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The Saru Clan is located within Saru no Sato, a precinct of Kirigakure which is unmarked on any and all records. Knowledge of its existence is rare outside of the Land of Water. For a while, they were playful rivals with the Hoshigaki Clan, but an incident occurred in which a member of the Royal Family was kidnapped, and a war began. Although there are many within Saru no Sato that carry the last name, it is only a suffix. (See Saru no Sato#Membership for more info)) The Royal Family are the only true Saru Clan members, carriers of the Kekkei Genkai.


  • Kiyoshi - Founder, Shodai Saru Lord
  • Katsuro - Nidaime Saru Lord, son of Kiyoshi
  • Rokuro - Saru Lord Assistant, brother of Katsuro
  • Saburo - Missing-nin, brother of Katsuro
  • Izumi - Sandaime Saru Lord, first female Lord, daughter of Katsuro
  • Goro - Brother of Izumi, died shortly after birth
  • Minoru - Yondaime Saru Lord, son of Izumi
  • Mamoru - Godaime Saru Lord, son of Minoru
  • Daisuke - Rokudaime Saru Lord, son of Mamoru
  • Aiko - Missing-nin, sister of Daisuke
  • Makoto - Saru Lord Assistant, brother of Daisuke

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