around thirty five degrees. Overall, this makes the footwork appear circular which often makes creates an angle where Sannoto is capable of reaching his opponent (albeit with the help of his natural energy extended range) while making it harder for his opponent to reach him. Such a technique forces his opponents to reposition their bodies almost constantly to attack and defend leaving them void of any true power due to a lack of stability and focus.

Often times, Sannoto utilizes a five finger technique in which he'll use chakra to enhance the power of his pinching techniques which target the muscles, tendons and meridians. Similar to a dragon's tail, Sannoto's lower body's movement consist of tactics that targets sensitive areas of his opponent such as their groin, ankles, feet and the knees. Each attack used in the dragon's art is to weaken or cripple his opponent through a rather aggressive form of defense. When his opponent strikes, he simply takes a zig-zag step to avoid combat while dealing damage to the appendage they struck with or their body by using natural energy to enhance the range of his attacks so that he doesn't have to make true contact to deal damage.

Monkey (猿, Saru): Monkeys are known for their cleverness and playfulness. They are the mischievous beings of the jungle causing mayhem by either swinging from vines or flinging their poo. Truly the most unpredictable animal due to their intelligence, this fighting art emphasizes speed, flexibility while being completely unpredictable. One of the more intellect-reliant forms, Sannoto uses a broken rhythm to hopefully confuse his opponents in an attempt to force them to "guess" when his attack will come or when he'll roll. He causes them to multi-task with guessing both the time of his action and what action will he take.

As it relies on flexibility, most of the movements of this form are not movements that occur on the ground and instead consist of sideway flips, rolls, backflips, hand stands, walking on his hands, and many more random acts of motion. The kicks and strikes are often weaved into these flips and superb acrobatic acts as these flexible movements are simply disguising his attacks/defenses. Like the monkey, the strikes are often cheap and directed to the eyes, groin, throat, knees, or areas that his opponent least expects him to truly act upon.

In this style regardless, Sannoto's defense does not lie within allowing his opponent to make physical contact but instead relies on evading and staying several steps ahead of them. When they strike, he has already registered their move and has made another movement to force them to change trajectory, but then he makes another to force them to move again. For such reason, speed is heavily required in such a style thus he often makes use of the Idaten to boost his speed to levels where it allows him to move in such a manner.


From a young age, Sannoto excelled at using weaponry, despite his peaceful nature as a child. Guided to them from generations of experience, seemingly pulled into a continuously flowing tornado that encapsulates one in a pattern forever. Apart of this vortex because of his fusion, Sannoto found weapons much more interesting and easier to use than many others. For this, he has trained a large portion of his young life under the tutelage of Hiruzen Sarutobi who helped him master the several different weapon styles, as he wished to be a master of them all.

Suited to his unique skills involving the manipulation of metal, along with training in regards to bukijutsu with Hiruzen, he holds a speciality even among his general specialization in weapons; shurikenjutsu. Even without his natural ability to "guide" his shuriken, Sannoto is recognized for his excellent marksmanship, evident by his ability to throw multiple shuriken and hit multiple targets with a single swipe, simply by using small movements in regards to his fingers and wrist. By bending and causing tension in specific fingers, applying different amounts to each finger to affect the route of each shuriken, he can subsequently cause his shuriken to curve in different directions. This is a unique, advanced style of shurikeninjutsu, one that is best suited with his ability to control metals.

Sword of the Seven Kings: While he possesses more skill in long range weapons that are often used for throwing, Sannoto is still skilled in close range combat as well. He often uses Kenjutsu, normally making use of his unorthodox fighting style involving six blades to overwhelm his opponent with series of strikes, however he can also use one blade effectively as well, though he seems to be more comfortable using all six. Sannoto, when utilizing all six blades, seeks to overwhelm his opponents with fierce and quick strikes, continuously so that they cannot go on the offensive, then once their defense is weakened he goes for the finishing blow. A sword style invented by him, he has created all of the techniques associated with it, including the blades themselves. Unique than anything is that this sword styles does not include any Kenjutsu forms, informal in nature, and makes use of his incredible speed and mind blowing strength to continuously attack his opponent with fierce strikes. Anyone with any formal swordsplay could pose a threat easily, though one must possess the physical fortitude to withstand the aggressive assault.

Under certain circumstances, Sannoto will make use of a single blade, normally when facing a swordsman who is renowned or has shown above average skills; such as samurai of the Land of Iron, for they possess the finesse to easily best his aggressive swordsplay. Sannoto makes use of a single unique blade created from the other six that he once used; combined to form a sword of absolute power. This blade holds special properties, one from each of the six blades. From the Beelzebub, the Sugari no Ontachi inherits its ability to absorb chakra. From the Mammon, the Sugari no Ontachi inherits its ability to transmute something into metals. From the Asmodeus, the blade has been given a very strong form, able to withstand physical attacks from the highest caliber along with a resistance to chemical attacks. From the Leviathan, the blade inherits extreme poisonous attributes that can kill people in minutes. Lastly, the Satan supplies the radioactive attributes, allowing the blade generate explosives. Combined into one blade, it is the ultimate sword and each aspect of every blade can be used simultaneously due to Sannoto's mastery.

The use of the single blade allows the Senju to use his rather formal kenjutsu skills that he has devised based on his own Fist of the Sage unpredictable fighting style. He will often apply natural energy to enhance the range and power of his attack. Sannoto's swordsplay possesses a special quality, something which is rarely seen within the shinobi world, displaying both deadly and beautiful, smooth movements of the blade. With these movements, Sannoto can fully control the blade with relative ease, seen in several of his moves where he lifts the blade towards the sky at a 35 degree angle and then brings it down towards his opponent's forehead, sometimes their feet, with a single flick of the wrist. Sannoto's attack with blade are usually swift and strong, relying on the strength and flexibility of his wrist as a basis.

Sannoto's swordsplay is simply one continuous movement instead of several movements at once, though this is not simply just his blade and requires his body to be in tune with the blade. As a result, Sannoto tends to move his entire body together as opposed to standing in a single place and stance, allowing him to attain a flow to his swordsplay and increases his ability to maneuver and evade enemy attacks while delivering precise strikes to his opponent rather than their blade. Sannoto tend to rely on linear movements with the blade, granting him the ability to cleanly slice, stab, and cut through most substances all in one motion, utilizing the natural energy as an enhancer to it's powerful power. Defensively, this linear motion can be used to defend himself from attacks, as it allows him to deflect and parry attacks with a steady hand, his sword being unmovable once clashing with other blades, unless he chooses otherwise of course.

In addition to this, Sannoto has noted that this unique style isn't based off of attacking his opponent first but is rather a response to the user's emotional state, thus they attack based off of what he feels at the current time; thus he wouldn't throw his arm towards his opponent if he felt that it would be a danger to his own body, thus the swordsplay usually changes accordingly and is more of a improvisational form of fighting as opposed to simple and common forms that a swordsman would continuously rely on daily. Usually, when swordsman battle their body tenses up in certain places where they are meeting a type of force which pushes against their own, creating a sense of tension. Due to the unique, flowing movement that this fighting style employs, it is much easier for Sannoto to battle and to control the flow of his internal energy to relax these areas of tension simultaneously, granting him the ability to respond to most attacks without tension or stiffness, allowing for faster and smoother attacks.

When utilizing natural energy along with these movements, by using his own internal energy to push the natural energy, his swordsplay truly becomes unstoppable, as he claims that it places him on par with the greatest practitioner of Kenjutsu. Adding natural energy to his swordsplay increase the range of his techniques to the point where his stab can reach over for three feet, piercing those who fail to escape his range in time, with his slices hitting those who clearly evaded his initial attack. Usually, Sannoto unleash a multitude of techniques, making it nearly impossible for people to dodge even without his natural energy. Due to the invisible nature of the energy, most opponent's fail to see his techniques, and those who do know of him tend to stay out of this range, allowing him to control the pace of the battle; eventually with him gaining the advantage.

  • Samurai Sabre Technique: Being a rather elementary technique for Sannoto due to his absolute chakra control, the Senju has focused his time on mastering the technique and taking it further and beyond what has been shown before. The Samurai, by flowing chakra through their blades, were able to increase the range and strengthen the sharpness of their sword. Simply by flowing more chakra into the weapon, they can continuously increase its range and sharpness until they run out of energy to input. For a man with his potent chakra reserves and immeasurable quantity, the range and cutting ability of his sword becomes truly infinite. Even a small amount of his chakra exponentially improves the following perimeters of his blade, and even upon its increase with chakra alone it finds that improvement doubled due to the presence of natural energy. When unleashing this technique, cutting through steel, entire ships, and mountains become a feat done with relative ease.

Metal Weapon Generation (金武器の発電, Kinbuki no Hatsuden) is another technique used from the basis of his transmutation alchemy abilities. This technique is a signature part of his fighting style which involves the incorporation of weapons. With his ability to generate weapons at whim, this eliminates the necessity to physically carry around his weapons and summon them from within a scroll. His prowess with this technique, for it is used often, has led to the instantaneous creation of weapons in different sizes and in different metals. The quick pace in which he can create the weapons, being made of his chakra also allows him to naturally guide these weapons more than others for they are simply an extension of his chakra. The technique supplies him with greater advantages than he would hold if he summoned the weapons, working well in undercover operations as he can enter the respective area harmless, but exist with weapons in his hands.

The normal weaponry that are common are the shuriken and kunai, for they go along with his shurikenijutsu. Due to their small nature, Sannoto can typically generate substantial amounts of kunai and shuriken with very little chakra consumption, though his mastery in the technique does contribute to the very little chakra consumption. These shuriken are normally created from transmutated matter that exist outside of Sannoto’s own bottle, transforming the air particles themselves or earth into his tools.

Another weapon that seems to be common is a canon that release beams of chakra, often used for damaging large groups of people or causing large scale damage. The cannons appear to be his own arm itself, however this would require Sannoto to actually lose a limb for his entire arm would become the canon. The canon is truly formed right around the arm, tightly coiled around it. With this, the palm of the hand is hidden within and is where the chakra is truly generated from, by forcing the energy from the palm of his tenketsu. The energy is released at high velocities, and rather than holding the transmutation properties of his chakra, instead does more explosive/concussive damage. When making contact with something, the high velocities often causes the energy to slam into the target, scattering the chakra in multiple directions similar to pieces of a shrapnel, causing extreme concussive explosive damage.

Metal Limb Generation (ザ金属枝発電, Kinzoku Eda Hatsuden) is not a principle nor concept, rather it is a technique stemming from the basis of his transmutation alchemy abilities. Despite being the sole possessor, this technique was not created but rather discovered by the child naturally, though unintentionally. Infused with the hexagram, the discovery of this technique was a natural occurrence that was destined to happen, similar to the discovery of the entire ability in general. This technique, unlike the normal usage of majority of his techniques, does not seek to transform any outside, inanimate molecule of any sort, but transforms his very own metallic body. By manipulating his nanites, they can sprout off and form extra appendages for him to use, and then be easily replaced by replicating themselves via his chakra.

The name, speaking for itself, illustrates exactly what the technique allows Sannoto to do; create appendages from metal. Sannoto can generate various extra body parts, or even generate one to replace a lost body part: eyes, arms, legs, mouths etc. The Metal Limb Generation technique is a major component of Sannoto's unique fighting style in which he utilizes six swords made from different metals. This fighting style allows the Senju man to overwhelm his opponent with a multitude of unique blades and strikes for there is six of them, however it leaves major holes defensively, because Sannoto's attention would normally be spread among all of them. As such, his focus on one blade would be greatly lowered as opposed to someone who used one single sword. Such a weakness rarely mattered among those with just proficient skills in the art of Kenjusu, however those who were master level could expand on this and easily defeat the Senju despite his number of blades.

To compensate for such a weakness, Sannoto devised this very technique to create extra appendages that would decrease the risk that this fighting style held. Using his ability to generate several different appendages, Sannoto generates two extra pairs of arm to make up six, allowing him to wield all six blades simultaneously. Following that, he generates two extra heads, limiting the mobility of his original head. While limiting the mobility, the extra heads possess the capability to see and control one pair of the arms. This allows them to act as partners with the same body. Because they are ultimately connected, they can share information almost instantaneously and plan without uttering a word. Although deformed, these generated appendages help divide the focus up equally to counter balance the effects of using six blades. By making it appear as though they are fighting three separate people, for their movements are not connected, the fighting style can truly become overwhelming and unpredictable.

Gold Dust Generation: Following the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sannoto decided to adopt a more peaceful method of fighting, wishing not to rely on his swords and bukijutsu fighting style as often as he did. Watching the commander and his father battle, Sannoto observed the elegance, the control over what they could do. Though they were engaged in a battle to mortally wound one another, they had absolute control on how they would wound and where the wound would be dealt, a fighting style where control dictated. Wishing to have the same control, Sannoto imitated this, learning how to generate this gold powder, to utilize in the same manner.

Eventually, after months of researching, Sannoto soon generated the gold powder, but the loose structure of it was much different to manipulate then the hard and solid nature of the normal metals he created and even different from the mercury vapor he can create. When in motion, Sannoto finds that his energies become to mobile and they push the powder to fiercely, and the style is no longer elegant, but rather a battle of power. He did not have the control to manipulate the metal in the same manner as Gaara and his father, however he could use it to enhance the range of his taijutsu. With physical motions, he can guide the gold dust and command it to do whatever he wants. By pulling back his arms, the dust would become hardened and form a barrier around him. If he threw his punch, the dust would launch itself at its enemies.

His most peaceful method of using this gold dust is to capture and immobilize, using large quantities of gold dust to limit the mobility of his desired target, leaving very little space for them to operate. Hopefully through careful planning and strategy, Sannoto is then able to restrict them in their entirety, wrapping the gold dust around their entire body, leaving only their head without gold dust wrapped around it, leaving them incapable of molding handseals or using taijutsu, typically compacting the gold dust immensely when it has been successfully wrapped to prevent the target from breaking from his control. However, most importantly, Sannoto uses the gold dust for an extreme defense, typically when defending others, using the gold dust to block attacks entirely by summoning large walls of the gold dust.

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  • S-1: Yin Release
    • S-1.1: Bijū Chakra Reserves
    • S-1.2: Natural Energy
    • S-1.3: Infinite Wisdom
  • S-2: Yang Release
    • S-2.1: Life-Force
    • S-2.2: Physical Energy
    • S-2.3: Prodigious Stamina
  • S-3: Metal Alchemy


  • A-1: Bukijutsu
  • A-2: Basic Alchemy

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"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of hatred and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word"
— Sannoto speaking about peace

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
— Sannoto speaking to the twins

"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding"
— Sannoto speaking about peace

"The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace"
— Sannoto speaking about peace

"When I kill one member of black crown, the others will come. And I will kill them too"
— Sannoto Killing Intent towards Black Crown

"Why? Because she reminds me of your mother"
— Sannoto to Sayuri

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always."
— The Perverted Metal Seeker of Peace


  • According to Berserkchart486's own mentally published databook,
    • Sannoto's hobbies are helping people and blacksmithing.
    • Sannoto wishes to fight Hiruzen Sarutobi
    • Sannoto's favorite food is chicken and his least favorite is vegetables.
    • Sannoto has completed 1,141 official missions in total: 197 D-rank, 190 C-rank, 414 B-rank, 298 A-rank, 42 S-rank
    • Sannoto favorite phrase is "Peace of the World" (平和世界, Seika no Heiwa)
  • Sannoto shares the same birthday as my little brother
  • Although the author put a great amount of time into determining Sannoto's age, he has not always been successful. There exist some faults in his history.
    • Tsunade birthed Sannoto while she was 24-25, following her involvement in the Second Shinobi World War, making Sannoto roughly the same age as Kakashi, Obito, and Rin.
    • He fought in the Third Shinobi world war when he was around 10-13 as a ninja of Uzushiogakure. However, it is noted that Uzushiogakure was destroyed either right before or a little after Kushina left it, and accordingly, she would have departed prior to Sannoto's birth. Thus, by my timeline, Uzu does not get destroyed until nearly 15 years after her departure.