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Seed Release: Dancing Petals
Kanji 実遁バイレ花弁
Rōmaji Miton: Baire Hanabira
Literal English Seed Release: Dancing Petals
  • Hiden
Class Offensive
Range All ranges

Seed Release: Dancing Petals (実遁バイレ花弁, Miton: Baire Hanabira) is a jutsu used by the Zōshoku Clan (増殖クラン, lit. Growth Clan, Zōshoku Kuran) by utilizing their Seed Release using Yang and Wind natures. The Jutsu involves stimulating the growth of flower seeds with Yang Chakra, causing them to reach their full bloom and lose their petals in an extremely short amount of time. These falling petals are then scooped up with powerful wind currents that allow the user to control the direction and speed of the wind-coated petals. The petals are then used to surround the opponent(s) in a storm of falling petals that form an omni-directional attack that slices the victim from countless angles over the course of the Jutsu's use.

Known User's