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Seed Release: Petal Shroud
Seed Release Petal Shroud
Kanji 実遁おおい
Rōmaji Miton: Hanabiraooi
Literal English Seed Release: Petal Shroud
  • Hiden
Class Defensive
Range Short-range

Seed Release: Petal Shroud (実遁おおい, Miton: Hanabiraooi) is a jutsu used by the Zōshoku Clan (増殖クラン, lit. Growth Clan, Zōshoku Kuran) by utilizing their Seed Release using Yang and Wind natures. The Jutsu involves stimulating the growth of flower seeds with Yang Chakra, causing them to reach their full bloom and lose their petals in an extremely short amount of time. One of the strongest Seed Release techniques in existence, the user creates a circular shield around their person that continually spins and rotates at extreme speeds - creating a form of ultimate defense as long as the sphere is in use. However, sustaining the shape requires a large amount of Chakra - so much so that Galath can only maintain it for fifteen seconds at any given time. Much like a similar Seed Release Jutsu, the Petal Shroud uses the physical aspect of one's Chakra to greatly enhance the protectiveness of the Jutsu.

Known Users