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Sanshoūo (山椒魚, Sanshouuo) was the younger brother of Kyodaisanshoūo, the grandson of Gōkaisanshoūo and is a summoning of Kokukozu Suishitama.


Sanshoūo doesn't seem to talk much, like most salamanders, which are all mildly paranoid. Altogether, his sense of calmness and loyalty is an advantage to Kokukozu, as is his walloping strength as a summoning. While both timid and fearful (even though not showing it), he deems strikingly similar to his grandfather, Godaisanshoūo, giving him the motivation to be like him one day.


Simply a salamander twice the size of a human with a cerulean body and a maya blue-colored stomach.

Story Appearances

Rise of Akatsuki Arc

Sanshoūo first appeared in the story summoned by Kokukozu. By using his Wind Release: Gust of the North and Kokukozu's Water Bullet Jutsu, together they made Wind and Water Release: Monsoon to bring down Sunamoto and his Antlion summoning, Arijigoku. After that, he hasn't been seen since.


Nature Type(s)

  • Wind



  • Sanshoūo means "Salamander".
  • Sanshoūo's favorite food is Sanuki Udon while his least favorite is Motsunabe.

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