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Seed Release: Swirling Petals
Seed Release Swirling Petals
Kanji 旋回花びら
Rōmaji Miton: Senkai Hanabira
Literal English Seed Release: Swirling Petals
  • Hiden
Class Offensive
Range All ranges

Seed Release: Swirling Petals (旋回花びら, lit. Miton: Senkai Hanabira) is a jutsu used by the Zōshoku Clan (増殖クラン, lit. Growth Clan, Zōshoku Kuran) by utilizing their Seed Release using Yang and Wind natures. The Jutsu involves stimulating the growth of flower seeds with Yang Chakra, causing them to reach their full bloom and lose their petals in an extremely short amount of time. One of the strongest Seed Release Jutsu, because of the vast amount of flower petals used and the large amounts of Chakra required. In fact, so much Chakra is needed that Galath can only use it twice a day without succumbing to exhaustion and passing out. When utilized, the petals move closely together and appear like one large stream of clumped petals used to attack at any range - the color depending on the flower seeds used at the time. Once conjured, the stream is controlled via hand motions which change the direction of the wind carrying the petals.

Known Users