This article, Scarlet Secret Technique: Seiryuu's Resonance, is property of Seireitou.

  • Name: Scarlet Secret Technique: Seiryuu's Resonance (緋色の秘密のテクニック清流の共鳴, Shinku Higi: Tomonari no Seiryū)
  • Type: Scarlet Secret Techniques; Kyūseijutsu; Illusion-based
  • Rank: S
  • User: Seireitou Kawahiru

Named after the Azure Dragon of the East; Seireitou based this technique on the concepts of Lady Tsunade's Important Body Points Disturbance Technique. Seireitou forms handsigns that vary in number and type depending on the overall expected results that Seireitou desires. This releases large amounts of mononoke in the shape of blue-flame bearing ravens that attack the target(s). When the opponent is struck by these, force the opponent's perception of reality to change drastically depending on how, when, where, and in what way the mononoke attacked the opponent. Seireitou reveals that this "illusion" isn't the same as a genjutsu, and outranks it in terms of power and duration.

Seireitou claims this was based on a certain "friend" of his that he met during the Third Great Ninja World War, and his ideals and views about reality and life.

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