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Female Genin
Fanon character
Sarah Amejouten
Full Name Sarah Amejouten
Age 10
Blood type A
Gender Female
Village of Origin Hidden Mountain Village
Chakra Type Water
Kekkai Genkai Amegan, Amekitsui
Rank Genin
Affilitations: Village Hidden in the Mountains, Amejouten Clan



Sarah is the most talented Female Genin in Yamagakure 2. She is from the elusive Amejouten Clan, who have abilities over Rain and Water. She is very outgoing and tends to pass any test thrown at her. She is undergoing training to become a medical ninja from he squad leader, Anna Inuzuka. Her squad was one of the youngest in The Yamagakure Chunin Exams.

Chunin Exams arc


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