You Two, You Have to End This Soon, Understand!

"Um, you guys can start at any time ya know" siad the announcer as he looked at the two fighters.

Indo said, "Niether Haizo or this guy are making any move." But Indo continued to stare at Ken.

"Well, this is boring, the guy won't make a move." haizo thought. "Fine, then." Haizo said as he dissapeared and reappaered behind Ken, blade pointed to his neck.

Ken stared blankly at Haizo, "Your going to use that piece of scrap metal? Worthless." Ken said.

Haizo smiled. "Scrap metal? What do you use, then?" Haizo said as he slit Ken's neck, presumably killing him.

However, Ken's sand shield had protected him. "Simple, I use sand and puppets. Do not think for a moment you are getting an upper hand by wielding Saitatsu. The Blades of Absolute Creation are worthless in fights were your opponent is the most skilled. I dare you to use Bankai or Shukai, it makes no difference. I will win." Ken said folding his arms.

"If you think so..." Haizo said, drawing his blade. "fine, then." Haizo raised his sword, and cut his thumb slightly. Haizo took the blood and said. "Summoning!" as Hitatsu came out. "If you think Saitatsu is usless, then fine. I have something even more powerful..." Haizo said. Hitatsu yawned and looked at Ken.

Indo looked at them from the stands, "Who are these guys?"

PWOOM! A cloud of smoke comes out of nowhere, and out comes Boushi Denkou. "Hello guys, well, I've seen this battle has been untouched for the last 6 days! So, I'm giving this battle until January 5th, at the time of this wikia at 23:00! If you're not done by then, I will consider of who's declare the winner. So you guys better be done! Good bye!" PWOOM! Boushi Denkou disappears with a mist of cloud.

PWOOM! "Hey, hey, hey, hey, nobody's going to respond of this? Fine, the first person to sign below here will be the winner of this round since time is about to be up, so, Ten Tailed Fox and Minkai, the Legendary Drunk, who will it be?" Boushi Denkou said.


--Minkai, the Legendary Drunk 19:24, 4 January 2009 (UTC)

"OKAY! IT'S DONE! Minkai, the Legnedary Drunk HAS OFFICIALLY WON THE BATTLE BY DEFAULT!!! SORRY, TEN TAILED FOX! NOW THE THIS IS FINALLY THE LAST BATTLE THAT IS DONE FOR THE FIRST ROUND! I'M NOW DONE WITH THIS FIRST ROUND! Phew, *cough* *cough* *cough* *sneeze* *laugh* *cough* I think I've done enough shouting out, geez." PWOOM!

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