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Secret Technique: Manipulated Darkness
Kanji 秘伝術・暗黒踊らされる
Rōmaji Hiden Jutsu: Ankoku Odora Sareru
Literal English Secret Technique: Darkness Made Dancing
English TV Secret Technique: Manipulated Darkness
Appears in Fanon
Classification Ninjutsu, Hiden
Class Offensive, Defensive
Range All ranges

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Secret Technique: Manipualted Darkenss was Kurokage Yomino's signature technique and the technique that brought him his reputation as "Assassin of Shadows".

This technique, when activated, will manipulate Yin chakra and manifest the darkness from the user's own soul and use it as a method of both attack and defence. This technique an defend against all nature types, and it was enough to block a Raisho. However, the defensive capabilities of the shadows generated by this technique become increasingly weaker when moving away from the user, and they are also weaker in the spots on which the user doesn't concentrate. The offensive capabilities involve changing the shadows into the forms of spikes, spears and other pointed weapons. In this form, they managed to severely wound Hakutsuba, who is Hotaku Kamateru's personal summoning.