This article, Scarlet Secret Technique: Descent of Tongmyông, is property of Seireitou.

  • Name: Scarlet Secret Technique: Descent of Tongmyông (緋色の秘密のテクニック甲賀の東明, Shinku Higi: Kouka no Tongmyông; Nicknamed "Space-Time Armor")
  • Type: Scarlet Secret Techniques; Kyūseijutsu; Offensive; Defensive
  • Rank: S
  • User: Seireitou Kawahiru

Named after King Tongmyông of the Koguryo Dynasty, Seireitou's eyes take on a onyx color as the aura around his body begins to intensify. His body begins to develop a lightning aura similar to the Lightning Release Armor used by the Current Raikage (Canon). However, it is infused with spacial and temporal chakras. While in this "state", all attacks that go to him enter an instantly opened portal on Seireitou's body and are dropped elsewhere.

Seireitou's idea for this technique was to take the Spacial and Temporal Release of his chakra to the "highest possible point", and with this armor, he could shift and command the armor of the releases in any way he desired. He could use it for simply defense, or fire off and charge Rasengan-like orbs in his hand from the aura surrounding him. All of these techniques would have the same effects that all Space/Time related techniques would cause.

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