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Artemis (Voiceover):How did I end up here, in this dark cave staring at the wall, forced to hide from my team? I guess I'll have to tell you the whole story, from start to finish. I guess it all started when we were given an A-rank missionby Gokuto Tsurugi, the Second Yamakage.

Gokuto: Your mission is to hunt down the seven tailed wolf before anyone else can get to it.

Katana: Why do we need to take this mission, it's an A rank mission & my team hasn't passed into jonin yet?!

Parume: Why are you not even giving us a bigger squad for this mission?

Gokuto: Most importantly to these whys, why are you questioning my authority?!

Artemis (Voiceover): After that, no one objected anymore, and we were off in no time. For a while we traveled into the land of fire, waves, and even, rocks. We never found who was harboring the demon, so we had to take a shot in the dark. We went to the land of ice.

Ninja Voice 1: HALT! Who goes there?

Ninja Voice 2: Wow did you really have to go all midevil on us?

Ninja Voice 3: Seriously how lame...idiot.

Ninja Voice 1: Hey mom said to stop picking on me, im the leader of this squad.

Ninja Voice 3: Mom's 50 miles away, deal with it.

Ninja Voice 2: SHUT UP!!! While you are standing here arguing, the trap is ruined and they're geting away! Come on let's go!

Artemis (Voiceover): We tried to get away from there as fast as we could, but it was no use. Somehow we got seperated from Katana, and the ninja caught up with us.

Ninja 1: Now we have you, and you're going to die now you little street-rats!

A kunai landed in between the ninja and the squad.

Ryun Uchiha appeared, "Your the ones that will die!"

With a few swats the ninja were defeated. "Is everyone alright?"

OOC: Man that was awesome! I gotta give u props for that.

Artemis jumps in front of Apolla and Parume, holding a kunai out.

Artemis: Don't come any closer, or you'll face my full wrath!

Ryun smiled back and continued to walk closer, "What village do the three of you come from?"

Apolla: Why do you need to know? For all you know we could be from Honogakure or Kirigakure & you could kill us as a simple message to the village. I think that we have the right to not say anything. and if you come any closer me and parume will use a secret jutsu we've been working on.

Artemis: stop it guys, he just saved us (lowers kunai) I think it's okay we're from Yamagakure kind person. what is you're name by the way

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